Winner Takes All Chapter 1717-1718

Chapter 1717

“Barbara, which old man Xu told you this?”

Elder Long already had a guess in his mind, yet he still asked incredulously.

Ah Man scratched his head, “Xu Qingfeng.”

Sure enough!

Elder Long and Gu Qingying looked at each other with an astonished expression.

If it was someone else, this statement could still be ignored.

But the person who told Barbara this was …… the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng!

The words might have another deep meaning!

Gu Qingying’s eyes drifted, as if she was thinking.

“Could it be that …… Barbara’s constant words about protecting me are not childish words, but that she really wants to protect me?”

This was the thought in Gu Qingying’s mind.

Ever since Barbarian had come over here from Zhenjiang City, he had said to her more than once that he wanted to protect her.

Before this, Gu Qingying had never taken this seriously, but now …… since it was Xu Qingfeng who had taught Barbara something, then protection …… might be real protection!

“Young lady ……”

Long Lao looked aghast, his pupils tightened, subconsciously sweeping towards Gu Qingying’s highly bulging stomach.

Gu Qingying lifted her hand and gently stroked her stomach, smiling, “It’s okay Long Lao, we won’t lose this time, we’ve been through this once, I won’t let the same thing happen again!”

The words were resolute, and the eyes were even emitting a bitter and fierce aura.

A mother and her son are weak, but a mother is strong.

The look in Gu Qing Ying’s eyes at this moment was so frightening that even when Elder Long looked at it, his heart jumped.

A whirlwind.

Gu Qingying dotingly rubbed Barbara’s hair and smiled gently, “Then from tonight onwards, Auntie will sleep with Barbara all the time, okay?”


Barbara nodded, and said with some apology, “I’m sorry Auntie Qing Ying, I thought I could hold on, but that nightmare was too scary, so I had to do what Old Man Xu said.”

“That’s okay.”

Gu Qingying was well aware of Barbara’s past and did not ask what Barbara’s nightmare actually was.

As the two left.

Long Lao sat down at his desk in despair, looking at the mountains of information and documents, lost in a daze.

For a long time.

He slowly raised his head and murmured with pathos in his tone, “Madam …… When will young master return? Please also bless the young lady and the bloodline, ah!”

Xu Qingfeng’s words admonishing Barbara were like a thorn in his heart.

The words of Xu Qingfeng, the Thief Saint, even if one was “careful is better”, one had to be vigilant.

Not to mention that the battle power of the Tianmen Mountain Villa was really worrying.

This was the thing that worried Elder Long the most.

Ordinary villains were not to be feared.

But the people who really coveted the bloodline in Gu Qingying’s belly …… would be curfs?

The actual fact is that the actual person who is in a position to get a good deal more than just a few of these is a lot more than just a few of these.

Sure enough, a box of Bai Liqun was lying in the corner of the drawer box.

He was about to close the drawer box when he suddenly caught a glimpse of another corner.

In the corner, and Jean flattened out a copy of the Tao Te Ching.

Long Lao looked at the Tao Te Ching and was lost in thought for a while, with the cigarette in the corner of his mouth, burning quietly, and no longer inhaling.

The smoke curled down.

The corners of his mouth, with its creases, suddenly turned upwards.

In a whirl, he extinguished his cigarette, and ignoring his heavy workload, he directly took out the Tao Te Ching and left the study, heading for Meng’s room.

The other side.


Zhao Breru sat up violently in shock, covered in sweat and panting.

The bedside lamp emitted a dim light.

Since the two dreams had haunted him, he no longer dared to sleep in complete darkness at night, and the bedside lamp was always on, which was his only solace.

But at this moment, looking at the dim light emanating from the bedside lamp, he was not at all sure of himself. The scene in his dream kept surfacing, like a big ghostly hand, dragging him into the endless cold abyss of hell.

“The dreams …… are always the same two dreams, why, why do they keep repeating such dreams?”

Zhao Brocade rubbed his hair in annoyance, his eyes were a little red-blooded.

There was silence for five seconds.

Zhao Ruolu got up and got out of bed, unlocking the door to his room.

Then he took out his mobile phone and dialed Xu Qingfeng’s number directly.

He had wanted to ask a long time ago, but he had been holding back, and tonight he couldn’t hold back any longer.

The phone was answered just after two rings.

“Brat, why are you calling in the middle of the night?”

On the phone, Xu Qingfeng complained a little.

As if he was hysterical, Zhao Broshi asked with red eyes, “Old man Xu, I’m asking you why my dream hasn’t disappeared and now there’s an additional dream instead.”


Xu Qingfeng gave a startled eek, “What dream?”

“A dream about a person, a grave, and a yellow dragon.”

Zhao Breru described it briefly.

Xu Qingfeng responded calmly, “Oh, that’s right.”


Zhao Baolu froze for a moment and cursed, “Right to your mother!”

“My old mother died long ago.” Xu Qingfeng said.

Zhao Baolu: “……”

As he was speechless.

On the phone, Xu Qingfeng said in a deep voice again, “Oh yeah, your old mother is dead too, don’t keep sending money to that account one after another, it’s all fake, that’s my account.”


Zhao Breru was struck by lightning, and all of a sudden his nostrils were sore and his grief rose from his heart.

Mum …… was gone?

Memories came flooding back, a scene from the old days, like a burning red knife, stabbing him fiercely in the heart.

He was a lowlife, a rotten gambler, and did not hesitate to fall to this level, that is, after studying under Xu Qingfeng, in order to eliminate the dream, but a hundred evil people still have filial piety, to his mother …… he was nothing but guilt, or guilt.

After joining Chen Dong’s faction, he was given a generous amount of material, but he never sent money towards his mother’s account on time every month.

It was even a habit that was developed a long time ago.

The difference with today was just how much.

“Why have you …… been, hiding it from me?”

Zhao Broke-Ru’s eyes were red as he squeezed a sentence out of his teeth.

On the phone, Xu Qingfeng was silent for two seconds.

Then Xu Xu said, “Broken …… Chen Dong’s life trajectory has all been woven by someone.”


After saying that, Xu Qingfeng directly hung up the phone.

Zhao Broke-Ru was confused for a moment and hurriedly called back, but Xu Qingfeng’s phone was already switched off.

“What do you mean? What do you mean, old man Xu?”

Zhao Breru went crazy and viciously slammed the phone onto the ground, breaking it in pieces.

Anger, pain, pathos ……

All kinds of emotions came in a sudden mountainous wave.

Zhao Breru’s red eyes were filled with tears, and his entire body was in a state of collapse.

But what Xu Qingfeng said when he hung up the phone was like a nightmare in his mind.

He knew old man Xu, he would never say such nonsense without any reason.

Could it be that …… mother had died a long time ago, only that old man Xu had been hiding it from me?

Or is it …… that from the very beginning, the trajectory of my life, like Dong’s, has been woven by Old Man Xu?

Chapter 1718

The latter three days were spent.

Zhao Brocade had been muddled and unable to sleep at night.

Xu Qingfeng’s words that night were like a magic spell, as if they were engraved in his mind.

A Woven Life ……

It was absurd to even think about it.

But the words came out of Xu Qingfeng’s mouth, and Zhao Breru knew clearly that Xu Qingfeng had the power!

When everything that was thought to be true, at a certain time thumped away as if it were a bubble, such a shock could not be overstated.

The changes in Zhao Brou were obvious to Elder Long and the others, but after several questions, Zhao Brou avoided saying anything, and eventually Elder Long and the others gave up asking questions.

Early this morning.

Zhao Breru, who had not slept all night again, dragged his tired body into the back garden.

He did not dare to sleep, nor could he sleep.

For one thing, he was afraid of dreams, but he was constantly recalling Xu Qingfeng’s words.

As the New Year approached, the morning breeze was also bitingly cold.

In a robe, Zhao Brou stood in front of a dense forest, his eyes covered with red blood.

The forest, arranged according to the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts, was still in the same state as when it was broken by Jiang Qilin, with collapsed trees and patches of obliterated bushes ……

Everything can still be glimpsed as traces of that battle.

So much so, that for a long time after that battle, Zhao Broshi did not even think about repairing the formation again.

After all, the appearance of the Jiang Qilin after the formation was set up really made the effect of the formation, incomparably weak.

“It’s not that the formation is weak, it’s really because the Jiang Qilin is too demonic.”

Zhao Broke-Ru rubbed his face and took a deep breath before stepping into the formation, “It’s better to have something to do than to think nonsense.”

Three days of muddling through had left him exhausted.

Restoring the formation was perhaps the only distraction that Zhao Brocade could think of these days.

Inside the villa.

Elder Long, Fan Lu and Meng stood in place.

“Is he really alright?”

Meng Po asked with a worried face as she wore a loose robe.

Perhaps the robe was just too loose and ill-fitting, making Meng’s dressing at the moment look more than a little naive, as if a huge hood was enveloping her body.

“There must be something wrong, but if he doesn’t say anything, there’s nothing we can do.”

Long Lao put his hands behind his back and was helpless for a while, “It’s just that he wants to find something to do, he should want to distract himself, it’s a good thing to re-fix the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram formation in the backyard, at least our security has been raised another notch.”

“I don’t know why, I always feel weird.”

Fan Lu still had her apron tied around her body and frowned as she looked at the backyard.

“Let him be, what Elder Long said makes sense.”

Meng let out a sigh and shook her head helplessly.

Fan Lu nodded and looked back at Meng in confusion, “Meng, whose clothes did you put on out?”


Elder Long looked back at Meng, and smiled teasingly, “It wouldn’t be the clothes of your youth, would it? Really, Meng, you’ve shrunken down considerably.”

“I’m wearing Pinru’s clothes.”

Meng Granny joked and gave Long Lao a blank look, then turned to look upstairs, “Hasn’t Miss Gu gotten up yet?”

“It should be soon, the labour is imminent, the more pregnant you are, the more tired your body is at this time of the year, Xiao Lu you make more good things recently to tonic the young lady.” Elder Long admonished.

“Don’t worry, Elder Long.”

Fan Lu smiled sweetly, “Don’t worry, I will make the arrangements.”

“Also lately you should move in next door to young madam, you can also protect her if anything happens, Meng is so old, her strength is there, but her energy is not as good as your youngsters after all.”

Long Lao looked gloomy and said, “The young lady is about to give birth, this is the key event, we must be on guard, but unfortunately there are not many people who can fight in our family nowadays.

When she heard “Kunlun”, Fan Lu’s expression changed.

Her eyebrows lowered and she couldn’t help but clutch her apron with both hands, “Yes, if only Kunlun and his brother were home, I don’t know how they are now.”


Deep in the far north.

The ice and snow, the silence and desolation.

The lofty and towering ice mountains, smooth as mirrors after condensing the ice, reflect the sunlight.

Like an ancient beast, Black Hell stands between two icebergs, lying on top of the ice field.

The blackness is as solemn and oppressive as it can be.

From time to time, there are military vehicles whizzing past and warplanes roaring in the air.

Inside the black prison, in one of the prison blocks, there is a roar of voices.

“Kunlun is almost winning, come on! Bursting Bear, if you’re not strong enough, you should admit defeat!”

“With Kunlun’s strength, there’s not really much pressure to take on Bakugou, after all, he fought once back then.”

“Get him, get him!”


What was happening in the ring was broadcast to all the prison blocks via video, causing the voices of the whole block to thunder, seeming to overturn the roof of the Black Prison.

Ten consecutive victories were the only way to walk out of the Black Prison in a dignified manner.

Anyone who dared to challenge these rules deserved the admiration of everyone in the Black Prison.

Not to mention, this time it was Kunlun who challenged, a man challenging for the second time!

But all the old men who were in the Black Prison and had witnessed the battle when Kun Lun walked out of the Black Prison back then were clear about what the most crucial reason was for Kun Lun to walk out of the Black Prison back then.

But that did not stop them from admiring Kunlun.

Whether it was luck or strength, in this prison where the strongest are the most powerful, being strong is in itself worthy of awe.

In the ring.

Bang Teen!

With an explosive roar.

Kun Lun threw a blatant punch and blasted at Exploding Bear’s body.

The fierce qi energy instantly ploughed through all directions, ploughing a furrow in the ring.

As a result of the punch, Bear’s sturdy and lofty body staggered backwards to the edge of the ring like a broken pocket, before narrowly stopping his form.

His body shook and a large mouthful of blood spurted out.

The crowd was watching.

Bursting Bear slowly lifted his big bushy hand, wiped the corner of his mouth and smiled oddly.

“I’ve lost!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.


The whole room was dead silent.

The Black Prison, which had just been so noisy, was suddenly as quiet as a pin, and everyone was frozen.

Even Kunlun, who was about to pursue the victory, was frozen in place.

“You could have fought on, why ……?”

The question echoed throughout the room.

The pace of the bursting bear did not pause, and without looking back, he raised his right hand and waved it.

“Because …… you were going to help that man, therefore, I lost! In addition, the next match, they should all lose, you save your strength, go and fight Dao Jun, and win to go out and help him!”

The man ……

Young master!

Kunlun was struck by lightning, and as the tiger eyes watched Bakugou leave, a sudden warmth flowed through his chest.

He clasped his fist and said aloud in gratitude, “Thanks a lot!”

“Thank you my a*s, blame me for not being able to get out of this black prison!”