Winner Takes All Chapter 1715-1716

Chapter 1715


Within the Ancient City of Wind Waves, Twilight Drum let out an explosive cry.


The majestic qi energy was like a celestial dragon rushing to the skies, wrapping up the yellow sand in all directions and rushing up to the sky.

“Insolent little boy, go to your death!”

At almost the same time, Yao Sheng’s calm voice rang out, as if the God of Death had pronounced a sentence.

The next second.

Zheng Junlin’s body shook violently, waking up in a trance as everything around him suddenly fell into silence.

In his vision, the yellow sands of Qi energy rushing upwards were still there.

But in the depths of the Feng Bo ancient city, a flash of red light suddenly blossomed.

It quickly enlarged and turned the sky and earth into a crimson red.

Amidst the blinding crimson light, a beam of blood shot through the sky, piercing through the rising sands.

It was all in a matter of breath.

Zheng Junlin was outside the scene and witnessed it with his own eyes, but he felt like he was in a different world.

As his senses quickly returned, everything around him returned to normal.

In Zheng Junlin’s dulled vision, he saw the yellow sand of the sky-rushing qi thumping away, countless gravel sprinkling down like rain, and everything seemed to have returned to normal.

“Is it over?”

Zheng Junlin muttered, somewhat lost in a trance.

The words had just fallen.

Inside the Windwave Ancient City.

Yao Sheng’s calm voice came out.

“Little doll of the Zheng family, what are you doing here?”

Almost simultaneously.

Zheng Junlin then saw a figure stretched out in the sunlight amidst the broken walls within the Wind Waves Ancient City.

Gradually, Yao Sheng’s figure was revealed in sight.

He was dressed in an ancient black tunic, his white beard was flowing, his sturdy and sturdy figure was much more restrained under the tunic, his tiger eyes were wide open, his starlight was shining, and as he walked forward, he gave people a feeling of immortality.

That’s right, immortal.

Zheng Junlin asked himself, he had never seen anyone with such a feeling as Yao Sheng, even Chen Daojun and Chen Daolin.

That feeling of an ethereal immortal style, untainted by smoke and fire, could make him ashamed of himself when he raised his hand.

“Yao Sheng?”

Zheng Junlin withdrew his gaze, not daring to show the slightest disrespect, and bowed his head respectfully.

Yao Sheng, with his hands behind his back, looked profoundly at Zheng Jun Lin and sighed, “Bitter child, at such a young age, you are already carrying the Zheng family on your back. Originally, according to the plan, the Feng Bo ancient city and the Jun Lin Group should be carried by your father’s generation.”

When he heard the word “father”, Zheng Junlin’s body shook and his eyes turned red with a swish of tears.

The scene of the Zheng family’s destruction came back to him like a nightmare.

He remembered the tragic death of his father, and could even remember the location of every wound on his body.

And he grew up that night …… too!

Taking a deep breath, Zheng Junlin looked at Yao Sheng with a forced smile, “If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight, Dong taught me that.”

“You’re still smiling.”

Yao Sheng was slightly dismayed.

Zheng Junlin smiled even more happily, “Growing up as an adult, doesn’t it slowly become easier to laugh out loud?”

Although he was laughing, the ripples in his eyes fluctuated even more.

“That’s true.”

Yao Sheng didn’t seem to notice Zheng Junlin’s strange appearance and lamented, “Bear with it, your brother Dong won’t let you down, if the Heaven Treading Road really succeeds, everything can start over.”


Zheng Junlin was struck by lightning, and his red and tearful eyes instantly burst into a brilliant aura, “Senior Yao, what do you mean?”

“Hahahaha …… is this literal meaning!”

With his hands behind his back, Yao Sheng tilted his head to look at the starry sky, his narrowed eyes seemed to penetrate the yellow sand in the sky, locking onto a star in the vast night: “The great power of the world depends on this time on the Heaven Treading Road! In myths and legends, those high and mighty gods and immortals were all relegated to the mortal world when they made mistakes.”

“The mortal world is a punishment, but the world thinks it is a paradise, hahaha …… really ridiculous!”


There was a loud bang in Zheng Junlin’s mind, and Yao Sheng’s words were like a magic sound filling his ears for a long time.

For a moment, his entire body was dumbfounded, and his qi was even emptied and he was shaking.

In a trance, Yao Sheng’s words, if taken literally, were enough to shatter the three views he had accumulated and constructed over the past twenty years.

Hell was empty, and evil spirits were on earth?

It is indeed punishment for a god to make a mistake and be relegated to the mortal world!

天下大同势 ……

Each word he knew and could understand the meaning, but combined together ……

Zheng Junlin was certain that if these words were to get out, the world would definitely explode completely.

“Seniors ……”

Zheng Junlin mumbled his lips in fear and trepidation.

Yao Sheng withdrew his eyes and returned his gaze to Zheng Junlin: “Does it feel ridiculous? Hard to understand? Has your third view also collapsed?”

Zheng Junlin nodded unapologetically.

“Then that’s right, when I was enlightened back then, I was also like you.”

Yao Sheng said with a smile, “In the long history, long years, but all those who can understand this matter, are like you, everyone is trying, again and again week after week, our last chance is your brother Dong this time to tread the heavenly path, if we succeed, the world will be one, if we fail, all under the universal sky are ruminants.”

The wind howled.

The yellow sand tumbled.

Zheng Junlin stood in place like a statue, and it was only after half a day that his thoughts gradually resumed functioning.

His eyes were shining as if a dying man was clutching at the last straw, and he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

“Senior, I just ask one question, if Dong succeeds in his feat, is it true that he will be able to start over?”


Yao Sheng nodded solemnly and asked in disbelief, “What do you want to do?”

“If that is the case, Jun Lin’s ten thousand deaths are not enough!”

Zheng Junlin raised his hand and clasped his fist, and said in a tearful voice, “Only for my father to come back again, so that I, an unfilial son, can do my filial duty as a human son!”

The top of the building of the King’s Landing Group.

Smoke and dust rolled and debris shot out.


In the thick, tumbling smoke and dust, a bronze bell was thrown across the sky with a loud bang, heavily collapsing three walls before it fell to the ground, crushing the floorboards and almost collapsing again.

“Morning Bell, your son’s revenge on his father, your revenge on my son Chen Dong is now over!”

In the smoke and dust, Chen Daolin slowly walked out with his hands behind his back.

His expression was cold and stern, and the killing intent in his eyes was still stirring.

However, the raging qi surrounding his body had been collected back into his body, and his robe had returned to normal.

“Chen Daolin …… Even if I die, I will curse your plan to tread the Heavenly Road as a complete failure.

Behind the bronze bell, Chen Zhong’s sturdy body clung to the bronze bell, his robes had long since shattered into rags, and his body was even stained with blood as he roared in resignation.

“That’s better than you guys, who don’t even dare to dream!”

Chen Daolin’s eyes narrowed as he took a step with his right foot and stomped fiercely on the ground.


The majestic qi energy, like a tidal wave, blasted out to form a veil that drove straight towards the bronze bell, winding out in an arc in the air like a scythe of death, directly sweeping across the neck of the morning bell.

Clang ……

Along with a bell sound.

A blood-red human head flew up into the air with dripping blood and smashed down onto the bronze bell ……

Chapter 1716

Heads fall to the ground.

All is quiet.

Smoke and dust rolled.

Chen Daolin stood in the ruins, his face as cold as frost, his expression cold and stern.

The Qi energy in his body was quickly collected back into his body.

He slowly tilted his head and closed his eyes, “Lan’er, I, as a father, can finally avenge Dong’er for once!”

When he opened his eyes again, he swept a glance at his surroundings and smiled helplessly.

A battle with Chen Zhong was bound to be very turbulent.

A battle at this level would be impossible to compress the impact as much as possible.

But today’s King’s Landing Group was no longer the same as it had been in the past, and it would be easy to hide the effects of today’s battle, and Zheng had the ability to do so.

The eyes of the world are on the south-western region.

Unbeknownst to them, the blood that has been swallowed up by the world since the real southwest was established is constantly being channelled to the Junlin Group, or …… to the laboratory under the old city of Feng Bo.

The reason for the competition between the powerful families and forces is for resources.

And the resources compete with each other to climb to a higher place.

There is no shortage of the same plans for the world’s major powers, families and gentry, but how much resources they can intercept from each other is another story.

The situation today is like the Pan Gu Project is riding high!

Chen Daolin rubbed the dust off his face and casually swept his body, then he waved his sleeves and left.

The ruins of the Feng Bo ancient city.

Broken arms and ruined walls, strong wind and yellow sand.

Compared to the great impact caused by the Junlin Group in the city, the impact that this barren land could have was close to nothing.

Yao Sheng and Zheng Junlin sat side by side on the roof of the SUV, looking in the direction of the city.

The two remained in this state of sitting withered for a long time.

They both tacitly agreed not to break the silent atmosphere.

Zheng Junlin was calm on the surface, but in reality, he had huge waves rolling around in his heart.

Yao Sheng’s words were like a fearful thunderclap, deafening and unceasing.

The impact of the shattering of his three outlooks was no less than that of when the Zheng family was destroyed.

He had already mastered all the secrets of the King’s Landing Group after taking charge of it, but Yao Sheng’s words were like a big hand that violently tore an opening in the firmament of his perception, allowing him to see a higher firmament.

In the distance.

Rolling yellow sand was like the earth’s dragon turning over.

“Dao Lin has returned.”

Yao Sheng smiled faintly and gently stroked his white beard.

Zheng Junlin’s gaze jumped for a moment, quickly regaining focus, when he saw an SUV speeding up to the forefront of the tumbling yellow sand in the distance.


The SUV came to a halt.

Chen Daolin stepped down calmly.

“Not injured?”

Yao Sheng was surprised for a moment, “This result of yours, Dao Lin, is beyond my expectation.”

“Hahahaha …… Yao Sheng is joking, who let this Pan Gu project be seeded by my son, I am considered a father with a son, right?”

Chen Daolin responded with a smile, but between his eyebrows was a pride that could not be concealed.

It was as if the parents of an ordinary family had gotten a perfect score on their child’s exam.

Zheng Junlin was lost in thought for a moment, as if his heart had been touched somewhere.

“Jun Lin, aren’t you hurt?”

Chen Daoling walked up to Zheng Junlin.

“Uncle Chen, no injuries.”

Zheng Junlin said with a smile, the circumstances of the matter had been thoroughly clarified, and he did not ask more questions, “If there is nothing else, I will go back to the Junlin Group first, there should be a considerable impact over there, and we still need to think of ways to suppress it afterwards.”

“Well, go ahead.”

Chen Daolin nodded, “It’s just that the people in a hundred meter radius, with the Jun Lin Group as the centre, have given a shock and vomited blood.”


Zheng Junlin’s footsteps lurched and he almost stumbled and fell into the sand.

A hundred meters around, everyone had spat out blood?

He wanted to cry, this back …… is not good!

But it was only a lament in his heart, and soon, he drove away.

When Zheng Junlin left.

Yao Sheng brushed his beard and laughed lightly, “You’ve had your revenge, you should feel better now, right?”

“That’s natural, who let them send themselves to the door, thanks to Yao Sheng’s guidance.”

Chen Daolin smiled and cupped his fist in gratitude.

“Hahahaha …… You shouldn’t blame Daoguang, they stopped you from hunting down Morning Bell and Twilight Drum earlier for the greater good!”

Yao Sheng waved his hand.

“I know, it’s just that I’m just angry.”

Chen Daolin said solemnly, “Nowadays, I have nothing left but Dong’er. I have been a father in vain for more than twenty years, and now that my son has been bullied, if I cannot still take revenge, even in my dreams, I would not have the face to face my wife.”

“The morning bell has been settled, but now there is one more thing to guard against.”

Yao Sheng did not dwell on this topic, and directly turned his words: “Young Lord Chen is nowhere to be found, before I could still observe the stars and ask for divination to deduce something, now it is completely unmeasurable, I guess Xu Qingfeng and the others cannot deduce it even with the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, the variables are too great to measure.”

“But …… Chen’s bloodline, one has to guard against it!”

At these words.

Chen Daolin also looked awe-struck, his brows furrowed.

“Indeed, the easiest thing for those people to get their hands on now, and the only thing they can move, is only Qing Ying and the Dong’er bloodline, that is the raw door for those people to break the game yet.”

Yao Sheng smiled helplessly, “But you know the situation of the old man, today you can kill the Twilight Drum, but in the end this Feng Bo ancient city still needs you to defend it for a long time, I advise you to warn them in advance and not to act rashly.”

Chen Daolin hesitantly glanced at the Feng Bo ancient city behind him, and finally nodded reluctantly.

“In addition, the Queen of Xiongnu has issued an imperial decree that anyone who enters Xiongnu and pa*ses the test can enlighten the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies.”

Yao Sheng’s eyebrows lowered, “This little girl, she is so bold, she is able to make such a big deal, and I don’t know how Daogun and the others should settle this.”

Chen Daolin was startled for a moment and said in a deep voice, “This gesture can’t be described as a desperate move.”

On the other side.

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Late at night.

“Young Madam, the due date is approaching, in these days, please also take care of your body everything to prepare for the birth, for the rest of the matters, there is an old slave.”

Long Lao walked into the study and said to Gu Qingying who was working on her desk.

Gu Qingying looked moved, subconsciously looked at the high bulging belly, some sadness between her brows.

“Yes, the baby is almost born, and he, who is a father, is not back yet ……”

“Young master will definitely come back.”

Long Lao’s gaze was firm.

“Long Lao, you can rest first, I’ll rest after I finish this bit of work.”

Gu Qingying suppressed the thoughts in her heart and said calmly.

Long Lao was immediately a little anxious: “Young Madam, just this bit of work you have at hand is done, then it will be two or three in the morning again, you go and rest, leave it to the old slave.”

At that very moment.

Barbara, who was wearing a small sleeping robe, came in, rubbing her eyes with sleepy eyes, and said, “Aunt Qing Ying, I’m having nightmares again, can you sleep with me? I’m afraid ……”

Gu Qingying helplessly put down her work, got up with her big belly and smiled gently, “Yes, auntie will accompany Little Barbara.”

“Well then, old man Xu said that the more auntie is about to give birth, the more likely I am to have nightmares, and as long as I sleep with auntie I’ll be fine.”

Barbara muttered through a yawn.

The speaker didn’t mean it, but the listener did.

All of a sudden.

Gu Qingying and Long Lao looked at Barbara in surprise at the same time, what did this mean?