Winner Takes All Chapter 1663-1664

Chapter 1663

“Miss, please wait a moment, a great doctor will come to heal your wounds.”

The guard put down Ye Linglong, lit the bonfire and then respectfully withdrew from the palace.

Inside the large palace, it was silent.

The only sound was the crackling of the wood burning in the fire bowl.

The rolling heat quickly dispelled the coldness.

As the bonfire pulsed, it caused the shadows on the walls to sway incessantly.

Ye Linglong curled her legs, her hands resting on her knees despite the injuries on her arms, her chin resting on her arms, her gaze vacant, her pale pretty face thoughtful.

Half a day.

She murmured softly, “Is she …… real or not?”

When she met with Xie Xing just now, she racked her brains to think of a way to maneuver back.

But from the beginning to the end, Xie Xing did not let her bother much at all, and put her in a safe place by talking to herself the whole time.

It felt absurd and incomprehensible.

She hadn’t reached the point of being a silly white girl who was a good person everywhere in the world.

On the contrary, having grown up in the Flood Society and seen the storms, she knew better than anyone how cruel survival really was.

Not to mention, it wasn’t even in the domain yet, it was in the Hun!

Shying’s reaction was so perverse!

“No matter what, life is survived, from now on we can only take one step and see what happens.”

Ye Linglong made up her mind, subconsciously glanced at the injury on her arm and sighed helplessly, her gaze drifting, “You must stay alive, we’ll stay alive together!”


“Aniang, I’m afraid this isn’t a hungry ghost crawling out of hell, is it?”

In the room, Wolf stared at Chen Dong dumbfoundedly, his lips trembling as he asked.

It was not only him.

The room full of villagers, even the old woman who had forcibly left Chen Dong behind, were also dumbfounded at the moment.

Too good at eating!

Gobbling and swallowing whole.

When each white bun arrived in Chen Dong’s hand, he swallowed it directly into his stomach in one or two bites, without stopping.

The dustpan of white buns on the table in front of him soon reached the bottom.

“Burp ……”

Chen Dong let out a long, full burp.

The crowd finally woke up with a start.

“D*mn yeah, what in the world has become of Dog, this one bite has eaten a day’s rations for our village!”

“Tsk tsk …… this guy is definitely not a mortal, old sister …… want to consider it again?”

“My God, this is too much to eat, if we keep him, our village can’t afford to feed him!”


Listen to the crowd’s shocked outcry.

The old woman’s face also looked a little unnatural, but the kind-hearted woman still asked with a kind smile on her face, “Ah Dog, have you had enough?”

Chen Dong smiled, “Almost, half full.”


The crowd was struck by lightning.

The whole village had eaten a day’s rations, but he was only half full?

This stomach must be a bottomless pit?

Where did all the food that was consumed go?

“Good, good, it’s a blessing to eat.”

The old woman stepped forward and despite the murmurs of the villagers, she ignored them and rubbed Chen Dong’s back benevolently: “From now on, stay in the village, it is thanks to you, Dog, that our village escaped today.”

At these words.

The villagers were silent and looked at Chen Dong in a complicated manner.

It was true that Chen Dong had eventually raised his sword to face them, but in the end, it was still thanks to Chen Dong alone that the village had escaped the calamity.

If this was not taken into account.

Even if the old woman had given her life as a guarantee, they would not have dared to leave Chen Dong behind.

In this cruel and extreme environment, after thinking it over, perhaps it would not be a bad thing to keep such a killer god.

At least if there was ever another barbarian intrusion in the village, at least the village would have a protector who could fight!

A barbarian invasion of the village left the already small population of the village in a state of mourning, and the villagers could never forget the images of their loved ones dying.

If only there had been such a protector at the entrance to the village, perhaps the grief would not have happened!

“Everyone, let’s all disperse.”

The old woman waved her hand, “Wolf, dog boy, go out and help.”

Soon, only Chen Dong and the Crone were left in the room.

The old crone slowly sat down beside Chen Dong, her face kind and profound as she looked at Chen Dong.

“Ah Dog, do you remember what you did before?”

Chen Dong frowned and pondered for a moment, “Killing!”

Two simple words, but they were spat out calmly, without the slightest hint of emotion.

This caused the old woman’s brow to furrow.

Even though their ancestors had lived in this cruel and extreme snow plain for generations, fighting against the sky, the earth and people, they could not say the word “kill” as calmly as Chen Dong did.


Without waiting for the old woman to speak.

Chen Dong added, “I remember it a bit vaguely, but I think I killed someone to protect you, and I will kill anyone who harms you in the future.”

“Then do you remember any others?”

The old crone continued to pursue the question.

Somehow, with her experience, she always felt that the whole process of Chen Dong storming up to kill, to raising his knife to face them in the back, and then finally fainting over, had a kind of confused feeling.

It was that state where impulse trumped reason.

She wanted to keep Chen Dong, and she had taken her life as a guarantee, but that didn’t mean she could do nothing about what happened to him!

Chen Dong’s eyes flickered for a moment and he frowned down in contemplation.

In the silence.

Time pa*sed slowly.

The old woman did not rush either, always remaining patient.



Chen Dong threw back his head and let out a miserable cry, falling heavily to the ground and clutching his head with both hands, “It hurts …… It hurts ……”

Rolling over, struggling.

The pain was unbearable.

This scene scared the old crone’s face and hurriedly went forward to try to grab Chen Dong: “A dog, don’t think about it, don’t think about it, if you can’t remember it, you can’t remember it.”

“It hurts, it hurts so much ……”

Chen Dong’s face was white, his features distorted in pain, his body was like sieve chaff.

In his mind, it was as if billions of steel needles were piercing back and forth.

Even if he heard the old woman’s words at this moment, he tried to stop remembering, but the pain in his mind did not diminish in the slightest.

“Wa Zi, don’t think about it, don’t think about it ……”

The old crone desperately wrapped her arms around Chen Dong, rubbing his back while soothing him.

With her aged body, not to mention stopping Chen Dong, the hug alone was extremely strenuous, and she even had to guard against Chen Dong’s flailing hands and feet.

Soon, the old woman was panting and sweating profusely.

But Chen Dong still had no tendency to stop.



A breeze suddenly spread out from Chen Dong’s body.

He jerked his head, and his eyes, which were originally black and white, were at this moment all bloodshot, glaring at the old crone with a deadly glare.


This glance scared the exhausted old crone into a scream.

This scream, however, caused Chen Dong’s bloodshot eyes to flicker violently.

The old crone was frightened, but did not let go of Chen Dong.

Instead, she hugged Chen Dong tightly, patted his back and continued to comfort him in a gentle tone, “Not afraid, wee one, not afraid, I’m here …… with me ……”

The tone of voice is gentle, every word from the heart.

Chen Dong’s head rested on the crone’s shoulder, but his eyelids slowly rose and fell up and down, the blood in his eyes receded extremely quickly, as if the whole person was instantly exhausted to the extreme.

Just as he fainted, his lips opened and closed, with a crying voice shouted, “Mom …… miss you ……”


“Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Empty Sky stopped once again, his eyebrows deep and grave: “Strange, why is it another flash of light? Even if Grandmaster Chen is exceptionally gifted and can turn the Daoist Demon into a helper, the Daoist Demon shouldn’t have been overcome and then suppressed so quickly!”

Chapter 1664

The cold wind and snow.

Master Empty Sky stood like a statue in the icy snow, his brow furrowed and his face sullen.

With his thin robe, he seems to be able to ignore the biting cold.

With his lifelong Buddhist training, he is as proficient in Buddhism as he is in demons.

After all, Buddhism and the devil are opposed to each other, so while he studies Buddhism, he also dabbles in the opposite side of the devil, so that he can make rapid progress.

The Daoist mind has existed since the beginning of time, and to Master Kong Kong’s knowledge, no one has ever been able to do what Chen Dong has done!

It was too bizarre that he could now stop it immediately, while perfectly transforming the Daoist Demon into a helper!

At the same time as he was shocked, a strong feeling of powerlessness arose in Master Kongkong’s heart.

The demonic Qi that appeared and disappeared from time to time allowed him to only be certain that Chen Dong should be alive now, but there was no way to find out the exact location.

He was indeed able to detect the demonic Qi most clearly, but it took time to tell the exact location.

It was like telephone tracking and locating, there was enough time to determine the exact location, otherwise everything was empty talk.

“Amitabha Buddha.”

Half a long time later, Master Kongkong’s brow was relaxed, his hands were folded and he chanted a Buddhist hymn in a solemn manner, saying helplessly, “Master Dao Lin, you have really created a problem for poor monks.”

He said.

He closed his eyes and was silent for a moment.

When he opened his eyes again, his expression was breezy and ancient.

“Let it be.”

With a soft murmur, Master Kongkong folded his hands, and no longer discerned the direction, let alone deliberately investigated, but casually took a step in a direction.


Time pa*ses like a white horse.

The white of the snow is the unchanging colour of the snowy plain.

It was silver and snowy.

The small village has also been rebuilt.

It was calm and peaceful.

The only difference from when Chen Dong first arrived was the snow-white burial mounds that towered outside the village.

It was early this morning.

Chen Dong returned to the village with Wolf, his father and son, and a group of young and strong men from the village, braving the wind and snow.

The night’s hunt had been very fruitful for them.

As soon as they entered the village, they were greeted by the villagers who had stayed behind.

“Ah Dog, it’s thanks to you that everyone was able to have a bumper harvest this time!”

As they talked and laughed, Ah Wolf wiped a handful of snow foam from his face and did not hide his appreciation for Chen Dong.

The words immediately drew laughter and agreement from the surrounding young and strong men.

“Yes! In all my years of hunting, it’s the first time I’ve seen Dog so fierce, running after the snow wolf all by himself, and froze the beast to death!”

“Hahahahaha …… I told you Dog was a good hunter, and I was right!”

“Brothers, I have something to say in advance, this hunt can be a bumper harvest, all thanks to A dog, just that bear blind, if it were us it would take half a day of work, A dog took care of it alone, this time share the prey, A dog must have more share!”


A middle-aged man said with a hearty laugh.

This remark did not arouse opposition, and the crowd nodded in agreement.

For the villagers in the snowy plains, small villages like theirs, hunting was the best way to get food.

In normal times, people would go out in twos and threes to hunt and make up for their families.

At certain times, the village would also go out hunting in groups, with the aim of ensuring that everyone could survive in the most basic conditions in such an extremely cruel environment.

Even so, in the past, when people went out hunting, the harvest was only very small.

But this time, with the addition of Chen Dong, every hunt was like a godsend, and almost every time they saw a prey, there was no chance of missing it and they all got it in their pockets.

The two or three times when they did miss, it was because someone had made a noise and alerted the prey, causing it to flee early.

This one hunt alone was almost as good as two or three previous hunts!

“Well, well, all good sons and daughters of the village.”

The old woman, surrounded by a crowd of women and children, looked at the crowd with a smile, full of relief.

Old people were respected, especially in the cruel and extreme environment of the Great Snowy Plains, and to have an old woman of her age in a small village was already a treasure.

This is why when the old woman insisted on leaving Chen Dong behind, she did not meet with too much opposition.

This hunt, Chen Dong’s performance, had unlocked some of the knots in everyone’s heart, and this was what the old woman was most pleased about.

The bumper harvest has left the whole village in an atmosphere of joy.

Once the loads of game were delivered into the village, it was time to divide it up in full swing.

Women and children from every household lined up with their basins to receive the meat, which was being delivered to their homes in a steady stream.

In this weather, there was no worry that the food would spoil, and it was left at home and, in a short time, completely frozen.

Because Chen Dong took the head honours.

This allowed the Crone’s family to share the most food.

By the time all the prey had been divided, a tall mountain of meat had been built up in the courtyard.

“Brother Dog, do you have time to teach me?”

Dog Boy followed behind Chen Dong with a face full of admiration, “Just that move, the one where you break the snow wolf’s head with one elbow, it’s so handsome.”

A wolf followed behind with the old crone in tow, and when they saw the dog boy’s flattering look, both mother and son could not help but laugh.

But Wolf still persuaded, “Dog Boy, you are not the same as Dog, your name is similar, but you won’t be able to learn Dog’s move even if you have another ten years, so you should follow me honestly and learn to bend your bow and shoot arrows and set traps.”

He had reached middle age.

There are some things that Wolf can see far more clearly than his son.

The terrifying combat strength Chen Dong had displayed during his hunt today, Wolf asked himself, even if he had practised his childish kung fu since he was a child and reached this age, he would probably not be able to catch up with Chen Dong.

Dog Boy, the same thing applies!

Rushing to learn it would instead increase the risk of hunting in the future.

After all, Chen Dong’s way of hunting, simple and brutal, close combat, which in the eyes of them ordinary hunters, is undoubtedly dancing with the tip of a sword, winning the dance praised by the four sides, losing the dance that is immediately open the seat.

“Abba, I’ll learn more, it’ll be easier to marry my mother-in-law in the future.”

The dog complained, “Look how brave Dog is, I want to learn a trick or two, in the future, all the mothers-in-law in the eight villages will be rushing to marry me.”

He did not wait for Chen Dong’s response.

Wolf took the woodcutter off his waist and threw it to Doggy, “Cut the crap, chop wood and share the meat, let’s have a big meal at noon.”

As he watched the dog boy leave, Chen Dong smiled gently.

Although he had lost his memory, he knew exactly what Wolf was worried about.

Back at home, the old woman knitted her own cotton clothes, while Chen Dong sat bored by the campfire.

The dog boy was outside chopping wood and distributing meat, while Wolf sat on the threshold of the door, holding a cigarette stick and carving a wooden sculpture.

Everything was peaceful and quiet.

Chen Dong was bored, so he stretched his back and walked over to Wolf: “Brother Wolf, what are you carving?”

“Wooden carving.”

Wolf took a drag from his dry cigarette, exhaling the smoke, but his eyes were a bit hollow: “When people are idle, they want to find something to do, so they think of carving wood carvings to pa*s the time.”

Chen Dong looked down at the wood carving, but it was a woman’s figure, so lifelike that even the hair was clearly discernible.

It was as if Wolf’s carving skills were already very impressive.

“Like it, right?”

Wolf raised the wooden carving and subconsciously glanced at the dog boy outside who was struggling to chop wood and share meat, and said in a low voice, “This is the dog boy’s mother, but unfortunately, she died at the hands of the barbarians back then, the dog boy ah was also ploughed out of his stomach when my mother and I found the body of my daughter-in-law, fortunately the dog boy’s life was saved.”

He spoke in a low voice, seemingly calmly.

But Wolf’s cloudy eyes were brimming with tears.

The calm tone of his voice described the most cruel and bloody scene of survival on the Great Snowy Plain.

“Can you teach me?”

Chen Dong looked at the wooden carving, gradually frowned, and almost unconsciously nodded his temples, “I, I feel, in my head, a girl living ……”