Winner Takes All Chapter 1647-1648

Chapter 1647

Night falls.

The wind and snow wail like ghostly cries, extraordinarily ominous.

Inside the hall, the campfire dances.

The silhouettes of people reflected on the walls, swaying and swaying.

“Dog, eat slowly, eat slowly.”

The old woman rubbed Chen Dong’s back as she smiled amiably.

On the other side.

The father and son, however, huddled in a corner, clinging to each other, watching the scene before them in horror.

Recalling the horrific scene when they met Chen Dong, the father and son were silenced like frightened chickens.

If the old woman hadn’t been so desperate to come back, and if the man in front of them hadn’t acted so normal for the moment, they would have carried the old woman and run away in a huff for 200 miles!

“Dad, are you really not going to persuade Grandma?”

The dog asked with trepidation.

“Do you want your grandmother to swell up the other side of my face again?”

The middle-aged man said slyly as he side-stepped his face.

The father and son carried the old crone outside in the afternoon, and it was the old woman who eventually became furious and swollen the middle-aged man’s face with one earful after another before it subsided.

“There’s something wrong with this guy!”

The dog boy gave Chen Dong’s a fearful look, “It looks normal now, but don’t forget what he was like when we both saved him.”

“Yeah ……”

The middle-aged man sighed heartily.

A man who looked like he was going to die was alive after a few mouthfuls of water!

And how long had it only been?

All the injuries on his body had disappeared!

This completely changed everyone’s perception of the cruel conditions of the Great Snowy Plain!

While the father and son were whispering.

The old woman’s cold gaze followed.

“Shut up, you two!”

The father and son were scolded and blushed.

The middle-aged man gritted his teeth and continued to persuade, “Ah Niang, this really needs to be considered, we are close to the border line, many savages from outside the domain sneak over and stay overnight with outsiders, the whole village won’t allow it.”

“D*mn Wolf, in this freezing weather, if you drive him away, you’re killing people!”

The old woman scolded through clenched teeth as her eyes widened in anger.

“His death is better than our death!”

In a rare move, the middle-aged man did not flinch and met the old mother’s gaze and stared back angrily.

Those words, they were desperate!

Yet it was the law of survival in this great snowy plain!

If his own family had been closer to the domain, he would not have said such words in front of Chen Dong.

By chance, the village formed by a dozen families was stuck on the borderline between the inner and outer domains.

It was not uncommon for barbarians from outside the domain to sneak across the border line and enter the village in disguise to commit murder and evil, and the crimes committed by those barbarians were too numerous to mention.

The crimes committed by these barbarians are untold, from killing and taking money to burning villages!

Even if Chen Dong had the face of an immigrant, the middle-aged man known as “Wolf” would not dare to take the risk!

With all the bloodshed and tragedies, the people of the snowy plains remembered many of those who had committed crimes with the same face.

Not to mention, Chen Dong was saved by him and his son, and it was they, father and son, who witnessed the bizarre and horrible things happening to Chen Dong.

In the room, the atmosphere suddenly froze in tension.

A look of astonishment flashed in the old woman’s eyes, she hadn’t expected her son to be so resolute with himself this time!

At that very moment.

A noisy clamour rang out from outside.

“No good, the village people are coming over!”

Grandson Dog’s face changed dramatically and he was about to get up and go outside.

But Wolf raised his hand and pressed his son’s shoulder: “What are you doing out there, you fart, I’ll go!”

After saying that, he got up and gave Chen Dong and his mother a deep look and walked straight out the door.

From the beginning to the end, the dazed and confused Chen Dong was munching on his steamed bun, not caring about what the family of three was discussing.


Very hungry!

The feeling of an empty stomach made him desperately want to fill it up.

But for some reason, even after eating more, the hunger soon struck again.

Still, as the middle-aged man walked out, Chen Dong’s movements paused, looking up at the outside, the noisy noise that filled his ears made him hesitate a little.

“Am I affecting you all?”

The question was asked with the confusion of a child, clear eyes looking at the crone at the same time.

The crone squeezed out a gentle smile, “It’s all right, child, eat.”

“Grandma ……”

Dog was about to speak.

The old crone’s expression straightened: “Ah Dog, you must remember that the Great Snowy Plain is cruel, but saving a life is better than creating seven levels of pontoon, and killing is even more unacceptable!”

“But ……” Dog wanted to say something but stopped.

The old woman shook her head and tremblingly got up and walked out: “Grandma go and talk to the people in the village, we people, ah, our ancestors have been begging for a living in this great snow plain for generations, fighting against the sky, fighting against the earth, fighting against a hundred beasts, but after all, there is still some human kindness.”

And yet.

Just as the old woman trembled and reached the door, she was about to push it open.


The noisy clamour outside was suddenly drowned out by an incomparable scream of pain.

Followed closely by.


The door to the room was slammed open.

Wolf, who had just gone out, now with an arrow stuck in his left arm and blood staining half of his body, stumbled and rushed in.

And outside, the villagers shrieked and screamed.

“Barbarians! The barbarians have crossed the border!”

“D*mn it! All the lords of the village, take up arms and fight them!”

“These barbarians, have they been beaten by the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and all they know how to do is to do these sneaky things?”


“Dog boy, take grandma to hide!”

Wolf rushed back into the house, forcing himself to endure the sharp pain in his left arm, lifted his strong bow and spear, turned around and headed out.

Both the old woman and Dog were dumbfounded.

No one had expected that what should have been a conflict between them and the villagers would suddenly come in the form of a group of savages!

“Dog-boy, take Dog and hide!”

The old crone made an instant decision and, having ordered, turned around and went back to her bedroom, raising a rusty knife.


Doggy was so frightened that he hurriedly blocked it, “I’ll deal with these savages, you must hide, Grandma!”

“Grandma can still lift the knife, this group of barbarians have entered the village, it will be the end if we don’t fight them!”

The old woman struggled, but being old and weak, she could not break free of the doggy.


Outside, the roar of horses stomping on the ground was heard, accompanied by the sound of horses neighing and the distinctive language of the barbarians shouting.

Through the half-opened door of the hall, one could even see the villagers clustered together, bravely facing the barbarians.

It was either life or death, a battle of two choices, there was no other option!

Throughout the centuries of history, all those who had thought about the alternative had ended up as dead bones!

The fight was on.

The shouts and screams suddenly tore through the calm of the night.

It was also when the old crone and the dog boy were at a standstill.

Chen Dong put down the steamed bun he had just picked up, got up, took a step, and walked towards the outside.

Every move was so light that even the old woman and the dog’s son did not notice.

There was no sadness or joy on his face, but his eyes gradually became cold and stern as he stepped forward ……

Chapter 1648

When Chen Dong walked out of the hall.

Outside, it was already a mess.

Fires were raging in the sky and several houses had already been set alight.

There were shouts and screams.

In the light of the fire, the villagers and the barbarians were fighting fiercely, with shadows of people, swords and blood flying everywhere.

It was a scene that could not be described as tragic!

But it is also the truest law of survival in the Great Snowy Plain!


The sound of breaking wind.

An arrow swept through the air, grazing Chen Dong’s left ear and nailing the doorpost with a clang, its feathers trembling violently.

Chen Dong, however, looked unchanged, indifferent as if covered with a layer of cold frost.

“Ah Dog!”

Behind them resounded the cries of alarm from the old woman and the dog boy.

Immediately following.

The old woman rushed out, tugging Chen Dong by the arm and dragging him towards the house without a word: “Quickly go inside, it’s dangerous outside!”


“Grandma be careful!”

The dog boy who had returned to his senses and was about to rush out suddenly turned pale.


The sound of breaking wind suddenly sounded.

In panic, the old woman turned back with dilated pupils.

In her sight, a cold, glittering arrow was shooting towards her.

It was too late to dodge!


In a flash of lightning, a large hand suddenly reached out from a slant and steadily grasped the arrow’s arrowhead in its place.

A poof!

The sharp arrowhead instantly cut through the skin of Chen Dong’s hand, splashing blood.

A few drops of blood even burst directly onto the old woman’s face.

“Ah …… Ah Dog ……”

The old crone’s pupils dilated to the extreme, her lips mouthing.

The arrow was just a stone’s throw away from her, but Chen Dong stopped it with one hand.

On the contrary, she looked at the big hand that was cut by the arrow and stained red with blood, and her heart ached.

“Wa Zi …… hurts ……”

The old woman’s eyes swished red.

Dang jang!

Chen Dong casually threw the arrow on the ground, turned to face the fierce killing crowd and calmly said, “It doesn’t hurt!”

The old woman clenched her lips as tears fell from her eyes.

The dog’s son, who had just rushed to the door, was frozen on the spot.

Chen Dong had caught the arrow with his bare hands, causing him, an ordinary man, to take quite a shock.

In a trance, the dog boy thought of the image he had when he had saved Chen Dong’s life earlier.

At that very moment.

“Doggy, you son of a B*tch, why don’t you take your grandmother and hide!”

In the crowd, Wolf, who had fought hard to kill, turned around to see the scene at the door, and his jaws burst open.

The dog boy’s body trembled in reaction.

But he did not run away, instead his eyes burned as he glared at Chen Dong.

“Dog! We saved your life, don’t you know how to repay the favour?”

The words were harsh and vociferous.

“Repay your kindness?”

Chen Dong’s eyes flashed and he looked back at Doggy in confusion.


The old woman’s face paled in fear and she turned back to angrily rebuke the dog boy, “Dog boy, shut up! These savages kill without blinking, Dog he is no match for them!”

Having survived on this snowy plain for nearly her entire life, she knew better than anyone the cruelty and ferocity of the barbarians.

It was a group of fierce beasts beyond the borderline, poor, mad, hungry and reckless!

They dared to risk being annihilated by the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and risked money to sneak across the border line, they were already prepared to leave their corpses in the domain within this border line!

After ignoring life and death, this group of people, that is a group of killing machines!

“How do you repay the favour?”

Chen Dong asked slowly.

The dog boy’s eyes lit up and he ignored the old woman’s scolding, raising his hand and pointing at the savages killing outside, he said with murderous intent, “You know how to kill, right? Kill them!”

“Shut up, dog boy!”

The old woman’s eyes were red with tears.

But the dog boy gritted his teeth indignantly, “They are here to kill us, and if we don’t kill them, we will die!”

With the village people alone to fend off these savages, Dogwazi had foreseen the ultimate end!

In the centuries-old law of fighting for survival with the extra-territory, in incidents like this where barbarians crossed the border to attack and kill, the chances of the village surviving in the end were less than 20%!

He had witnessed Chen Dong’s horrific journey from death to life, and at this moment, he couldn’t care less, he had to gamble!

This man, coming to life would be an inhuman transformation.

Perhaps …… he could bring a ray of life to the village!


Chen Dong calmly responded, turning his head to look at the fiercely fighting crowd, not moving a muscle.


The calm response, however, caused the dog boy and the old woman to freeze instantly.

What kind of response was that?

Even though the Crone did not want Chen Dong to make a move, she could not help but be caught off guard by Chen Dong’s response.

The air was thick with the sickening smell of blood.

There were screams and shouts of death as people continued to fall.

The silhouettes of people and swords were shining.

But in the light of the fire, more villagers fell, than the barbarians!

To say that they were barbarians was a generic term used by the people of the domain for the Extra-territorial Hundred, but these barbarians, in the end, were the real soldiers of the Extra-territorial Hundred!

They were well trained, prepared, and attacked suddenly.

All these advantages had already decided which way the scales of battle would tip from the very first moment of battle!

Just as the old woman pondered opening her mouth again, ready to dissuade Chen Dong.

No one had noticed.

Under the reflection of the firelight.

Chen Dong’s calm features seemed to be covered with a bone-chilling frost, his eyes gradually narrowing into slits as the cold light flickered.

His nose, gently shrugged.

The smell of blood permeating the air poured into his nasal cavity, stimulating every cell.

Gradually, the cold light in the eyes that narrowed into a slit was swiftly replaced by a smear of blood.

“Hehe …… killing, I’m good at it!”

Chen Dong half of his mouth pulled up a bizarre arc, his right hand waved back: “Give me, weapons!”

“A dog ……”

The old crone’s frail body shook violently.

Doggy, however, was ecstatic, and without waiting for the old crone to say anything, he arrowed after Chen Dong and placed a firewood knife in his hand on Chen Dong’s right hand.

It was only when the woodchipper alternated to Chen Dong’s hand that the dog boy could not help but shiver.

In the process of touching Chen Dong’s right hand, he clearly felt a bone-chilling coldness that roared down his fingertips and eroded his whole body.

The next second.

Chen Dong gripped his woodchipper in his hand and took a step towards the crowd.

An awe-inspiring and majestic killing intent suddenly blossomed from his body.

The dog boy and the old woman, who were watching from the sidelines, suddenly noticed in a frightening moment that a thin layer of blood mist seemed to have lifted up from Chen Dong’s body and rushed up into the night sky.

But the ancestors and grandchildren, too, could only see Chen Dong’s back.

The crowd of people who were killing each other in chaos had no time to care about Chen Dong who was slowly stepping into the battlefield.

No one could see that Chen Dong’s eyes danced with blood, but he stuck out his tongue, as if he was a ghost, and licked his torn up lips.

“The taste of blood …… is really good!”

Accompanied by a murmur.


A faint cluster of blood mist instantly wrapped around the wood blade in Chen Dong’s right hand.

A strong wind rose at first.


Accompanied by several terrified screams from the surroundings.

A savage’s head flew straight up into the sky.

And the headless corpse, still standing in place, blood spurted like a fountain, spraying several meters high ……