Winner Takes All Chapter 1681-1682

Chapter 1681

Front of the village.

Blizzard rolls.

Boom, boom, boom ……

A loud sound resounded through the heavens and the earth, and each time it rang out, it was accompanied by a harsh and miserable whine from the giant black wolf.

The scene was incomparably shocking.

It was like a great thunderstorm, ruthlessly blasting everyone’s eyeballs.

In the sight, the giant black wolf was like a leather ball, leaping into the air, falling, rising, and so on, amidst a roar and a scream.

In the sky, blood rained down, rustling down.

It rendered the ground crimson and blinding, like a plum blossom in bloom.

Is this really a person?

Was this …… really the fierce, brutal fae beast of the legend?

Is it …… a mistake in location?

One thought after another surfaced in the minds of Wolf and the others.

“Ow-ho ……”

Suddenly, Chen Dong threw back his head and let out a roar that shook the heavens and the earth.

Two beams of demonic and piercing blood aura suddenly burst out from his eyes.

A fierce, brutal and eerie aura of terror suddenly rolled backwards into the sky like a tidal wave.

Wolf and the others all trembled as a great invisible fear swept through their bodies.

In a trance, they even felt that behind Chen Dong, a vast sea of blood rose up into the air and went straight through the sky, swallowing the giant black wolf in a brutal and terrifying gesture.

This scene …… was like a brand, engraved on everyone’s heart.

Almost simultaneously.

Sensing the change in Chen Dong’s aura.

An extremely strong threat of death boomed over the giant black wolf.

A pair of wolf eyes even forgot about their situation at this moment, staring deadly into those eyes that were bursting with blood at the bottom.

Those bloodshot eyes seemed to have changed completely!

The giant black wolf suddenly felt a fearful pressure from the depths of its soul during this momentary stare, which made it feel silent and not dare to do anything!

So much so that the giant black wolf even forgot to resist in this situation where it knew it would surely die!

With a wolf whine that resonated through the sky with extreme fear.


A human-thick blood mane, along with Chen Dong’s fist, went straight through the clouds and instantly pierced through the giant black wolf’s body.

The moment the giant black wolf landed above Chen Dong’s head.

Chen Dong fiercely raised his hands, grabbed the body of the giant black wolf and pulled it with a blatant yank.

With a crash ……

Blood and flesh flew across the ground like rain.

Clusters of blood mist imprinted the sky.

The killing was decisive and without hesitation!

The bloody scene was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky that hit everyone.

No one had expected that the fae beast that they feared like a god of death would be torn in half in Chen Dong’s hands, like a plaything, before he could even resist.

Blood and flesh spilled out.

The wind and snow then took over the battlefield once again.

In the haze of blood, Chen Dong’s figure, step by step, walked towards the village.

Each step was slow, but firm.

An eerie, bloody light lingered in his eyes.

A fierce, eerie and terrifying aura came towards the crowd like a tidal wave.

The shocked and dazed crowd instantly had a bad chill sweeping through their bodies.

Fear grew wildly as they thought of the scene after Chen Dong had slaughtered the barbarians with his sword.

Even the old woman’s face turned pale.

At this moment, her face also changed drastically, and as soon as she swept Wolf beside her behind her, she took a step forward.

“Ah Dog!”

A harsh and determined rebuke echoed.

“It’s alright ……”

Chen Dong smiled blearily, responding to the hoarse voice.

As he drew closer, the terrifying aura that emanated from him quickly converged, while the bloody light in his eyes also dimmed extremely quickly, and the rippling veins on his face gradually weakened.

When Chen Dong was still three metres away from the old woman, everything was back to normal.

Chen Dong smiled faintly, “I’ve avenged you!”

The old woman was dazed and lost in thought, the fear in her heart quickly dissipating with Chen Dong’s words.

The fear and wariness in the hearts of the villagers around them also weakened extremely quickly.

In their place was an unspeakable excitement and ecstasy!

“As expected of Dog, it’s really too powerful!”

“Dog, it’s like a guardian god given to our village by the gods!”

“Oh my god, it’s too powerful, when the black wolf appeared just now, I even already thought that the village would be exterminated, but I didn’t expect that Dog ……”


The sound of surprise and wild rejoicing resounded through the village.

A crisis that wiped out the village, but with Chen Dong’s hand, was quickly terminated!

The small village, facing the fierce beasts of the fae species, had not suffered a single casualty!

If such a result were to spread out, it would definitely leave the people of the vast snowy frontier with their jaws dropped.

The old woman and a few elders quickly calmed the situation, arranged for a few people to clean up the bloody battlefield at the entrance of the village, and let the crowd disperse.

Inside the hall.

The campfire danced.

Chen Dong, the old woman, Wolf and several of the village elders were all present.

But compared to the cheering and rejoicing earlier, the crowd was solemn and thoughtful at the moment.

The atmosphere was oppressive and eerie.

“This is not a good sign!”

The old woman spoke slowly, breaking the dead silence in the room.

Several people, including Chen Dong, looked at the old crone.

“They don’t understand, that’s because they are young, but the few of us who are old and immortal have seen a lot in our lives, this kind of thing, we should find a way out for the children!”

The old woman slowly swept past the few older people in front of her.

Several of the elders either sighed and sighed, or sighed and sighed, or barred their sticks of dry tobacco and were silent.

“Auntie, the giant black wolf is unusual?”

Wolf frowned at the old crone, he didn’t know why the few of them would look like that, but having been called in, it was easy to a*sociate it with the fierce beast of the fae just now. It was just that they, the older ones, hadn’t spoken, and he, as a junior, could only remain silent.

“Shouldn’t it be killed?”

Chen Dong was also a little puzzled.

“It should be killed!”

One of the old men with a dry tobacco stick in his mouth said dryly, and after a pause, he added in a deep voice, “But it is not a good sign that such a legendary existence to us as a fae fierce beast has actually appeared in our village!”

As soon as these words were spoken, they drew several old men to nod their heads in agreement.

“Yes, the domain is stable, even on the frontier, there are Rongwu troops patrolling at all times, and a being like the fae beast that wreaks havoc outside the domain and calls itself king can hardly have room to survive in the domain.”

The old woman’s eyes were filled with tears and her lips were mumbling, “With thousands of years of competition for survival, these clever fae beasts will not cross the border easily, and once they do, there will be a demon in the opposite direction.

“No way!”

Wolf wondered in disbelief, “Ama, it’s just a fae beast, it can’t be as serious as you say, right?”

“Back then, not long after Ama’s mother’s family was slaughtered in the village, barbarians came south and swept the frontier!”

The old woman gave Wolf a sidelong glance, “That ferocious wolf wiped out half of my mother’s village back then, how many years have pa*sed since then? Fae beasts have a much higher spiritual intelligence than ordinary beasts, and after years and years of accumulation, that spiritual intelligence has long since become refined!”

“Even ordinary fae beasts understand that, if such old beasts did not have to make the choice to go south, they would not have come down south and crossed the lightning pool that has been accumulated over the years!”

The old man at the side gently patted Wolf’s shoulder, “Wolf, you are still young, you still need to learn from us the rules that have been accumulated over generations in the Great Snowy Plain, there is no difference between humans and beasts, they both know how to avoid harm and benefit, this is called rules!”

“I see, so what should we do next?”

Wolf was suddenly enlightened, this kind of thing, prevention is far more meaningful than improvisation!

The old woman and a few old men looked at each other and said in unison.

“Move the village!”



A low lion’s roar like a beating drum echoed from heaven and earth on the pale snowy plain.

Amidst the fierce snowstorm.

The snowy lion’s lofty and upright body stood like a small mountain on the vast snowy plains.

Its mane dances in the wind.

The huge body is covered in thick snow.

But at this moment, he is motionless, his lion eyes shining with joy and excitement ……

It was already exhausted from its successive treks, and the cold wind and cracking snow were hollowing out its qi at all times.

After the beast king returned to his heart, let the snow lion and Chen Dong completely bound together, one loss and one glory.

The search for …… has become the only obsession in its heart!

Just now, the Snowy Male Lion clearly perceived a familiar feeling.

Even if the time was short, even if the distance was far.

But that feeling, which began in the soul and started in the blood, was incomparably clear!

That was the pressure of the …… Beast King!

It was also the pressure of the Snowy Lion!

It was the pressure of the Snowy Lion!

The snowy lion’s body moved, the earth trembled, and its huge form, heading in one direction, quickly disappeared in the cold wind and blizzard.

And on the other side.

Outside the borderline, the world was originally icy and snowy and silvery.

At this moment, at the horizon, a black line swept in, boundless.

Even from a great distance away, the sudden appearance of the black line is wrapped in a mountain of fearful killing intent, vaguely reflected in the sunlight, countless blinding and seeping cold light ……

Chapter 1682

Rumble ……

At the horizon, it stretches across the ground in a black line of ooze, shaking the ground, lifting the rolling snow and making a huge splash.

Depressing, stern!

Under the rising sun, a piece of armour reflected an ominous cold light.

The sound of horses’ hooves completely shattered the silence of the early morning.

No banners.

There was only the sound of horses trampling on the ground.

It was as if an army of the dead, hunted from hell, roamed the snowy plains, waiting for an opportunity to move.

“Chief! A thousand-man army is too much of a show?”

At the front of the army, a man clad in a beast’s robe and iron armour swept around with a palpitating heart.

“Too much? Then let’s go overboard!”

The snow on his beard had turned into ice crystals, and the battle spirit in his eyes surged: “After what happened in Zhenjiang City, who will care about us now that all 300,000 troops are returning to Zhenjiang City?”

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Wasn’t the Great Snow Dragon Riders oppressing us hard enough in the past when they were sweeping the frontier lines?”

“It’s just the right time to take this opportunity to repay revenge for revenge, to repay grievances for grievances, and to properly loot the scum of the domain on this frontier defense line!”

Resentment, anger, greed ……

At this moment, the tiger eyes of the Thousand Man Squad’s commander were incomparably complicated.

“But once this Thousand Man Army collapses, it will be a big blow to our Capricorn tribe!”

The deputy general who dissuaded him said in a deep voice: “Not to mention, the Queen of the King’s Court has secretly sent orders to all sides of the Hundred Clans, to stay quiet and hibernate, we do so ……”

“This operation, is the king’s order!”

The ruler’s angry glare scared the lieutenant’s neck, “As a member of the White Capricorn clan, do you listen to the king’s orders, or to that Hun B*tch 10,000 miles away? After all that happened in Zhenjiang City, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army went out of the city in great numbers, and now all of them have returned to the city, don’t you understand the truth of darkness under the lights?”

“Without the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, our 1,000-strong army would be a fierce beast on the snowy plains of the frontier, roaming freely, reaping slaughter and unstoppable!”

The deputy general did not dare to say another word, but a trace of worry still lurked in the depths of his eyes.

The White Capricorn tribe, itself, was not very big.

It was only an extremely weak tribe among the hundred tribes outside the domain.

The entire clan had less than 100,000 men, and the number of troops was even smaller, so this team of 1,000 men was considered the backbone of the clan.

Because of its proximity to the borderline of the domain, the Great Snow Dragon Riders in front of the clan and the rivalry between the clans in the back, the survival of this weak clan was extremely miserable.

Something had indeed happened to Zhenjiang City.

After all, the thunderstorm that struck over Zhenjiang City that day, with the location of the Capricorn tribe, everything fell clearly into view.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sack the villages of the people in the domain, and if it succeeded, it would be a great harvest for the Capricorn Clan.

But if it failed, the destruction of this thousand-strong band would be a devastating blow to the Capricorn tribe!

“See? That’s the result of our battle!”

Just then, the Thousand Man Squad’s commander’s eyes lit up with bloodlust and madness as he directly pulled out his sabre at his waist and pointed in a direction in the distance.

In that direction, amidst the icy sky and snow, a small village could be vaguely seen, with smoke rising from the chimneys of every household.

Everything looked peaceful and serene, unaware of the danger that had fallen.

The next moment.

The commander of the Capricorn Thousand dropped his sword boldly: “Slaughter the village! Reap the fruits of war!”


“What? Raising the village and moving it?”

“Are you crazy? How long have we survived here? Just because a fierce beast attacked our village, we have to move the whole village?”

“Let’s think about it, the whole village will have to move, it’s too big an undertaking, we’re all bringing our families with us, and once we move, it means we’ll have to give up a lot of our belongings!”


When the old woman and a few old men announced the result of their deliberations, the whole village was in a state of chaos.

There were those who questioned and those who refused, but none of them nodded in agreement!


The old woman’s old voice rang out.

There were dozens of people in the room, but they were still chattering and noisy.

No one even gave the Crone and the other few old men a proper glance.

In normal times, the village did respect the elderly in accordance with tradition and honoured them.

After all, in this cruel environment of survival, the experience accumulated over the years is more valuable than anything else.

The village elders are undoubtedly the leaders of the village!

But at the moment, everyone seems to have forgotten this rule!

Relocating the whole village would cost more than just time and energy!

Without the help of large tools, for the villagers, it would mean abandoning most of their possessions and, after moving to a new location, using what was left of them to rebuild their homes.

In one way or another, half of the wealth accumulated would be lost.

If they were to make such a fuss just because a fierce beast attacked their village, the people would not understand and they would not be able to make up their minds!

“Ama ……”

Wolf saw the reaction of the people and his eyebrows deepened.

The old woman, her eyes determined, raised her hand to interrupt Wolf and was about to speak when a large, dry hand fell on her shoulder instead.

The old man held a dry tobacco stick in his mouth, smoke rising as he stared deeply at the crone and shook his head gently.

“Old sister, the waifs are against it, they can’t be persuaded for a while!”

“But if the speculation is successful, the follow-up that is ……”

The old woman’s eyes were red and she said sadly: “My mother’s family was first half slaughtered by that black wolf, and soon afterwards it was completely slaughtered by the savages.

The words were sad and the tone trembled.

But the few old men beside him looked at each other and sighed helplessly!

“Let’s do it this way.”

Suddenly, a voice rang out.

The old woman, Wolf and the others all looked towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and said thoughtfully, “The truth has been told and they still refuse to move, so let’s make two preparations, firstly, let them collect valuable and precious items and always be ready to take them with them, secondly, there are people in the village who are out hunting anyway, let them keep an eye on the situation around them, and once there is a situation, send a message back to the village immediately.”

“If we can’t prepare for a rainy day, we can only do what we can to prevent disasters in advance. I’m afraid we can only make a decision about relocating the village after it happens.”

At these words.

The old woman and the few old men looked at each other and nodded their heads in helpless agreement.

This might be the only compromise!

On the other side.

The early morning sunrise, spilling down to the snow-capped earth, glistened.

The blazing fires completely tore apart the tranquillity and peace of this part of the world.

The smoke, like an evil dragon, rose into the air.

The air was thick with black ashes and the smell of burning.

The fire engulfed the entire village, burning everything.

A body could still be faintly seen under the shroud of firelight, and the blood-stained ground was rapidly changing colour as the fire scorched ……

A few bodies were hacked to pieces, limbs and guts spilling over the thick piles of snow, becoming the only thing the fire could not reach.

It was like a purgatory, and no one knew for sure how bloody and cruel the killing of this village had been on this quiet morning, in this short time.

And the deathly squad of a thousand men was now striding in a black line towards the distant horizon.

Everywhere they pa*sed, the air seemed to turn bloody ……