Winner Takes All Chapter 1649-1650

Chapter 1649


A sudden scene that left the whole room silent.

Dao’s horrified eyes gazed at the headless corpse and the spurting fountain of blood, more like a heavy hammer, chiselled viciously into everyone’s eyeballs.


Grunts ……

The human head hit the ground and rolled around a few times.

But it became the only sound in the room.

The next second.

“Slaughter him!”

A roar of rage suddenly exploded among the savages.

In a flash.

Seven or eight barbarians directly lunged towards Chen Dong with fierce faces.

On the contrary, the few barbarians who were closest to Chen Dong froze in place as they witnessed the scene of Chen Dong wielding his sword just now.

These barbarians were all Rongwu soldiers of the extra-territorial barbarian clan, and Chen Dong’s swing of his sword had demonstrated a terrifying strength far beyond that of the villagers present.

Capture the thief first!

Put anywhere, it was the truth.

“Ah Dog, be careful!”

The old crone shouted with trepidation.

The words had not yet fallen.


A strong wind suddenly rose from beneath Chen Dong’s feet.

Chen Dong’s body swayed like wild thunder as he wielded his woodchipper and directly met the incoming barbarian.

The sword shone and the wind howled.

In the crowd’s sight, Chen Dong’s body swayed, bringing up several streaks of shadow behind him in a trance.

Every time he swung his sword, every time the strong wind exploded, it would be accompanied by a miserable scream.

In the blink of an eye.

The seven or eight barbarians who were lunging at Chen Dong stopped in place, and Chen Dong, like a ghost, stood directly outside the circle formed by the barbarians.

Puff …… puff ……

In the silence, the sound of a wound crumbling on the neck of one barbarian appeared extraordinarily clear.

A cluster of fresh blood, spurting out.

Several barbarians fell to the ground at the same time, their chests heaving violently, “ho-ho” sounds coming from their mouths and noses, and they didn’t struggle for a few seconds before they were completely dead.

It was all in a matter of breath.

It was only after the body had fallen to the ground that the crowd awoke with a jolt.

Fear, as if a tidal wave, instantly engulfed everyone present.

Was this …… really a human being?

Fear pervaded, and everyone present looked at Chen Dong again as if they had seen a ghost.

Gurgling …… gurgling ……

The blood and water that flowed from the necks of the corpses converged into a sheet that followed the lowlands and converged at Chen Dong’s feet.

Chen Dong looked down at the crimson blood under his feet, and the blood light in his eyes became even brighter, but when he raised his eyes again, the blood light was all averted, and there was only a pitch-black profundity like a black hole.


With a shake of his body, Chen Dong, carrying his woodchipper, pounced on the barbarian once again like a god of death.

Screams and miserable shrieks ……

instantly exploded in the whole place.

The villagers retreated in fear, stumbling and staggering.

The barbarians were like ghosts and gods, and did not even think of resisting, scattering like birds and beasts.

They threw away their armour and fled in fear.

But Chen Dong was like a demon god, the woodchipper in his hand had become a scythe of death, and everywhere he went, along with screams, a body of barbarians fell into a pool of blood.

A ma*sacre!

A complete and utter ma*sacre!

The bloody scene left all the villagers stunned.

A cold chill ran from the soles of their feet to the sky!

The blood courage that had been aroused by the barbarians entering the village was now doused with cold as they witnessed Chen Dong harvesting the lives of the barbarians.

“This, is this Yan Luo demanding his life?”

“Where the hell did he come from? Goodness, just now we were actually thinking of shooing him away!”

“In the presence of the old ancestor, I actually saw the barbarians in such a wretched and helpless state!”


Voices that drew in a cold breath rose and fell among the villagers.

No one sympathised with the slaughter the barbarians were experiencing at the moment, and there was even a sense of relief that evil had been expelled.

The people on the northern frontier had endured the oppression and crushing of the foreign barbarians for many years, and the blood feuds that had accumulated over the centuries had made the villagers abandon their sympathy for these barbarians long ago!

The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and Zhenjiang City, crushing the northern domain, forged a heavenly chasm.

But they could stop the armies of the Hundred Clans, but they could hardly stop these barbarians who were as obscene as rats in the streets.

If the village hadn’t had Chen Dong, an outsider, the fate of the village this night would have been more than clear to anyone present!

“Bet, bet right ……”

Gouwazi clenched his fist in excitement, his eyes shining with essence: “Grandma, our village is saved!”

The old crone’s lips trembled, wanting to speak but not to.

At that moment, Wolf dragged his injured body over and took a worried look at the old woman and Dog.

Only after confirming that his mother and son were all right did he breathe a sigh of relief.

Looking back at Chen Dong, who had taken on the form of the God of Death to reap the savage’s life, he was more than a little calm compared to the other villagers.

He had witnessed with his own eyes how this man who was about to die had risen from the dead!

Looking at what was happening in front of him, it was as if everything had been taken for granted!

The screams and the sounds of panic grew weaker and weaker.

In just two or three minutes, this part of the world was silent.

The smell of blood in the air was so thick that it made people gag.

The snow on the ground had already been melted by the hot blood, and under the light of the fire, it printed a blinding crimson.

Not far away, a few thatched huts were still burning.

Bodies lay in disarray on the ground, but more were those of the barbarians.

Originally, the villagers and the barbarians were not on the same level of combat power, and when they initially fought, the villagers suffered far more casualties than the barbarians.

But with Chen Dong’s entrance, the situation was completely reversed!

The villagers clustered together, witnessing the corpses of their loved ones on the ground, and grief spread out.

Snap …… snap …… snap ……

It was only when a slow, heavy footstep sounded that the crowd was pulled out of their mourning.

The crowd looked in the direction where the footsteps were coming from.

The fire was illuminated by light.

Chen Dong was slightly hunched over, carrying a firewood knife in his right hand as he walked step by step towards this direction.

Blood stained his whole body, dripping down as he stepped forward, and with the woodcutter in his right hand, blood was flowing down in a line towards the ground.

Blood soaked in his body, like a ghost or a shura!

This scene was deeply engraved in everyone’s memory.


Not waiting for the crowd to meet them.

Chen Dong, who was striding towards the crowd, suddenly had a grim and hideous smile on his lips, and a “ho” sound came out of his mouth and nose.

At the same time, his right hand slowly lifted the blood-stained wooden knife in his hand!

This ……

The crowd’s hearts jerked fiercely, and an unspeakably great fear descended upon them.

Some even subconsciously took a few steps backwards as Chen Dong raised his knife.

“What are you doing, child ……?”

The old woman looked awe-struck and trembled as she stepped forward, while scolding in a piteous voice.

The two fathers, Wolf and Dogwort, tried to stop them, but the old crone broke away.

In full view of the crowd.

The old woman trembled as she walked towards Chen Dong.

Her weather-beaten face was complicated, and her cloudy eyes were always gazing at Chen Dong.

The distance was getting closer and closer.

Everyone’s heart was in their throat.

What Chen Dong had just done, anyone who was not stupid would know what it meant!

When the old crone was still two metres away from Chen Dong, the crowd felt as if their hearts were about to beat out of their chests.

Tension, fear, apprehension ……

made the air in this side of the world seem to freeze, suffocating it terribly.

“You, what do you want?”

The old crone asked again as she gave a slight pause in her steps.

Chen Dong stared at the old crone, his eyes with a hint of dark red, somewhat confused and uncomprehending.

Staring at the old crone, for some reason, the soft light of those eyes was like the warm sun of winter, making people extraordinarily comfortable and calm.

In a trance.

His mind recalled the kind and smiling face of the old woman during the day when he arrived at the door to beg for food.

Clang and clang ……

Chen Dong’s right hand loosened and the bloodstained woodchipper fell to the ground.

The imperceptible dark red in his eyes quickly receded, his eyes once again became as dumb as a child’s, his lips mumbling, making a hoarse sound.

“Hungry ……”

Chapter 1650

The voice was weak and hoarse.

As he said the word, Chen Dong’s eyelids lowered.

The old woman was relieved, her expression eased and she smiled amiably.

“Hungry, then let’s go home and eat.”


Chen Dong slowly opened his lips and spat out a word.

His right foot had just taken a step forward when his body suddenly swayed and he fell heavily to the ground with a “bang”.

“Dog boy, take Dog into the house quickly!”

The old woman’s face changed dramatically and she shouted hurriedly.

The shocked crowd finally came back to their senses at this moment.

Dog Wa Zi hurriedly rushed over and carried Chen Dong towards the house.

The rest of the villagers, all standing in the courtyard, looked different.

But as Chen Dong entered the house, the eyes they looked at the house again all became frightened and fearful.

No one was stupid.

The scene of Chen Dong raising his sword in front of the crowd just now meant something that was clear to everyone.

Even if Chen Dong had thrown away the woodchipper in the end.

But the image of one man and one knife, slaughtering the barbarians, was still vivid to the villagers.

The action of Chen Dong raising his knife at them just now was like a nightmare, engraved on everyone’s heart.

“Old Aunt, do you really want to leave this man in the village?”

A man asked with a palpitating heart.

The moment the words came out, they caused the crowd to turn their attention to the old woman.

The old crone’s footsteps gave a beat, and her cloudy eyes swept towards the crowd, somewhat stunned.

At this moment.

Wolf dragged his injured body to the old crone’s side and said in a deep voice, “Ani, everyone’s worries are not unreasonable.”

The old woman’s expression moved, the corners of her eyes twitched gently, and she looked at Wolf askance in surprise and dismay: “Son, one must have human feelings, although we have lived in the snow and ice for generations, we cannot be like the wolves who only know how to live with bloodlust.”

Wolf lowered his head, his expression embarra*sed and complicated.

In fact, it was all thanks to Chen Dong alone that the village had escaped the calamity of being slaughtered tonight.

Otherwise …… barbarians would have entered the village, and even if the whole village had risen up against them, they would have been unable to escape in the end.

The gift of help is returned from a spring.

But the action of Chen Dong raising his knife at the crowd just now is the real crux of the problem that makes people afraid to repay their kindness.

Without waiting for the crowd to reply, the old woman’s eyes swept towards them.

What she had just said to Wolf was not just for Wolf’s ears alone, she had not deliberately lowered her voice, she had deliberately said it for the whole village to hear.

As the old woman’s eyes swept over the crowd, each and every villager lowered their heads or avoided the old woman’s gaze.

Immediately afterwards.

The old woman said in a deep voice, “Everyone, I understand your worries, but the village has escaped this night thanks to Dog alone, and I am willing to give my life in exchange for Dog’s protection if he does change.”

After saying this, she stopped lingering and walked quickly towards the house.

As she was about to enter the house, she shouted again in a deep voice, “Wolf come inside, old body will heal your wounds.”

Wolf looked hesitantly at the crowd, but finally sighed and stepped into the house.



In the icy sky and snow.

The wind and snow were bitterly cold.

Night had fallen, turning this cruel snowy plain into a complete extinction.

Even the stars and moon in the sky could hardly shed their light on the ground.

Crunch …… crunch ……

In the silence, the sound of feet stomping on snow suddenly appeared.

A figure in the darkness slowly walked forward.



The figure’s footsteps lurched, while a startled voice Ejac*lated, “Amitabha Buddha, this thread of demonic energy suddenly rose and disappeared, strange!”

This person, was clearly Master Kongkong!

At the same time as he murmured his astonishment, Master Kongkong’s eyes flashed with two dull golden lights, rippling in the darkness.

Time, at this moment, seemed to stand still.

Master Empty stood in place with his hands folded, as motionless as a statue.

This process lasted for half a minute.

“Roughly, it should be in the northward position, but unfortunately it is too fast to hide and difficult to detect.”

After a moment of hesitation, Grandmaster Empty Air moved his steps and headed towards the north.


Suddenly, a wind whistle sounded.

As Grandmaster Empty stepped forward, a faint golden ripple rippled out beneath his feet.

Followed closely by.

The sound of chanting sutras echoed out.

The precious appearance was solemn and the Buddha’s might was vast.

A fearful majesty follows Master Khangkong like a shadow.

The Buddha and the devil confronted each other.

This was the fundamental reason why Chen Daolin had asked Master Empty Sky to enter the world again.

Even though the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders had gone out of the city and searched in a carpet, compared to the vastness of the Northern Domain, it was still like looking for a needle in a haystack.

However, Master Kongkong’s own martial arts attributes were the antithesis of the Daoist devil’s seed, so once he searched for it, the devil’s energy would be like a bright light in the darkness under Master Kongkong’s senses.

The chances of success in the search were much higher than the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

“Amitabha! As expected of a man of great power, he can survive even under the heavenly punishment, this creation, perhaps …… has metamorphosed into a butterfly.”

Darkness, wind and snow.

The voice of Master Empty Air’s emotion gradually dissipated.

His figure also eventually faded into the darkness.

Even though he knew that the demonic Qi was in the north, this one direction was still vast compared to the vast Northern Domain, and the search still took time.


The other side.

A wisp of B*****d light, swaying in the darkness as the horses lurched.


Bone-chilling cold.

Ye Linglong huddled on the horse’s back, pressing against it as much as possible to reduce the area ravaged by the cold wind.

The thick down jacket, wrapped around her body, was still somewhat difficult to resist the biting cold.

Before coming to the North, she had already prepared herself, but the cold of the North still gave her a headache.

The darkness of the night was overwhelming.

She no longer cared about the direction, and let the horses go ahead.

“You will definitely be found, you have to live ……”

Ye Linglong crouched on her horse’s back, shivering, even though her voice trembled terribly, but her tone was firm.

She was not willing to be like the crowd, at such a juncture, and still sit around waiting for death.

To live and to die!

More panic, she believed, the man never let anyone down!

Rumble ……

In the distance, there was a sudden rumbling sound of a horse stomping on the ground.

At the same time, along with the neighing of the horses, there were also the yells of human voices rushing the horses.

Ye Linglong’s mind was shaken and she hurriedly raised her eyes to follow the sound.

In the darkness, firelight danced, and a vast procession of horses was heading further north.

“Quickly, hurry up! We must leave the borderline of the domain before dawn!”

“D*mn it, why haven’t Zamu Khan and the others converged here yet? A small village of a dozen families, is it still hard?”

“No matter, so many slaves, sold to other tribes, already enough for us to make a fortune, as long as we are not discovered by the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, we will make a bloody profit tonight!”


A voice of angry rebuke echoed in the darkness.

At the same time accompanied by the cries of young and old women and children.

Ye Linglong’s pretty face changed dramatically, and by the light of the fire she could vaguely see a large prison cage in the caravan of horses, with people looming over it.

Barbarians from outside the country?

Robbing and trafficking slaves?

Anger surged, and anger tumbled.

Clutching the reins of her horse, Ye Linglong hastily switched off the lights on her horse.

She was not reckless enough to take on the entire slave caravan with her own strength!

With her Hong Society status, she was naturally aware that these slave horse caravans, said to be barbarians from outside the domain, were actually at least half of the regular rongwu of the hundred tribes outside the domain!

We had to find a way to save them!

To rush up to them would be to send them into the tiger’s mouth!

It was not a rescue at all, but a way to add another slave to the slave caravan!

And yet.

The moment the lights were switched off.

In the distance, a cry of alarm suddenly rang out from the caravan of horses.

“Chief, there’s a light flickering over there, it looks like someone is there!”

It was going to be bad!

In a flash, Ye Linglong’s body was filled with evil chills and her heart was beating wildly, she had been discovered!