Winner Takes All Chapter 1675-1676

Chapter 1675

Three days later.

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

The lights are magnificent.

In the living room, the crowd looked at each other with blank faces.

Barbara stood timidly in the middle of the crowd, feeling the gaze of the crowd, clutching her hands in confusion, her fingers kept circling.

“Little Barbara, don’t be nervous.”

Gu Qingying stepped forward and said with a gentle smile, “From now on, this is your home.”


Barbara’s big eyes twinkled for a moment as she blankly scanned the crowd, “But there’s no uncle here.”

Gu Qingying’s expression was stunned.

Behind them, Elder Long and the others also had complicated expressions.

Bai Qi, who was responsible for sending Barbara here, coughed twice, then went up to Barbara and said, “Little Barbara, you’re a little sleepy from all the running around, aren’t you?”


Barbara nodded and gave a wooing cry.

“Sister Xiao Lu, quickly take Barbara to rest.”

Gu Qingying hurriedly said.

Waiting for Fan Lu to take Barbara upstairs.

Only then did Bai Qi tell the original story about Chen Dong and Barbara’s relationship.

Gradually, Gu Qingying and the others’ expressions of pity rose.

Even Long Lao, who had a vague understanding of the situation, could not help but reveal his heartache.

When Bai Qi finished speaking.

The living room was silent.

Bai Qi’s eyes slowly swept over the crowd before finally landing on Gu Qingying, “Madam, Little Barbarian staying in Zhenjiang City is extremely dangerous, Zhenjiang City is a city of soldiers as well as a city of fierce people, she is not suitable for it, so after the Sovereign and Xu Thief Saint discussed it, this is why they decided to send her to you.”

“Thank you, Chief Bai Wu, just leave Barbara to me with confidence.”

Gu Qingying smiled gently and nodded her head, but her face could not hide the look of exhaustion.

On the side, Elder Long’s gaze flickered, wanting to say something but not.

“Thank you all for your hard work, I will leave first.”

Bai Qi did not stay much longer, clasped his fist in salute and turned to leave.

The crowd gradually came back to their senses.

Chu Reed, Zhuge Qing and the others all looked at Gu Qingying with complicated expressions and even some heartache.

Since the completion of the first phase of Eastern Wall Street, Gu Qingying had become the spokesperson, although it was true that a large hand had crossed over to suppress the situation in the southwest region.

However, the workload and heavy pressure also completely pressed down on Gu Qingying.

To wear the crown, one must bear its weight.

The long hours and high workload are an unspeakable challenge for any normal person.

Not to mention the fact that Gu Qingying was pregnant with her sixth child and was about to give birth.

In just a few days.

Her state was weakening at a rate visible to the naked eye, her face was haggard and her bones were thin.

“Young Madam.”

Long Lao mumbled his lips, “Old slave has something to say.”

“I know what you want to say.”

Gu Qingying smiled faintly, but her gaze was incomparably firm, “I am not tired, Barbara and he have such a destiny, if we don’t accept Barbara, where can Barbara go in this vast domain? Where will be her home?”

“But it’s also dangerous for her to be here.”

Elder Long said in a deep voice, “When the young master divorced the young lady, it was to draw the lady and the bloodline away from the dangerous whirlpool, and with the young lady returning to take charge of the situation again, it is like being at the centre of the whirlpool, and Barbara’s safety is not guaranteed if she follows us around.”

“Yes, Miss Gu, think twice before you act.”

Changeless also echoed Long Lao with a complicated expression.

Although Chu Reed, Zhuge Qing and the others did not speak, their expressions already indicated their attitudes.

“Just let Sister Xiao Lu specialize in protection.”

Gu Qingying waved her hand, rejecting Elder Long’s persuasion, “Big Fool is the only ‘family’ Little Barbara has left, Barbara has experienced so much at such an age, it was hard for her to come under this starry sky, if I were to leave her alone, how would I face Big Fool? Not to mention, I am also going to be a mother, there are some things that I can empathise with more.”

She finished.

She then turned around and went upstairs, leaving Elder Long and the others with a sigh of helplessness.

Inside the room.

Barbara took a hot bath with the help of Fan Lu.

Wrapped in a towel, she timidly walked to the bedroom, her hair damp and dense with moisture, her tender face a little red from the water vapour and stained with drops of water.

“Auntie, is there a fire?”

Everything in front of her was unfamiliar to Barbara, even if the air was filled with an aroma she had never smelt before.

Fan Lu, who was sitting on a chair, looked up at Barbara’s embarra*sed and timid appearance and smiled, “Barbara, what do you need a fire for?”

“I’m roasting my hair, A-Ma says that if I don’t dry it to sleep, I’ll get a headache later.”

Barbara said seriously.

“Auntie will help you dry your hair.”

Fan Lu smiled and got up, leading Barbara back to the bathroom and using the blow dryer to blow Barbara’s hair.

On the gla*s mirror in front of the washbasin, Barbara’s dazed and confused look was imprinted.

Everything was like nothing she had ever seen before.

Even after she arrived at Zhenjiang City, she had never seen these things before.

With everything, she acted curious and scared.

Soon, Fan Lu helped Barbara blow dry her hair and comb it with a comb again.

When the two of them walked out of the bathroom, Gu Qingying happened to push the door and walked in.

Seeing Barbara’s appearance, Gu Qingying was lost in thought for a moment.

Her pink and reddish skin was like an egg skin, and it could be broken.

Her pretty features, especially her big eyes, looked like they could speak.

It had to be said that a properly washed and groomed Barbara would definitely not lose out to any child star.

“Barbara is so pretty.”

Gu Qingying praised from the bottom of her heart.

Barbara lowered her head shyly, a little embarra*sed.

“This little girl, she’s even shy.” Fan Lu joked.

Gu Qingying went forward and took Barbara’s hand, smiling gently, “Barbara, call me Auntie Qingying from now on, this is your home, this is Auntie Xiao Lu, and the next one, tomorrow when you wake up from your nap, I’ll introduce Barbara, okay?”


Ah Barbara nodded, looking at Gu Qingying’s tired look, her pink little hand lifted up and nudged Gu Qingying’s dark eyes, “Auntie Qingying also needs to rest more, she looks tired, you still have the baby.”

“Aunty knows.”

Gu Qingying smiled and rubbed Barbara’s hair, “It’s getting late, Barbara rest well, call aunty if there’s anything, aunty and aunty Xiao Lu are on either side of your room.”

The words had just fallen.

Barbara suddenly hugged Gu Qingying, “Auntie Qingying, can you sleep with Barbara?”

The sudden move caused Gu Qingying and Fan Lu to freeze.

Fan Lu was busy soothing, “Little Barbara behave, Auntie Qingying has a baby and has work later, if you are afraid, Auntie Xiao Lu will accompany you, okay?”

“No, I want Auntie Qingying, she smells like Uncle.”

Barbara beamed and shook her head stubbornly.

These words made Gu Qingying and Fan Lu look shaken.

There was no such thing as taste or smell?

It was just a matter of love!

“Fine, fine, auntie will sleep with Barbara.”

Gu Qingying nodded her head in response.

After Fan Lu left, Gu Qingying and Barbara went under the covers.

Barbara curiously surveyed Gu Qingying’s towering belly, her fingers cautiously pointing at Gu Qingying’s belly.

Suddenly, her lips and teeth flicked open and she uttered a sentence that caused Gu Qingying to freeze on the spot.

Barbara suddenly said, “Senior Xu told me to protect Auntie and protect him even more, Auntie Qingying, is he a younger brother or a younger sister?”

Chapter 1676

Inside the room.

There was silence.

Gu Qingying lay on the bed, dazed and lost in thought.

Barbara’s words echoed in her ears.

There is no harm in children’s words.

But at this moment, it was as if an invisible needle had gently poked at Gu Qingying’s nerves.

Xu Qingfeng …… taught?

“Aunt Qingying.”

A barbarian did not wait for Gu Qingying’s reply and raised her eyes towards Gu Qingying.

Gu Qingying’s eyes regained focus and said with a smile, “Auntie doesn’t know either, does Barbara hope it’s a younger brother or a younger sister?”

Barbara C*cked her head in thought and smiled playfully, “A younger sister.”

“Then it’s a younger sister.”

Gu Qingying smiled and turned to her words, “Barbara, did Elder Xu teach you what he said just now?”

Barbara froze for a moment, playfully spat out her tongue and said with a smile, “Ah grin, it was me who rambled on, Barbara wanted to protect her aunt and sister, it wasn’t Elder Xu who taught her.”

Sure enough!

Gu Qingying calmed down, dotingly rubbed Barbara’s hair and smiled gently, “Barbara is still so young, how can she protect auntie and sister, if she wants to protect, it’s also auntie who protects sister and Barbara.”

“Then let’s protect each other.”

Barbara grinned, her big eyes curved into crescents, and she raised her right hand and bent it in a fierce manner, “Don’t underestimate Barbara, when Barbara was in the snowy plains, she used to go hunting with her father and brother!”

Gu Qingying smiled and nodded in agreement, but in her heart she was not impressed.

It was true that the environment in the Great Snowy Plain was cruel.

It was true that Barbara had gone hunting with her family.

But at such an age, even if he had gone out with them, he would have been closely guarded, so how could he still let Barbara go hunting?


Crackle …… Crackle ……

The firewood burned and was steaming hot.

The wavering flames imprinted Chen Dong’s figure on the fire bed with more than a sway.

The air is filled with the smell of burning ash from the firewood.

Outside the window, the wind is bitterly cold, howling like the cry of an evil spirit.

Chen Dong looked focused, his whole body in an ethereal state.

The carving knife in his hand, little by little, carefully engraved the wooden carving in his hand.

Little by little, the wood chips were like snow flakes flying down to the ground.

Each movement is extraordinarily careful.

Even the force, and the position of each finger on the carving, were all extremely careful.

If Wolf had been here, he would have been dumbfounded.

It was because the clear features that had not been carved by Chen Dong for a long time were now becoming clearer under Chen Dong’s carving knife.

Even Chen Dong himself did not notice.

In a state of ethereal concentration, there was only one thought in his mind – carving!

As for the extent of the carving, it was difficult for him to discover.

Under the light of the flames.

The five features of the carved wooden figure became clearer and clearer.

With Chen Dong’s carving knife, the figure became more and more three-dimensional, and the feeling of being lifelike came over him.

Of course, it was only the head of the carved wooden figure that was carved out.


Finally, when the last knife fell, taking away a tiny bit of wood dust.

Chen Dong’s eyes snapped into focus and drew out of his ethereal state extremely quickly.

“The carving is out!”

Chen Dong’s body visibly loosened up and smiled like a weight had been lifted.

The words had just fallen.

He suddenly frowned, “Strange, how come I don’t feel that very uncomfortable feeling again today?”

After losing his memory.

That nightmare-like shock, a presence that could only be counteracted by carving each time, he didn’t know exactly what it was, only that when that shock appeared, it was uncomfortable.

But for the last two days, it hadn’t even reappeared!

In the previous few days, with the shocks over and over again, Chen Dong had even gradually figured out a hint of a pattern that seemed to be there.

And was able to hold his carving knife and wooden carving in advance to prepare to resist when it was expected to appear soon.

But in the latter two days, every time he expected it, after getting into a state of readiness in advance to counteract it, that kind of impact never appeared.

He hadn’t felt it clearly before; after all, carving wooden sculptures before had always been a matter of failing and starting over.

Only this time!

Because this time, he had truly carved out the head of the wooden statue!

He had lost his memory, but he was not stupid.

The carved state could indeed withstand that kind of impact, but it was definitely impossible to crush it directly into nothingness.

That impact, if it was indeed still there, would have made it equally absolutely impossible for him to carve out the figure’s head in its entirety this time!

However, this thought was only a fleeting one in Chen Dong’s mind.

His attention soon fell on the wooden carving of the figure.

Excitement, ecstasy ……

The wooden carved head in front of him had clearly distinguishable features, a long ponytail, and the roots of his hair were all carved with incomparable clarity and vividness, as if it were a living person.

Even if it was just a head, it was a huge breakthrough for Chen Dong!

Not bothering to put on his robe, he ran out of the room in his bare feet and rushed into Wolf and Doggie’s room.

The sleeping Wolf and Dog Wa Zi were woken up by Chen Dong.

“Brother Dog, what time is it, you’re not sleeping?”

Dog Wa Zi rubbed his eyes and grumbled.

“Look, I, I’ve finally carved it out!”

Chen Dong excitedly waved the wooden carving in front of both A Wolf’s father and son’s eyes.

Wolf snapped awake, took the wooden carving and said excitedly, “You actually carved it!”

As he said so, he surveyed the wooden carved head and nodded his head repeatedly in praise.

“The form is real, the meaning is real, it’s lifelike …… This skill is already comparable to those master carvers!”

“Abba, as far as that goes?”

The dog boy was obviously still a bit up and about, rolling his eyes and saying.


A wolf simply slapped the dog boy on the head: “What do you know, just this head alone, even if I can catch up with it in another twenty years, it’s still up in the air!”

“It’s Dog’s turn to brag, why are you helping him?” Gouwazi said.

“It starts with skill and ends with intention. Those who can carve with resemblance abound, but those who can make it feel lifelike are few and far between!”

Wolf held the wooden carving and praised it as if it were a treasure: “Just this wisp of heroism between the woman’s eyebrows, do you think you can carve it with a few strokes?”

While father and son were talking, they did not notice Chen Dong in front of the fire.

Especially when Wolf said the word “Ying Qi”, Chen Dong’s brow suddenly furrowed and the excitement and ecstasy on his face disappeared.



In a flash, Chen Dong’s eyes were darkened.

His brow was furrowed into a frown, and his whole body fell into a daze.

This state lasted for nearly five seconds.

Suddenly, two beams of brilliant light erupted from his eyes.

As if Chen Dong’s entire body had been struck by electricity, his eyes glared and without warning, he suddenly shot out his hand and snatched the wooden sculpture from Wolf’s hand.

“Ah Dog, what’s wrong with you?”

Ah Wolf was startled for a moment.

Under the watchful eyes of both father and son, Chen Dong did not hesitate and brazenly threw the wooden carving into the campfire.

“Dog, you’re crazy, what are you doing burning a treasure that was so hard to carve!”

Wolf hurriedly rolled out of bed and tried to retrieve the wooden carving from the fire, but he was yanked to death by the dog.

Chen Dong, however, stood still, his gaze vacant as he stared into the bonfire, as if he was hysterical, shaking his head over and over again.

“No, no, I didn’t carve it right!”

“It’s not her, it shouldn’t be this woman, I’ve carved it wrong!”

“I carved another person, why did she appear, she wasn’t even in my mind, I clearly had another person in my mind!”

“Wrong carving! I’m wrong too, then I should burn it and start again!”