Winner Takes All Chapter 1669-1670

Chapter 1669

A blanket of flying snow blurs the view.

In the north-west of the country, the yellow sand is followed by a bone-chilling snowstorm.

It is a cruel environment, even more so than the snowfields outside the country.

At least on the snowfields, there are still living beings.

But here, in this forbidden zone!

The three figures were moving quickly with firm footsteps against the fierce snowstorm.

If one looked closely, it was possible to see that a layer of transparent airflow, visible to the naked eye, enveloped the trio against the fierce snowstorm.

“It’s gone again!”

Master Jiang Liu frowned in anger.

“Then keep looking!”

Chen Daolin’s stern and sullen voice: “The good ones have all been slaughtered, so it’s time to gnaw on the hard bones, otherwise do you really think my Dong’er has no one behind him?”

Master Jiang looked at Chen Daoling with difficulty.

Originally, they had planned to kill the Gravekeeper and destroy the Li family, and then it would be over.

But Chen Daolin was as if he was obsessed, vowing to hunt down and kill the Morning Bell and the Evening Drum.

When they reached such a desperate place, with the fierce snowstorm, even their senses would be weakened, and the traces on the ground would be covered by heavy snow just after the first foot had pa*sed, making it impossible to track them!

“Then continue the pursuit!”

Chen Daojun said coldly, “It’s also true, they have bullied Dong’er, we do have to back him up!”

Backing up?

Master Jiang looked at Chen Daojun in surprise and dismay.

Why was Daogun being a jerk too?

“In the great game of heaven and earth, it’s not a good idea to back him up again and again!”

The Sixth Master Jiang felt the need to dissuade him and spoke in a cold voice.

Chen Daogun smiled coldly, “Little Six, how can you still not understand such a unique opportunity?”

Sixth Master Jiang’s expression choked.

It was Chen Daolin who smiled, “If we don’t kill them, they will jump out again in the future, so while the world is now in turmoil and hiding in the shadows, we should purge a few of them in advance, so that it will be quiet and save time.”

Master Jiang Liu: “……”

The first thing you need to do is to think about it, but he shook his head helplessly.

The words had come to this, even if he did not agree with the two men’s words, there was nothing he could do about it.


Suddenly, Chen Daojun raised his eyebrows, and a ripple finally appeared on his cold face as he looked in a direction in surprise.

“Stop, someone is coming.”


Chen Daojun and Jiang Liuji followed and looked over at the same time.

There was a blanket of wind and snow and a bone-chilling sky.

The darkness was so shrouded that it was impossible to see anything at all.

However, the two had no doubt about Chen Daojun’s words; in appearance it looked like the three were not far apart in age, but the titular Chen family ancestor had enough strength to surpa*s the two just from the years he had survived and accumulated.

They waited for a few seconds.

Suddenly, a sound of chanting came from afar.

It was obviously very soft, and it was not even possible to hear the exact bytes of the chanting, but it was able to cover up the fierce snowstorm, wrapped in a terrifying and vast pressure that swept in.

“This is ……”

Chen Daolin’s brows knitted together in some surprise: “Didn’t he go to find Dong’er?”

“The northwest and the snowy plains of the northern region are thousands of miles apart, how did the old baldy suddenly arrive over here and head straight for us!”

Master Jiang Liu frowned in contemplation.

The Northwest and the North Region were both extremely cruel environments to live in.

But they were worlds apart.

The snowy plains of the North could at least be called a living environment.

But in this northwest barren land, that is the real barren land, there is no so-called survival environment to speak of.

Looking for someone …… could never find this way!

Not to mention, Chen Dong’s accident was at a place outside Zhenjiang City, which is more than a thousand miles away from here?

Just like that, the other party is directly through the secret method, lock the location of several people where, straight to come.

“Perhaps …… Dong’er is accounted for?”

Chen Daojun raised his eyebrows, his eyes flashed out a beam of fine awnings.

As soon as the words came out, the puzzled and dismayed Chen Daolin and Jiang Liuji simultaneously had a bright aura in their eyes.

The current situation, under Chen Daogun’s control, had already been imposed on Chen Dong.

Everything revolved around Chen Dong.

When Chen Dong had an accident in Zhenjiang City, the world’s great power also came to an abrupt end.

The sound of Chen Dong …… far surpa*ses anything that is happening now!

The sound of chanting scriptures became clearer and louder.

Gradually, the sound of Master Khongkong’s chanting echoed completely in heaven and earth.

The sound of the furious snowstorm all fell to silence at this point.

A faint golden light appeared in the darkness in the distance.

Surrounded by the golden light, a lofty and upright figure was faintly visible, striding towards us.

Even from a distance away, Chen Daolin could still feel the fearful majesty of the Buddha coming over them.

Calm, ethereal, majestic ……

It was a very domineering, bloodthirsty, fierce and special aura that was intimidating!

“Namo Amitabha Buddha ……”

In the distance, Master Kongkong recited a Buddhist hymn under his breath, the thunderous sound rolling and deafening.

Chen Daojun took a step forward, his aura was like a mountain being pulled up from the ground, and his right hand was wrapped in a Qi train that swung out boldly, scattering the wind and snow in the heaven and earth opposite to Master Khongkong.

He then said, “Old baldy, what are you pretending to be?”

Master Empty Air: “……”

Do these few Chen family members …… have any manners at all?

Seeing Master Khongkong coming quickly.

Chen Daolin, who was worried about his son, could no longer hold back, and with a fierce surge of qi, like an arrow off the string, he rushed directly towards Master Khongkong.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Daojun and Master Jiang Liu also moved at the same time.

The distance was obviously very far, but when both sides moved at the same time, it took only a few breaths to reach the front.

“Master, is there any news of Dong’er’s whereabouts?”

Chen Daolin grabbed Master Kongkong in his eagerness.

“Don’t panic, Master!”

Master Kongkong said calmly.

“Master, is there any news of Dong’er’s whereabouts?”

Chen Daoling couldn’t help but increase the force of his hands, pinching several red marks on Master Kongkong’s wrists.

Master Empty Space: ……

“How did you find your way here?”

Chen Daojun did not dissuade Chen Daoling, but gazed profoundly at Master Empty Sky: “According to reason, your cultivation realm, which has not yet reached this level, thousands of miles away, accurately capturing our location, is simply impossible.”

Master Jiang Liu also gazed curiously at Master Khongkong.

Tracing thousands of miles away, this in itself was something that could only be done at a great cultivation level.

The Jiang family had a deep heritage, and there was indeed such a method in the treasured tomes.

But in a thousand years, there was no one who could practice this technique!

Ask yourself, the Sixth Master Jiang alone never feared to face the Empty Master, not to say 50/50, at least he could achieve a 40/60 split, he six, the Empty Master four ……

The Jiang family of the family clan would not have this kind of uncanny tactics, an old bald a*s guarding a green lamp …… that would be even more impossible!

If Grandmaster Empty really has such a means, Jiang Six might have to report to the Jiang family and rea*sess the level of this worldly man’s battle prowess!

Master Empty Sky smiled faintly, “Naturally, I walked over.”

Chen Daojun: “……”

Sixth Master Jiang: “……”

“Where is my son?”

Chen Daoling was anxious, snapping an instrument out of his pocket and throwing it into the snow, “Master, if you keep pretending, the satellite positioning old man won’t carry it!”

Master Empty Air: “……”

The gazes of Chen Daojun and Master Jiang Liuxu at Master Emptykong became strange at the same time.

Noticing the two men’s gazes, Master Khong Khong’s old face was somewhat embarra*sed, and he was busy clasping his hands together, chanting a Buddhist hymn and changing the subject.

“Almighty Master Chen does have his whereabouts.”


Chen Daoling was ecstatic.

Rao Chen Daojun and Jiang Sixth Master’s eyes also erupted with a shining light, revealing joy.

There was a whereabouts …… then at least it proved that the person was still alive!

Instead of being buried directly under the Heavenly Punishment Thunder in the first place and flying into oblivion!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The empty empty master frowned tightly, puzzled, said: “But the Chen Shiyi is very odd, the poor monk Buddha nature did probe his demonic energy, and also formed a Buddha-devil confrontation, but this process also only in the first time, the longest duration, after a week, the poor monk countless times want to provoke the Buddha-devil confrontation again, trying to probe clearly the specific location of the Chen Shiyi, and the distance between the poor monk. ”

There was a pause.

His voice suddenly became somewhat trembling with fear: “But I don’t know what happened, but the duration of Master Chen’s demonic Qi, one time was shorter than another, and he …… seemed to be able to control his demonic Qi!”


Chen Daojun let out a startled cry, a rare loss of composure, a step forward, grabbed Master Kongkong’s wrist: “Old bald donkey, monks do not deceive, Dong’er really as you said, can hide the devil?”

Chapter 1670

“Hidden Devil?!”

In the darkness, the startled voices of Chen Daoling and Master Khongkong rang out simultaneously.

Even the sixth master of Jiang could not help but let out a startled cry, his eyes burning as he stared at Chen Daogun.

The Jiang family was a noble family clan, and its long heritage had given it a terrifying heritage to support the fall of the edifice.

The family’s collection of cla*sical sub-collections was as vast as a sea of smoke.

Even so, the word “Hidden Demon” was completely beyond the sixth master Jiang’s knowledge.

“Old baldy, I’m asking you a question!”

Chen Daojun ignored it, his eyes narrowed into slits as he gazed at Master Khongkong.

Eager, anxious, flustered ……

All sorts of emotions that should not have appeared in Chen Daojun’s body were all present at this moment.

Master Empty Sky, who was being grabbed by Chen Daogun’s wrist, felt the changes in Chen Daogun and could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“What exactly is a hidden demon?”


Chen Daojun’s right hand once again exerted a force and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “I am asking you, is Dong’er really what you say he is?”


Master Empty Sky ate the pain and responded with dryness and decisiveness.

Finally, Chen Daojun took a deep breath, and a wide, excited smile could not be suppressed on his face.

He let go of Grandmaster Empty and staggered back a step, laughing out loud while even losing his composure and clapping his hands three times in a row.

“Well, well, congratulations, double happiness, heaven help me!”

A series of ecstatic laughter made Chen Daolin’s three people dumbfounded and confused.

What exactly was the meaning of the so-called Hidden Demon ……?

However, Chen Daogun’s out-of-sorts reaction before him made Chen Daolin understand that the so-called “hidden devil” should be no less surprising than Chen Dong being safe and sound!

Almost half a minute later.

Only then did Chen Daogun gradually calmed down.

For an ordinary person, this speed might be considered fast.

But for Chen Daojun’s state of mind, half a minute to calm down was really too long and should not have happened to him at all.

Seeing Chen Daojun stop laughing, Jiang Sixth Master was the first to speak up and ask, “Daojun, what exactly is a hidden demon?”

“In your Jiang Family’s Hidden Scripture Pavilion, there should be canonical scriptures that have recorded such a special case.”

Daojun Chen raised an eyebrow and smiled teasingly, “Since you don’t know, it seems that you’re not trying hard, Little Sixth.”

Sixth Master Jiang: “……”

If it was someone else who said these words, he would have already exploded in thunderous rage.

The only person under the sky who could make him completely lose his temper was Chen Daojun, the sixth master of the Jiang family.

“The Daoist Heart Planting Demon, you are all clear.”

Chen Daojun swept past the three before saying slowly: “The path of the martial arts, greed, anger, hatred …… all sorts of constraints, hardships and obstacles, the dao heart planting demons is one of the extreme examples, there is no shortage of dao heart planting demons in the long history, but when viewed in the long history, it is only a chat. ”

“And the Hidden Demon …… might be called another advanced version of the Daoist Heart Seeding Demon, or a higher realm above the Daoist Heart Seeding Demon!”


The sound was like loud thunder, deafening.

In a flash, Chen Daoling, Jiang Sixth Master and Master Kongkong sat waxing on the spot.

In a trance, the sound of Chen Daogun’s voice, the aftermath of which was still ringing in their ears, even blanked out a little in the minds of the three.

After the Daoist Heart Planting Demon …… there was a higher realm?

Is this true?

Chen Daogun’s face was flushed with redness, and his words turned: “But this realm of Hidden Demon, in a sense, still exists only in theory, at least after the ancient times, so far, it is all theory, information from the ancient times, which can be pa*sed down, but only few, it is difficult to conclude the existence of this realm in the ancient times.”

Chen Daolin’s three faces were different, but they did not make a sound, but quietly waited for Chen Daogun’s next words.

The Hidden Demon Realm was already beyond their knowledge of the Daoist Heart Seeding Demon.

The only way to understand it was through Chen Daogun’s mouth.

Chen Daogun rubbed his chin and said slowly, “After the Dao heart is planted with a demon, once one becomes a demon, one’s battle power skyrockets, making one a senseless killing machine, and the Hidden Demon is to refine the demonic nature little by little after the Dao heart is planted with a demon, making the power of the demon one’s own power, as one’s arm, invincible!”

“This ……”

Chen Daolin’s eyebrows tightened: “This is good for Dong’er, of sorts!”

“Should have seen it coming, should have seen it coming!”

The sixth master Jiang suddenly remembered something and nodded his head repeatedly.

And at this moment, Master Kongkong’s eyes also fiercely burst with essence as he folded his hands and chanted the Buddha’s hymn, “Amitabha Buddha, if that is the case, then everything is as it should be!”

“It is deserved, it is simply too deserved for Dong’er!”

Chen Daojun nodded and agreed.

Whether it was him, or Master Jiang Liu and Master Kongkong, they were all well aware of Chen Dong’s terrifying battle power after he had become a demon, and even more so, they understood how Chen Dong had planted a demon in his heart.

To put it politely, Chen Dong was a special case among all those who had planted demons in their hearts in the long history.

An existence that had managed to preserve fragments of memory even after entering the demon early on, an existence that had been able to harden such a great bane as the Daoist Heart Seeding Demon and evolve it into its own battle card in an unconventional manner, and was now able to enter the Hidden Demon Realm, was simply too understandable!

From the very beginning, Chen Dong’s Daoist Heart Seeding Demon had behaved differently from everyone else!

Chen Daojun couldn’t help but rub his hands together, “I should have thought of this a long time ago, but the Hidden Demon Realm is so harsh that it even exists only in theory, causing me to overlook all of this, in fact, since the beginning of Dong’er’s Dao Heart Seeding, he might have been developing towards the Hidden Demon Realm little by little, while we were worrying about his Dao Heart Seeding, he advanced without a word, hahahahaha ……”

“So, what should we do now?”

When Master Empty Sky asked this, he was looking at Chen Daoling.

Sensing Master Empty Sky’s gaze, Chen Daoling, who was immersed in joy, hesitated.

He did not wait for him to speak.

Chen Daogun then smiled austerely, his eyebrows bursting with energy, and he said with a clear mind: “Hide it! Let Dong’er hide well and complete the metamorphosis of the Hidden Demon Realm on his own, as long as this process is successful, the chances of success on the future Heavenly Trek will rise by several more percent, at that time even if those people outside the world want to stop it, they will have to weigh whether they are Dong’er’s opponent or not!”

“Big brother ……”

Chen Daolin wanted to say something but stopped.

Chen Daojun said in a serious tone, “This is Dong’er’s creation, at least now we know that he is still around and developing in a better direction, the rest is up to him, all we have to do is to pave the way for him and clear the way for him to clear up stirrers like the morning bell and evening drum!”

“Amitabha Buddha, then the poor monk will follow you.”

Master Empty Sky said calmly as he folded his hands.

With these words from Chen Daogun, the situation before us was that it would be more appropriate for Chen Dong to remain “missing” than to return to the world.

An unprecedented transformation, when he reappears, he will definitely make the world lose its colour!

If we insist on finding Chen Dong, it will be detrimental to Chen Dong’s current demonic progression!

However, just as Master Kongkong’s words were leaving his mouth, Chen Daojun suddenly turned his words around.

“Since Dong’er has his own blessing, then perhaps our plan will have to be changed!”