Winner Takes All Chapter 1677-1678

Chapter 1677

Hysterical murmurs echoed around the room.

A wolf and dog boy were completely dumbfounded.

Looking at Chen Dong whose eyes were glazed over and who kept shaking his head and murmuring, the father and son even had some chills down their backs.

“Ah Dog ……”

A wolf opened his voice apprehensively and pointed to the wooden carving in the campfire that had already burned into charcoal: “Didn’t you lose your memory? Didn’t you only have that girl living in your mind during the carving? How can you still carve the wrong one?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Chen Dong’s face showed a painful expression, “But I don’t know why, it’s just wrong, it’s just the wrong carving, this girl is not the girl in my mind at all, I don’t know why I carved it, I’ll re-carve it, I’ll go and re-carve it ……”

With that, he turned around and left the room.

Wolf stood frozen in the far ground.

Doggy asked warily, “Abba, is Doggy really all right?”

“Who knows?”

Wolf shook his head and smiled bitterly, “He keeps making it impossible for me to see.”

Chen Dong returned to his room with his face torn with pain.

By the campfire, a neatly sharpened block of wood lay arranged.

Frowning, he picked up the carving knife and one of the pieces of wood anew and settled onto the bed of the fire.

“It’s wrong, why is it wrong? It shouldn’t be wrong!”

Murmured the man as he plunged himself into a memory.

All these days, his mind was blank regarding his memories, except for the girl, who loomed large.

He had always wanted to carve it out, to see what that girl really looked like!

The excitement and ecstasy he felt when he carved it out just now had vanished with Wolf’s words “Ying Qi”.

He couldn’t remember what the girl looked like in his mind, but he was sure that the girl’s appearance had nothing to do with the word “Yingqi”!

When Wolf said those two words, it was as if a voice in his head kept muttering no!

“But …… the girl I carved out, who is she?”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows furrowed into a tight ball of pain while his thoughts were like lightning in his mind as he quickly recalled.

But in his mind, it was as if there was an invisible barrier, stopping him dead in his tracks!


Suddenly, Chen Dong let out a miserable cry of pain.

The pain was so severe that it hit his mind like a mountain of pain.

In a flash, it was like ten thousand horses galloping, trampling and ravaging on every single one of his brain cells.

The pain was so intense that it entered his soul!

As he screamed, a fine bead of sweat suddenly drenched Chen Dong’s forehead, his veins bulging out, his appearance becoming hideous and terrifying.

“Who is it?”

“Who the hell are you?”

“Why, why is it that when I’m clearly carving from her, it’s another girl that comes out?”


Hoarse, hoarse roars continued to emanate from Chen Dong’s mouth.

Only all this, reason made him restrain himself extremely well, so that the movement, not to disturb the old woman and Wolf’s father and son in the other room.

“Ho ho ……”

Chen Dong collapsed onto the bed, his chest heaving violently and a sound like a torn bellows coming from his mouth and nose.

His body was like sieve chaff, and every cell seemed to boil along with the memories.

In just a few breaths, it had reached a point where it was difficult to control.

Even though he was suffering from severe pain and wanted to stop the memories in time, they were like a tidal wave and could not be stopped at all!

The pain was excruciating and the headache was about to explode.

Chen Dong’s entire body was in a state of collapse where he was unable to control himself.

The sinewy tendons were writhing and twisting like earthworms, and the blood around the sinewy tendons was also protruding.

It was hideous and terrifying, like a ghost.

But after half a minute of this, the pain dissipated as quickly as the tide had ebbed.

In just one second.

All the excruciating pain and suffering disappeared completely.

Chen Dong slumped on the fire bed like mud, drenched in sweat and completely deflated.

In just half a minute, it was as if he had experienced a life and death battle.

Yet, his mind was still empty.

All that remained was a vague outline of the girl he had been trying to carve out.

Between one breath and one inhalation, Chen Dong’s mind gradually calmed down.

“You can’t rush, take your time, you will definitely be able to succeed.”

With all his strength, he slowly propped his lips open and murmured softly.

Remaining in a flat position until dawn, he sat up again and picked up the carving knife and the wood.

Taking a deep breath.

Chen Dong adjusted his state and once again immersed himself in the ethereal state, carving up little by little.

The morning light dawned.

Wolf and Dogwhazi got up early and made a fire to cook.

In the village, smoke from the cooking fire curled up, and the aroma of wood-fired rice filled the cold air.

Everything seems to be no different from the domain.

It was peaceful and serene.

“Wolf, hasn’t Dog gotten up yet?”

The old woman, wrapped in thick clothes, came out of the room.

“Grandma, why don’t I go and wake Dog up?”

Dog said as he put down the firewood in his hands and got up.

“Let him sleep more, there’s nothing to do anyway, he’s been obsessed with carving wood carvings lately, he looks tired too.” The old woman shook her head.

At that very moment.

Suddenly there was a cry from the village head.

It was accompanied by the barking of the village’s hounds.

The tranquil peace of the small village in the early morning seemed like gla*s, which thumped and shattered at this moment.


Chen Dong was awakened by the noises outside.

The fact that he had not slept all night had left his eyes covered in blood and his entire body was exhausted.

Although the ethereal state allowed him to focus on carving wooden sculptures, this state was definitely not a small drain on his spirit.

On the ground in front of the fire bed, there were scattered ruined wooden carvings.

The wooden carvings in Chen Dong’s hands also shattered as he awoke from his ethereal state.

Outside, the cries, murmurs and curses rose and fell, becoming more and more deafening.

Chen Dong stretched, his sinews crackling as he hurriedly got up and headed out.

He was dressed in thin clothes, but he did not feel the cold.

Chen Dong walked quickly towards the head of the village.

All the villagers were gathered at the head of the village, heads were crowded, cries and curses filled the air.

Every villager’s face was particularly ugly and filled with righteous anger.

Mixed in with them were the village hounds, barking and weaving back and forth.

As Chen Dong squeezed into the crowd, he saw Wolf and some middle-aged men standing in the middle, and at their feet were two corpses!

The corpses were extremely ugly and died in a gruesome manner.

Wounds were all over their bodies, and the blood had long since congealed.

One of the corpses had even been disembowelled, with most of its internal organs removed, leaving only a few fragments in it.

The air was filled with the disgusting smell of blood.

Chen Dong walked forward, “Brother Wolf, what happened?”

“The village’s father and son, Ah Shan, went out hunting last night and encountered a vicious beast, the hounds all died and the father and son were left in this state.

Wolf said calmly, with only a hint of grief between his brows.

To the people living in the snowy plains, such scenes have been seen time and again.

Having seen more, they have slowly become more tolerant!

“What kind of vicious beast could have such a killing power?”

Chen Dong looked at the bodies of the father and son on the ground in astonishment and dismay.

Going out hunting at night, it was not that no one in the village did it, when he was saved by Wolf and his father, it was Wolf and his father who went out hunting in the night.

Two simple men, a few hunting dogs.

Such a configuration may seem rudimentary, but in fact the killing power that can be exploded is extremely powerful.

Even if they met a ferocious beast like the snow wolf, they would definitely not end up in this situation.

“It should have met a bear.”

Wolf said in a deep voice, “In this vast snowy plain, only a giant fierce beast like a bear would be able to exterminate a hunting squad like ours.”

The words had just fallen.

A Wolf’s gaze suddenly flinched as he saw that Chen Dong was not paying attention to him at all, but instead frowned and crouched down next to the corpse to check it out.

“Ah Dog, what’s wrong?” Ah Wolf asked in confusion.

Chen Dong turned over the bodies of the father and son, and raised his head and shook it gently, “Brother Ah Wolf, it shouldn’t be a blind bear, two men plus a few hunting dogs, a blind bear’s claws can’t be this big!”

While saying that, Chen Dong formed his right hand into a claw and gestured on the corpse that had been opened up.

“A bear paw can’t do that, a claw hollowed out a large part of a person’s face skin with internal organs out, the one doing it, obviously more fierce and huge than a bear!”

Chapter 1678

“A vicious beast even more enormous than a bear?”

The crowd in the room was in an uproar.

“How is that possible? There are vicious beasts even more enormous than bears on the Great Snowy Plain?”

“Dog, did you see it wrong? No, we checked the wound before you came, there’s no way so many of us could have seen it wrong!”

“Hiss …… my god, a claw directly gutted a man in half, what kind of vicious beast is this?”

There was an outcry of shock, and the crowd’s faces changed greatly in fear.

In this extremely cruel survival environment, where the weak and the strong are the only laws of survival, there is no difference between man and beast.

But thousands of years of reproduction have gradually placed humans at the upper level of the food chain in this snowy plain.

Bears ……

is already the highest beast in the crowd’s perception of the creatures of this snowy plain, what else could be further up?

“Dog, don’t talk nonsense!”

A wolf’s eyebrows were deep and he subconsciously glanced at the corpses on the ground.

The words had just fallen.

“There are indeed ferocious beasts that are even more fierce and huge than bears in this vast snowy plain.”

A hoarse voice tinged with fear suddenly resounded across the room.

It was clearly very soft, but it instantly silenced the whole room.

All eyes followed the sound.

A wolf and dog boy were even filled with dismay.



As Chen Dong looked at the old woman, her cloudy eyes were so deep that they resembled two black holes, seemingly reminiscing.

“Our village is small, even if we go out hunting en ma*se, the number of people in the team itself determines that it is impossible to catch much big prey.”

“But when I was young, I witnessed a beast that was even more terrifying than a bear, a wolf, but even bigger than a bear, snow-white, with fangs exposed, extremely ferocious, easily slaughtering and devouring half of the village with its own strength!”

Speaking of this, the old woman’s pale face revealed extreme horror, and her frail body trembled vaguely.

“Auntie …… where have you seen it? These words are not to be spoken indiscriminately!”

Wolf stared at the old crone with horror in his eyes.

Two people had died in the village, and if some more fear was rendered, how would that end when the whole village was in chaos?

And yet.

“Wolf, haven’t you always wondered where my mother’s mother’s family is?”

The old woman’s hollow, deep eyes regained focus and she gazed at Wolf with a sad smile.

A wolf’s tiger body shuddered, a loud “thud” in his head, his features suddenly tensed up in shock, his face faded rapidly.

This question …… had been asked of him since he was a child!

It was only after the dog child was born that he gave up after asking again to no avail.

But now ……

Without waiting for Wolf’s response, the old woman, with hot tears in her eyes, cried and laughed, “That evil wolf slaughtered half of the village of my mother’s family back then, and my mother fled in exile to the Great Snowy Plain and was saved by your father, which led her to marry your father and come to this village.”

There was a pause.

She swept past the few older people present with tears in her eyes.

“Gentlemen …… they are young and have never heard of it, but you should have heard of the ‘fae fierce beast’, right?”


The words were like thunder, instantly causing the faces of several elderly people to change.

There were those who were shocked, those who were bewildered and puzzled, and those who were even more awakened ……

“Older sister, this, this shouldn’t be possible! Although fierce beasts are similar to fierce beasts, they are very different in nature, those exist, they are many times more ferocious and powerful than fierce beasts!”

One of the elders said in disbelief, “Although we all live in the snowy plains, and the environment is harsh and cruel, it’s not like there are fierce beasts of a different species, right? This kind of existence is a legendary one in our domain, it should more often appear outside the domain where those savages live, that’s more like it!”

As soon as the words came out, the rest of the elders also finally gradually recalled and nodded in agreement to the old man’s words.

Although they were both in the Great Snowy Plain, they were very different.

But the two are very different from each other!

In the snowy plains of the northern frontier, although the living environment is also cruel and extreme, following the law of survival of the “weak and the strong”. But in the end, with the harsh military guards within the domain, this living environment is far better than the “barbaric environment” of the barbarians on the snowy plains outside the domain!

In other words, the “weakness of the frontier” is strictly screened and cleansed by the army, and is “controlled”!

At least there are no fae, which are at the top of the predator chain.

And in the snowy plains beyond, where the hundreds of races intermingle, the environment is truly natural and purely wild!

“You also said there were just more of them!”

The old woman smiled bitterly with tears in her eyes, with intense resentment in her eyes, “The odds are just small, otherwise wouldn’t the old body’s mother’s family have been slaughtered in the village back then? The Great Snow Dragon Riders are like a rift valley sheltering the northern frontier, but even that shelter has its oversights, is there a difference between the fey beasts and those barbarians who break into villages and pillage and kill?”


There was a dead silence.

Everyone in the room was silenced by the old woman’s words.

Even the few old men who had doubts in their minds were now uneasy and frightened.

If it really was a fae beast …… then it would be a disaster for the village!

In the silence, a tidal wave of invisible fear engulfed the people present, all sweating and shivering.

Even the young men had guessed from the old woman’s words just now, the horror of the fey beast.

A beast that eats half a village!

This was even more vicious than the barbarians!

“To kill?”

In the silence, Chen Dong’s calm words were like heaven-shaking thunder, blasting through the whole room.

In an instant.

Everyone’s body shook, and they all stared at Chen Dong with round eyes, as if they had seen a ghost.

What kind of words are these?

Is he crazy?

“Ah Dog, I advise you to calm down!”

Wolf pressed one hand on Chen Dong’s shoulder, “You are very strong, but fae beasts are a legendary existence in the frontier of our domain, think twice before you act!”

“But it’s all here already!”

Chen Dong looked at Wolf calmly.

Wolf looked at the two corpses on the ground and nodded gravely, “Of course I know this, when our squad goes out hunting, we usually do not leave the village too far, if it is really a fae ferocious beast and it can kill two of our villagers, then it is not far from our village!”

After a moment’s hesitation, Wolf swept across the room and said in a deep voice.

“With our village’s strength, fighting hard would be hitting a stone with an egg, maybe we have to consider moving ……”

The words were not finished.

A gloomy look appeared on Chen Dong’s indifferent face and shook his head, directly interrupting A Wolf’s words.

“Brother A wolf, are already here ……”


Ah Wolf froze for a moment, and then reacted.

A great invisible fear swept through his entire body, and his sweat hairs suddenly exploded.

He almost clenched his teeth and held back his fear, twisting every joint in his body like a machine, following Chen Dong’s gaze towards the distance.

At the same time.

The crowd in the room also reacted and followed the gaze.

The horizon in the distance was white.

The wind and snow were bitterly cold.

But the white blanket at the moment was very different from what the villagers usually perceived.

A blanket of snow, rising from the ground, rolled backwards overhead, rendering the void between heaven and earth white.

Vaguely, a looming, terrifying black shadow was hiding in it, rushing towards this way ……