Winner Takes All Chapter 1721-1722

Chapter 1721

Bang Teen!

On the ring, smoke and dust rose in all directions.

In an instant, it was as if the huge Black Hell had trembled with this thud.

The whole room was silent.

Everyone stared in disbelief at the rolling smoke in the ring, silenced as if they were in fear, and indescribable fear swept through their bodies like wild gra*s.

Even the wolves at the head of the ten prison districts could not help but feel their scalps tingle at this moment, their throats wriggling as they secretly swallowed.

Was this the true strength of a Daoist Monarch?

As the head wolves of the ten prison districts, the strongest in their respective districts, they were also the ones who had most intuitively felt the strength of a Daoist monarch, but even so, the strength displayed by the Daoist monarch at this moment gave them a strange feeling.

It was as if it was not the same person at all as the Daoist monarch they remembered!

“It’s over!”

A calm voice came out from the ring, clearly soft, but it fell clearly into the ears of everyone in Black Hell.


A strong wind appeared at first.

It blew away the rolling smoke and dust in the ring.

Chen Daogun stood as lofty as a great mountain, his hands behind his back, his expression indifferent.

Kunlun, on the other hand, was lying on his side by his feet, and under his head was a large cracked open pit.

“Me, am I still this far off?”

Kunlun murmured in a trance as he lost his concentration in despair.

That blow just now was so powerful and unstoppable that the only thing he could do in an instant was not to resist, but to pour out a number of outbursts of qi to counteract the vast majority of the impact of hitting the ground.

Otherwise …… Kunlun could even imagine the bloody image of his head bursting open like a watermelon on the spot.

An indescribable sense of powerlessness came tumbling in and engulfed Kunlun.

It was not the first time he had fought Chen Daojun, he had fought him once in the ring back then in order to get out of the Black Prison.

He also knew that Chen Daogun had let his water down, and even the entire Black Prison knew that Chen Daogun had let his water down.

But it was only after a fling just now that Kun Lun woke up to the fact that Chen Daogun hadn’t released water at all that time back then, but …… had released an entire Pacific Ocean!

“Stay honestly, there will be a time for you to get out.”

Chen Daojun did not explain, after dropping a cold sentence, he turned around and jumped out of the ring, giving Xu Qingfeng a sidelong glance, “Let’s go, go do your business.”

Xu Qingfeng deflated his mouth with a smile and looked sympathetically at Kun Lun in the ring, “Little fellow, glad he showed mercy, otherwise your head would have burst on the spot even if you were protected by qi energy just now.”

Kun Lun’s gaze flickered for a moment, and his pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

Just now …… was already letting go of water?

Doubtful and shocked, he did not dare to doubt it, and even after a short time of calming down, he felt that what Xu Qingfeng said was the more real possibility.

Under the attention of ten thousand people.

Chen Daojun and Xu Qingfeng soon left.

The whole process, it was as if the pause button had been pressed on the Noah’s Black Prison.

It was only five minutes after the two left that the “paused” Black Prison was pressed back into play as if in an instant.

“The end …… is over?”

“My God, I thought this battle would be unsuspecting, but I didn’t expect this outcome at all!”

“Hiss …… Is Daogun even human? I’ve been in the Black Prison for so many years, and after the battle just now, I suddenly realized that I still thought of him as too weak!”


The tide of voices gradually grew louder and louder.

Murmurs, shouts of amazement, uproar ……

Countless voices converged together, like shocking waves that rose to the sky, deafening.

Inside the central control room.

The tuxedoed old man sighed with relief and smiled faintly, “This is the Daoist monarch!”

At his words.

The crowd of Black Prison watchers behind him nodded and smiled.

Immediately after, the tuxedoed old man turned and said, “Go and get some people to treat the three of them, with this smash from the Daoist Monarch, there will be peace in the Black Prison for some time to come, let’s see who can walk out without the Daoist Monarch’s permission!”


Someone answered and turned to leave.

The old man in the tuxedo turned and continued to look at the central display, his gaze deep and thoughtful, and a few seconds later, the corners of his creased mouth suddenly pulled up in an odd smile.

The other side.

The snow and ice are endless.

In the midst of the fierce snowstorm, two figures were moving forward quickly.

Chen Daojun and Xu Qingfeng were walking side by side, both of them extremely fast, with qi sweeping around them, deflecting all the wind and snow.

“Daojun, why are you suddenly thinking of reaching Black Hell first and then heading south.”

Xu Qingfeng asked in confusion.

“There is a difference between going north and going south.”

Daojun Chen said calmly, “Besides, I have to settle the matter of the Black Prison Kunlun before I can save Ye Linglong.”

“North to south? Are you afraid that if we head directly from Zhenjiang City to Xiongnu, there will be heavy obstruction?” Xu Qingfeng came to a sudden realisation.

Under normal circumstances, it would indeed be far more difficult for the two of them to set off from Zhenjiang City; the border borders would be extremely sensitive and the barbarians would be extremely sensitive, and there would be resistance appearing all the way north for thousands of miles, whereas going south, the two of them should be met with less resistance.

Chen Daojun smiled noncommittally, and his words suddenly changed.

“Once you are close to the Huns, you should not show yourself and hide in the shadows, you should not be discovered, right?”

As he spoke, he cast a sidelong glance at Xu Qingfeng.

Xu Qingfeng clearly detected a hint of contempt in Chen Daojun’s eyes and instantly looked solemn: “Who are you underestimating? But if we join forces, wouldn’t it be easy for us to go into Xiongnu and rob someone?”

“It’s not like you don’t know that the Huns have the Sky Wolves, not to mention that Ye Linglong is the only bargaining chip the Huns have to blackmail the Hong Society into cooperating, so it’s impossible not to keep a close eye on her.”

Chen Daojun narrowed his eyes, a cold glint, “I’ve always been used to keeping a hand in the game until I’ve completely overturned it, and it’s better to be careful.”

Xu Qingfeng’s gaze flickered for a moment, and in response, he smiled faintly.


Inside the cave.

The campfire crackled and the flames swayed.

The snowy lion was lying at the entrance of the cave, shielding Chen Dong from the wind and snow.

The fire was a great success, but it was a great success.

Beside him lay a scrap of carved wood, and a piece of log ……

Carve, fail, repeat, fail again ……

This process is like a deadly cycle that haunts Chen Dong.

No matter how much adjustment he made, the wood carving in his hands never improved an inch.

The boring and focused cave life made him feel like he was in a different world, not even aware of the pa*sage of time.

Time and again he failed, time and again he started over.

Chen Dong couldn’t remember how many pieces of wood he had scrapped, but the flame of the campfire always remained extremely strong.

Clack, clack ……

Little by little, the broken knife chipped out the human form, and then it was a little carving of the five features and appearance.

Be gentle, be slow, be careful ……

Chen Dong constantly admonished himself, his entire being completely immersed in it, his spiritual platform empty and clear.


A crumbling sound.

The tip of the broken blade in his hand suddenly loosened up.

Chen Dong snapped out of his state of concentration and looked at the chipped and scrapped wooden sculpture, exasperated.


His eyes widened as he looked at the scrapped wooden sculpture, “Strange, the girl I remember, is she pregnant? Why have I carved a big belly out this time, and who is this carving?”

Chapter 1722

Chen Dong frowned at the scrapped wooden carving in his hand.

Doubt, dismay ……

The girl in his memory, although he had been unable to carve it, he was certain that it should not be pregnant.

But what was the situation when he had just immersed himself in carving and ended up molding such a product?

Offhand, he didn’t dare to remember.

The excruciating headache that made him fearful, and in that state, even fainting became a luxury.

“Let’s leave it at that for now.”

Chen Dong sighed helplessly and threw the wooden carving in his hand into the bonfire, followed by a pile of scrapped wooden carvings beside him, waiting for the flames to burn a little.


Chen Dong called out.

The snowy lion lying at the entrance of the cave shook off its mane and gently shifted its huge paws, pushing a piece of bloody flesh covered with a thick layer of ice in front of Chen Dong.

Chen Dong took his broken knife and cracked the ice layer, then roasted it over the fire.

Soon, the bloody meat was roasted to a golden brown, nourishing and fragrant.

After feasting on the meat with the Snowy Lion, Chen Dong stretched out and yawned.

He had been so immersed in carving these past few days that his sleep was short, and having failed once again, he had calmed down his mind.

Although the extremely short sleep was enough for him to maintain normal fitness, with his current state of physical weakness, the necessary catch-up sleep was still essential.

Leaning against a rock by the campfire, Chen Dong soon fell into sleep.

Crackle …… Crackle ……

The fire swayed and the burning firewood made occasional crunching sounds.

The snowy lion lay at the entrance of the cave, fending off the wind and snow, glancing back at Chen Dong every now and then.

After making sure that Chen Dong was asleep and breathing steadily, it too lay its head down and dozed off.

In the silence.

Chen Dong’s brow gradually wrinkled as he abruptly let out a sleepy voice: “Little Shadow …… child ……”

This dreamy cry was very, very light.

So light that it was almost negligible.


Late at night.

The wind was bitterly cold.

The airport on the outskirts of the city is lit up.

Planes whistle in and out of the airport hall, and people waiting for their flights are drowsy, while on the other side, people leaving the airport are in a hurry.

In the midst of the dense crowd, a few figures walk out with the crowd.

Three men and one woman, striding forward, but attracting the attention of those in a hurry around them.

“As expected of a thousand-year-old girl from the Gu family, she is so striking everywhere she goes.”

Chen Daozu said with a smile as he was dressed in a suit.

“Uncle Chen is thinking too much, they should be looking at Lord Kui Gang.”

Gu Dragonfly raised his eyes and gave Kui Gang a look, “Such a tall person, he attracts attention everywhere he goes.”

Kui Gang smiled noncommittally.

Chen Daozu also laughed twice in embarra*sment, but did not retort.

After all, with a human-shaped pagoda towering over the crowd, the attraction was indeed not far behind that of a stunning beauty like the ancient dragonfly.

“It’s not a good idea to stay here for long, it won’t be good if we’re discovered.”

Gu Cang Yue said in a cold face and a deep voice.

Gu Dragonfly, Chen Daozu and Kui Gang also curbed their smiles and left the airport with hurried steps, quickly following behind Gu Cangyue.

This trip, they had long ago used their energy to completely conceal their movements.

But after all, this was in the southwest, so if they didn’t act carefully and their tracks were exposed, it would be more than just a failed operation.

Once it was discovered that the Chen and Gu families had sided with the First Warrior of the Xiongnu, the word “treason” would be a titanic threat to the country, and it would be a disaster.

Even the Chen and Gu families would have to be wary.

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

“Auntie Little Shadow, Barbara wants to sleep.”

Barbara rubbed her thin, sleepy eyes and yawned.

“Fine, fine, I’ll sleep now.”

Gu Qingying smiled and dotingly rubbed Barbara’s hair, “Little Barbara go wash up first, okay?”

Barbara nodded and obediently went into the washroom.

Instead, Gu Qingying walked over to the window, closed it tightly and carefully held her stomach again before returning to bed.

“Won’t Auntie Xiaoying wash up?”

Barbara asked suspiciously as she came out of the bathroom.

“Auntie is too tired and wants to lie down for a while, so Barbara should sleep first.”

Gu Qingying smiled faintly.

On the other side.

In the study, Long Lao sat at his desk, concentrating on the documents, a burning cigarette still resting on the edge of the ashes, smoke curling up.

Knock, knock.

A knock sounded at the door.

Immediately afterwards, the door to the study was pushed open.

Granny Meng and Fan Lu walked in.

Granny Meng said, “Old man Long, it is late at night and Xiao Lu has made you a nourishing soup.”

“Good, good, old man take a rest.”

Long Lao extinguished his cigarette, closed his papers, and held up the soup Fan Lu handed him and drank it.

Meng went to the window and closed it some, then looked out at the night sky and lamented.

“I’m afraid this weather will be able to snow this New Year, it hasn’t snowed in this place for many years.”

“Meng, don’t stand in front of the window, it’s windy and cold, don’t let your old body freeze.”

Long Lao said with a smile.

Fan Lu looked at Meng, who was dressed in a wide, ill-fitting outfit, and was a little startled.

She didn’t know why, she always felt as if something was wrong.

But she didn’t ask much.

When she saw Meng Mo walking back, Fan Lu echoed a smile, “By the looks of it, I guess it’s going to snow in just a few days, the first snow must be beautiful.”

“Yes, if Miss Gu can make it to the first snowfall, the child’s birthday will have an added fond memory in the future.”

Meng responded with a smile.

“Then the old slave will have to suggest to the young master and young lady to give the child a name related to snow, hahaha ……”

Long Lao said with a big smile and drained the hot soup in three swallows before gesturing for Meng Nan and Fan Lu to leave.

When the two had left, Long Lao lit the half extinguished cigarette in the ashtray again and smoked it again.

Everything, as usual, was calm.

Time pa*sed.

Long Lao worked until the early hours of the morning, when he stretched and got up to open the half-hidden window completely.

He took a deep breath and the cold, cold air entered his nostrils.

His spirits lifted a little: “After smoking so much in one night, the air outside is more comfortable.”

Suddenly, his gaze flashed.

The light from the study shone out through the window, and a little flake of snow could be seen falling in the air.

“It’s really snowing.”

Long Lao smiled faintly and put his right hand out of the window, catching a snowflake, which was cold in his hand: “Rui Xue is an omen for a bountiful year, the coming year must be very good, if the young lady gives birth to a female child, then she will be called Chen Rui Xue, and the male child will be called Chen Feng Nian?”

After saying that, he laughed at himself again.

“Forget it, I always feel a bit rustic with this name that my old slave has chosen.”

Elder Long shook his head and was about to pull his hand back.

Then, he saw his hand.

A sword qi suddenly cut through the long sky and brushed against his fingertips.

Even so, the harsh sword qi still caused a stabbing pain in Elder Long’s fingertips.

“Not good!”

Long Lao’s face changed drastically and in a flash of lightning, his right foot fiercely stomped on the wall under the window, using the force to fly out backwards, while shouting angrily, “Protect Young Madam!”

The angry voice echoed out, instantly shattering the tranquility in the villa.