Winner Takes All Chapter 1691-1692

Chapter 1691

The night is as cool as water.

On Tianmen Mountain, the lights are glorious and beautiful.

On the mountain road, there is a lot of traffic.

Lights flashing, either hurrying down the mountain or hurrying up the mountain.

In the past, with the high standard of the Tianmen Mountain villa area, this would never have been the case late at night.

But lately, it’s been like this every day!

Gu Qingying had leapt to become the spokesperson for Chen Dong, the representative of the southwest region, and had collectively silenced the gentry of the world.

There are those who are angry, those who are resentful, and those who are resigned ……

There is no shortage of those who want to take advantage of this wave of spokesperson changes, expecting to make a pie out of it.

The presence of these people made it all the more important to come to the Tianmen Mountain villa and visit Gu Qingying.

Inside the villa.

Elder Long and Fan Lu were busy welcoming and sending off.

After sending off another group of visitors, Elder Long waved his hand wearily to gesture to Fan Lu.

“Xiao Lu, hold off for a while, allow me to have a drink of water.”

Long conversations and high workloads had made Elder Long’s voice hoarse, each word seeming to come out with all the strength it could muster.

From six in the afternoon, to eleven in the evening now, a full five hours of reception.

It was too late to even take a sip of tea.

“Elder Long, I’ll make you a pot of hot tea.”

Fan Lu held up the tea cup that had already cooled.

But Long Lao received it directly into his hand, “It’s not a problem, have a sip of water to ease your mind, you still have to receive the next wave.”

Fan Lu’s heart was helpless, looking at Long Lao’s tired and old face, full of heartache.

At such an age, to endure such intense work was really a big torture.

But this was also a solution among no solutions.

The young lady had become the spokesperson and stabilised the situation in the southwest.

But being pregnant with six children and about to give birth made Gu Qingying unable to sustain long hours of intense work.

And in Gu Qingying’s place, no one was more suitable than Elder Long to receive visitors.

“Young Madam should be resting, right?”

Long Lao asked hoarsely, rubbing the bridge of his swollen nose.

Fan Lu nodded, “With Auntie Wu Chang with her, she should have fallen asleep.”

“That’s good, don’t worry about me, I can still hold up with this body.”

Long Lao seemed to know what was on Fan Lu’s mind and looked up with a smile.

Fan Lu sighed and nodded her head, but her eyes were filled with a slight ripple.


Inside the room.

The bedside lamp was lit with starlight, making the room seem less dark.

Gu Qingying was lying on the bed asleep, and Wu Chang was sitting on the sofa by the window, knitting a jumper slowly in her hands.

Such a state of affairs had been the case ever since Gu Qingying returned and was announced to be in charge of Southwest China in front of the world’s gentry.

One was to look after Gu Qingying, and the other was to prevent any danger that might arise at any moment!

As Jiang Qilin left, Wu Chang was considered the highest combatant in the family, and being a woman, it was most appropriate to guard Gu Qingying in close proximity.

Silence reigned.

Suddenly, Gu Qingying’s eyebrows knitted together on the bed, and a sharp, ragged panting sound came from her mouth and nose, a painful look.

Wu Chang put down the jumper in his hand and got up to check, but found that Gu Qingying was already sweating profusely.

“Miss Gu ……”

Pervasive patted Gu Qing Ying’s shoulder, trying to wake her up.

But the words had just come out.


Gu Qingying’s eyes snapped open with a terrified scream.

A sudden scene.

Even Wu Chang was taken aback.

Without waiting for her to ask, Gu Qingying on the bed suddenly howled and wept.

“Auntie Impermanence, the blood …… is all blood …… I dreamed of him …… wooooooooooooooooooo… …”

Impermanence frowned and instantly reacted.

She hastily hugged Gu Qingying and gently rubbed her back, soothingly saying, “It’s just a dream, it’s okay, Miss Gu is okay, the day has its own thoughts and the night has its own thoughts, perhaps it’s because you’ve been thinking about Young Master Chen too much, plus you’ve been under too much pressure at work during this period of time, that’s why you’re dreaming.”

“Ooooooooo …… but why is it so real? He was covered in blood, he just looked at me like that, he said he was in so much pain, and he told me to take care of the baby ……”

Gu Qingying was terrified and at a loss, tears were raining down, and there was panic in her eyes.

The cries of pain were so painful that they made people move to hear them.

Changeless rubbed Gu Qingying’s back and let Gu Qingying’s head rest on his shoulder while he spoke soothing words.

But even Gu Qingying did not notice that under the dim light, Changeless’ face was sad and thoughtful.

It was only after a long time that Gu Qingying calmed down and gradually fell asleep in Changeless’ arms.

Changeless carefully put down Gu Qingying and tucked in the blanket before walking to the window and gazing at the night sky.

“Could …… something really have happened?”

She was also unwilling to believe in any ridiculous talk of dreams coming true.

But the past few times, Gu Qingying’s dreams seemed to have been fulfilled in the underworld.

It’s absurd, yet one is powerless to refute it.



The roar shook the heavens and the earth.

The majestic qi, stained with blood, resembled a sky-rushing pale dragon, overbearing and unparalleled.

Hostile, bloody and brutal ……

The place where Chen Dong pa*sed, leaving behind broken bodies and a field of crimson, was like a purgatory.

In the night above, the blackness of Chen Dong’s body rose into the air and condensed, forming a huge, heavy dark cloud that layered on top of each other, as if it wanted to suppress the ground directly.

It was the same black colour, but distinct from the night.

The soldiers of the White Capricorn tribe had long been scared out of their wits.

Faced with the demonic Chen Dong, the bold ones still had the instinct to stagger and flee, while the timid ones had already sat on the ground, Sh*tting and P*ssing, becoming lambs to the slaughter.

Screams, cries and shrieks of terror ……

The silence of this part of the world was completely shattered.

Before diving into the domain, all the Capricorn soldiers were boiling with enthusiasm for this operation.

The 1,000-strong group crossing the border was indeed unbeatable against the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

But this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army returned to Zhenjiang City in full, leaving no more heavenly enemies existing in the area they crossed.

It was enough for them to become a nightmare for every village in the domain along the way.

But no one could have imagined.

They would meet a man in this vast snowy plain, and this man would become their nightmare!

Gradually, the screams, cries and terrified shrieks, weakened.

The vast band of a thousand men was left with but a handful.

Qin Ye stood frozen in place, staring at the figure that was reaping human lives with abandon, and fear swept through his body.

He wanted to stop it!

He knew exactly what it meant for Chen Dong to be in such a state!

But it was too late for him to stop it!

At least until the Thousand Man Squad was destroyed, everything he had done was in vain!

The resentment and hatred had completely broken through Chen Dong’s threshold for planting demons in his heart, forming a flood that broke the banks of a great river. ,

If there was no vent, briefly venting part of it out.

It would be difficult to contain it at all!

And these thousand lives are a vent!

Looking at just a few of the Capricorn soldiers who were exhausted.

Qin Ye took a deep breath, ripped off the black cloak from his body, and with a determined look in his eyes, he took a step forward.


A golden light glowed beneath his feet.

A golden gossip emerged from beneath his feet.

But with this step, Qin Ye’s determined expression suddenly changed, and as if he had sensed something, he suddenly looked in a direction.

In the darkness of that direction, a golden light was also lit up.

And in the golden light, there was a human figure.

It was rushing towards Chen Dong, who was reaping human lives in the distance, with a speed even faster than his.

Faintly, the sound of chanting sutras echoed between the heaven and earth as the golden light figure approached.

“Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

A Buddhist hymn, wrapped in the mighty power of Buddha, exploded in heaven and earth.

“Master Chen, the sea of suffering is boundless, turn back to the shore, put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha!”

Chapter 1692

The sound was like rolling thunder, echoing through heaven and earth.

“What a strong Buddhist might, could it be Master …… Kongkong?”

Qin Ye’s eyes flashed with a brilliant aura.

After following Xu Qingfeng away for these days, he had not only received the mantle inheritance from Xu Qingfeng, but Xu Qingfeng had also told him some secret secrets.

There were many experts under the sky.

There is no shortage of hidden powerhouses.

But the only person with such a vast Buddhist might was Master Khongkong!

“There’s a chance!”

Qin Ye was instantly overjoyed, and immediately golden light octagrams emerged under his feet as he rushed towards Chen Dong together with Master Khongkong.

Thousands of human lives served as a vent for Qin Ye to intend to take a chance.

But the chances of success, he still did not dare to guarantee.

After all, the difference in strength between him and Chen Dong was too great, and he had the guts to rush up there, also relying on the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, as well as his brotherly love with Chen Dong.

Now Master Khong Khong had suddenly appeared, giving Qin Ye a boost of confidence.

Buddha and devil were opposed to each other.

With the Buddha nature suppressing him and his Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, the chances of success would skyrocket!

With an explosive shout from Master Kongkong.

Chen Dong, who was recklessly harvesting the lives of the Capricorn soldiers, abruptly stopped in his tracks and turned around abruptly.


A hissing roar resounded through the heavens and the earth, instantly annihilating Master Khongkong’s voice into the long air.

The next second.

His demonic energy surged and his Qi was rampant, and at the same time, it was wrapped in the terrifying pressure of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, crushing towards Grandmaster Khongkong.

Before the Qi and the might reached him.

Chen Dong’s feet also exploded in response, and like a cannonball, he directly abandoned the few remaining Capricorn Tribe soldiers and charged towards Master Khongkong instead.

“Were you the one who kept provoking me some time ago?”

A hoarse, inquiring voice suddenly emitted from Chen Dong’s mouth.

Master Khongkong, who was about to strike, suddenly froze in his movements.

He …… was still conscious?

Then what was this demonic aura that was rushing across the sky?

For a moment, Chen Dong’s reaction was like a monstrous tsunami, rushing Master Khongkong into a trance and confusion.

“Be careful!”

Suddenly, there was a loud roar from the slant.

Master Empty Sky’s body shook as he jolted awake, his pupils instantly contracting to the extreme.

It was this delay.

Chen Dong had already reached a few dozen metres in front of him, and his majestic qi was wrapped up in a powerful pressure like a prison, tearing through the ground like a plough, and had already pounced in front of him.

Master Yu Kongkong and Chen Dong were fighting at this level.

At such a distance, it was already too late to resist!


A cluster of golden light, without warning, blossomed in front of Grandmaster Khongkong, quickly taking the form of a golden light octagrams.

As soon as the golden light octagrams took shape, they enlarged extremely quickly, completely blocking Master Kongkong.


The overwhelmingly crushing Qi power impacted the golden gossip, sending out a shockwave that was visible to the naked eye.

The terrifying impact instantly caused the ground beneath Master Kongkong’s feet to crack inch by inch and turn into pieces.

In just an instant, the Golden Eight Trigrams were blasted into the air and collapsed.

But this moment was enough for Master Kongkong to resist!

The moment the golden trigrams collapsed, the Qi power swept through the air again.

Master Empty Sky’s tongue burst into thunder as his hands, wrapped in golden light and cast in gold, overlapped and pushed against the black and blood-coloured Qi.


There was another earth-shattering sound.

Smoke and dust rolled and the ground shook.

A golden swastika Buddha seal, in a flash of light, completely blocked the qi coils.

Under the impact, Master Kongkong was also shaken on the spot and sent flying backwards, like an arrow flying off the string, rushing out of the rolling smoke and dust at great speed, flying backwards for dozens of metres before landing on the ground and sliding ten metres against the ground before settling his form.

“What a domineering devil!”

Master Empty Sky looked horrified, his hands were already clasped together, but he could not help but tremble, the recoil from the double palm blast just now was too much for him to bear for a while.

“Those who stand in my way, die!”

Chen Dong did not stop, but with blood in his eyes, he charged straight towards Master Kongkong and killed him.

Across the long sky, the black clouds of demonic energy moved as Chen Dong moved, as if he was guiding his arm.

Between Chen Dong and the black cloud of devilish qi, a pale dragon like blood-coloured qi train was connecting them.

“Brother Dong ……”

Qin Ye shouted sternly, but Chen Dong ignored it.

He immediately gritted his teeth fiercely and shouted to Master Kongkong in the distance, “Master stand still for a moment, I am Chen Dong’s younger brother Qin Ye, and I will fight against Brother Dong together with Master!”

“What are you fighting with?”

Master Empty Sky drew back stonily and flew back, as fast as lightning, but without hesitation, he directly retorted.

The situation before him simply did not allow him to be straightforward.

The simple blast against him just now had caused Master Empty Sky’s heart to flip, and he had a clear perception of Chen Dong’s battle prowess at this moment.

This was a battle at this level.

Having the ability to fight together side by side that was really helping.

If one chose to believe that directly without knowing Qin Ye’s depth, facing Chen Dong would in turn drag him straight to his death!

“Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng is my master!”

Qin Ye responded, golden light octagrams once again appearing beneath his feet as he rushed straight towards the open space in the distance.

“Xu Qingfeng’s people?”

Master Empty Sky’s eyes lit up as his monk robes drummed, “Then poor monk, I will fight alongside you!”

The words had barely left his mouth.


Chen Dong had already rushed in front of Master Kongkong.

With a fancy-free spear, he stabbed straight towards Master Khongkong’s face.

It was simple and brutal, but the body of the spear was tightly wrapped in blood-coloured Qi and demonic Qi, and the spear stabbed out as if it was a blood-black intertwined evil dragon, pushing straight towards Master Khongkong.

Even though he had help, Master Kongkong still looked nervous.

Faced with the spear coming straight at him, an explosive cry came out of his mouth, as if he had recited a long string of scriptures in a flash.

His hands tossed with golden light and parted brazenly, slapping together at the tip of the spear.


The explosive sound of metal clashing.

“Spread your hands!”

The moment his palms combined to slap the spear tip, Grandmaster Khong Khong’s face instantly grimaced, his arms like pythons, twisting violently in a bid to wrench the spear out of Chen Dong’s hands.

But with an explosive roar.

Chen Dong’s arms thickened at a speed visible to the naked eye, and as Master Kongkong cried out in horror, the spear, like a dragon, actually counteracted Master Kongkong’s force and directly lifted Master Kongkong up in the air.

It flipped around in the air.

The spear carried Master Kongkong with it and slammed him into the ground.

The moment it was about to land, Master Kongkong slapped the ground with his palm, and with the force of the recoil, he drew himself up against the ground and quickly fled far away.

Behind him was Chen Dong, who was in hot pursuit.

Where the two of them pa*sed, light surged and Qi energy raged.

There was a loud roar.

A golden light rose up from Master Kongkong’s body, stretching across the sky, fighting against the black clouds of demonic energy.

However, the naked eye could still tell that the golden light was more than a fraction smaller than the black cloud of demonic energy!

“Hoo …… must hold on!”

Qin Ye stopped walking on top of the clearing and looked back at where the two were fighting like gods and goddesses, and could not help but swallow his saliva.

Such a picture was no weaker than any movie special effects.

If ordinary people were to see it, they would definitely turn their world view upside down.

Even the current Qin Ye, witnessing the shocking scene in the distance, was tense and apprehensive, his throat tightening.

He took a deep breath.

Qin Ye leaned his head up and looked straight at the white moon and stars in the night sky.

At the same time, his hands lifted up and formed an extremely odd and complicated seal.

“Although it’s risky, I’m afraid …… that this is the only move that can trap Dong at this moment!”