Winner Takes All Chapter 1671-1672

Chapter 1671

“Giving up the pursuit of the morning bell and evening drum?”

Chen Daolin’s face was gloomy and somewhat reluctant.

“Dao Lin!”

Chen Daogun gave a sidelong glance, “I know what you think, Morning Bell and Twilight Drum do deserve to die, but there are more important things to do now, and Dong’er is now safe and sound and is hiding the devil, I think this is great news from heaven, it is time to stop in moderation.”

Earlier it was unclear about Chen Dong’s situation.

Everyone was holding on to a silver lining and making a last ditch effort.

Hunting down the few worldly outsiders involved in Zhenjiang City was also a way to knock the mountain out of the way and spit out their anger.

Even though Chen Daoling insisted on continuing to hunt down the morning bell and evening drum after killing the gravekeeper.

Neither Chen Daogun nor the Sixth Master Jiang ever objected.

But, this was a moment of peace.


The wind and snow howled.

Chen Daoling, with his face full of depression, stood in place like a statue.

Half a long time later, his tightly furrowed brow stretched out, “Old Ancestor, give your orders.”

“Return to the Windwave Ancient City and hold on to that!”

Chen Daogun said in a deep voice, “The great power is added to Dong’er’s body, and that is likewise our place to build up our strength!”

With a whirlwind.

He looked at Master Khongkong again, “Old Vulture, as for you, you might as well continue to walk the earth, since you are out, then walk more, see the sorrow and suffering in this human world, and amend your compa*sion.”


Master Empty Sky raised his eyebrows and looked at Chen Daojun in confusion, seemingly somewhat not understanding what Chen Daojun meant by this.

Chen Daojun rubbed his chin and smiled coldly, “A leaf is blind, your obsession is too deep, don’t you think that your Dao has deviated from compa*sion?”

“Amitabha Buddha.”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands, nodded his head and bowed his head.

There was no excessive delay.

Chen Daoling and Master Empty Sky, soon left this northwest extinct land straight away, disappearing into the wind and snow.

On the contrary, Chen Daojun and Master Jiang Liuxu remained standing in place, lofty and unmoving.

They waited for a long time.

Only then did Jiang Sixth Master ask in a complicated voice, “You left me alone, is there something else that you don’t feel comfortable letting them hear?”


A sound came out of Chen Daojun’s mouth and nose.


A bitterly cold Qi swept out from around him in an instant.

The fierce snowstorm around him suddenly disappeared.

The qi energy directly formed a transparent barrier, encasing Chen Daogun and Jiang Sixth Master, isolating everything.

Master Jiang was silent, waiting for the rest.

Chen Daogun pondered for a moment, rubbed his chin, and said in a deep voice, “How could I have not expected that Dong’er could actually enter the Hidden Demon Realm on his own?”

“That’s a bit funny, he was created by you.”

Master Jiang laughed playfully, “You mean he is now completely out of control in your hands?”

“When the Pan Gu Project was first established, Chen Dong became the only choice for Chen Daojun, and that was from the time he was born.

Chen Daolin’s abandonment of his wife and son, and even Chen Dong’s childhood experience, all had traces of Chen Daogun’s secret involvement.

All of this, before, might have been confined to the secrets of Chen Daogun and Chen Daolin, but now Master Jiang has already understood it.

A man who had been reformed by the book from his mother’s womb could actually lose control?

“This is indeed hilarious!”

Chen Daojun nodded, echoing Master Jiang Liu, “But it’s true, and it might scare you to say it, but there’s something even more terrifying.”


Master Jiang Liu’s face paled.

Chen Daojun’s gaze was as deep as two black holes, unable to see the slightest bit of brilliance as he smiled bitterly.

“I lost control of Dong’er far earlier than you perceive!”

“How is this possible?”

The Sixth Master Jiang sat waxing on the spot, his eyes wide with disbelief.

What he perceived as Chen Daogun’s loss of control over Chen Dong, that was pretty much during this recent period of time, poorly felt very clearly from Chen Daogun’s surprise excitement over Chen Dong’s entry into the Hidden Demon Realm.

But even earlier ……

In shock, a vicious chill fiercely ran from the soles of Jiang Liuji’s feet straight to the sky!

“In vain, I counted everything, but I could not count on Dong’er, the only person of great power. ,”

Chen Daojun smiled to himself, “The Pan Gu Project has indeed completely transformed Dong’er’s genetic sequence, giving him infinite possibilities, but Dong’er’s ability to preserve his memories and become the first person in the long history after his Daoist heart was planted with a demon can indeed be attributed to the effect of genetic transformation, but the Hidden Demon Realm …… that is only in the theoretical realm only.”

“Genetic transformation is perfect again, spare me the certainty that it can really achieve this effect, in a way, how is the Dao heart seeding demon not a short-lived genetic mutation?”

“Hiss ……”

The cold wind was bitterly cold, but Master Jiang Liu could not help but suck in a breath of cold air backwards.

The look of shock had completely turned into panic.

The essence of Daoist Mind Seeding Demon was sacrificing sanity to gain immense battle power and become a killing machine.

On a microscopic level, it was indeed an outburst of extreme squeezing of genetic power over a period of time.

According to what Chen Daojun said, it would mean that Chen Dong had undergone another genetic mutation after his own genetic alteration, and the Hidden Devil Realm …… was the third genetic mutation!

Once could be explained.

Two times can also be explained.

But three times …… is really possible?

The Sixth Master Jiang was not sure and could not even believe that this was the reality.

He was still “calm” on the surface, but his heart had already raised a huge wave.


Suddenly, a sharp look came into his eyes and he suddenly realised a crucial question.

“Wait! You said you had lost control of Chen Dong a long time ago, but what you are saying now was clearly in the time period not too long ago!”


Chen Daogun closed his eyes and looked up to the heavens as he said in a deep voice, “But I suspect that Dong’er’s ability to enter the Hidden Demon Realm is not attributed to the genetic transformation of the Pan Gu Project, but …… the bizarre rune on his body!”


Master Jiang Liu looked at Chen Daojun with a dumbfounded expression.

“I’ve seen it once!”

Chen Daogun’s voice was low and hoarse, even with a hint of fear: “Back when Dong’er had become a demon, that complicated and dense rune had manifested on his body, all over his body, extremely bizarre, but to this day, I haven’t even figured out where exactly that rune came from and what it does!”

The words fell.

His eyes snapped open, and he stared at Jiang Liuji with a dense sense of fear, “And I can be certain that the runes that are all over his body are no longer part of Pan Gu’s plan at all!”

“This ……”

Jiang Sixth Master’s face was as pale as paper, and his body trembled uncontrollably.

An extremely terrifying thought burst forth in his mind.

It was like a monstrous tsunami that swept through his mind.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, this thought was the only one that could explain Chen Daojun’s doubts!

“I didn’t care about that rune before, I thought it might just be a mutation after genetic transformation, after all, after Dong’er’s Daoist heart was planted with a demon, once he became a demon his face would be full of veins and veins, he has those veins all over his body, it makes sense when you think about it.”

Chen Daojun’s eyes trembled a little, “But this time Dong’er was able to enter the legendary theoretical realm, I have to suspect and think more, only when this connection is made, it seems that Dong’er’s ability to enter the Hidden Demon Realm can barely be explained!”

“The Third Man!”

Master Jiang Liu used all his strength to squeeze his voice out of his teeth, he was very reluctant to accept this reality, but this was the only possibility that could explain it!

“From the time you transformed Chen Dong, perhaps at the beginning, or during the transformation process, there was actually a third person who had already secretly participated and transformed Chen Dong together, only that person hid very well and concealed not only from Chen Dong, but also from you!”

Chapter 1672

There was a dead silence.

The Qi emanating from Chen Daojun’s body isolated everything.

However, at this moment, it was with these words that both Chen Daogun and Jiang Liuji felt a vicious chill sweep through their bodies.

Who exactly is the third person ……?

The third person who was able to participate in Chen Daogun’s “Pan Gu Project” from more than 20 years ago, and unknowingly, became the third person to transform Chen Dong.

Even Chen Daogun himself felt terrified when he thought of this alone.

“There are only three people involved in the Pan Gu Project, you, Dao Lin, and Chen Dong, but Chen Dong is the one being transformed, to be exact only you and Dao Lin are the ones being transformed.”

The Sixth Master Jiang’s eyes shifted as his old face did not hide his scorn and fear: “This third person was actually able to conceal himself from the two of you and transform Chen Dong, how strong must he be?”

At the end of his sentence, Master Jiang Liu’s voice trembled a little.

Fear, hocked to the bone.

As a member of Jiang’s family, he knew Chen Daogun’s background and identity better than anyone else.

To put it politely, Chen Daogun was the undeserved number one in the world of the human race today.

On the contrary, this third person was actually able to override Chen Daogun, the number one in the world!

“This is what scares me the most.”

Chen Daojun smiled bitterly, “To be able to conceal himself from me, and for twenty years without my knowledge, he is hiding too well, and just the question of whether he is an enemy or a friend is appalling enough.”

Master Jiang Liu’s heart snapped into his throat and his jaws were splitting.

Putting everything aside.

Chen Daojun had really hit the nail on the head with those words!

If the other party was a friend, then everything was fine, the big deal was that when Chen Dong set out on the Heavenly Path in the future, he would just rightfully share his share of the pie.

But what if it was an enemy?

An enemy who was above Chen Daogun and who knew nothing about him could pose a threat and a danger greater than the sum of all the rival forces in the world today!

“Do you think it could be Xu Qingfeng?”

Chen Daojun suddenly rubbed his chin and raised his eyebrows in speculation.


The Sixth Master Jiang hesitated for a moment, his gaze drifting.

Not waiting for Jiang Sixth Master to reply.

Chen Daojun then smiled mockingly, “I was also shocked, how could I have thought of Xu Qingfeng, twenty years ago he stole the clan was also in a storm, how could he have calculated all that, how could he have also calculated Dong’er with him, a milquetoast yellow-mouthed child, there is no way he could have concealed me for twenty years under my nose!”

As he spoke, his brow once again appeared out of the corner of his eye.

Such an undercurrent stemmed from his status as number one in the world!

Xu Qingfeng was indeed a genius, and if he, Chen Daogun, were not still alive and oppressing the world, it would not take long for Xu Qingfeng’s demonic talent to stand proudly at the number one position in the world.

But he, Chen Daogun, was around, so it was certain that the third person was not Xu Qingfeng!

“But if it’s not him, then who else could it be?”

Jiang Liuxu sulked suspiciously.

“That’s why I left you alone.”

Chen Daojun gazed profoundly at Jiang Sixth Master, “This time, I need to ask your Jiang Family to open the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.”


The Sixth Master Jiang’s face suddenly changed, and his brows tightened into a Chuan frown.

The Hidden Scripture Pavilion, that was one of the Jiang Family’s greatest treasures!

It contained all sorts of precious collections, secret historical materials, martial arts techniques, cultivation realms ……

Even ……

At the thought of this.

As if Chen Daojun knew the worries of Jiang Sixth Master, he opened his mouth and said soothingly, “I know what you are worried about, don’t worry, even if the Hidden Scripture Pavilion is opened, all six dragons of your Jiang Family can enter with me to spy on me, I won’t mess around, I also know exactly what is in your Jiang Family’s Hidden Scripture Pavilion, I just want to see if there is anything about Dong’er’s body runes in your Jiang Family’s vast collection of records!”

“Once we figure out the runes, perhaps …… we can figure out who that third person really is!”

“It’s good that you understand.”

The Sixth Master Jiang slowly tilted his head and looked towards the night sky overhead: “If you can do all this, perhaps I can ask my five brothers to agree to open the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, but I hope you keep your promise, there are some things that once the rules are broken, they have to be forbidden!”

The words were deep and meaningful.

“The immortal dao is slim, the heavenly dao is vast, your Jiang family is even more far more fluid than my Chen family, inherited from the eight ancient surnames, the roots are red, there are some rules that, at my age, I know to abide by!”

Chen Daojun gave a meaningful and teasing smile.

The blanket of night.

The qi energy gradually subsided.

And Chen Daogun and Jiang Liuji, like ghosts, disappeared into the wind and snow darkness in just a few breaths.


“Where the hell are you …… going?”

Jiang Qilin’s face was as cold as frost as he looked at the snowy lion in the distance.

Darkness enveloped.

The night sky was starless and moonless.

The wind and snow were bitterly cold.

This was already the land of the Northern Region.

But the Snowy Lion still had no intention of stopping.

But Jiang Qilin knew very well that the Snowy Lion had long since lost its “Beast King Protection” to Chen Dong.

However, this stubborn beast had still stubbornly come to the Northern Domain in the past few days.

“Ouch! ……”

The lofty body of the snowy lion gave a fierce lion’s roar, forcing the wind and snow to roll backwards, and the huge head of the lion immediately turned its head, and the lion’s eyes gazed towards Jiang Qilin.

In an instant.

Jiang Qilin’s body shook violently, and his evil and handsome face was filled with horror and shock.

Just by looking at him.

He felt an unspeakable resignation in the eyes of the Snowy Lion!

It was like a tidal wave, a mountainous roar, and with just this glance, it crashed directly into his eyes.

“Roar ……”

Just as Jiang Qilin was shocked and hesitant, the Snowy Lion once again let out a roar that was so fierce and violent that it seemed to be threatening.

The next second.

The Snowy Domain Male Lion fiercely turned its head, and its huge limbs fiercely stomped on the ground, charging directly towards the deeper Northern Domain.

The ground was faintly trembling.

The snow lifted all over the sky.

“Wait ……”

Jiang Qilin’s expression changed greatly, and he was about to chase after him immediately.

But as soon as his right foot took a step, it smashed down to the ground with a thud, stopping his form hard.

In the wind and snow, a self-deprecating smile appeared on his cold and evil face.

“Heh …… you willing to search for him? Don’t want me to keep following? So be it!”

Finished speaking.

He turned around and walked in the direction of the domain.

The other side.

Rumble ……

The ground trembled.

Rolling waves of snow covered the sky.

“Huh! The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, how come all of them have returned to the city, have they given up?”

In the darkness, a startled eek rang out at first.

A figure was faintly visible, standing in the wind and snow, facing the monstrous waves of snow in the distance.

The figure was dressed in a black cloak that concealed his figure, as motionless as a statue.

He waited until the Snow Dragon Riders had completely disappeared into the darkness, leaving only the ground to shake.

Only then did the figure move.

He stepped towards the distance, one step at a time, extraordinarily determined, like a ghost in the darkness of the night, silent.

Even the 10,000-man squad of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army led by Jin Wei in Fangxue did not notice his presence at all.

“Brother Dong …… you must still be alive, right?”

A firm voice, dissolving in the wind and snow.


A cluster of golden light suddenly blossomed from beneath the cloaked black shadow’s feet, forming a golden light Taiji Bagua.

As soon as the golden light appeared, it ran straight upwards, following the black cloaked figure forward and isolating the wind and snow above his head.

“Consult the stars, divine the trigrams of the world, and those who are enriched with qi will be the one who disappears from the Great Dao, you must have a chance of survival, right?”

“I don’t kneel to the sky, I don’t kneel to the earth, I don’t kneel to my father, but I kneel to you, this time I also kneel to the sky and ask the heavens to bless you for once. I know that my master has always said that my cultivation is not enough and told me to cultivate more and not to enter the world, but I want to find you, even if I measure every inch of this vast snowy plain with my feet.”

“Because I believe it’s not that you’re gone, brother, but that I’m too weak to count you out!”

“Because …… you are my brother and have never let the beast in me down ……”