Winner Takes All Chapter 1651-1652

Chapter 1651

The sound of people booming.

Horses neighing.

In a flash, Ye Linglong’s heart beat wildly as clusters of firelight pulsed and swayed in her vision, and the vast procession of horses turned violently in a different direction and rushed towards her.

Subconsciously, she looked to her left and right.

There was no place to hide in the snow and ice.

There was no place to hide.


With such a short distance to cover, it was too late to escape.

She had come in a hurry, and the horses had been bought from the village. More importantly, after such a long journey, not only was she starving and freezing, but the horses’ strength had also deteriorated so much that they could not compete with these war horses.

The lightning was on.

Clang clang ……

Ye Linglong looked decisive, hostility tumbling in her eyes, and directly drew the nunchaku she carried from her traveling gift.

A dozen barbarians had already rushed to the front, and the firelight reflected on Ye Linglong’s face, which made the barbarians’ eyes instantly hot, and even the tone of their mouths raised a few keys.

Female slave.

Especially a slave girl with a pretty face and a proud body, this was a sought-after item outside the domain.

It could even become the grand finale auction item on the spot, an absolute heavenly price!

“Heavenly Wolf has been blessed to have obtained such a stunning woman!”

“Hahahaha …… Brothers, this is worth more than a cartload of slaves!”

“Charge! Catch her and enjoy her in advance, such a woman is really hot and dry!”


The barbarians shouted in droves.

As far as they were concerned, the weak woman, all alone in this icy weather, was in their pocket!

“Ah brother, let me go first!”

A barbarian fiercely clenched the belly of his horse and rushed towards Ye Linglong in the first place.

At this moment, Ye Linglong’s face was as cold as frost, and the barbarians’ shouts were even more ear-splitting.

She saw one of the barbarians charging over first.

Her eyes suddenly turned hostile as she bowed to the horse’s back and fiercely urged it forward.

The two horses met.

The barbarian let out a loud shout and did not even pull out his blade, but directly grabbed at Ye Linglong with his big bushy hand.


Ye Linglong brazenly swung the nunchaku in her hand and directly smashed the barbarian’s wrist off.


A painful and miserable scream instantly echoed in the night sky.


Ye Linglong struck a hand and did not hesitate in the slightest, and with the help of the chain in the middle of the nunchaku, instantly bound the barbarian’s arm.

With an explosive cry, with the help of the horse’s impact.

In a terrified and miserable scream, the barbarian was like a broken pocket, directly pulled by Ye Linglong and flew up in the air, and immediately fell heavily to the ground.

Immediately afterwards.

Ye Linglong’s horse let out a hiss and fiercely stood up.

Bang Teen!

The huge hoof of the horse stamped heavily on the barbarian’s chest.

Blood gushed out, and the barbarian’s chest was dented directly, killing him instantly.

It was all in a matter of breath!

Ye Linglong sat on her horse, retrieving her nunchaku while coldly wiping away the drops of blood that burst onto her face.

Decisive killing!

It was true that she was the daughter of the Hong Society, but her name in the Society was not only the granddaughter of the ancestor, but she had also built it up through her own strength!

Facing this group of foreigners, she had no intention of showing mercy!

The brave will win in a narrow battle!

This was the rule of survival taught to her by young Ye Yuanqiu!


The sky and the earth fell dead silent.

The wind and snow howled.

The dozen or so barbarians charging towards Ye Linglong stopped their horses on the spot, their eyes wide with shock, and the look in Ye Linglong’s eyes was no longer as lascivious as it was a moment ago!

The barbarians were shocked when they were killed in one blow.

They weren’t stupid, they could still tell how terrifying that blow was just now!

“Ah-dee …… ah-dee ……”

In the silence, a barbarian suddenly cried out hoarsely, his eyes red with grief, just like a man-eating beast, glaring deadly at Ye Linglong: “You killed my Ah-Di!”

“I don’t mind killing you either!”

Ye Linglong slowly raised his nunchaku and looked coldly and sternly at the barbarian, “On the road to yellow spring, brothers will be good companions!”

The killing intent was awe-inspiring, cold and stern.

“Catch her for me and make her the queen tonight!”

In his grief, the barbarian’s tongue burst into thunder.

In an instant, more than a dozen barbarians rushed towards Ye Linglong in great numbers.

It was as if the grief-stricken barbarian was the leader of this horse troop!

The scene of Ye Linglong killing the barbarians in seconds just now did give a huge shock.

But with the advantage of numbers, three men became a tiger, and with this call to arms, the fear of the crowd was much lessened.

“Hoo ……”

Ye Linglong looked indifferent, her eyebrows tightly knitted as she looked at the barbarians rushing in and exhaled a long breath.

A whirlwind.

With a determined shout, she drove her horse to meet them.

The fight was on!

As soon as the horses charged into the barbarians, Ye Linglong waved the nunchaku in her hand and caught the war sword in the hands of the barbarian at the front, pulling it into her hands and then leaned back and stomped the barbarian out with a “bang”.

When he got up again, the barbarians were already surrounding him in layers.

In the firelight, one could even see the scruff on the barbarians’ faces and the fierce beast-like eyes.

With a sword in one hand and a nunchaku in the other, Ye Linglong drove her horse straight through the crowd and killed them.

As the swords fell, screams exploded.

Blood was like plum blossoms, blooming in the air.

In such an open ground, if she stopped, the barbarians would swallow her up like a tidal wave, and the slashes from all sides would be too much for anyone.

As she charged, Ye Linglong’s legs kept clamping down on her horse’s belly, and her nunchaku and sabre in her hands brought up streaks of shadow as she fended off the slashing sabres while wielding them to reap the lives of the barbarians.

In just a few kills, six barbarians had already been killed.

But during the killing, Ye Linglong’s heart was still hanging in her throat, her cold eyes sweeping towards the slave caravan from time to time.

Compared to the dozen barbarians in front of her, there were more barbarians in the caravan!

“If we continue to stalemate, we’ll have to fall here even if we fight on wheels!”

This was the thought in Ye Linglong’s mind.


As she thought, she waved her battle sword in her right hand, and a cold light appeared, and the screams of misery suddenly rose as a barbarian’s head flew up into the sky.

The scalding blood even burst directly onto her face.

The blood flowed over her eyes, causing her vision to blur for a moment.

Not waiting to recover.


A sharp pain that pierced to the bone swept through her left arm at once.

Ye Linglong’s torso trembled and a muffled grunt escaped her mouth, not bothering to open her eyes, her right hand swung the nunchaku out completely instinctively.

A miserable scream of pain followed.

A flash of lightning.

As she wiped away the blood stain in front of her eyes, her gaze slanted, but her left arm was split to the point where the flesh was turned out and blood was gurgling.

Almost simultaneously.

The horse beneath her gave a miserable neigh that was too much for her to bear.

In an instant.

Ye Linglong felt a hollow blow from her seat, and her horse fell to the ground with her!

Chapter 1652


The ground shook up a large area of snow.

Ye Linglong smashed down on the snow with her horse and felt the sky spinning and the violent smash, causing her to choke for a while.

Her eyes were dark and bright.

The shouting and killing of barbarians and the neighing of war horses kept echoing in her ears.

“Get her, all of you!”

The leader of the horse team was overjoyed at the sight and shouted loudly.

In a flash.

A dozen barbarians swarmed on her.


In the confusion, a horse’s hoof kicked heavily on Ye Linglong’s body.

The trance-stricken Ye Linglong was in pain and tumbled out with a miserable scream.

But before she could stop, a cold light flashed, and another battle sword, falling brazenly, slashed directly across her back.


Blood splattered.

The pain penetrated to the bone.

The pain stimulated, the instinctive desire to survive, allowing Ye Linglong’s vision to finally return.

She looked in horror at the hideously leering faces around her.

Rough, sharp gasps escaped from her mouth and nose.

If caught ……

At that thought, a familiar face with a gentle smile suddenly came to her mind.

“I haven’t found you yet, I …… can’t die!”

Ye Linglong’s disheveled and desperate mood thumped dissipated.

Almost simultaneously.

She then saw a barbarian driving his horse over, the other party seemed to sense her difference, decided that she had no power to resist, and directly leaned down and grabbed it with a large hand.

A metre.

Half a metre.


Just a moment before the big hand was close at hand.


Ye Linglong’s five senses twisted and her mouth opened to reveal teeth stained red with blood as she let out a roar.

Her entire body seemed like a mad dog as she directly pounced on it, biting down on top of the savage’s wrist.


The barbarian let out a pig-like scream as he desperately tried to struggle.

But Ye Linglong’s eyes were ruthless as she bit down with a bite, rubbing her teeth together in a deadly manner, while obediently bullying her way up directly, grabbing the barbarian’s arm with both hands and yanking it downwards with force, while using her strength to give a fierce upward stomp, jumping directly onto the war horse’s back.

After stabilising herself, she spat out a mouthful of flesh and skin with fresh blood directly.

The nunchaku in her hand buzzed out horizontally, forcing back the surrounding barbarians, and took advantage of the momentum to charge directly at the nearest barbarian, killing him with determination, smashing the nunchaku in her hand brazenly on the top of his head.

As the barbarian fell from his horse, a gap opened up in the encirclement.

It was all in a matter of moments.

By the time the barbarians reacted, Ye Linglong had already driven her horse out of the encirclement, desperately driving it towards the distance.

“Give chase, give chase!”

The leader of the horse team was furious and shouted a loud and angry rebuke, “A bunch of trash, a bunch of wimps, you can’t even catch a little B*tch, you might as well cut yourselves in honour of the Heavenly Wolf!”

The wind was as cold as a knife.

Goose feather snow.

Ye Linglong’s entire body lay on its back on the war horse, the severe pain in the left arm and back, pulling the whole body, blood gurgling and flowing, even the consciousness is a little blurred.

“Alive …… I must be alive, I …… haven’t found you yet!”

In a trance, finding Chen Dong became her only obsession to hold on.

The warhorse galloped wildly.

Ye Linglong no longer cared to identify the direction, completely trusting the horse.

The violent battle just now, coupled with the injuries she had sustained, had caused her to lose control of the war horse.

The wind and snow around her became more and more ferocious, and her vision was gradually blurred.

Soon, the wild gallop of the war horses and the shouts of the barbarians behind her became weaker and weaker.

This made Ye Linglong breathe a sigh of relief.

After another ten minutes of running, the loud noises behind them completely disappeared.


Ye Linglong clung to the horse’s back and subconsciously looked back.

It was hard for her to move like this, each bump would involve severe pain from the wounds on her left arm and back, but it was the only position that would allow her to stay on the horse’s back to the maximum extent while reducing the wind and snow.

As far as the eye could see, there was nothing but endless darkness and the faintest hint of snow and wind.

The sound of the wind and snow was no longer heard, nor was the sound of the herd of war horses galloping wildly.

It seemed that they had indeed shaken off!

Ye Linglong’s body went limp and she slumped on her horse like a puddle of mud.

She withdrew her gaze and looked at the warhorse’s head, the white train in its muzzle, looming.

“Ma’er, my life, I’m leaving it to you!”

Ye Linglong smiled sadly and gathered the reins, tying herself tightly to the horse’s back.

She didn’t know if she would survive in the end.

But the education and experience she had received since childhood had never included the words sit and wait for death.

Stopping now, leaving aside her injuries, the icy, bone-chilling cold alone was enough to rob her of her life.


Even if she ran aimlessly, there might be a chance of survival in death.

As for further back, she could not afford to think about it at this point.


Rumble ……

Heave! Giddy up! Heave!

In the icy snow, the firelight swayed, and the vast caravan of horses was like a tidal wave pushing across the ground, recklessly galloping wildly through this snowy land.

“Hurry up, hurry up!”

Kui Gang drove his horse ahead of the others and turned back to the banner-bearer, “Raise the Xiongnu banner high, so that the hundred tribes can see it, there is no time to lose!

It would have been impossible to rely solely on the Hundred to make the journey down from the Huns to the domain, the Hundred along the way would have been enough to swallow up the Hundred.

It was the great Hun banner that was the key!

It is by pulling this banner and revealing their identity that they will be able to break through the Hundred Clans’ frontier as quickly as possible.

With a mere hundred-man team, the clans along the way would not be too difficult.

Promising the Chen family and rescuing the Gu family, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Xiongnu, and even more so for the Hundred Tribes outside the domain!

After Xixing made his decision, he immediately sent Kui Gang to personally lead a team of 100 men to escort the Xiongnu doctors south to the rescue.

The only thing that annoyed Kui Gang was that the weather was so bad that even warplanes could not take off, so he had no choice but to choose this “clumsy” way to send help.

However, he knew that it was still possible for a small force to sneak into the domain, so he could rely on the strength of the Chen and Gu families to switch to warplanes after entering the domain.

If it was really a warplane heading south, the Domain and Zhenjiang City would be the first to discover it and block it!

“Lord Kui Gang, the Great Doctors are somewhat unable to hold on!”

The deputy general urged his horse forward.

Kui Gang looked awe-inspiring: “We must get to the domain as soon as possible even if we run to death, the Gu family cannot die!”

“But ……”

The adjutant general was about to argue, the Great Physician …… that is an important treasure in the army!

Kui Gang exhaled like thunder: “Military orders are like mountains!”

“Obey the order!”

The deputy general bowed his head and took orders, and was about to turn his horse around and return to the group when his gaze suddenly flinched.

“On guard!”

A sudden shout instantly made the nerves of everyone in the squad tense up.

Kui Gang’s pupils tightened, and when he turned his head to look, he saw a warhorse galloping wildly this way, and with his eyesight, he could vaguely see a figure lying on the back of the warhorse.

In a flash of lightning.

Kui Gang fiercely drew the lance on his horse’s back and hurled it bravely towards the wildly galloping war horse.

Almost simultaneously.

The hundreds of men shone their fire in the same direction.

The horse wailed as the lance pierced through its belly and fell to the ground.

At the same time, Ye Linglong, who was tied tightly to the horse, was also thrown off.

Taking advantage of the firelight illumination.

The moment Ye Linglong landed on the ground, the crowd also saw Ye Linglong clearly.

“My lord, it’s the costume of a person from the domain!”

“It’s more than just a costume!”

Kui Gang’s expression was cold and hostile, “That’s a domainer, bring him here!”