Winner Takes All Chapter 1705-1706

Chapter 1705

A sharp, stern whine.

After Mrs. Ku’s rebuke, her face turned sharply red and she spat out a mouthful of blood with a “poof”.



Gu Cangyue and Gu Dragonfly were shocked and rushed forward.

Old Mrs. Gu’s eyes were full of resentment and she gritted her teeth, “If that B*****d continues like this, there will be no place for us to stand in the future on the Heaven Treading Road!”

“Mom, maybe it’s not such a bad thing?”

Gu Cang Yue rubbed Old Lady Gu’s back as she soothed, “That B*****d has a demonic heart, and last night’s demonic aura was out of control, so perhaps his demonic aura has gone completely out of control.


Old Lady Gu raised her eyebrows as her anger subsided a lot.

In a trance, she thought of the previous scene outside Zhenjiang City when the Heavenly Punishment Thunder descended, and the corners of her mouth could not help but reveal the slightest hostile smile.

“Cang Yue did remind me that the Heaven Treading Road indeed does not allow demons to go up there, but since that wild seed can still stir up such a big storm if he is still alive, we can’t just sit back and wait.”

After a pause, she raised her eyes to look at Ancient Cang Yue and Ancient Dragonfly.

“We still have to think of a way to hold him, so that he is in our hands at all times and completely explodes with his demonic nature and cannot be contained!”

At those words.

Gu Cangyue and Gu Dragonfly both frowned and pondered.

Old Madam Gu’s words did make sense.

If they kept sitting and waiting, it was tantamount to handing their fate over to the heavens, and when it really came to the moment of stepping onto the Heavenly Road, if Chen Dong did not go mad, then their chances of victory would wirelessly explode down.

To keep the initiative in their own hands as much as possible was the way to go!


With a twinkle in his eye, Gu Dragonfly said, “Grandma, Dad, I have an idea!”

“Speak up!”

Old Madam Gu and Gu Cangyue looked towards Gu Dragonfly at the same time.

Gu Dragonfly smiled wryly, “Doesn’t he care about the people around him, family, friendship, brothers and friends …… these are all his scales of adversity!”

She said word for word, her hands wrapped around her front, a look of certainty.

As the two men watched, she slowly spat out a sentence that instantly sent the temperature in the room plummeting to freezing.

“Doesn’t he, like, care most about his bloodline? This piece of reverse scale is the biggest one on him!”

Old Madam Gu and Gu Cangyue’s eyes lit up at the same time.

If we can get hold of that B*****d’s bloodline, when we set out on the Heavenly Path in the future, whether that B*****d is a human or a demon will be between our blades!”

“Mom, leave this to me!”

Gu Cang Yue immediately clasped his fist.

“Wait, since the three parties have joined forces.”

Old Madam Gu’s eyes twinkled, “This is a sure thing, but we must be careful. After all, that wild bloodline is surrounded by countless capable people.


Gu Cangyue smiled teasingly and did not refute.

With his strength, it was indeed already enough to be foolproof.

But …… had ready-made helpers, so why not use them?

“I will also follow.”

Ancient Dragonfly said with a smile, “I came up with the solution, I’ll go out and play along.”


The dimly lit cave.

Ice crystals were everywhere, and the cave’s entrance whistled as the wind and snow whistled and puffed into large swathes of flying snow.

The snowy lion’s lofty and robust body, lying not far from the cave entrance, warded off all the snow and wind that poured into the cave.

Every now and then, his lion eyes would gaze back at Chen Dong, who was shrouded in his mane.


A painful wailing sound came out of the unconscious Chen Dong’s mouth as he slowly opened his eyes.

“Where am I ……?”

The next second.

His eyes fiercely locked with the Snowy Lion.

With a terrified scream, he leapt straight up as if he had been electrocuted, quickly pulling away from the Snowy Lion.

“Ow-roar ……”

The Snowy Lion’s eyes brightened as he let out a low hiss.

“Don’t, don’t come over!”

Chen Dong panicked and instinctively grabbed a rock beside him, wary of the Snowy Male Lion in front of him.

The Snowy Male Lion looked at Chen Dong in front of him, and a puzzled look could not help but appear in its lion eyes.

In the next second, it slowly crouched down on the ground and pressed its huge lion head against the ground.

This scene was like a submissive gesture.

However, Chen Dong was still frightened and panicked, and could not help but shrink back.

With his memory loss, his strength still existed though.

He could also easily kill fae beasts, but when faced with the shocking feeling of a fae beast king like the Snowy Lion suddenly imprinted in his eyes, that kind of shock in a short moment was really not something that could be calmed down by strength.

Immediately afterwards.

The Snowy Lion squirmed its limbs and shook its mane as it slowly approached Chen Dong.

Such a movement, for a lion of the size of the Snowy Region, was really naive and somewhat strange.

But soon, Chen Dong still understood.

“You …… know me?”

Chen Dong slowly put down the stone in his hand and looked at the wind and snow whistling at the entrance of the cave: “It was you who saved me as well?”

The snowy lion did not stop, and a low whimper came out of his mouth as a response.

The scorn in Chen Dong’s eyes lessened by a few points.

He frowned as he recalled everything from last night and did not stop the Snowy Lion from approaching.


The Snowy Lion’s huge head rubbed Chen Dong’s right hand with difficulty and effort as it approached.

Chen Dong returned to his senses, stunned for a moment, slowly raised his hand and placed it on the snowy lion’s head.

The beast king returned to his heart.

With this contact, a strange familiarity immediately pa*sed down his arm to his heart.

“We …… seem to be really familiar!”

Chen Dong could not help but frown, uncontrollably falling into memory.


A sharp pain like an explosion rose from his mind, as if his brain shell was about to burst instantly.


Chen Dong let out a miserable cry and fell to the ground, his hands covering his head with death as he rolled all over the ground.

The sudden scene also scared the Snowy Lion.

It wanted to get closer, but Chen Dong who was rolling around in severe pain kept rolling around, not giving it the chance to get closer at all.


A faint cluster of dark red light suddenly emerged from Chen Dong’s body and quickly invaded and spread throughout Chen Dong’s body.

Under the glowing red light.

Dense and intricate blood-coloured runes protruded out, covering Chen Dong’s entire body.

As the runes protruded, Chen Dong’s pain also decreased at a rapid pace.

Within a few seconds, however, he regained his composure.

He slowly sat up, looking at the red light and countless runes all over his body in amazement, and frowned in contemplation.

As the pain disappeared, the runes and red light on his body also quickly converged and disappeared.

It was all in just a few seconds.

Chen Dong looked at his hands, his gaze bright and uncertain.

Finally he relaxed his frown and stopped dwelling on the red light runes on his body.

Instead, he slowly raised his head, looked at the Snowy Lion in front of him and smiled helplessly, “Sorry, I have lost my memory, but I must be familiar with you and thank you for saving me, can you take me to someone I am familiar with?”

Chapter 1706

The Snowy Lion’s eyes flickered for a moment.

The huge lion head slowly went up and down, sweeping a glance at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong understood and subconsciously looked at himself, smiling to himself, “It’s also true that I really can’t fold too much in my current state for the time being.”

The destruction of the clan in one night.

Setting off a devilish aura.

Throughout the whole process, Chen Dong had always maintained a sense of existence, so he could probably remember what had happened.

He did not know how he got out of that state.

But it was certain that there must be a connection with the blood-coloured rune on his body.

It was also true that his current physical state was depleted.

Not simply exhausted, but every cell, as if it had undergone an extreme squeeze, was in a state of dryness.

Rest and recuperation was what he needed to do now.

Not to mention the fact that it was still in this freezing weather.

Compared to the past, the most intuitive feeling he had now was that the temperature around him was even harsher to the bone.

Just now, because he had just awakened and was shocked, he hadn’t reacted for a while.

But now …… that bone-chilling, marrow-deep ice cold was incomparably stronger!


The Snowy Lion gave a low roar, and was immediately turning around and blocking the entrance of the cave to shield Chen Dong from the wind and snow.

With the connection of the Beast King’s Returned Heart, the Snowy Lion could also detect Chen Dong’s physical state.

Chen Dong looked at the empty, dark cave.

Forcing himself to endure the weakness and soreness of his body, he slowly got up and gathered the few dry firewood and gra*s flotsam in the cave.

But looking at the ragged and tattered clothes all over his body, he laughed bitterly and dumbly.

There was no fire!

The snowy lion glanced back and roared low before running straight out of the cave.

The howling wind and snow lost its blockage and suddenly cut into Chen Dong’s body like countless sharp blades.

Chen Dong, who was caught off guard, was frozen to the bone and his face turned white as he hastily huddled into a corner, shivering.


Indescribably cold.

It even caused a wave of trepidation to grow in Chen Dong’s heart at this moment.

If there was no flame to provide warmth, would he simply freeze to death in this cave?

Time slowly pa*sed by.

Under the extreme weakness, Chen Dong felt like seconds were like years.

The blood on his body had already dried up, but it was crusted on his body and clung to his hair in knots, making Chen Dong look incomparably wretched and miserable.


There was a muffled sound and the howling wind and snow came to a screeching halt.

With his eyes squinting, Chen Dong saw the snowy male lion returning, and in the lion’s mouth was still holding half of the wild wolf’s carca*s, and blood was clattering down the corners of its mouth.

“There’s no way to make a fire even if there’s meat.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, somewhat helpless.


The Snowy Lion threw the wild wolf’s corpse onto the ground and spat out another fire tinder from its mouth.

The firebreath was stained with the blood of the wild wolf.

Chen Dong looked at it for a moment, such a firebender could not be considered ancient.

But in the snowy plains, it was an essential thing.

It was not that there were no such sources of fire as fire engines and matches, but there were some environments where the same fire folds still existed.

After coming back to his senses.

Chen Dong then hurriedly went forward, picked up the torch and lit the firewood pile.

The flames rose up and the heat rolled.

The firelight imprinted on Chen Dong’s body and dispelled a lot of the coldness.

He looked at the wild wolf carca*s on the ground and was somewhat pleased, although he did not know what relationship the giant lion in front of him had with him, the spirituality was too high.

Chen Dong looked at his side and found a broken blade that had long since curled its edge, a battle knife that he had been holding in his hand when he had exterminated the Capricorn tribe, and the extreme killing intent raging underneath had made him never let go of it even when he had pa*sed out.

The curled blade had become the only tool he had now.

He painstakingly cut off a piece of meat and roasted it directly on the fire with the broken blade inserted.

Soon, the wolf’s flesh rumbled and gave off a tantalising aroma of meat.

Chen Dong held the wolf meat and feasted on it.

The Snowy Lion, too, lay on its side and tore into the remaining wolf carca*s.

After a full meal, Chen Dong also felt his strength had recovered a little.

While sitting on a rock and rubbing his bulging stomach, he was remembering his state last night.

Throughout the whole process, that sanity was always present.

That state of being out of the way, yet able to raise his hand to control it, was incomparably subtle.

He even remembered clearly how the dog boy and the old crone had looked and looked before they died, but in his indignation he had voluntarily relinquished control and become a killing machine, always in control of his body as his battle power skyrocketed.

It was just that he had never controlled it!

Chen Dong did not know exactly what that arcane state was.

But in exchange for a huge increase in battle power with no loss, the deal was really a bloodbath.

Of course, his current physical weakness was also the price, but compared to the increase in battle power, it was almost negligible.

If he could master that state and use it like an arm, it could undoubtedly become his strongest killer weapon when facing strong enemies in the future!

As he recalled the bits and pieces of last night.

Chen Dong slowly closed his eyes and gradually adjusted his breathing.

In just a minute’s time.

His breathing became smooth and even, and his entire body became calm and composed, as if he was a pool of water with no waves in an ancient well.

Even his weakened state had eased up a few points.

If there had been Elder Long and others present, they would have certainly exclaimed once again that this was, as always, entering a state of epiphany.

And …… it took less time than any time before!

The snowy male lion licked clean the blood on his mane, raised his eyes and noticed the difference in Chen Dong, without making the slightest sound, slowly got up and blocked in front of the cave entrance.

This way, it could protect Chen Dong from the wind and snow while protecting him from any real danger that might come near.

In his current state, Chen Dong could not afford the slightest danger!

Time slowly pa*sed.

In the cave, the campfire burned and the flames danced, reflecting Chen Dong and the Snowy Lion’s figures on the walls in a wavering manner.


Chen Dong, who was calmly meditating, suddenly had an odd breath.

At times, he was breathing heavily, his brow was furrowed and his face was in pain.

At other times, his breathing was steady and his face was calm, as if he was an old monk in meditation.

The two states kept alternating, but each one did not last long.

The Snowy Lion’s lion eyes gazed at Chen Dong in awe and suspicion, but it did not notice through the Beast King’s Returning Heart that Chen Dong’s physical state had changed tremendously, and it did not make a sound immediately.



A cluster of glowing red light blossomed in the centre of Chen Dong’s chest.

Like blood, it solidified at his chest, emitting light while the condensed blood light spread out in lines of blood-coloured red light as dense as a spider’s web, spreading out towards Chen Dong’s body.

The lines of red light intertwined and crisscrossed each other, using Chen Dong’s body as a cloth, outlining an extremely complicated rune.

As it was last night, it was shaped like armour and covered his body.

As the red light enveloped Chen Dong’s entire body, his breath once again stabilised, as if a large hand had quietly smoothed out the painful state of shortness of breath he was in before.

All that remained was an old monk in meditation.

The eerie red light shone in the cave, rendering everything a blood-coloured layer, looking extremely demonic.

The silence was still.

Chen Dong’s entire state, however, was rapidly undergoing a metamorphosis.

The blood scabs that had clotted on his body quietly cracked off like wall skin, revealing skin that was no longer robust and full of strength, but rather tender and smooth.

Even his complexion had become as white as jade.

It was as if a butterfly in a cocoon was slowly breaking out of it, transforming from caterpillar to butterfly ……