Winner Takes All Chapter 1707-1708

Chapter 1707

Time pa*ses.

Daylight alternates.

When the firewood in the campfire had burned out, only a few sparks remained.

Only then did the glittering blood light runes on Chen Dong’s body gradually converge back into his body.

He slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes were incomparably clear and deep, as if the starry sky was spinning, but this only lasted for a moment.

Immediately following.

Chen Dong slowly lowered his head and looked at his body in surprise.

During his meditation, he could notice that his body was changing.

But after seeing it with his own eyes, he was still incomparably shocked.

Beneath the ragged and tattered clothes, what was revealed was crystal white skin, which even gave the impression of being blown apart.

However, upon closer examination, one could detect that underneath this crystal white skin, there was an even more terrifying explosive power than before.

Such a change made Chen Dong even slightly dazed.

“What exactly have I experienced during the night of meditation?”

He subconsciously glanced at the Snowy Lion blocking the entrance of the cave and smiled to himself again.

Although one person and one beast were familiar with each other, the Snowy Region Lion was after all a beast, and it was impossible to tell him what kind of metamorphosis he had undergone last night.

“It’s not just the body that has changed, the spirit seems to have changed as well.”

Chen Dong smacked his lips and subconsciously rubbed his nose with his right hand.

Compared to the obvious metamorphosis of his body, the change in his spirit was not so “obvious”, or at least not as obvious as the physical one.

But he could clearly feel that his mental state was more invigorated than yesterday.

Yesterday, because of the night’s slaughter, he was not only physically exhausted, but also mentally, even with his sanity, he was very tired.

After a night of meditation, the whole person was changed from the inside out.

Such a change could not be described as astonishing.

Even as Chen Dong’s own heart was astonished, he was curiously puzzled as to what the one-night initiation was all about!

“Perhaps, the answer to everything I experienced during the initiation can only be found after I recover my memories.”

Chen Dong slowly shook his right hand, after his body changed, his feeling of being squeezed to the bone eased a lot, but he was still incredibly weak.

It would still take a long time to return to his peak state.

“Roar ……”

The Snowy Lion suddenly gave a low roar.

Chen Dong turned back to his senses and looked towards the Snowy Lion.

The one man and the beast exchanged a glance.

In a whirlwind, the Snow Region Male Lion turned and ran out of the cave.

Chen Dong froze for a moment and then reacted.

He looked at the campfire which had already burned out, and swept a glance inside the empty cave, where all the firewood and hay that could be burnt had been burnt.

But in this freezing weather, if there were no flames to keep him warm, his current state of health would not be able to resist for long.

Even after meditating and undergoing a metamorphosis that even he was not sure of, he still could not last long.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong picked up the broken blade beside him and slowly rose up by holding onto the stone wall.

With this movement, a tingling came from all his limbs and bones.

Chen Dong sucked in a cold breath and almost stumbled and fell to the ground.

Gritting his teeth, he stood up and slowly walked towards the outside.

The bitter wind and snow cut into his body like a knife.

The coldness froze Chen Dong and made him shiver.

But fortunately, after his body metamorphosis, it was a little stronger than before, so he gritted his teeth and endured it.

He stepped out of the cave and looked out at the endless expanse of silver.

Goose feathers of snow, blown by the fierce wind, danced in the air.

On the ground, the few foreign colours that could be seen also appeared to be scattered in bits and pieces, scattered everywhere under the cover of the snow.

It took half an hour.

Chen Dong scavenged the surrounding area for enough firewood and hay and trudged back into the cave.

The Snowy Lion had not yet returned.

But it was snowy and icy, and it was daytime, so it did take some time to hunt.

Chen Dong sat by the campfire and re-lit it.

The fire sun pulsated.

The heat rolled on.

Chen Dong moved his hands, picked up a wooden stick and sharpened it into four pieces.

Looking at the four wooden carvings laid out in front of him, memories tumbled in his mind.

A scene from the time when the village was slaughtered, the voices and faces of the old woman, Wolf and Dogwatzi’s family, kept surfacing.

If it hadn’t been for Wolf and Doggie, he might have been buried under the snow by now.

Had it not been for the kindness and affection of the old woman, he would have been expelled from the village long ago.

It is no secret that this ordinary family of three gave him the chance to be reborn.

And while he had been reborn, they …… had left!

In a trance, Chen Dong’s nostrils were sore and his eyes were misting up.

He took a deep breath and subconsciously wiped his face, “Let’s also leave a reminder.”

Then, after picking up the broken knife and sharpening it on the stone wall so that the blade was no longer so curled and chipped, he picked up a piece of wood and carved it carefully.

The broken knife was bulky and far less flexible and light than the carving knife.

Chen Dong carved carefully, even though the old woman’s voice and face were clearly in his mind, and he took extra care with each cut.

A little chip of wood fell down.

The figure on the wood became clearer and clearer.

Soon, the statue of the crone came to life.

Without stopping, Chen Dong picked up another piece of wood and carved the portrait of Wolf.

Then came the dog boy.

By the time the statue of the dog boy was successfully carved, a pile of wood chips had been piled up in front of him.

Chen Dong looked at the last piece of wood, but he was a little hesitant.

Would …… be able to do it this time?

Successfully carving the statues of three people one after another had boosted his confidence, but thinking about the countless failures before him still made him a little apprehensive.

I don’t know why.

The faces of the three old women came back to him clearly, but the girl …… was always covered in a “veil”!

No matter how much he remembered, he could not lift that “veil”.

Of course, he did not dare to remember too deeply, that kind of pain that explodes in the head, really makes people worse than death!

Chen Dong finally picked up the wood, gritted his teeth, tried to remember, and then took the clumsy broken knife and carefully carved.

Little by little, little by little ……

In the cave, the wind and snow kept pouring in, swaying the flames.

Chen Dong was like an old monk sitting in meditation, not moving a muscle, concentrating on the wood in his hands, beads of sweat quietly trickling down his forehead, and the wood in his hands gradually carving out the outline of a human head.

It is obviously the same carving, but carving a girl and carving an old woman and her family are very different!


Suddenly, there was a crunching sound.

The broken blade in Chen Dong’s hand shook violently, and the statue in his hand, which had already carved out the outline of a human head, also left a deep and long line with this shake.

“Sure enough, it still doesn’t work.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly and threw the ruined wooden carving into the bonfire, and cupped the wood chips on the ground into the bonfire.

The flames burned even more vigorously, spitting tongues of fire.

The cave was lit up with fire.

Chen Dong sat cross-legged by the campfire, propping his chin up with one hand, lost in thought: “How in the end …… should I break this layer of confinement belonging to my memory?”

Chapter 1708

Day after day.

Time pa*sed by like a white horse.

Chen Dong stayed in the cave, and his body was recovering step by step.

With the Snowy Lion in charge of hunting, food was not a concern, and even water was provided by the snow.

Survival conditions were poor, but for Chen Dong and the Snow Lion, it was enough.

During the time of rest and recuperation.

The thing Chen Dong did most every day was to carve wooden sculptures.

Compared to the three wooden carvings of the Old Crone, Wolf and Dog Boy, the wooden carving of the girl in Chen Dong’s mind was always stuck at being able to carve only the outline, and was slow to go further.

This made Chen Dong want to give up carving several times.

But in the back of his mind, there seemed to be an obsession that he had to carve out the girl.

The flames pulsated.

The snowy lion lay in front of the cave entrance, shielding Chen Dong from most of the wind and snow.

Chen Dong was still sitting by the campfire as usual, like a statue, holding the broken knife in his hand, carving little by little, with bits of wood shavings falling to the ground like snowflakes.

The wooden carving in his hand is becoming clearer and clearer.

Beside him, there are also statues of three members of the old woman’s family.

In the silence.

Suddenly there was a click.

Chen Dong casually dropped the broken knife and threw the wooden carving into the campfire with his head hanging in despair.

Once again, …… had failed!

Looking at the broken wooden carving that was gradually engulfed by the flames, Chen Dong was baffled and lost in thought: “How on earth …… should I break through this bottleneck?”

The Snowy Lion at the entrance of the cave looked back at Chen Dong.

The light in the huge lion’s eyes flickered for a moment.

Whirling, it slowly moved this huge body closer to Chen Dong, as if it was comforting.

Chen Dong smiled sideways and rubbed the lion’s mane of the Snow Region Male Lion: “Don’t worry, I am fine.”

A few days of spending time together.

It had brought him and the Snowy Region Male Lion a lot closer, which was of course the reason why the Beast King had returned to his heart.

The Snowy Male Lion’s huge lion head slowly lowered, just like a kitten, and intimately swayed twice along with Chen Dong’s right hand that was rubbing the lion’s mane.

This naive look amused Chen Dong, who was dumbfounded.

“At least you’re such a big guy, can you behave like a lion king?”

The Snowy Male Lion side-eyed him before turning around to face out of the cave, with his buttocks facing Chen Dong.

Chen Dong was speechless for a while.

But his frustrated mood had improved considerably.

He took a deep breath and picked up the wood aside once again, this time, but did not rush to drop the blade, instead, he closed his eyes and kept thinking, letting the girl’s figure come to his mind.


The king’s court of the Huns.

With an order from Xixing, a tide of people surged through the thirteen cities.

Large numbers of troops, like a flood, poured onto the streets and scattered to every corner.

The originally peaceful and prosperous Thirteen Cities were in chaos as the troops took to the streets.

The people fled and screamed in fear.

Under the brutal drive of the Rongwu, they went straight into nearby houses to be guarded.

“Martial law! Martial law! Martial law!”

“By order of the Queen, search the city, the people wait in place!”

“Quickly, quickly, search the whole city as fast as you can!”

A bellowing order went up and down in the city.

At the same time.

At the same time, under the alley of a mansion near the south gate wall of King City, a silhouette was cautiously looking around.

Ye Linglong was wrapped in sackcloth, making her appear as inconspicuous as possible in the dim and narrow alleyway.

Even her movements were extraordinarily careful.

The alleyway was filled with all kinds of rubbish, even dung and animal carca*ses, and there was also a sticky black liquid under her feet, and the smell in the air made people want to vomit out all their internal organs.

All this, Ye Linglong did not care.

She wanted to escape and find Chen Dong outside in the freezing snow.

This bit of suffering was nothing!

She was more worried about the Xiongnu soldiers outside than the harsh conditions inside the alley.

The screams of panic from the people had long since gone up in the air.

Interspersed with them were the sounds of Xiongnu soldiers bellowing orders, and even the sound of army armour scraping against the rush not far away.

“Am I, Ye Linglong, worthy of having the Xiongnu seal off the Thirteen Cities?”

These were the thoughts in her mind.

After being imprisoned in the Xiongnu’s palace, she had been thinking about escaping, and about the intentions of Queen Xixing.

But this escape had truly shocked and smacked her in the face.

It turned out that she had always underestimated her importance in Shying’s mind!

Blockade the Thirteen Cities!

You know that the most prosperous cities in Xiongnu are only the thirteen.

Not only was it sealing off the cities, it was driving people away.

This is like using a huge net to catch all the fish in the sea, just to find her!

This is a huge gesture!

Now, even if she had wings, it would be impossible for her to fly out!


Maybe it was the best way!

“God willing, if we can survive the first wave of search, when night falls, we may be able to escape!”

Ye Linglong consoled herself with this, swept her eyes around, gritted her silver teeth, wrapped her sack tightly in a dormant crouch, and leaned against a rotten back basket next to her.

If not for a closer look, it would have been hard to notice from outside the alley!

Inside the king’s palace of the Huns.

Xixing sat on the throne of the king’s palace, listening to the earth-shattering noise outside, his face as cold as frost.

“Have …… I not treated you well enough? You’ve been fed with beautiful clothes and glory, this is not a prisoner, it’s obvious that you’re being raised as a canary, and you still want to run away!”

She murmured softly, every word as if the temperature in the hall had plummeted to the freezing point.

In her beautiful eyes, anger was also churning.


Xixing slapped her palm on the desk with indignation, “The whole army is out, and they still haven’t found anyone?”

Outside the hall, a sergeant hurriedly came and reported back in fear: “Your Majesty, there are no clues yet.”

“A clue? What clues!”

Shying rebuked angrily, “Seal off the thirteen cities and send out the entire army, even if you have to use the simplest and most brutal way, plough the ground three feet to dig out the person.

“As you command!”

When the sergeant retreated in fear.

Xixing’s face was as cold as frost, and she seemed to be speaking to the air, “On the Hong Society side, have you made contact yet?”

It was obvious that she was the only one in the hall, but the question was as bizarre as it could be.

She waited for three seconds.

A hoarse voice rang out abruptly behind her, “I’ve already sent someone over, waiting for good news.”

Across the ocean.

The Mountain River Club.

Inside the parlour, there was dead silence.

Swords were drawn and the smell of gunpowder was suffocatingly strong.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang were sitting at the main table, their faces full of anger, their eyes bursting with murderous intent.

In the guest seats, however, were two middle-aged men in suits.

The door of the room was closed and there was no tea.

The two middle-aged men did not care, and even the killing intent of Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang was directly ignored.

“Have you ever considered whether you can get out of this Shanhe Hall with this coming!”

Ye Yuanqiu’s right hand quietly lashed out, crushing the armrest of the tai shi chair, and spitting out a cold voice from between his teeth, “Using my father’s bloodline as a blackmailing bargaining chip, you Xiong Nu, what do you think the Hong Society is?”

“The Hong Society has three thousand and six hundred sects, radiating all over the world, and is powerful, it is precisely because of this that my great country, the Xiongnu, has sought to join forces, hoping to obtain the full support of the Hong Society, if it were anyone else, they would not be qualified for this.”

One of the middle-aged men gently rubbed the beard on his face and said with a smile.

“Then wouldn’t I, the leader of the Hong Society, have to issue a leading order to command the 3,600 gates and thank the Huns for their high regard?”

Yuan Yigang gently pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and said with murderous intent, “You can represent the Huns, compared to the high and powerful position, if we kidnap you in exchange for my sister, this plan will work!”

“With love and affection.”

The middle-aged man grinned and cupped his fist in thanks, “But with all due respect, this plan won’t work, we are both from the Huns’ Wolf House. Or do you want to join forces with me?”

Although he was laughing, the threat in his words was like an invisible sword that pierced the hearts of Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang.