Winner Takes All Chapter 1667-1668

Chapter 1667

The sound of panic dissolves in the snow and wind.

Master Empty Sky sat in the snow like a statue.

His eyes were narrowed into slits as he looked anxiously at the snow wolf that he had just slapped to death.

In the past, even if this slap had brought about karma, it would never have shocked him so badly.

His qi was disordered and he vomited blood on the spot.

This was no longer a minor injury.

Buddhism speaks of karma.

At the level of Master Kong Kong, he was already able to directly feel karma and retribution.

The only thing that could have caused him to suffer such a sudden change in karma was the Xiongnu line, and he could not think of anything else.

It could only be the Xiongnu line, too, which exactly validated the thunderous rebuke Chen Daojun had given him at the beginning.

Corpses, snow wolves.

In this cruel snowy plain, hunting and being hunted was a law of survival that had existed for ages.

And just now, in his momentary excitement, he had slapped the snow wolf to death, undoubtedly blocking this simple law of survival.

“Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Empty Sky once again folded his hands and murmured guiltily, “My Buddha is merciful, the poor monk has sinned deeply, and wishes to recite a night of sutras in repentance.”

The words fell.

There was silence for three seconds.

Master Empty’s lips and teeth opened lightly, and a woozy sound suddenly rang out.

Vaguely, a dull golden light emerged from his body and enveloped his whole body.

In the darkness, it appeared as if it was hidden.

The wind and snow cried out more and more violently.

But Master Khong Khong did not move a muscle, he did not stop chanting.

The biting cold seemed to be completely abandoned by him in this state.

Gradually, the snow covered Master Khong Khong’s body.

It eventually covered him into a snowman.

And the chanting of the sutras …… continued!

The wind and snow hailed.

The surroundings were deadly silent.

The corpses of snow wolves on the ground were frozen by the cold, and their blood and water condensed into ice crystals.

Everything was frozen in place.

Only the sound of chanting and the snowflakes falling from the sky are a reminder that this world is not frozen.

Time pa*ses.

Without warning.

A strange scene appeared.

Along with Master Khang Khong’s chanting of sutras, a dull golden swastika Buddha seal suddenly flew out from the mouth of Master Khang Khong.

The swastika Buddha seal was small, only the size of a walnut.

The dull golden light made it hard to even notice in the darkness after it flew out, but it was really there.

And after it appeared, it did not disappear, but floated above Master Khongkong’s head.

Followed closely by.

A second, a third ……

One by one, the swastika Buddhist seals of dull golden light flew out of Master Khongkong’s mouth in succession, in a series, flying above his head, hovering and twisting.

This scene was divinely shocking.

It was like the special effects of a movie in Gods, Monsters and Wonders.

If there were any other people present, they would definitely sit on the spot and wax.

At this moment, it is really happening.

In just a minute’s time.

The dense golden swastika seals of Buddha formed a series of chains that converged above Master Kongkong’s head, just like a big bell, completely enveloping Master Kongkong, complicated and majestic, the Buddha’s might was immense.

Even the falling goose feathers of snow, when they were about to touch the golden bell of the swastika Buddhist seal, strangely deflected in a direction and fell diagonally towards the ground.

In the darkness.

The place where Master Empty was also became the only place where the light shone, like a star falling to the ground, dull but eye-catching.



Under the dim candlelight, there was a crunching sound.

Chen Dong looked despondently at the crumbling wooden carving in his hand and murmured in confusion, “Strange, what’s going on?”

Just now, he was immersed in the ethereal state of carving, and he had grasped every detail of the force with extreme precision, so it was reasonably impossible for a single slash to crack the wooden carving.

Although the material of the wood carving was exquisite, with Wolf helping him to select it, it was just as impossible for the problem to appear in the material.

The words had just fallen.

Chen Dong’s body jerked violently, and several veins instantly protruded from his face, his pain was unbearable, and a painful muffled grunt came out of his mouth and nose.

In a flash of lightning.

He then felt an inexplicable power appear in his body without warning, like lava, rapidly sweeping through his limbs and bones.

Shock, fear, pain ……

Chen Dong’s entire body was in a state of shock and explosion.

There was a poof!

He collapsed directly onto the fire bed, his body spasming uncontrollably.

Bearing the severe pain at the same time.

In a trance, he felt the sudden appearance of sultry sounds in the originally quiet room.

The sound was soft, quick, but inaudible.

It was as if millions of people were attached to whisper in his ears.

“What the hell is this ……?”

Chen Dong clenched his teeth and squeezed out a puzzled voice with horror from between his teeth.

Twitching, spasms.

Completely uncontrollable.

Even though he was sensibly trying to suppress the changes in his body, the lava-like searing heat flowing through his body and the soft whisper in his ears was as if his bones were torn to the marrow and went straight to his soul.


Suddenly, there was a buzzing sound.

Chen Dong’s beastly robe bulged violently, setting off a stiff and powerful wind.

Ka ka ka ka ……

The brick and stone fire bed beneath him cracked directly under the sweep of the strong wind.

And in this instant, his eyes were fiercely rendered into a blood colour.

“Ho …… ho ……”

A low, hoarse gasp sounded out from Chen Dong’s mouth and nose.

Along with his eyes looking rendered into blood, on his face, a line of veins and blood vessels protruded out, gnarled and sinuous, hideous and terrifying.

All the way down his neck and all the way up his body.

An even more bizarre scene ensued.

A dull blood light appeared from Chen Dong’s body without warning.

He subconsciously raised his hands, and the part of his wrists that were exposed beyond his sleeve robe, under the glowing blood light, a blood-coloured stripe actually emerged, as if it was a talisman, complicated and unpleasant.

“This ……”

Chen Dong’s entire body was dumbfounded, and in this state, his sanity bizarrely remained.

Dry heat!


From the inside out, the fire that was comparable to lava swept and rolled.

Chen Dong collapsed onto the fire bed and instinctively pulled off his beast robe and clothes.

His body was covered in blood light, and had already been covered in talismanic, blood-coloured patterns that were incomparably bizarre.

In severe pain, even the breath exhaled from his mouth and nose had turned into a white train visible to the naked eye.

And on the cracked fire bed beneath him, there were even traces of flames burning directly beneath him.

“What the hell is wrong with me ……?”

A low, hoarse, frightened voice reverberated through this room.

At the same time.


The thick snow covering Master Khongkong’s body exploded in response to the sound.

Buddha’s might was vast.

The golden swastika Buddha seal still surrounded his body.

But at this moment, Grandmaster Empty opened his eyes with a fierce Vajra rage, and two beams of substantial golden light burst out from them.

“In the northwest, it was sensed, very strongly, his demonic energy, fighting against the Buddha nature of the poor monk!”

After a murmur of surprise, Grandmaster Empty Sky did not dare to be the least bit slow, and continued to chant Buddhist sutras, maintaining the Swastika Buddha Seal around his body.

At the same time, he sat down sweeping strong winds that lifted him to his feet.

There was no stopping.

As soon as he stood up, Grandmaster Khong Khong took the wind out of his feet and struck off in the direction of the demonic energy he sensed.

This time it was simply an unexpected pleasure.

He only wanted to chant sutras and repent, but he did not expect to stimulate the demonic Qi that was hidden in the air and fight against it.

It was unprecedentedly clear and strong.

So much so that he was able to discern the direction of the demonic qi in an instant, and even after fighting against it for a while longer, he was able to discern the approximate distance.

In the darkness.

With golden light surrounding his body and the flow of his swastika Buddhist seal, Master Empty walked quickly through the snow with the wind at his feet.

His speed was so fast that he could be described as a god moving forward.

Behind him, he left behind a trail of stigmata.

Everywhere he pa*sed, not even a footprint was left under his feet.

The chanting of the sutra was incessant.

Always fighting against the demonic aura coming from across the sky.


Just a few kilometres after Master Khangkong had taken a step forward, his footsteps lurched and with a thud, his feet heavily left two footprints on the ground.

Above the majestic face, the original surprise and excitement was instantly transformed into horror and shock.

“Strange, how did it disappear again? The poor monk’s Buddha nature and Master Chen’s demonic energy have already communicated and fought against each other, this tug-of-war, the poor monk did not let go first, and it is even more unlikely that Master Chen, who has planted a demon in his heart, will end his demonic state so quickly.

The words were so agitated that they were almost a wail!

Chapter 1668

The wailing sound echoed through the dark winds and snow for a long time.

With Master Khong Khong’s realm of cultivation, he knew exactly what the Daoist Heart Planting Demon was!

This “accidental joy” had inexplicably brought him and Chen Dong into a situation where Buddha and devil were fighting against each other.

But the dominant power was entirely in his hands!

This, in the perception of anyone, even Chen Daojun and those outside the world, was the absolute truth.

Chen Dong’s ability to use his demonic nature as a killer weapon to enhance his battle power had already surpa*sed all Dao-hearted Demon Seeders in the long history.

It was simply impossible to use the demonic nature of the Daoist Heart Seeding Demon to be able to do what he wanted, to have one thought born and one thought destroyed.

In other words, this spaced-out resistance, which started because of Master Khong Khong, should also be extinguished because of Master Khong Khong.

Chen Dong could only pa*sively accept the confrontation, and was simply incapable of stopping the demonic nature and ending the confrontation.


The complete initiative is pinched in the hands of the empty master, this resistance, still bizarrely and abruptly ended.

The devilish aura …… was gone!

The Buddha-Devil confrontation came to an abrupt end.

If he hadn’t already traveled these thousands of meters, Master Khongkong would have even suspected that he had just been completely sleepwalking and hysterical!

“What the hell is going on? It shouldn’t be like this, it shouldn’t be like this!”

As the chanting stopped, the swastika golden Buddha seal surrounding his body gradually dissipated into the air.

He looked up suddenly and murmured with determination, “Northwest, there is no mistake about it. According to the current position of the poor monk, it is probably somewhere in the northwest border line, and it is getting closer and closer.

His eyes were resolute and his tone was firm.

But as he said these words, fine beads of sweat were still trickling down from the sides of Master Kong Kong’s temples.

What had just happened was completely untrue and not at all “scientific”!


Ch-choo …… ch-choo ……

“Phew …… phew ……”

Chen Dong was sweating profusely, and his face was still highlighted with veins and veins, hideous and terrifying.

But the blood colour of his eyes receded to nothing.

Concentration, perseverance, endurance.

Beads of bean-sized sweat rustled down.

He did not know why he had just changed so strongly.

But when it came to carving, in his panic and pain, he instinctively wanted to enter that ethereal state of carving again, so he forced himself to pick up the carving knife and the chipped wood carving and carve again with care.

In fact, he was right!

As he gradually re-entered the ethereal state of carving, he could clearly feel the pain weakening dramatically, and the burning sensation of lava in his body was rapidly becoming lighter.

Everything was moving in a good direction.

With his memory loss, he could not remember anything.

But that didn’t stop his instinct to survive when he encountered pain, even life-threatening ones!

Such instincts are never inborn, engraved in the bones, from the smallest of gra*ses to the largest of birds and animals, and man is no exception to the same.

Bit by bit, the wood chips fell down.

Chen Dong, who was absorbed in the carving, did not care what he was carving out.

The girl was always in his mind, carving …… all the time ……

As long as he could immerse himself in the ethereal state, the severe pain and torment in his body was plummeting at a clear and rapid pace.

Gradually, the dull blood light around his body also converged back into his body.

Further, the blood-coloured veins on his body, too, converged a little.

Eventually, the veins and veins on his face, too, disappeared.

Everything was like a tidal wave, it came and went as quickly as it came.

Clanging ……

Chen Dong let go of his hands, and both the carving knife and the wooden carving fell to the ground, and his whole body fell backwards onto the fire bed.

His whole body seemed to be deflated, drenched in cold sweat, and his chest was heaving even more violently.

In a very short time, it was as if he had emptied all his strength, his limbs and bones couldn’t lift a bit of energy, and his whole body was like a puddle of mud, paralysed on the fire bed, unable to move.

“What the hell was that all about just now?”

Chen Dong murmured, exhaustion rushed in like a mountainous tsunami, his eyes closed and he directly fell asleep.

The latter days were spent.

Almost every day, Chen Dong could feel that weird and bizarre shock once or twice.

But after having the first approach, whenever that shock first appeared, he was the first to pick up the carving knife and the wooden carving and enter an ethereal state to carve.

Focusing on the ethereal state still caused him pain and burning, but it was soon removed.

Even he wasn’t sure what the crux of it all was!

At first, when the three members of Wolf’s family noticed Chen Dong’s abnormalities, they were still anxious and alarmed.

But as they got more frequent, they gradually calmed down and adapted.

Every time Chen Dong had a seizure, he was in agony, but after a period of time, he would fall asleep and wake up alive again.

However, Chen Dong’s wood carving skills were sharpened by this repeated state, and he made rapid progress.

Although the carved portraits still did not have clear outlines of the five senses, the overall figure could already be carved out completely.

And …… the divine charm is abundant!

Even when Wolf held the wooden carving in his hand, he smacked his lips in amazement.

The feeling of vividness that came over him, obviously not being able to see the real features, no figurative, but the feeling of holding a “living person” in his hands!

Once everything had adjusted, Chen Dong’s sudden transformation seemed less terrifying.

He even had the feeling that if he continued for a while longer, Chen Dong might even become a master sculptor like a rocket!

Of course, this thought was only a fleeting one.

After all, Chen Dong’s painful and unbearable appearance was still quite heart-wrenching.

The night was as dark as ink.

The cold wind was like a knife.

Master Empty was hardly calm, and his entire being had an urge to freak out.

Standing in the snow, he endured the ravages of the cold wind and cracking snow.

To hell with the empty spiritual platform, to hell with the clouds, to hell with the six pure roots ……

Even with his cultivation level and state of mind, it was difficult for him to resist.

He stood in the snow and ice, his eyes covered with blood, his whole body was exhausted, and there were even glittering tears in his eyes.

“Seven days! Seven days! The poor monk has been sleeplessly trying to stir up your demonic nature again and again, but why? Your demonic nature comes and goes so quickly. Chen Dong, what exactly have you done to control your demonic nature so smoothly? It’s unscientific, completely unscientific!”

Gritting his teeth, he hissed.

Master Empty Sky was trembling all over his body, his body was like sieve chaff.

Angry, resigned ……

He racked his brains but could not understand why the Buddha-Devil confrontation, which should have been his own initiative, provoked by himself time and again, was quickly ended by Chen Dong again and again?

Daoling is not like that at all!

“Master Dao Lin, poor monk, I will stop for now, but I will seek you out and ask you what kind of demon star you have given birth to out?”

In the darkness, Master Kongkong’s sad voice echoed, but turned around and headed in another direction, but a few breaths, completely disappeared in the wind and snow ……