Winner Takes All Chapter 1683-1684

Chapter 1683

Click …… click ……

The carving knife falls precisely on the wood carving.

A little chip of wood is chipped off, like goose feathers and snow outside the window.

The campfire throbbed and rolled with heat.

Chen Dong looked focused, meticulously moving the carving knife, his brow sometimes furrowed and sometimes stretched.

After the torture of last night and the battle to kill the fae black wolf during the day had left him physically and mentally exhausted, he rested briefly to recover some of his energy before entering the carving state again.

The woman he had carved out yesterday had fuelled his urge to carve out the woman who lived in his mind!

He even had a vague suspicion that perhaps if he succeeded in carving out the woman in his mind, he would be able to recover his memory.

It was late at night.

The village was silent, with the occasional bark of hounds.

Outside the window, a cold wind howled, sweeping the snow into the room, wrapped in the heat generated by the campfire and turning into drops of water before it hit the ground.


Suddenly, there was a snapping sound.

Chen Dong jerked back from his ethereal state and looked at the wooden carving that had broken into two pieces in his hand with loss.

“Why …… is it harder for me to calm my mind instead? Is it because of that ponytail girl?”

Chen Dong murmured reluctantly.

He sighed helplessly and threw the broken wooden sculpture into the fire, turning his head to look out the window, vaguely able to skim the wind and snow and see the bright moon and stars on the dark night sky.

This cruel and bloody great snow plain, however, presented the most wonderful and splendid painting on the night sky.

Only Chen Dong’s eyes, however, were profoundly deep, as if they were two black holes, gazing at the starry sky, not knowing what he was thinking.

Inside the other bedroom.

The old crone and Wolf were sitting face to face.

The Crone, in a thick robe, is curled up in a ball on the fire bed, holding steaming hot tea in her hands.

Wolf, on the other hand, was frowning, and even though he loomed large and silent, the occasional flicker in his eyes revealed an inner anxiety.

“Wolf ……”

The old woman suddenly spoke, breaking the silence in the room.

When Wolf looked back towards her, she said calmly, “If a calamity does befall the village, Ma hopes that you will leave Ma alone and that the dog boy must live!”

“Mum, don’t think like that, perhaps we are worrying too much, take a step back, even if the calamity you speak of does befall, my son will not leave you alone.”

Wolf said eagerly with a change of expression.

“Rebel son! You don’t even listen to A-Ma anymore?”

The old woman scolded angrily with a crossed brow, “Mum is old, if a calamity does come, she will die as she deserves, it is not worth your young life to fight for Mum, human decency and filial piety should sometimes be diluted in this snowy plain, I can die, you can die in the end, but the dog boy must live.”

“If you fool around, Mum won’t even let you go as a ghost!”

Wolf’s eyes flickered and eventually fell silent.

He was tempted to retort, but he knew clearly that this was the most basic law of survival and reproduction in the Great Snowy Plains, and both animals and people had to abide by it.

The other side.

Rumble ……

“Target the village ahead, sack it and leave no one behind! Here’s your chance for revenge!”

On the boundless snowy plains, a vast troop of cavalry, like a flood of beasts, rushed towards a village not far away.

With a roar from the commander, it instantly seemed to ignite the blood of everyone.

There were shouts, shouts and cheers.

The collective charge of a thousand men was no small feat on this snowy plain.

Inside the village, there were already wails and fears.

All the villagers rushed out of their houses in fear, women screaming, children crying and shouting in fear like thunder.

“”The barbarians have slaughtered the village, run, run, run!”

“Good heavens, where in the world did all these barbarians come from, where is the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

“It’s over! Our village of a hundred or so families can’t hold them off, run, run!”

“Ooooooooo …… ah dad, I’m scared, ooooooooooooo ……”


“D*mn it! If you’re a man, take your weapons and fight them! Save your chances of survival for the old men, women and children!”

In the midst of the confused crowd, a young and strong man with a thin upper body clothed in thin clothes rushed out of the house, holding a steel fork and a bow and arrow in his hands, and roared in anger.

This roar was like a flat thunderclap in the midst of the chaotic crowd.

In a flash.

As if they had found their backbone, the panicked young men’s eyes turned scarlet and their faces suddenly turned fierce and determined.

“Let’s fight! Let’s fight them with our weapons, even if we have to die to make a way for the old men, women and children to escape!”

“Mother, take the children and run, I’ll fight them!”

“D*mn barbarians, I’ll take you with me even if I die today!”


The men in the crowd, roaring with determination, turned their backs on the old men, women and children who were fleeing in panic.

Each man’s face was determined and fierce, showing the madness of death.

Even though the cries of their parents, wives and children came from behind them, they did not turn back, they did not stop.

Even if a hundred families could only spare a few dozen young and strong men, they were nothing compared to the thousands of Capricorn men coming from the opposite side.

But none of them showed any fear.

It was a matter of blood and courage alone!


With a shout of killing.

Dozens of young and strong men rushed out of the village in a determined manner to meet the thousand-strong cavalry.

The sound of shouting and killing, and the roar of war horses trampling on the earth, were intertwined at this moment.

But in the blink of an eye, the shouts of murder were completely drowned out by the roar of the horses trampling on the earth.

The two sides, like two torrents of horses and men, crashed into each other.

On the snowy plains, the cavalry already had an absolute advantage, not to mention the fact that the two sides were not even on the same level of numbers.

As soon as they made contact, the villagers at the front were knocked off their feet by the horses.

As the horses charged, the Capricorn soldiers wielded their blades and cut up the villagers as if they were a melon, reaping their lives with great speed amidst the screams.

Dozens of young and strong men, determined to die, did not even stop the cavalry.

As the vast cavalcade sped past, all that remained on the snowy plains were limbs and broken arms, stinging red.

The other side of the village.

Listening to the roar of the approaching war horses, all were grief-stricken and had hot tears in their eyes.

“Women, our family’s man is gone, for the sake of our children, it’s time for us to fight!”

In the crowd, a woman stopped resolutely and pushed her child beside her to the old man.

But as soon as the words were out of her mouth.

The old man pushed the child straight back to the woman.

The old man’s face was frosty, but his eyes were bright as fire and he smiled decisively.

“The child can’t be without his mother, it’s our turn to be on these old men, the son is gone, the old man can still fight for his life!”

While laughing, the old man’s tears could not stop flowing down from the corners of his eyes.

And in the crowd, one after another, laughter rang out.

The old men, men and women, were as determined as the men before them, their eyes determined, their mouths smiling.

There was no hesitation, no stopping.

One by one, the hunched figures moved generously towards the hordes of cavalry that were coming.

Under the moonlight, each figure stretched long and long ……

It was as if they had returned to their younger years, and the hunched spine was gradually straightened as they marched forward ……

Chapter 1684

The night is like ink.

A raging fire swept over the dark, endless earth.

The air was thick with the smell of blood and the smell of burning wood chips ……

By the light of the fire, broken arms and limbs and blood could be seen everywhere.

Everything was like a purgatory.

There was dead silence all around.

The eerie sense of oppression was suffocating.

Click …… click ……

A wolf rushed over following the smell of blood and picked up a pair of offal in one mouth and feasted on it.


Suddenly, the sound of breaking wind rang out.

An arrow pierced through the wolf, and with a wail, the wolf fell in a pool of blood.


Exclaims rang out.

In the distance, two figures came running quickly.

As they drew closer and saw everything around them, the two were sluggish on their feet and looked terrified.

A bloody and tragic scene hit the two hunting men’s eyes like a heavy hammer.

Even at middle age, these two men still could not bear the great fear wrapped up in everything around them.

“Brother, this …… this ……”

The slightly younger man’s eyes were rounded and he pointed in fear at what was before him.

“A ma*sacre of a village!”

The older man let out a long breath, “Old Mother Wolf they were right, go back to the village immediately and report the news!”

They had previously opposed the proposal of the old crone and several of the village elders simply because they thought it was too trivial.

But what was happening before him now made him realise that things weren’t that simple anymore!

Not to mention the fact that this village was less than fifty kilometres away from their village!

“This village, if I remember correctly, should have more households than our village, they have all been exterminated, so we have to be careful!”

The older man once again squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

A village less than fifty kilometres away from each other had been wiped out, even without the old crone’s and their worries, but any normal person living in the Great Snowy Plains knew what it meant.

Even an ordinary barbarian entering a village would be enough to have a high probability of rippling through their village, after all the distance was too short!

And yet.

Just as the two men made a split-second decision to abandon their prey and prepare to return to the village.

In the darkness behind them, a cluster of flames silently lit up.

“Not good!”

The older man’s face changed drastically, “Brother, you run first, I’ll break off the rear!”


As he spoke, there was a sudden explosion in the air.

While the sky was filled with fire, the older man could vaguely see a long black shadow of a pole, breaking through the air.

In a flash of lightning, he directly drew his long sword at his waist and blocked it.


Metal clashed.

A cluster of sparks erupted in the air.

With a miserable cry, a lance shot through the air, instantly breaking the long knife in two and piercing the older man’s chest with unrelenting momentum.

Like a broken pocket, the middle-aged man was hit by inertia and flew a few metres into the air, landing heavily on the ground.

Even though the middle-aged man was killed on the spot, his body still stood slumped on the ground due to the confinement of the lance!


The young man was trembling in his eyes.

How could he have ever imagined that the day, which had begun with what would normally seem to be good luck, would take a sudden, sharp turn for the worse when he had just left the village in pursuit of the wild wolf!

What was left of his sanity prevented him from acting impulsively and foolishly, and he ran in tears in the direction of his village.


Whoosh whoosh ……

A dense whistle of arrows rang through the night sky.

The firelight of the burning village in the distance was imprinted in the air, and the path of arrows reflected a piercing cold aura.


Before he could react, the young man let out a scream and was pierced by countless arrows, turning his body into a hornet’s nest and falling to the ground miserably.

Immediately, the sound of horses’ hooves was heard in the distance.

A dozen cavalry figures appeared in the afterglow of the flames.

Witnessing the corpses of the two strong men, one of the cavalrymen in the lead snorted, “The Lord Commander is still far-sighted, the villages around here are dense, so we must be careful not to be discovered in advance if we are going to sweep in and plunder.”

This drew nods of agreement from his companions.

As they crossed the border, the Thousand Man Brigade rampaged through the area, killing and plundering, and as the distance deepened, the Capricorn Thousand Man Brigade Commander also became vigilant and careful, leaving a small force behind to stay longer in every village he slaughtered.

The purpose, was to prevent what had just happened!

The villages were dense, once they were discovered, news spread quickly, the villagers were prepared, even if the villages were empty, then what else would they plunder?

The dozen or so hors*men did not affect the strength of the 1,000-strong group, and after staying for the required time, the light hors*men rode wildly and were able to quickly catch up with the larger group.

But this is a move that will maximize the benefits of this transit pillage for the Thousands as much as possible!


“Strange, how come the dangler isn’t back so late tonight?”

Inside the village courtyard, a woman wrapped in a thick robe, with a head of white snow in the courtyard picked up a pile of firewood and entered the room, but her brow was covered in sorrow.

“Auntie, when will Abba and Little Uncle be back?”

On the firebed, the little boy rubbed his thin sleeping eyes and asked in a milky voice.

“They’ll be back soon, go to sleep.”

The woman put firewood into the firepit to make the flames burn brighter, then soothed the child to sleep.

But the late return of her husband and brother-in-law always made her a little worried.

After making sure the children were asleep, she wrapped up her animal robe, got up and walked out of the courtyard towards Wolf’s house.

Wolf was considered the best hunter in the village, so perhaps she could ask him to help her find her husband.

With this thought in mind, the woman froze in the snow and wind as she reached Wolf’s door.

The gate to Wolf’s house had long since been opened and there were already two women standing at the door, talking anxiously to Wolf about something.

She walked over and listened to the three men’s conversation; it turned out that the two women’s hans had also gone out hunting and had not returned.

The room.

Chen Dong was still immersed in carving.

In his ethereal state, his brow remained furrowed as he carved rapidly.



Chen Dong’s body trembled as his left hand lashed out and the wooden carving in his hand exploded in response to the sound.

His hollow eyes quickly focused and he tilted his head violently, staring in one direction.

It was as if he was able to ignore the wall in front of him and look out into the distance.

“Suddenly, I have a bad feeling ……”

After staring for a few seconds, Chen Dong murmured offhandedly.

The next second.

He seemed to notice and twisted his head to look at the tea cup on the fire bed.

Inside the tea cup, which was dense with the heat of the fire bed, the heat was steaming, but the calm surface of the tea was trembling with a ripple at this time.


Outside, on the eaves of the house, the snow, which had been accumulating for a long time, was rustling strangely.

Chen Dong saw the rustling snow through the window.

With a brilliant flash in his eyes, he hurriedly put on his clothes and walked outside, not even having the time to put down the carving knife in his hand.

“Brother Dog, what are you doing?”

Doggy asked, puzzled, when he saw Chen Dong.

“There’s a killing aura!”

Chen Dong frowned and walked towards the outside, “Where is your father?”

“Outside, several big uncles and brothers in the village, went out hunting and didn’t come back ……”

Gouwazi said with a smile, only halfway through the words, his smile suddenly froze.

It was not because of Chen Dong’s words.

Rather, the ground had rumbled and trembled ……