Winner Takes All Chapter 1713-1714

Chapter 1713

Chen Daolin’s face was heavy, and hostility swirled in his eyes.


The clock-backer laughed bitterly, “You were indeed careless, the Daoist Monarch asked you to guard the Wind Wave Ancient City, yet you came to the Jun Lin Group, losing sight of this and not distinguishing between priorities, hahaha ……”

The laughter of wanton ridicule.

Chen Daolin slowly twisted his neck, his eyes narrowed into slits, his killing intent majestic.

“Then let’s try and see if I can kill you as quickly as possible before returning to Feng Bo Ancient City and keeping the lab.”


The majestic qi energy was overbearing and rigid.

Like a frenzied dragon coming out of his body, it instantly rushed out from Chen Daoling’s body, wreaking havoc on the top wall of the stairway on the top floor, leaving countless horrifying openings.

Not waiting for the bell-bearer’s laughter to stop.

Chen Daolin was already rushing towards the bell-bearer with the momentum of wild thunder.

“It’s too late!”

The bell-bearer faced Chen Daoling and let out a loud laugh.

The wind was blowing his robe, but he did not care.

As he saw Chen Daoling getting closer and closer.

A fierce look suddenly appeared on the bell-bearer’s rugged face.

Suddenly, his muscular arms sprang up and grew thicker by an inch.

Qi energy surrounded him.

With a roar, the bell-bearer turned around and brought his arms together like a heavy hammer, smashing through the wall of the top floor with a loud bang.

Smoke and dust filled the air, and debris shot out.

Like an arrow, the bell-bearer rushed straight up to the top floor.

The large and heavy bronze bell stood in the centre of the penthouse like a small mountain.

It exudes an ancient and heavy aura, and is covered in inscriptions and patterns of unparalleled complexity.

It was a flash of lightning.

Chen Daolin had just followed him up to the top floor when the man carrying the bell had already rushed to the bronze bell.

Facing Chen Daolin, who was pursuing him relentlessly, the bell-bearer let out a fierce laugh, and his two arms, surrounded by qi, smashed into the bronze bell.


The sound of the bell echoed.

The sound waves, visible to the naked eye, were like tides and waves, sweeping in all directions.

Chen Daolin was unable to dodge and was affected by the sound wave, his Qi energy suddenly trembled and distorted, and it felt like he was hit head-on by a heavy-duty truck moving at high speed.

“Dao Lin, just three steps back, the Pan Gu plan is really a ghostly one, it has transformed you into such a powerful man!”

The bell-backer propped his right hand on the bronze bell and looked at Chen Daoling, a look of astonishment appearing on his rugged face.

When he was at Zhenjiang City, this bronze bell of his had crushed 300,000 men of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, and even Huo Zhenxiao had been shocked by it.

Even Huo Zhenxiao had been shocked by this sudden attack just now, but it only caused Chen Daolin to retreat three steps!

The words had just fallen.

The man with the bell on his back looked solemn, his right arm was like a python as he raised it violently, and with a roar of qi, he landed on the bronze bell again.





The sound of a bell reverberated with an ancient and desolate sound.

The sound waves, visible to the naked eye, spread in all directions like a sea tide.

The seemingly gentle sound waves, however, contained a terrifying power, and where they pa*sed, they destroyed everything.

Chen Daolin was standing in place like a statue, his qi tossing and whistling as he fought off the sound waves that hit him again and again.

His qi energy kept twisting and shaking.

As the sound waves became more intense, the barrier formed by the qi energy twisted and shifted more and more fiercely.

They were clearly a few metres apart, but the area between them was already filled with swords and shadows, and there was no end to the killing opportunities.

If any living creature approached, it would definitely be instantly strangled to pieces.

“Dao Lin, you’re really capable of carrying on, if this continues, it won’t be good for you!”

The bell-bearer’s arms were like a boa constrictor, falling onto the bronze bell arm after arm, his face full of sneers, “Didn’t you just say that you wanted a quick battle?”

Chen Daolin’s face was as gloomy as black charcoal, and he looked at the bell-bearer with resentment and anger to the extreme.

While releasing his qi to resist the sound waves, he fiercely squeezed a sentence out of his teeth, “Don’t be complacent, it’s still early!”

“Yes, it’s still early, it’s still early, hahaha ……”

The bell-backer laughed brashly and boldly, his voice interspersed with the chimes of the bronze bell.

It was only this stilted.

As the sound waves continued to spread, the bells resounded through the roof of the building.

In the vicinity, the people had long since detected the thunderous sound of the bell.

Everyone on the street stopped and looked towards the roof of the King’s Landing Group building where the bell was coming from.

Even the endless stream of cars came to a halt.

“What’s going on? Why is there a big bell on the roof of the King’s Landing Group building?”

“It’s so strange, the sound of the bell feels so weird.”

“Huh! I, why am I getting a nosebleed?”


The crowd chattered curiously.

Suddenly, a man touched his nose in astonishment as crimson blood rushed out of his nasal cavity.

As the first person reacted, a chorus of shrieks soon followed.

Without exception, all of them were unable to withstand the sound of the bell and had suffered damage.

There were nosebleeds, bleeding ears, and even more unbearable pain, gnashing their teeth and wailing ……

With the King’s Landing Group building as the centre, a hundred-metre radius was covered.

As time went on, the misery became more and more intense.

The roof of the King’s Landing building.

The wind howled.

The bells echoed.

The ancient and desolate sound of the bell was like a thunderclap in the sky, wrapped in a terrifying killing force that destroyed the heart and intestines, inundating Chen Daolin in a continuous stream.

The only thing Chen Daolin could do in the face of this terrifying bell sound was to release his qi energy and forcibly resist it.

Of course …… was only resisting.

Under the dense sound wave attack, he could not even find the opportunity to make a counter attack.

Even so, as the sound waves continued to blast, his face became increasingly grave, and quietly, crimson blood flowed out of his mouth.

“Dao Lin …… It seems that instead of you being the first to decapitate me, I will be the first to decapitate you.”

The man with the bell struck the bronze bell while sneering in triumph, “I still think highly of you, apart from being able to hold on for so long, you can only go so far, other than that you are no different from fish on the chopping block.”

The words just fell.

In the distance, a huge mushroom cloud suddenly rose into the sky.

The flames were dazzling.

Alarmed, the bell-backer turned his head and instantly identified the direction of the mushroom cloud: “Is that the …… Windy Old City? Did Twilight Drum get it?”

“He’s dead!”

A hoarse, low voice, like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Underworlds, suddenly pa*sed into the ears of the Bell-Backers.


Morning Bell was struck by thunder, his rugged face, his features taut and dilated, he stared at Chen Daoling incredulously, “You fart, that mushroom cloud was definitely the result of Twilight Drum destroying your lab!”

“Brains are a good thing!”

The gloom on Chen Daolin’s face disappeared and was replaced by heavy teasing as he gently pulled up one corner of his mouth while wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth with his right hand, “The tip of your tongue really hurts.”


Morning Bell was struck by lightning and his body shook violently, “You, you weren’t hurt?”

“What else is easier than waiting with ease, you only think of delaying me, but you have never thought that I want to delay you too?”

Chen Daolin’s body was raging with qi energy, the momentum of the distortion and swaying all fiercely weakened a lot, immediately his body moved and took a step forward, “If Morning Bell and Evening Drum had joined forces, I really wouldn’t have been able to grasp it, fortunately I had succeeded in my calculations.”

Chapter 1714

The teasing sneers were like needles stabbing the ears.

For a moment.

The morning bell’s rude face was filled with disbelief.

All this …… was just Chen Daoling’s calculation?

Even if Chen Daolin has now said so explicitly, but Chen Zhong still can’t believe it.

The position of the fish meat and the chopping block had swapped too suddenly.

“Impossible, it must be impossible!”

Chen Zhong’s eyes drifted, his eyes rounded, and he shook his head as if he were mad, “It shouldn’t be like this, it can’t be like this, right, I remember, that laboratory under the Feng Bo ancient city, since the Chen family’s incident, it was you who was guarding it, this information was recently pried out by me and Twilight Drum, under that laboratory, there is no one who can match Twilight Drum, you swindled me! ”

At this thought, Morning Bell’s eyes shone brightly.

It was as if a dying man had grabbed the last straw to save his life.


Chen Daoling’s sneer was like a pot of cold water that doused his last flame of hope to the ground.

“That is the root of Pan Gu’s plan, do you really think that there is no other battle power besides me?”


Chen Zhong’s body shook and he staggered back a step, trampling a crater in the ground. Luckily, he was able to hold on to the bronze bell in time, otherwise he would have fallen to the ground on the spot.


That was the root of the “Pan Gu Project”!

It was the heart and soul of Chen Daojun’s planning and calculations for so many years.

How could Chen Daoling be the only one with the power to fight?

How long has it been since the Chen family fell apart?

But the King’s Landing Group and the laboratory under the old city of Feng Bo have been around for even longer.

What made it possible to guarantee that nothing had happened in the past?

Chen Daoling’s words seemed to have instantly drained the strength from his entire body as Chen Zhong’s face quickly paled and his eyes were obscure.

“Twilight drum …… twilight drum ……”

He hysterically kept murmuring, his body swaying.

“Harming my son within Zhenjiang City, if not for Daogun and Jiang Sixth Master dissuading me, I would have hunted you two to the ends of the earth.”

Chen Daoling was as stern as a sword as he walked towards Chen Zhong, “If there is a way to heaven, you will not leave, if there is no way to hell, if you harm my son, then you will die!”


A majestic and fierce qi instantly surged out of Chen Daolin’s body like a shocking wave.

It was devastating and overwhelming.

The ground was ploughed up in a hard layer where the Qi swept through.

The terrifying killing intent was as terrifying as a prison, overwhelmingly crushing towards Morning Bell.

“You want to kill me? It’s my turn to avenge Twilight Drum!”

Fierce and viciousness suddenly appeared on Morning Bell’s rude face, his features twisted into a ball.

The next second.

His arms were surrounded by qi energy, like two gnarled pythons, and he smashed into the bronze bell with a boom.

Clang ……

The ancient and desolate sound of the bell instantly turned into layers of sound waves, sweeping across all directions. , the

The terrifying impact even caused the bronze bell to sink a notch in the ground.

The layers of sound waves struck Chen Daolin’s qi and instantly roared like thunder from the heavens and fire from the earth.

The explosion sent shock waves sweeping in all directions at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The solid concrete floor was no longer able to cope with the impact of the explosion and the roof of the building caved in with a loud “boom”.

Smoke and dust rose into the sky.

Chen Daolin, along with the Morning Bell and the Bronze Bell, fell to the floor below at the same time.


Chen Daolin’s angry shout of murder echoed from the smoke and dust.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The majestic qi energy turned into a tornado, sweeping up into the sky.

Clang …… Clang ……

The sound of the bronze bell, loud and dense, is even more ferocious than the one that just suppressed Chen Dao temporarily.

From time to time, there was also the hissing sound of the morning bell like a beast interspersed with it.

Just now, he thought that he had succeeded in his plan with the Twilight Drum, he only needed to hold Chen Daolin back and buy enough time for the Twilight Drum to overwhelm the laboratory, and if there was any hope, he wouldn’t mind killing Chen Daolin directly.

Now that their plan has been foiled, their calculations have already been calculated by Chen Daolin.

The life and death of Twilight Drum is uncertain, and Morning Bell no longer dares to hide his strength.

The situation …… had long been one of death and death for you!

As the two of them frantically attacked each other, the terrifying sound of the bell rang through the long sky.

The people in the 100 meter radius centered around the King’s Landing Group building, who had long been unable to bear it, wailed and screamed incessantly as the sound of the bell became more and more violent, and some could not bear it and fainted on the spot, crying and vomiting blood.

As the sound of the bell spread out, there were even speeding cars on the road that were too late to stop when the bell hit them, causing smoke and cries to roll down the street.

On the other side.

The ancient city of Feng Bo.

The yellow sand was roiling and the strong wind was howling.

With a terrifying bang, a flaming mushroom cloud rises into the sky.


An off-road jeep, with a tail-drift, came to a violent stop.

Zheng Junlin gripped the steering wheel with both hands and looked in horror at the terrifying mushroom cloud rising from within the remains of the Windy Old City.

“What the hell …… has happened? A nuclear bomb?”

He felt a chill run down his back as the mushroom cloud rose in the distance, causing only one thought to come to his mind for a short period of time.

The words had just fallen.

In the direction of Feng Bo ancient city, a huge object suddenly broke through the air.


Zheng Junlin’s face turned pale with fear and panic as he tried to drive away.

But he was just too panicked and was unable to drive the jeep for a while instead.


The huge object landed on the ground, hitting the sky with yellow sand, and rolled over a dozen times, just grazing the side of the jeep and tumbling out.

Zheng Junlin, who had come back from the dead, felt a chill run through his body and looked sideways with trepidation.

The huge object that had just flown over was a huge drum!

Only at this time, the giant drum was in tatters, the drum skin was torn into countless pieces, the drum body was also covered with palm prints and even burn marks, lying quietly in the thick yellow sand.

“Yao Sheng …… you, didn’t you die a long time ago? Why are you able to live as long as Chen Daojun and not die?”

Almost simultaneously, a hiss of horror to the extreme rang out from within the Windwave Ancient City.

If Morning Bell had been present, he would have been able to immediately react to the fact that the owner of the voice was …… Twilight Drum!

“Heavenly dao is impermanent, momentum is impermanent, and human life is also impermanent!”

A calm voice echoed through the ancient city of Feng Bo: “If it weren’t for Daoguang, would I have the qualifications to shake the heavens? The plan of Pan Gu is the beginning of the Daoist monarch, with the support of the old man!”

The voice was calm, but in its calmness, it was wrapped in a fearful majesty, like the holy voice of the Nine Heavens.

“Yao Sheng? The existence under the Ancient City of Wind and Waves?”

Zheng Junlin returned to his senses, rubbing his nose thoughtfully, witnessing the roiling yellow sand, and the mushroom clouds rushing into the sky, his brow furrowed.

“Let me run over here, actually let me avoid the danger, Uncle Chen has already calculated all this, he predicted these two’s prediction!”

“Twilight Drum …… gives you two choices, either I kill you or wait for Dao Lin to return and he kills you!”

Yao Sheng’s voice rang out again, but out of the corner of his eye domineering.

“BullSh*t! Yao Sheng you can kill me, what makes you so sure that Chen Daoling will come back and he won’t die at the hands of Chen Zhong?”

Twilight Drum hissed in response.

“Son’s revenge on father, one bloodline, Chen Dong’s potential, still can’t make you understand, still want to deceive yourself and others?”

Yao Sheng snorted, “You let Lao Fu kill you, you can die before Chen Zhong, hesitate for a moment more and Chen Zhong will die before you!”