Winner Takes All Chapter 1661-1662

Chapter 1661

Fear, despair ……

A mountain of emotions came and engulfed Ye Linglong.

She thought of many outcomes before she fell into a coma.

Perhaps she would fall into the hands of a foreign tribe, perhaps she would be buried directly in the snowy plains, or even …… fall into the hands of another slave caravan again.

But she never imagined that she would be able to cross half of the snowy plains and arrive at the king’s court, the Huns!

As the grandson of the ancestor of the Hong Society, she had access to intelligence information that far surpa*sed everyone else in the Society, second only to Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang.

This symbol of the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court of Xiongnu was beyond impressive to her!

“Chief, she’s awake!”

Beside her, a Hun soldier on a warhorse shouted.

“Shut up!”

The Hun Han in the lead scolded sternly, “Just escort, the rest is none of our business!”

The reprimanded soldier scowled and subconsciously glanced at Ye Linglong.

Ye Linglong met the soldier’s gaze, and when his eyes met, the soldier clearly dodged away in panic.

Such a reaction made Ye Linglong’s mind float.

What the hell …… is going on?

She took a deep breath, the cold, stinging air entering her nasal cavity stung badly and calmed her troubled mind for a few moments.

She was certain that she was in the state she was in before she pa*sed out, and that she could never have reached the King’s Court Hun if she had simply relied on her horse to take her at her word.

Other than that, the Qilian Mountains stretching across the vast snowfields alone would be impossible to bypa*s!

“Don’t worry, girl, we’re just a routine escort. ,”

The Xiongnu man in the lead said and took out his Hong Society token: “Lord Kui Gang let us escort you to Xiongnu because of this token, otherwise the girl would have died in the snowy plains.”

The tone of voice was gentle and did not show the usual Hun hatred towards the domain.

The man leading this small group was no brainless reckless man, able to rely on a mere token to get the great doctor to help plead with Lord Kui Gang to stay alive, and in the end Kui Gang even agreed to let them escort them to Xiongnu.

To put it politely, the woman in front of them, even if she was a prisoner, was not an existence that any one of their squad could mess with!

“You guys …… saved me?”

Ye Linglong glanced at the Hun token in the han’s hand, and her drifting eyes regained focus.

“The girl can think so!”

The hanyou nodded with a smirk, “We will be able to meet the Queen’s lord later, everything will be sent by the Queen’s lord, we are just responsible for escorting.”

Ye Linglong’s willow brows were furrowed, and her pale face, covered with dots of ice crystals, was gloomy.

The Hun Han’s words counted to death to clear up a few doubts in her mind.

It was pure luck that she had survived, having met this Hun squad.

As for the rest, she wasn’t stupid and sweet enough for that!

Inside and outside the domain, life and death blood feuds, unbreakable, hatred that had been honed over a thousand years, save? That’s ridiculous!

Not to mention the fact that it was Xiongnu who “saved” her!

Ever since Chen Dong fled from Xiongnu, the hard-hit Xiongnu had closed its borders for 300 days in mourning for the former king.

The presence of ordinary inlanders in Xiongnu is undoubtedly certain death!

“Hoo ……”

Ye Linglong exhaled a heavy breath, her fists clenched and her silver teeth clenched.

Reason made her leave everything behind at the moment, forcing herself to endure the severe pain in her body and start thinking of countermeasures.

Staying alive ……

It was the only thing she wanted to do now!

But it was also the most difficult.

A Hong Society top token had given her a chance to survive when she encountered the Huns, but after facing the Hun Queen, even she was not sure if the token would still have the power to save her life.

The Huns can be afraid of this top token.

The Hun Queen …… would have to say otherwise!


The inner hall of the royal palace.

Xixing was dressed in a phoenix robe, concentrating on various matters.

After ascending the throne, this had just become her norm.

In the past, she was even a little envious of her father’s grasp of power, but when she really reached this level, she realized how much it took to grasp power!

It was tiring!

But one must persevere!

Kui Gang has already taken the Great Physician to the Ancient House in the domain. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Xiongnu, and some arrangements will have to be modified and adjusted appropriately.

These things had to be done in a very short time, and she could not afford to rest.

The campfire pulsed.

The heat rolls off the house, dispelling the chill, as if it were springtime in the domain.

Not far away.

There is a satellite television showing programmes from all over the world.

In this cruel and extreme environment, television, which is not available to the ordinary people, is just normal in the royal court.

Although the Huns had a powerful intelligence agency that was responsible for networking intelligence information from all parts of the world.

But Xixing also developed the habit of watching the television news every morning, noon and night respectively, long before he ascended to the throne as king.

“Din Tai and Rothschild create Eastern Wall Street, Phase 1 completion ceremony today ……”

On the television, the sound of the news broadcast came out.

Xixing’s delicate body trembled, and the pen in her hand gave a beat, a few hints of dissimilarity surfaced on her cold and focused face.

In her mind, that man’s figure emerged uncontrollably.

She put down her pen and raised her eyes to the television.

On the television news, a scene from the completion ceremony of the first phase of Eastern Wall Street was being shown.

Throughout the whole process, Xixing’s expression remained the same, without a single ripple.

It was not until the news that Gu Qingying walked onto the ceremony stage with her big belly.

A layer of unspeakable frost suddenly covered Shy Xing’s beautiful face, and a cold light burst out of her dark, deep eyes, as if they were material, ready to gush out.


Her right hand pressed down fiercely, hard enough to crack a crack in the desk of the case.

“How could it be her?”

A cold, resentful voice squeezed out from between her teeth, “Hasn’t she divorced him, why can she now come back again and take charge of him in front of the world?”

Ever since that man had left and nailed Hun to the pillar of shame once and for all!

Swallowed up by hatred, Shying went out of her way to mobilise all her intelligence forces to dig up everything about that man, all of it.

Everything about that man, she had already known by heart.

Even the details of Zhenjiang City’s heavenly punishment descent were presented to her shortly afterwards.

After knowing that Chen Dong faced the heavenly thunder straight away and was nowhere to be found, her heart was complicated, with a hint of loss, but more than that, she was happy!

But now …… a woman who had been abandoned, how could she return again?

“D*mn it! D*mn it! D*mn it!”

Shying Xing’s anger turned over, her beautiful eyes flooded with blood: “That woman called Ye Linglong is the one who is beside Chen Dong, even if she wants to be this spokesperson, then it should be that Ye Linglong, not this Gu Qingying!”

Bang Teen!

In anger, Xixing kicked over the desk in front of him, and the documents on the desk flew all over the sky.

The papers on the table flew all over the sky. But in the midst of the spilled papers, the angry look on Xie Xing’s face froze.

“Why do I have to be so angry?”

An odd thought suddenly appeared in her mind.

Almost simultaneously.

Outside the door, the sound of a guard reporting rang out.

“Your Majesty, Lord Kui Gang has ordered a woman to be escorted here, she said her name is Ye Linglong!”

Chapter 1662


Xixing’s delicate body trembled and her mind went blank for a moment.

How did she …… get to the Huns?

Or was Kui Gang escorting her here?

After a brief daze, Xie Xing regained her senses and said indifferently, “Bring it to the bedchamber!”

All along the way, Ye Linglong was terrified and confused.

No matter how much she thought about it, she could not find a way to survive.

Living in Xiongnu, she was already in a tiger’s den.

To put it politely, her situation is no different from that of a fish on a chopping board.

She should have died in the snowy plains, but instead she died in the deep snowy plains of the Huns.

The mere thought of it made her feel ridiculous.

The wind and snow drifted.

Her eyes quickly swept towards the magnificent buildings inside the palace.

The first time she saw the ancient architecture of the palace, Ye Linglong, who had already seen the prosperous city, was still shocked.

Perhaps …… consider this my last trip?

The first time I saw the building, I was shocked.

All the way outside a magnificent hall.

The squad leader said to Ye Linglong, “Miss Ye, you have to walk the next path by yourself!”

“Where to? To see who?”

Ye Linglong slumped on the back of her horse, her face so pale that her voice was extraordinarily weak.

Not only because of her injuries, but also because of the extreme harshness of the weather torture.

“Lord Queen!”

The hanyou returned, “Although the girl is seriously injured, but considering the girl’s status, to meet my king, the due respect must still be paid by the girl herself to step forward and see.”


Ye Linglong did not hesitate, and with her teeth clenched tightly on her lips, she reluctantly rolled off the war horse.

As soon as she landed on the ground, her feet went limp and she fell directly to her knees.

Because of this action, the blood scabs on her back and arms were broken open, and drops of blood fell onto the snow-white ground.

However, she bit her lips tightly and did not make the slightest sound of pain.

The only difference between her current situation and that of a prisoner was that there was one less pair of shackles around her neck, and she didn’t expect anything else.

She took a deep breath and waited until the pain had eased a little.

She gritted her teeth, grabbed the stirrups of her warhorse and slowly stood up, her ghastly white face full of stubbornness and determination, her eyes gazing at the lofty hall in front of her as she took one step forward.

With every step she took, her injuries were stretched as if she were being cut by a knife.

The pain was so intense that she kept breathing heavily through her mouth and nose.

The snowy white ground along the way, leaving a footprint, around the footprint, but a dot of crimson, like a plum blossom blooming.

Creak ……

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

And the guards to the left and right of the hall door, at this time, also surrounded up.

As guards, in normal times, they only needed to stand like statues to watch over them.

But now, even though Ye Linglong seemed seriously injured and had no possibility of hurting anyone, their duty would not allow the slightest accident to happen.

“Come in.”

A calm voice came from within the bedchamber.

Ye Linglong looked at the guards on her left and right who looked wary and smiled gently, “Do you think that I can still harm your king when I am in this state?”

The guards were indifferent.

“My king, let you in!”

Inside the bedchamber, Xixing’s voice came down coldly.

Ye Linglong smiled, lifted her feet with difficulty, and stepped inside the bedchamber.

Her movements were slow.

Each step seemed to be filled with lead.

The action of lifting her feet and taking a step was incomparably simple for the onlookers.

But every time she moved, the wound on her back was involved, and the pain was as if a sword had been added to her body at all times.

Blood, along the way, dripped all over the ground.

Ye Linglong’s eyebrows were furrowed, her mouth and nose kept letting out ragged gasps, beads of sweat rustling down her forehead.

The guards on the left and right, following close behind, were alert, but the look in Ye Linglong’s eyes was indifferent to the extreme.

The bonfire pulsed, reflecting a shadow on the walls in a swaying manner.

In the huge campfire basin, firewood burned and snapped.

Ye Linglong gazed through the flames at the figure sitting behind a desk in front of her.

The scarlet phoenix robe was majestic.

Shying Xing was seated, his beautiful face covered in frost, with a domineering and heroic aura between his brows.

The two looked at each other across the sky.

“Why are you sweating so much, is it because the temperature in the palace is too high?”

Xixing’s lips and teeth lightly opened.

“It hurts too much.”

Ye Linglong shook her head and smiled bitterly.

Compared to the freezing cold outside, the chill was biting.

The roaring bonfire inside this bedchamber, after dispelling the coldness, was like a blessed cave.

The warmth and warmth made the injuries on her body and the painful trance lessen a lot.

“Well, kneel down.”

Xixing leaned back lazily in his chair, “Tell me, how did you get here, shouldn’t you be at his place?”


Ye Linglong hesitated for a moment.

She only knew that Chen Dong had been lost in the Great Snowy Plain for a period of time after entering Zhenjiang City in order to avoid the Bureau of Heavenly Killing, and she also knew that Chen Dong had been to Xiongnu, but all of them were nothing more than words.

She did not know the details.

Both Chen Dong and Zhenjiang City were also tight-lipped about Chen Dong’s return to Zhenjiang City.

So at this point in time, she had no idea who the “he” that Xixing was talking about was!


Shying raised her hand and pointed at the news on the satellite TV not far away.

What annoyed her was that no matter which channel she switched to, it was showing the completion ceremony of the first phase of Eastern Wall Street.

When Ye Linglong followed the look to the satellite TV, her pretty face suddenly changed abruptly.

On the television screen, Gu Qingying, standing majestically on the ceremony platform, was the centre of attention.

Ye Linglong exclaimed, “Why is she there?”


Xie Xing raised an eyebrow and gazed meaningfully at Ye Linglong, “Are you angry?”

Feeling the light of Xie Xing’s eyes.

Ye Linglong’s sweat suddenly stood up, and she felt a sense of tension like a mane on her back.


Or not?

How should she answer?

If she answered well, she might still have a chance to survive, but if she didn’t, perhaps the guards would have to fight each other in an instant.


However, she did not wait for Ye Linglong to respond.

The woman was clearly abandoned by Chen Dong, and you are now known as Mrs. Chen, but now that Chen Dong is in trouble and you are seriously injured here, she has become the spokesperson of the Chen family.

Ye Linglong was calm on the surface, but her heart had already raised a huge wave.

As a woman, how could she not hear the strong resentment in Xixing’s self-questioning answer!

But …… what was going on here?

The life and death she had expected didn’t seem so tense and embarra*sing in front of her!

“It’s just that I know you, you and I are the same people at the end of the world, so just take care of your injuries in Xiongnu.”

Without warning, Xixing suddenly waved his hand and said with a bitter smile.

Ye Linglong was frozen like a wooden chicken, completely confused.

Was this …… considered surviving?

“Take her down, divide a palace and serve her with princess specifications!”

Xixing opened her mouth and ordered.

“As ordered!”

The guards received the order and finally stepped forward to help the bewildered and dumbfounded Ye Linglong up and walked towards the outside.

When the palace door closed, the resentment and bitter smile on Xixing’s face finally disappeared.

Her beautiful eyes gazed profoundly at the tightly closed palace door.

And behind them, a black shadow suddenly appeared on the ground, slowly lengthening towards the centre of the bedchamber.

In a whirl, a hoarse voice rang out.

“You’re not worried at all? Or perhaps you haven’t been deceived enough?”


Xixing’s face was as cold as frost, “Don’t you think she’s useful? Ye Linglong, that’s the granddaughter of the ancestor of the Hong Society, above ten thousand people in the Hong Society, below two, we already have the two Chen Gu families as inside agents, keeping her might still have the Hong Society as a helper in the future, killing her would be too uneconomical.”

“Do you really think I’ve been tricked into losing my mind by that man, that I can’t even handle this?”

“How did she come to Hun, Kui Gang sent her here, as for what happened before, there is no need to find out, she will surely try to hide it, just know that she is the best pawn for the Hong Society, just feed her well!”