Winner Takes All Chapter 1703-1704

Chapter 1703

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

The sun is rising.

Inside the room, Gu Qingying leans on the bed, exhausted, her beautiful eyes red and glistening with mist.

Barbara lies in her arms, docile, gently rubbing her chest, soothingly.

Wu Chang sat just off to the side, looking at Gu Qingying now and then with unspeakable heartache.

“Auntie Qingying, it’s dawn.”


Barbara looked out the window at the rising sun and whispered.

Gu Qingying’s hollow eyes gradually regained focus and slowly looked out the window, the corners of her mouth twitching slightly: “Yes, it’s dawn, it’s been a hard night for Barbara to stay with auntie.”

“Barbara will protect Auntie.”

Barbara’s little pink face was all serious.

Gu Qingying smiled reluctantly and gently stroked Barbara’s head.

The dream last night was like a thorn in her heart.

Even though she hadn’t slept again all night, it still kept coming back to her mind.

Barbara had also rushed over when she heard the commotion at the back.

Subconsciously, Gu Qingying looked at Changeless on the sofa.

Impermanence met her gaze and instantly understood.

“The old body has already had people investigate, there should be news coming soon.”

Last night, after Gu Qingying had gradually calmed down a bit, she had asked her to investigate immediately.

Although they didn’t know where Chen Dong was, the approximate direction was in the Northern Domain, and if there was really any movement, given how much Chen Dong was watched by the world, it would definitely cause quite a stir.

Of course, Changeless was also aware of this.

The investigation would definitely yield very little.

The reason for such a loud investigation was more to appease the apprehensive Gu Qingying.

It was better to do it than to do nothing at all.

Knock, knock.

There was a knock at the door.

“Young Madam, there are results.”

Outside the door, came Long Lao’s voice.

Gu Qingying’s eyes lit up and she couldn’t help but sit up a little straighter: “Elder Long, come in quickly.”

Elder Long pushed the door in and looked at Gu Qingying and Barbara before finally locking eyes with Wu Chang.

“Elder Long, is there any movement in the Northern Domain?”

Impermanence asked first with a sullen expression.

Elder Long shook his head and smiled bitterly, “There is no information on the whereabouts of the young master, but there was indeed a big incident in the Northern Domain last night.”

At those words.

Both Gu Qingying and Wu Chang’s expressions were gloomy and lost.

Compared to Gu Qingying, Wu Chang was in a significantly better state.

After all, she had expected this outcome when she decided to investigate last night.

Of course, this was also the result of Chen Daojun, Xu Qingfeng and the others deliberately concealing it.

Impermanence pursued the question, “What’s the big deal that happened?”

Elder Long’s eyes flickered for a moment, and he said with some fear, “Last night, a group of a thousand people from the Capricorn rabbit tribe crossed the border in the Northern Domain, plundering and slaughtering a dozen villages, but then a ma*sacre occurred, and the Capricorn tribe was completely wiped out overnight, with no survivors!”

The words were short, but the message was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky that struck Gu Qingying and Wu Chang.

The Capricorn tribe had been wiped out in one night!

This was undoubtedly a heavy bomb!

“If I remember correctly, that Capricorn tribe should be close to the frontier, although weak, it is not the bottom of the hundred tribes, really …… was wiped out in one night?”

Changeless fear uncertain, some disbelief again asked.

“Indeed one night was exterminated, the cause should be the dozen or so villages that were slaughtered in the domain.”

Long Lao gave Changeless a deep look.

The two men’s gazes met.

Changeless instantly had an awe-inspiring gaze and did not pursue the question any further.

There was a pause.

Long Lao said to Gu Qingying, “Young Madam, other than that, there is no other news. I think Young Madam is thinking about something every day and dreaming about something every night, caused by missing Young Master too much, so all is at ease.”

“Or, perhaps so.”

Gu Qingying’s lips were mumbling and she was lost in thought.

“Old slave still has things to deal with, so I will leave first.”

Long Lao cupped his fist and exited the room.

“Miss Gu, the matter has been ascertained, you can rest for a while, I will bring up breakfast.”

Changeless got up and smiled before heading out, “Little Barbara, take care of auntie.”

The villa garden.

Long Lao left Gu Qingying’s room and walked straight over, sitting wearily on a rocking chair, basking in the early morning sun and rocking gently.

It didn’t take long.

A shadow behind him was the first to come into view.

He smiled, “Ugh …… things are troublesome.”

“You deliberately hid it without saying anything?”

Impermanence’s face was heavy and his brow was furrowed, “What does it mean to say half and hide half, signaling me not to pursue it further?”

“Because …… the matter of Capricorn’s extermination is likely to be related to the young master.”

Elder Long smiled bitterly, “Last night was not only the extermination of the White Capricorn clan, but there was also a devilish Qi across the sky at that time, the scene was extremely grand and bizarre, you know what devilish Qi means, right?”

“Daoist devil?”

Changeless said without thinking.

“The good news is that the young master should be fine and still around.”

Elder Long nodded and said in a deep voice, “But the bad news is that last night the demonic Qi rushed into the sky and the Capricorn clan was wiped out overnight, such heavy bombshell news, if it came from the Young Master’s hand, you and I both know that we are powerless to help, but if the Young Lady knew about it, guess what she would do?”

Wu Chang’s lips curled into silence.

What would she do?

It was clear that she had escaped the dangerous whirlpool, and just because she was short of a spokesperson, she had defiantly returned to the limelight with a big belly.

A glimpse into the tube!

“She would have gone out of her way to find out!”

“But right now, with the young lady in labour, it’s not the right time to go for that!”

Elder Long rubbed his nose: “Guarding the base camp and protecting the bloodline is the most important thing to do now.”

After a pause, Elder Long tilted his head to look at the sky and smiled softly, “The due date is less than a month away, I think, and it coincides with the Chinese New Year, that’s a good baby!”

“I’ll be next to her every inch of the way for a while.”

Changeless dropped a sentence and turned to leave.

In the Norse garden, only Elder Long was left alone.

He gently rocked his rocking chair, his gaze hollow and thoughtful.

A long time.

A soft murmur rang out.

“Blessings of the Lady, may all go well and be safe during this time!”


Inside the villa’s room, it was dimly lit.

Thick curtains blocked the vast majority of the sunlight.

In the dimness, the sound of thick, sharp gasps echoed.



A slightly suppressed scream of horror rang out.


The bedside lamp lit up with a dim glow.

Zhao Broke-Ru leaned back on the bed, sweating profusely and his body was even more drenched in sweat long ago.

Even after waking up, he still looked full of panic and his eyes were filled with red blood.

His chest rose and fell violently, and as he gasped for breath, he picked up the cigarettes and lighter on the bedside table and silently lit one.

He took a hard drag, almost a third of a cigarette, before stopping.

The smoke rises thickly from his mouth and nose.

Borrowing nicotine, his state gradually calmed down.

He cursed fiercely, “D*mn, old man Xu is a dead son of a B*tch liar, he used to have one dream, but now it’s good, two dreams together, what the hell is that grave and that yellow dragon?”

After cursing, he frowned and pondered again.

Then …… cursed again.

“P*ss off! How come I can’t remember so much of this second dream? I F**king had a lonely one?”

Chapter 1704

The bedroom was filled with the curses of Zhao Brocade.

As he cursed, he frowned and pondered with a cigarette in his mouth.

But no matter how much he thought about it, much of the second dream was a blur.

The only thing he could recall was the dead tomb and the yellow dragon.

This, by contrast, had nothing to do with the recurring dream he had been having.

The incense smoke burned out.

Zhao Brocade was in a better state and raised his hand to wipe a handful of sweat from his forehead before looking towards the curtains.

Vaguely, a thin light could be seen.

After a moment of contemplation, he murmured softly.

“This is something that I still have to ask Old Man Xu about!”

As the sunrise spilled over the land, the news of the Capricorn Clan’s overnight extermination swept across the world like a fierce wind and rain.

Last night’s demonic Qi had already made it difficult for the giants of all powers to sleep through the night, and all eyes had converged on the Northern Region.

The news of the Capricorn Tribe’s extermination overnight was like a nuclear bomb, causing all powers to rise up in horror and cry out in shock.

“D*mn it! What the hell happened in the Northern Domain last night? Was the extermination of the Capricorn Clan related to the demonic Qi that rushed across the sky?”

“Investigate! Investigate to the end! We must find out what happened to the Capricorn tribe in the Northern Region last night!”

“How many people under the sky can have that demonic qi?” ……


Compared to the giants of the various powers, some of the magnate family heads, although they knew the news of the extermination of the Capricorn tribe, were at a loss for words.

After all, the gentry were only gentry, holding huge wealth in their hands, but their touch in martial arts was far less than some of the giants of power.

Even the heads of the powerful families who knew about the devilish Qi crossing the sky were not much different from the giants.

Countless intelligence agencies flocked to the Northern Region like a vast net.

But the end result was that all the giants and masters of powerful families were left in a daze.

There was nothing to find out!

There were no clues!

In that world of ice and snow, this alone was enough to isolate most of the intelligence forces.


The Gu family compound.

The large mansion was as quiet as stagnant water.

The entire family was gathered outside Old Lady Gu’s mansion, three layers inside and three layers outside, while further away were the Gu family guards, their armour cold and vigilant.

Without exception, all of them looked nervous, gazing deep into the mansion, waiting in silence.

Time pa*sed by, minute by minute.

For the Gu family, every second was a moment too long in their anxiety and torment.

Old Madam Gu was the head of the Gu family, and her safety was directly related to the future of the Gu family!

At the front of the crowd, Gu Dragonfly’s hands were clenched together, her palms already covered in sweat.

She could not remember how many times this was a rescue, and even so, she was now anxious and apprehensive.

Creak ……

Finally, the door to the hall was pushed open, as it had been on previous occasions.

Gu Cang Yue was the first to walk out, his face expressionless, without sorrow or joy.

Such a look caused everyone present to stutter in their hearts.

Gu Dragonfly hurriedly greeted him, “Dad, Grandma, she ……”

“It’s out of life threatening.”

Gu Cangyue let out a long breath and revealed a relieved smile.

A few simple words were like heavenly music to Gu Dragonfly and a group of Gu family members.

They had waited for these few words for many days!

Now, the big stone hanging in the hearts of the crowd had finally fallen to the ground.

But before the crowd could cheer, Gu Cangyue waved her hand, “Retreat first, the old lady still needs to recuperate, no noise should be made.”

The crowd nodded and quietly retreated.

In the blink of an eye, only Gu Cangyue and Gu Dragonfly were left in the large garden.

Gu Cangyue followed up by saying, “Dragonfly, go and tell all the guards to gather over, and also isolate the outside world, have you done all that?”

“Dad, I have done everything.”

Gu Dragonfly nodded.

Ever since the old lady’s accident, the Gu family had tried to rescue her on the one hand, but on the other hand, they had isolated most of their contacts.

Even the only remaining contact information was cut off after the arrival of the Xiongnu doctor, and for a while, the Gu family and the outside world were like two worlds.

All this was for the sake of secrecy!

“Don’t start contacting the outside world yet, and probe the recent news of the outside world.”

Gu Cangyue waved her hand, and when Gu Dragonfly left, she turned around and entered the room.

Inside the house.

Chen Daozu and Kui Gang were present, and not only that, there were also several great Hun doctors, who were doing clean-up work by the bed.

Old Lady Gu was lying on the bed, and although she was terribly weak, she had awakened and regained her senses.

“Thank you all for this great calamity.”

Old Madam Gu thanked as if she was breathless.

“Old Madam has spoken highly of you, from now on, the three of us are in the same boat.”

Chen Dao blocked red and smiled as he clasped his fist.

Kui Gang also clasped his fist and nodded in agreement, “It is indeed fortunate that Xiong Nu can make a modest contribution to Old Madam.”

Old Madam Gu smiled and nodded, then slowly moved her gaze to look at Gu Cang Yue.

“Cang Yue, you have worked so hard day and night, thank you all on behalf of the old body, I am afraid that I will have to recuperate for a while.”

“Don’t worry, Ma.”

Gu Cang Yue nodded and then said to Chen Daozu and Kui Gang, “We have been travelling back and forth for several days, so we are all physically and mentally exhausted, I have already prepared some soft things for you, so please rest first, and after you have recovered some energy, we will have a feast and have a drink.”

“I can still hold out, but Lord Kui Gang and the doctors have travelled a long way to get here, so they really need to rest.”

Chen Daozu smiled and lamented, “To be able to ask for help from the Xiongnu for ancient Taijun, Daozu’s trip was not a waste of brother Dao Cheng’s request.”

A few pleasantries were exchanged.

After exchanging pleasantries, Gu Cangyue asked Chen Daozu and Kui Gang to take them to rest.

After sending them away, Gu Cangyue returned to the house, but the moment he entered the house, the smile on his face completely disappeared.


After closing the door, Gu Cangyue said in a deep voice, “Mother, please forgive my son for taking the initiative.”

“You did it to save me, how could I blame you?”

Old Mrs. Gu lay on her bed, her face as white as paper, and smiled gratefully, “With the power of that wild beast, after the Heavenly Punishment and Lightning Tribulation, it must have been a direct blockade of the great doctors from all sides to rescue the old man, the only one you could look for was Xiongnu, but Chen Daocheng had made people come to help, which was a bit of a shock to the old man.”

“Yes, but this move, is considered to tie all three of us together, straight to the domain.”

Gu Cang Yue’s brows lowered, a little worried.

Collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country, these four simple words, that was the sword of heaven’s condemnation.

Once it broke out, it would be targeted by the entire domain!

“There is no other way for us to go, this is the best option instead.”

Old Lady Gu narrowed her eyes, flickering with resentment like a poisonous snake: “That wild seed has the help of Chen Daojun, Xu Qingfeng, and the Jiang family, already carrying the world’s great power, no poison is not a husband, one will accomplish ten thousand bones, joining forces is the best choice for all three of us, otherwise …… really can’t be defeated! ”

At the end of the day, her tone is obviously decadent to the extreme.

But it was clear to both Old Lady Gu and Gu Cang Yue that this was indeed an indisputable fact!

Just at this moment.


An anxious and alarming cry from Ancient Dragonfly suddenly came from outside the door.


The door to the room was slammed open, and Gu Dragonfly barged in hurriedly.


Gu Cangyue’s face sank as she turned around and angrily rebuked.

Gu Dragonfly’s expression was astonished, but he faced Gu Cang Yue’s angry glare directly and hurriedly said, “Something big happened in the Northern Domain last night, a demonic Qi crossed the sky and the extra-territorial White Capricorn tribe was wiped out overnight!”


The sound was like a thunderclap.

Gu Cangyue and Old Madam Gu’s faces changed greatly at the same time.

Old Mrs. Gu’s body shook and her eyes widened in anger, “Devilish Qi is in the air, that B*****d is not dead, how can he still pull off such a shocking act so quickly?”