Winner Takes All Chapter 1693-1694

Chapter 1693

Inside Zhenjiang City.

Wrapped in a thick robe, Xu Qingfeng was stationed atop the city, gazing at the distant starry sky.

His face was still somewhat pale and oozing with weakness.

But at this moment, his expression was gloomy to the extreme.

Beside him, Huo Zhenxiao was similarly frowning, with his hands behind his back.

The devilish aura was in the air.

Such a “grand scene” could be hidden from ordinary people, but not from the two of them.

There was silence.

Even Huo Zhenxiao did not notice that the corners of Xu Qingfeng’s eyes narrowed and twitched a few times.

Huo Zhenxiao said in a deep voice: “Chen Dong is going to get through this night, do you think he can or cannot?”

“Who knows?”

Xu Qingfeng shook his head.

“I really want to go and help him!”

Huo Zhenxiao turned his head to stare at Xu Qingfeng.

He had said the same thing many times since the demonic Qi had crossed the sky.

Xu Qingfeng shook his head solemnly, just as he had before, “You can’t help!”

“Then you can, and so can my master.” Huo Zhenxiao said.

“We both can’t help either.”

Xu Qingfeng shook his head again, “Do you believe in fate, in qi?”

Huo Zhenxiao hesitated for a moment and nodded with a smile, “I do.”

“Then leave this calamity to Chen Dong’s destiny and qi.”

Xu Qingfeng smiled and said, “Chen Dong’s sudden demonic aura across the sky is too bizarre, the time is also fate and fortune, say what you will, but if Daojun Chen and I were to get involved, we would undoubtedly be plucking this fate and qi to the very top of the earth, and that would be a true powerlessness!”

“What do you mean?”

Huo Zhenxiao was bewildered and confused.

Xu Qingfeng raised his hand and rubbed his face: “It’s like a child fighting, even if the adults on the other side have bad intentions, they don’t dare to fight directly due to the law and morality, but can only join in and give a small push. Without the checks and balances of law and morality, I’m not sure what the outcome would be for the other adult.”

“But I’m afraid that the two young adults, Dao Jun and I, won’t be able to get any good results!”

Huo Zhenxiao frowned, seemingly understanding.

Xu Qingfeng smiled teasingly, “Try our best to keep this change, this calamity, within the range of adults teasingly exerting pressure on children, so that a bunch of little kids can break free more easily, with that child Empty and that rebellious disciple Qin Ye around, it shouldn’t be a big problem!”

Huo Zhenxiao raised his eyebrows, the devilish qi across the sky he saw, that accompanied the devilish qi black cloud next to the faint golden light, he also perceived.

But what was going on with Qin Ye ……?

“Didn’t Qin Ye accept the inheritance of your mantle and was taking refuge to cultivate?”

“That’s what I said, but that kid has a backbone in the back of his head and won’t listen to advice!”

Xu Qingfeng raised his finger and pointed above the dome of the sky, “You can’t feel it, but I can feel this white moon and stars, already trembling ……”

Huo Zhenxiao subconsciously tilted his head to look at the white moon and stars, but the doubts on his face became even more intense.

“You’re looking at it for nothing.”

Xu Qingfeng patted Huo Zhenxiao’s shoulder: “The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts” together with so many people will, Zhao Breru obeyed, Zhuge family’s kid learned but not proficient, Jiang Qilin enlightened but not learned, that only leaves Qin Ye kid alone, we can only bet on the law and morality, that lord dare to overstep a few points, depending on Chen Dong, empty and Qin Ye’s time and fate. ”


The Zhuge family.

It was late at night.

Inside the ancestral shrine, however, the lights were bright and incense was in full bloom.

Master Zhuge knelt in fear and anxiety before the statue of Marquis Wu, having arrived in such haste that he could not even change his clothes, still wearing his sleeping robe, and also kneeling directly on the ground, with no futon to prop up the cushion.

His pale body was huddled on his knees, not even daring to raise his head, and the door to the ancestral hall behind him was closed.

But in front of the statue of the Marquis of Wu is a cluster of golden light that is indefinitely bright.

This was the top secret of the Zhuge family that had been lost and recovered!

Only Elder Zhuge and Zhuge Qing knew about it.

He could only surmise from the ancestral teachings that something had directly caused the resonance of the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagrams.

The Ancestral Discipline mentions the resonance of the original object, which is never a good thing once it appears.

At least one thing was clear to Elder Zhuge, and that was that the resonance of the original object must be the power of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, which was rapidly exploding to its strongest level!

In the secret records of the Zhuge family, since the Eight Formation Diagram was created, there had only been two resonances of the original object.

One was when Lu Xun burned the camp for 700 miles, and the ancestor sought a way back for the army to survive.

The second was when …… lit the Seven Star Lamp to borrow life from heaven!


Boom, boom, boom ……

The Buddha’s light and the devil’s qi collided, each time the boom shook the sky and the earth.

In the night sky, the “weak” Buddha’s light collided time and again with the huge black clouds of devilish qi, sending ripples of light into the sky.

The disparity in size made each clash of the Buddha’s light seem extraordinarily tragic, but it never stopped.

And on the ground.

Chen Dong and Master Kongkong were covered in qi, with blood-coloured qi mixed with demonic qi on one side and refined golden Buddha light on the other.

Everywhere the two pa*sed, they destroyed the ground, leaving only a trail of broken pieces.

If it wasn’t for the tornado of Qi overhead, it would have been difficult for ordinary people to catch the exact position of the two men.

Each time the blasts rang out, there were only two remnants left in place, while the two men had already gone to another place.

The loud roar was interspersed with Chen Dong’s beast-like hissing.

Compared to Chen Dong’s manic frenzy, Master Kongkong was quiet and silent.

Shrouded in golden light, Master Khong Khong had a solemn appearance and a grave expression.

Time and again, the spear in Chen Dong’s hand had long since been shattered into pieces by Grandmaster Empty.

However, even with the physical body clashes, Grandmaster Empty had fallen into a disadvantage in a very short time.

A burst of intense pain swept through his body, penetrating deep into his bones.

Blood also kept flowing down from the corners of Grandmaster Empty’s mouth.

Facing Chen Dong, every now and then he would even show a look of fear.

In the past, this was almost impossible to occur.

But this time, the strength Chen Dong had displayed caused fear to spread from the bottom of Master Empty’s heart.

He could feel his power declining, but the Chen Dong in front of him, accompanied by a hiss, instead of showing no signs of decline, he was fighting harder and harder!

“Is that kid …… better or not?”

Master Empty Sky could not help but feel anxious in his heart, yet he did not dare to distract himself from spying on Qin Ye in the distance.

In such a battle, the slightest distraction would be greeted by Chen Dong’s mountainous attack.

Grandmaster Empty Sky did not dare to gamble!

And on the other side.

The snow had long since been cleared away, leaving an empty space a hundred metres in diameter.

Qin Ye, on the other hand, was sitting in the centre of the circular clearing.

His eyes were tightly closed and he was slightly in pain.

In front of him, there was a ball of snow rolled into a ball of snow.

In the middle of his meditation, Qin Ye suddenly let out a muffled grunt from his mouth and nose, and a trace of crimson blood flowed out.

Immediately, he raised his hand, picked up a snowball and threw it in one direction.

Immediately afterwards, he struck out one after another, throwing one snowball after another with both hands towards a specific location.

Each snowball whistled and landed precisely where it should have landed.

This simple, repetitive action took a bizarre turn as each snowball landed on the ground.

Had anyone else been there, they would have looked up at the sky at that moment.

They would have been shocked to see that the stars in the night sky were trembling.

It was not an illusion!

Rather, it was a real tremor.

And as Qin Ye threw more snowballs, the more a star trembled.

Even a star soon moved out a line of dull light, using the starry sky as a cloth, outlining stretches and connecting to other stars.

A star-dou chessboard, linking the star river!

When Qin Ye threw the last snowball, his eyes snapped open.

Bizarrely, the eyes no longer had the whites of black pupils, but were replaced by a deep and seeping radiant golden aura.

At this moment, Qin Ye’s aura suddenly changed dramatically.

Profound, bizarre, and desolate ……

It was like a flat earth plucking a mountain as it rose with a bang.


The strong wind suddenly rose and Qin Ye’s body bizarrely stood straight up.

His eyes looked towards the stars in the night sky, but his feet moved quietly, shaped like a ghost, as fast as lightning, carrying a streak of shadow behind him as he quickly wandered off at a bizarre pace.

If Jiang Qilin had been there, he would have recognised that this strange and complicated pace was exactly the same as the one he had used to break through Zhao’s formation, but even more strange and complicated!

At the same time, he was walking.

Qin Ye suddenly opened his voice: “Master Khongkong, you’re invited into the jar!”

Chapter 1694

The shout echoed.

Qin Ye’s body shook violently and his face suddenly turned as pale as paper as he tilted his head back and a large mouthful of fresh blood gushed out.


His right leg went limp and he fell to one knee directly on the ground.

In a flash.

His entire aura was depleted to the extreme, his chest heaving violently as he let out a heavy gasping sound.

Under the glowing golden light enveloping him, Qin Ye smiled mockingly to himself.

“After all, I’ve not learnt the art well, I’m still barely able to perform the full power of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts to the fullest!”


In the distance, there was a loud sound.

Qin Ye raised his eyes and saw a mushroom cloud of interlocking gold and red rise to the sky.

In an instant, it illuminated a side of heaven and earth as bright as daylight.

In the line of sight.

Master Khang Khong’s body was full of Qi energy, venting golden light, like a long rainbow, and was rushing towards this side at great speed.

Even from a distance, Qin Ye could still make out Master Kongkong’s pale face and nervous expression.

Behind Master Kongkong, Chen Dong was venting his demonic energy like a shura from hell, hissing and chasing after him.

The hideous face, covered with veins and veins, was imprinted in Qin Ye’s eyes.

Qin Ye narrowed his eyes and smiled decisively.

“I’ll risk half my life to drag you back!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he slapped his right hand heavily on the ground, washing up a golden ripple as he stood up directly.

His body was like a ghost, and his feet were full of light.

After taking a few steps, the light rising around him suddenly disappeared, and the surroundings directly returned to darkness.

And Qin Ye, too, was at the edge of the formation!

Time seemed to have been slowed down at this moment.

Qin Ye stood in the darkness like a statue, motionless, except for the sound of his breathing from his mouth and nose, which was exceptionally clear.

On the other side.

Master Empty Air was filled with golden light, and after a fierce battle, he was on the losing end. At this moment, even though he was in the path of Qin Ye, even though he was shrouded in golden light, there was no trace of his solemn appearance.

If such a Master Kongkong were to be seen by other people outside the world, they would be absolutely dumbfounded.

When had the number one Buddhist monk ever been forced into such a predicament?

But Master Kong Kong was not even aware of it, and while the wind was at his feet, his brow was knitted into a “Chuan”, and the veins at the corners of his eyes twitched incessantly.



Buddha bless …… will make it!

The Empty Master kept praying and roaring in his heart, but beads of sweat kept rolling down from the corners of his eyes.

The fierce and overbearing qi behind him was like a million knives whistling down on his back, causing his qi to tumble and his golden light to shine.

Even without looking back, Master Kong Kong could clearly perceive that Chen Dong was rapidly approaching behind him!

The two were not just on the same level of combat power.

Even their simple speed was already worlds apart!

This caused Master Kong Kong’s scalp to explode, and his heart like a bodhi-like state of mind had the appearance of collapsing.

He had thought about Chen Dong surpa*sing him, but he had never thought to his death that Chen Dong surpa*sing him would actually be achieved so quickly!

Although this time it was due to a change that directly led to Chen Dong’s hidden demon realm collapsing and his demonic energy rushing to the sky, with the power of the Daoist Heart Planting Demon, but if he had surpa*sed, then he had surpa*sed!


Chen Dong’s face was fierce as he let out a roar.

As he gave chase, his right hand blasted at Master Khongkong with a blatant punch.

The overwhelming and fierce qi was suddenly wrapped in a pitch-black, ink-like demonic qi, like a sinful dragon, destroying and slamming directly into Master Khongkong’s back.

In a flash of lightning.

Master Kongkong’s eyes were wide open and golden light shot out from his eyes.

Sensing the terrifying Qi raging behind him, he did not hesitate, relying entirely on his instincts, he fiercely turned back, formed a seal with both hands, and pushed out directly and hard.

“Immovable King!”


A swastika golden Buddha seal suddenly appeared and rose from the centre of his sealed hands.

Before the swastika golden Buddha seal could be completely unfolded, it collided with the overbearing and fierce Qi energy.

The Buddha’s seal instantly collapsed.

With a scream, Grandmaster Empty Sky flew backwards in the air with the speed of lightning.

Bang Teen!

Grandmaster Empty Sky fell heavily to the ground, splashing up a cloud of dust, and tumbled out a dozen metres one after another before coming to a halt.

The terrifying impact caused his face to turn white, and blood spurted out of his mouth, staining his chest robe red.

All his limbs and bones seemed to be falling apart at this moment.

But Master Khong Khong did not dare to pause, gritting his teeth and fortifying his breath as he was about to rise again to lure Chen Dong.

But at that moment.

A sound of surprise rang out violently.

“Master has done a great job!”

Master Empty Sky: “?”

He tilted his head, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Qin Ye standing not far away, and instantly reacted that this fall was a direct fall into Qin Ye’s setup!

But …… Amitabha Buddha, is this called beautiful?

The next second.


A hissing sound.

Master Empyrean looked aghast, the moment he withdrew his sight, he saw a figure leaping up in the air, the majestic and vast demonic Qi even obscured the star and moon light, above the long sky, only the pitch black demonic Qi and the blood-coloured Qi, and that terrifying figure remained!

“Master, come out quickly!”

Qin Ye, who was guarding the edge of the formation, shouted sternly.

Almost at the same time, Grandmaster Kongkong’s feet slammed the ground and shot towards Qin Ye’s location, clinging to the ground.


Chen Dong landed straight onto the spot where Master Kongkong had just been lying, and the ground arched up violently and sank down extremely quickly, but it cracked inch by inch directly, turning into a patch of powder and dwarfing down a few points.

“Start the formation!”

Qin Ye clenched his hands and let out an explosive shout.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!


A golden pillar of light instantly rose from the ground, each pillar of light was as thick as a thigh, like a sharp sword, piercing the sky.

When they reached the top of the dome, it was as if they had triggered the stars in the night.

The stars, which had already been linked together, shot out a golden light at the same time, intertwining with the golden pillars of light that shot up into the sky.


Above the heavens, a loud sound like the beating of a drum and a jar of gold.

In the midst of the golden light, a Taiji Eight Trigrams emerged, spinning and rapidly enlarging until it was a hundred metres in diameter before it stopped.

It was bleak, mysterious and oppressive ……

A terrifying and hellish pressure emerged along with the golden light of the Taiji trigrams.

Without pause, the Golden Light Taiji Bagua was wrapped in a vast and terrifying pressure that was like a prison, and it came down directly towards Chen Dong below.


Chen Dong’s face changed drastically as he suddenly tilted his head and two beams of blood shot out from his eyes.

As soon as his body was about to move, beams of golden light instantly shot out from the ground around him, like a rope, binding around his body.

In a flash.

Chen Dong’s body lurched, and even the qi and demonic qi in his body stalled.

But …… this was only the beginning!

And Master Kong Kong, who was standing beside Qin Ye, witnessed this scene and was immediately heartened.

“The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts! Good boy, to be able to use it to such an extent, poor monk will help you again!”

As he spoke, Master Kong Kong’s white face once again resumed its solemn appearance, and with a fling of his monk’s robe, he sat down directly on the ground with his hands joined together and chanted sutras.

The sound of the scriptures reverberated in the world.

A string of thin swastika golden Buddhist seals flew out from Master Khong Khong’s mouth, like a chain that arced through the air and flew directly into the eight formation diagram, binding it to Chen Dong’s body ……