Winner Takes All Chapter 1695-1696

Chapter 1695

The chanting of the scriptures echoed in heaven and earth.

The Buddha’s might was vast and terrifying like a prison.

A swastika golden Buddha seal was transformed into chains that bound Chen Dong’s body.

The originally stirring demonic qi and blood-coloured qi once again decayed by a large margin.

The blood in Chen Dong’s eyes flickered as his body slowly twisted and turned, his muscles creaking between them.

But no matter how much he struggled, it was to no avail.

The golden light and the swastika Buddha seal were bound to his body in layers, and the moment the Qi and demonic Qi that had been released touched them, they quickly collapsed and converged back into his body as if they had met a natural enemy.

Looking at this scene, Qin Ye and Master Kongkong’s expressions visibly eased.

“Grandmaster, together, we are enough to seal off Dong’s demonic qi.”

Qin Ye smiled austerely, a golden aura flickering in his eyes.

He was still worried earlier that even if he joined forces with Master Khongkong, it would still be difficult to seal off Chen Dong.

After all, the aura of Chen Dong’s devilish aura across the sky at this moment was simply too appalling.

What was before him was far better than what he had expected!


Before the words could be said, a strange change occurred.


Chen Dong, who was bound by the golden light and the Swastika Buddha Seal, without any warning, let out a long roar from the sky, and in his eyes, blood-coloured like a sword shot into the long sky.

In an instant.

Chen Dong’s qi surged, hardening the chains of golden light and swastika Buddha seal that were bound to his body, expanding a few turns and directly detaching from his flesh, as if he was about to break free from the bonds.

Qin Ye’s body shook.

Before the smile on his face could disappear, he felt a majestic and voluminous impact crash into his body, and his throat gushed, and a large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out directly.

Master Empty Sky’s face also changed abruptly, and the chanting of sutras came out of his mouth with an abrupt thud.

A stream of blood, likewise, flowed down the corner of his mouth.

“How strong!”

The sudden impact caused Qin Ye to be terrified.

Seeing the golden light and the Swastika Buddha Seal chains detach from Chen Dong’s flesh, he hurriedly changed his hands into a seal pattern.


A word like thunder exploded with a roar.

As if it was a command, the star-dou chessboard, which was hooked together above the firmament, shone brightly at the same time.

A single star washed out a circle of golden ripples, vibrating and swaying, pouring beams of dazzling light directly down the connecting lines of golden light into the hundred-metre golden light Taiji Bagua across the sky.

Buzzing rumble ……

The hundred-metre golden light Taiji Bagua suddenly spun up and down in an overwhelming and irresistible manner.

The ground shuddered and cracked in a hundred-metre radius as the mighty pressure was like a titanic mountain pressing down.

The pillars of light that rose from the ground also shone brightly.

In an instant, this part of the world was filled with a dazzling golden light that was incomparably blinding.

As the golden light Taiji Bagua came down, the golden light that had been pushed away by Chen Dong’s qi suddenly tightened once again.

Bang, bang, bang ……

The golden light collided with Chen Dong’s qi, emitting a loud pop.

Although the speed was slow, it was still contracting and binding!

At the same time.

“Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Empyrean suddenly stopped chanting and folded his hands together as he solemnly mouthed a Buddhist hymn.


In an instant, radiant golden light erupted from his body, and the waterfall rolled backwards straight up to the heavens.

In the dazzling curtain of light, a lofty and towering figure of a seated Buddha could even be seen.

The sound of chanting scriptures then thundered through the heavens and the earth.

Majestic and solemn!

It was as if the air in this part of the world was completely frozen at this moment.

Immediately afterwards, in the four directions of the 100-metre diameter formation circle, as the golden light rushed to the sky and the Buddha’s shadow appeared, giant swastika golden Buddha seals, nearly ten metres long and wide in all four directions, sprang into existence, like four great mountains, wrapped in fearful pressure, and pushed across towards Chen Dong at the centre.

A secret Buddhist technique!

The Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts!

At this moment, under the control of Master Khongkong and Qin Ye, it directly rose up like a mountain on a level ground.


Chen Dong’s body shook as he let out a wail of pain.

The golden light and Swastika Buddha Seal chains that were propped up around him instantly affixed themselves to his entire body.

The golden light was so bright that it even engulfed and suppressed the blood-coloured Qi and black demonic Qi on Chen Dong’s body.


A large mouthful of blood spurted out from Chen Dong’s mouth, and was evaporated as soon as it came into contact with the golden light.

The golden light Taiji Bagua above his head, surrounded by golden pillars of light, and the four-sided swastika Buddha seal, just formed a golden cage to completely seal Chen Dong in.

As the golden light Taiji Bagua fell, the four-sided Swastika Buddha Seal pushed across, and the golden light and Swastika chains bound to Chen Dong’s body tightened more and more.

As Chen Dong let out a low beast-like roar, it was as if a golden sharp knife was cutting into his skin, blood gurgled and flowed, only for the blood to be evaporated as soon as it flowed out and touched the golden light.

The blood gurgled and flowed, only to be evaporated as soon as it touched the golden light.

Chen Dong’s body kept twitching and trembling, and his face, covered with veins and veins, was even more painful.

But the clarity hidden beneath the blood-colored eyes did not weaken, but became more and more determined!

“Avenge …… …… the extermination of the clan ……”

Chen Dong opened and closed his lips with difficulty, as if he was squeezing out four words with all his might.

At this moment, his bloodshot eyes became hollow, and under the severe pain, a scene of his encounter with Wolf and Dog Boy strangely surfaced in his mind.

Plain, heartwarming ……

The kindly old woman, the brave Wolf, the innocent Dogwhazi ……

A scene from his life with the three of them was like a slideshow that kept coming back to him.

Each scene was clear, and each scene was like a large invisible hand stirring the tide of his heart.

The change that followed was that the devilish aura on his body rose instead of fading, and even the blood colour in his qi was getting thicker and thicker.

Such a change made Qin Ye’s jaws of anger split.

How could he bear the sight of Chen Dong being “tortured” by the golden light and the swastika Buddha seal chains?

But if not, it would be a complete and utter storming and sinking!

The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts is only a ban, but the confrontation between Master Kongkong and Chen Dong’s Buddha and Devil is not only a ban, but also a clash of attributes, which is the root cause of the wounds all over Chen Dong’s body.

But …… without the help of Master Khongkong’s full strength.

Qin Ye asked himself, even if he put his life on the line and exerted his full strength on the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, whether he could seal Chen Dong or not, that was still up in the air.

Looking at Chen Dong in pain, Qin Ye’s heart cut like a knife and his eyes filled with tears.

“Brother Dong, wake up!”

He shouted miserably, his voice echoing.


Chen Dong, who was imprisoned and cut in the formation, suddenly raised his head at this moment, his bloodshot eyes locked with Qin Ye’s, and his bloodstained face, covered with veins and veins, smiled wickedly.

“Always waking up, never sleeping?”

A hoarse voice, a determined tone.

It made Qin Ye’s and Master Kongkong’s faces pale.

Master Empty Sky’s expression was stern: “Master Chen, this journey will never return, turn back to the shore and become a Buddha!”

The words were hard and the Buddha’s might was vast.

Bang Teen!

Chen Dong’s body shook violently, his five senses twisted into a ball of pain to the extreme, and even in his eyes, blood flowed down.

“Bow down before the devil and do not become an immortal! Take revenge …… exterminate the clan!”


With a hissing roar rushed to the sky.

The heavy black clouds of demonic energy that had been stored up for a long time on the night of the sky seemed to be alive at this moment, tossing and surging, and the boundless black energy was released from the black clouds, like a big hand that covered the sky, and invaded towards a bright and dazzling star.

“Not good!”

At almost the same time, Qin Ye and Master Kongkong shouted harshly.

Chapter 1696

On the night sky.

Boundless black clouds of demonic qi were now tossing and surging, splitting into clouds of black qi, like great hands covering the sky, and invading towards a bright star.

This scene was incomparably shocking.

Qin Ye’s face changed greatly, and he could not help but tremble as he formed seals in fear and horror.

He was manipulating the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, linking the stars and turning them into a star-dou chessboard. If he allowed the demonic Qi to directly cover up the star pieces and break the connection, it would mean that the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts would be forcibly blocked directly!

All that would be left to seal Chen Dong would be Grandmaster Khongkong’s Buddha nature!

“Master, we can’t wait!”

Qin Ye made a split-second decision with a determined expression as a circle of golden light swirled beneath his feet and he suddenly moved out sideways.

With every step he took, a cluster of golden light suddenly appeared, a divine might.

And with each step, Qin Ye’s face paled and his aura waned.

Even though he was exceptionally gifted and had inherited Xu Qingfeng’s mantle and mastered the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagram in a short period of time, it was still too much for him to push the formation at full power!

As he stepped across, Qin Ye could even feel his anger pa*sing away rapidly.

But in his eyes, there was always a bright golden light, and he did not hesitate in the slightest.

At the same time.

Master Empty Sky also looked awe-inspiring as he chanted sutras faster and faster under his breath.

One by one, swastika Buddhist seals flew out from his mouth in a dense tumble, surging towards Chen Dong in the formation.

Rumble ……

The ground began to tremble, crumbling with cracks as dense as a spider’s web.

As Qin Ye and Master Khongkong lifted up again, the speed of the hundred-metre golden light Taiji Bagua pressing down horizontally on the vault of the sky increased once again, while the four directions of golden light converging towards Chen Dong and the four directions of the giant swastika Buddha seal did the same.

On the vault of heaven, demonic Qi surged.

On the ground, golden light was proclaimed.

Chen Dong, standing in the centre, had already had a gaping hole torn out of his body.

If not for the golden light evaporating his blood all the time, he would have been stained with blood long ago.


Under the severe pain of the lingering pain, the terrifying pressure of fear like a prison suppressed.

Chen Dong’s body was so overwhelmed that it trembled more and more violently, and it would be better to say that he was carrying a great mountain on his shoulders.

Rough breathing sounds came from his mouth and nose.

The blood in Chen Dong’s eyes, however, remained dazzling.

Suddenly, accompanied by a hiss of pain, his knees went weak and he smashed into the ground with a bang, the ground crumbling directly into a large crater.

And with the sealing squeeze of the golden light Taiji Bagua and the four-sided Swastika Buddha Seal, the ground where Chen Dong’s knees had smashed into was like tofu, sinking a little.

“Take revenge …… to exterminate the clan ……”

Chen Dong mouth incessantly issued a hiss, as if obsession.

But no matter how much he struggled, the demonic energy and qi could never break through the confinement of the golden light and swastika Buddha seal that filled his body, which made his struggle weak and powerless.

On the firmament, the demonic qi that was rapidly attacking the stars in the silence seemed to be slow compared to the speed of the golden light of the ground and the swastika Buddha seal that was imprisoning Chen Dong!

The situation that had been reversed by Chen Dong was now reversed again as Qin Ye and Master Kongkong fought for their lives, and control returned to Qin Ye and Master Kongkong.

Everything, it seemed, had become slow and heavy.

Every second, however, had the illusion of seconds pa*sing by like years.

Chen Dong knelt on the ground, his knees sinking a little, feeling the sharp pain that pierced his bones and marrow, attacking his whole body, as well as the fearful pressure from the four directions of the seal, his qi and demonic energy weakening more and more.

Unhappiness, anger ……

All kinds of emotions eroded his whole body.

He was like a statue, kneeling, his back was bent and straightened again and again, and the cycle was repeated.

In his mind, however, there were constant flashbacks of the moments with the Crone, Wolf and Dog Boy.

And …… the state of their tragic deaths!

Gradually, Chen Dong even felt his consciousness blurred, a wave of dizziness that invaded him uncontrollably.

Even the pain, it was not so intense!

At the same time.

Far away on a sprawling snowy plain.


The snowy lion was so powerful that it suddenly raised itself to the sky with a lion’s roar, its eyes shining brightly.

No sooner had the roar died down than its lofty and gigantic form turned around and ran wildly into the distance, sending waves of snow rolling along the way.

After the Beast King had returned to its heart, it had already established a special connection with Chen Dong.

At ordinary times, it would hardly be able to sense it.

But once its master was in danger, it would definitely be able to detect it, just as when Chen Dong was facing the Heavenly Punishment and Lightning Tribulation, it rushed straight out of the beast cage.

At this moment, the endangered Chen Dong, through the special connection of the beast king’s returning heart, allowed the snowy lion to feel it extremely clearly, as if it were a star in the dark night.

Buzzing rumble ……

A hundred-meter-diameter golden light Taiji Bagua rotated and suppressed down, a terrifying pressure like a mountain and a prison, subduing this side of heaven and earth.

The pillars of golden light and the four-sided swastika golden Buddha seals in all directions slowly but firmly squeezed towards Chen Dong in the centre.

Seeing that Chen Dong was immobilised by the seal, Qin Ye and Master Kongkong’s weak faces simultaneously revealed an expression of relief.

Qin Ye even smiled weakly, “Master, it looks like we have succeeded.”

Master Kongkong, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, was still chanting scriptures, but the corners of his mouth were turned upwards in response to Qin Ye.

“Ho ……”

Suddenly, a hoarse laugh resounded through this part of the world.

Qin Ye and Master Kongkong were stunned at the same time.

Both of them moved neatly and simultaneously looked at Chen Dong in the formation, and suddenly their expressions were awe-inspiring.

Chen Dong was kneeling in the formation, clusters of golden light, dazzling.

The ground beneath his knees had collapsed into a large pit, and at the moment his clothes were in rags, showing all his wretchedness.

But on his pain-stricken face, a weird and seeping smile was tugging at him, and his bloodshot eyes gazed at Qin Ye and Master Kongkong.

“Not good!”

Almost simultaneously, Master Khongkong’s chanting of sutras came to an abrupt halt with a cry of alarm.

And Qin Ye also changed his expression, panicking.

As the two watched, Chen Dong, who was kneeling on the ground, actually stopped trembling without any warning, as if the pain from the previous sealing pressure on his body had dissipated in this instant.

The skin beneath his ragged clothes was now strangely red, becoming more and more intense.

Even with the golden light suppressing it, the streaks of blood appeared incomparably clear, and grew denser and denser.

They are outlined against each other in an incomparable manner.

It was as if a runic armour had appeared out of thin air and was draped over Chen Dong’s body.

As the blood light became more and more intense, the runes became more and more clear and brilliant.

Not waiting for the shocked Qin Ye and Master Kongkong to make their next move.

The kneeling Chen Dong’s body suddenly swayed, his back fiercely straightened, his right foot stood directly on the ground, and then slowly moved upwards with a stiff hold on his body.

The movement was so slow that even with the slightest movement, one could feel the terrifying sense of oppression!

But Chen Dong froze in this slow, yet unbeatable stance, and stood up as if he was a blood-coloured Shura, standing again at the centre of the formation!

“This, this is not the power of the world and the earth!”

Master Empyrean’s jaw dropped and he exclaimed out of breath.

As Chen Dong was covered in runes and stood up again, he clearly felt an unparalleled overwhelming power washing out from Chen Dong’s body, stiffly blocking the four-sided Swastika Buddha Seal from advancing even half an inch!

Qin Ye also sensed the same feeling.

Compared to Master Kongkong, he even felt it more clearly.

After all, this blockade was dominated by his manipulation of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, and Master Khongkong was only a*sisting by applying pressure with his Buddha nature.

As Chen Dong rose, Qin Ye clearly felt as if a barrier had been erected around Chen Dong, instantly dragging Chen Dong, who was originally at the centre of the blockade, to another time and space.

The sealing power of the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts, which was linked to the stars and rivers, seemed to have hit cotton, and was simply unsealable!

It all came without warning and was caught unawares!

The next second.

The next second, under the horrified gazes of the two men.

With a fierce smile, Chen Dong slowly lifted his right hand and gently tapped the tip of his index finger on the chain formed by a swastika Buddha seal, and quietly, the blood-coloured runes that covered his body swam to his fingertips as if they were alive.


With a crisp sound, the Swastika Buddha Seal chain broke.

Simple and casual, the clouds were light and breezy.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong’s untamed, fierce laughter exploded in the ears of Qin Ye and Master Kongkong.

“Under the vault of heaven, who can stop it?”