Winner Takes All Chapter 1643-1644

Chapter 1643

A murmur with a touch of pity echoes through the silence of the land.

Broken flesh and blood, raining down on the desert, quickly soaked beneath the gravel.

Even the shattered flesh and bones strangely decayed and disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Rumble ……

The heavens and the earth shook abruptly and violently.

The lofty and towering “Tomb of the Human Ancestor” once again sent out ripples that stirred up the heavens and the earth.

The ground began to shake.

The gravel tumbled and pulsated like boiling water.

The “Tomb of the Human Ancestor” quickly sank to the ground, and with the fall of the tombkeeper, even the cave door on the monument disappeared, and the place where the cave door had been reverted to a smooth stone slab.

This process did not take long.

In just a dozen breaths, the “Tomb of the Human Ancestor”, which had towered into the clouds, was completely submerged and sunk beneath the gravel, and with it, the terrifying might that had subdued heaven and earth.

The ripples were still there, but they were even weaker than before.

The boiling desert floor gradually subsided.

The wind, the sandstorm.

Everything was just the same as before, as if nothing had ever happened.

Chen Daolin held the bladeless sword in his hand and stood in place, like a statue, motionless.

Only his eyes, which looked down at the bladeless heavy sword, were bright and dark, confused and shocked.

“Dao Lin, let’s go!”

In the distance, came the voice of Chen Daogun.

A soft call, but like a thunderous explosion, instantly snapped Chen Daolin out of his confused and shocked state.

Chen Daolin took a deep breath and caught up with Chen Daogun and Jiang Sixth Master in large strides.

“Old Ancestor, this Fengless ……”

He was eager to ask, even though he already had a guess in his mind, but he was more eager to get verification through Chen Daogun’s mouth.

“This should not be something you ask.”

Chen Daojun said profoundly with a large stride, “If you want to ask, it should be the day you step on the Heavenly Road, Dong’er should come and ask, this sword is his!”

“Dong’er ……”

Chen Daolin murmured in a complicated way, his heart seized, wanting to speak but not to stop.

On the contrary, the sixth master Jiang, who was on the side, gave a meaningful glance at Chen Daojun and Chen DaoLin.

The Bladeless Heavy Sword, what the hell is it!

Chen Daoling did not know, but he was already certain in his heart after what he had just experienced.

However, Chen Daogun had no thoughts of explaining, and he did not want to go any further around this topic.

In the darkness.

The three of them walked side by side, but a little more slowly than when they had come before.

It was as if they were walking idly and easily.

Behind them, however, was the yellow sand that rolled and dyed the yellow sky.

The footprints they had left behind disappeared without a trace as a burst of yellow sand rendered them.

When you’ve finished, you can’t leave behind a thousand miles!

Sixth Master Jiang digressed and placated to Chen Daoling: “No news, better than having bad news, but you, overnight to invite Master Kongkong to re-enter the world, but for my father’s painstaking efforts.”

“Sixth master ……”

Chen Daolin was surprised for a moment, and soon calmed down again.

The heritage of the world’s clans and gatekeepers, it might be a bit inappropriate to say that they only have their hands in the sky, but the intricacy and complexity of the veins that cover the world is more than apt.

They are in seclusion, not in the world at a time when the world is in turmoil, not completely isolated from the world.

There are many eyes and ears of the clans everywhere in the world.

Even if it was the Hanging Temple on the upside down mountain, it was only reasonable that the Jiang family could capture the information.

“It’s just that.”

Chen Daojun took over, “Empty into the world, but also he is the most able to find Dong’er, he should also redeem himself and correct the Buddha’s compa*sion, with his own selfish thoughts in the name of Buddha, it was a big mistake, if not for him, that bloody and cruel time in the future, Zhenjiang City and the domain would never be twice as dangerous!”

The Sixth Master Jiang followed up by asking, “Who is next? The Morning Bell and the Evening Drum? Or perhaps the …… Ancient Family?”

When the word “Gu family” was finally uttered, even the Sixth Master Jiang pronounced his words extraordinarily heavily.

“This iniquitous son of a B*tch, the Gu family, has three cunning caves, and the morning bell and evening drum are even harder to find.”

Chen Daojun narrowed his eyes, his cold aura flickering as the corners of his mouth curled into a cold, teasing smile, “The tombkeeper represents the world outside the world, then among the gentry gentry, there should also be a representative!”


Chen Daolin and Jiang Liuji spoke at the same time.

In the darkness, a cold and determined voice echoed like a death sentence.

“The Li family!”


Dawn was approaching.

The lights within the Li family were magnificent.

The news from Zhenjiang City had swept away the depression and gloom of the Li family, making it as festive as the New Year’s Eve, just short of decorating with lights and beating drums!

The great momentum of the world had been imposed on Chen Dong, which made people desperate to think about it.

Even the Li family had decided to stay away for the time being and watch the wind.

But then the sky changed.

The Heavenly Punishment struck Chen Dong into oblivion, and it would be an exaggeration to say that he died in his lifetime.

Once Chen Dong died, the momentum was gone.

It meant that the Li family could still fight in the future!

Suddenly, a thunderous rebuke exploded in the mountains on this side of the Li family.

“Li family, be punished!”

With four simple words and a terrifying thunderous sound, the sentence was pronounced on the spot.

An immense oppressive feeling of boundless terror suddenly descended from the sky.

Three majestic qi strands, like three pale dragons, connected heaven and earth and came side by side.

The immense oppression instantly plunged the entire Li family into dead silence.

Nearly a thousand people were even silenced on the spot.

“What’s going on? Who dares to be reckless? Who dares to come to the door and speak out of turn?”

The old lady woke up from her sleep and cried out in fear.

Soon, a middle-aged member of the Li family barged in.

There was a loud poof!

As soon as he entered the room, the middle-aged man stumbled and fell to the floor, sweating profusely and saying in panic and fear, “The two brothers of the Chen family, the sixth master of the Jiang family, have joined hands to come to the door!”


A bolt from the blue shook the heart.

The old lady who had just woken up with a start instantly blackened her eyes and the sky spun.

The name of the God of Kill, even after twenty years, still had absolute intimidating power for the magnificent families of the day!

In their hearts, Chen Daogun …… was equal to the God of Death!

Chen Daoling, as the head of the Chen family, had stored his power and might for more than twenty years, and was equally feared like a dragon or tiger.

What made the old lady even more desperate was that even the Sixth Master Jiang had come hand in hand.

This is no longer the same as before!

This was after the Jiang family had stood in line and had brightened up their horses to follow along and help out!

“Please also ask Old Taijun to decide!”

The middle-aged man slumped weakly to the ground, his eyes red.

A decision?

The old woman’s bloodless face smiled in despair.

How else could one decide on a verdict when the sentence was pronounced at the door and the hand was pressed across the room?

If she didn’t have her senses intact and her identity intact, she would have wanted to blurt out a word!

In hesitation.


A bright flash of light suddenly swept across the sky.

It was darkest before the dawn, but as the glow of this light crossed the sky, it lit up the Li family like daylight.

Almost simultaneously.

The ground shook and screams of misery echoed through the Li family, rising to the sky.

It was miserable and wailing all over the place.

Before the old lady and the middle-aged man could react, a surge of rampant qi came crashing down on them.

It was overwhelming, overwhelming, overwhelming.

It instantly collapsed an entire wall on the side of the old lady’s bedroom door and reached a metre behind the middle-aged man before finally dissipating.

The remnants of the energy swept across the room, leaving smoke and dust rolling around.

The old lady and the middle-aged man looked up at the same time, following the direction of the sword Qi.

This glance led to the Li family’s mountain gate.

At this moment, three men were standing at the mountain gate, as if they were life-threatening monks.

The man known as “God of Killers” was the first to take a step forward, his bladeless heavy sword already on the ground in his hand, and his bitter sword qi was raging around him ……

Chapter 1644

The sun is rising.

The mountains are gilded with a golden glow, the mist is dense and the insects are singing and the birds are crying.

Today, however, there is no more peace and tranquillity than before.

The fresh morning air is laced with a sickening smell of blood, and some bold beasts in the distant mountains are already impatiently following the smell of blood towards the Li family’s manor, with crystalline and sticky saliva flowing all the way.

In the early morning, the Li family was dead quiet.

The mountain gate had long since crumbled into ruins, and a glance following the look in would reveal a building that had collapsed into ruins and was in disrepair.

Gurgling …… gurgling ……

The sound of blood converging in the lowlands and flowing towards the lower ones has also become the only sound within the lofty Li family’s stately home.

The former gatekeeper Li family, but in this early morning, the smell of blood rushed to the sky!

A few salivating beasts arrived at the crumbling gates, looked around for a moment and then, unable to restrain their impulsive desire for meat, let out a low roar and rushed straight into the crumbling Li family manor.

Soon, the sound of beasts hissing and chewing broke the dead silence of the manor.

In the mountainous forest, three figures slowly walked forward.

Behind them came the hissing of fierce beasts.

Chen Daojun cast a sideways glance askance at Chen Daoling, “Daoling, it’s time for you to return to Feng Bo Ancient City.”

“I will not return until Dong’er returns!”

Chen Daolin’s gaze was determined and firm.

“You are the head of the Chen family, the family head’s training, reason, fortitude and determination, have you forgotten them all?”

Chen Daogun’s footsteps were abrupt as he rebuked, “This is not the time for you to be impetuous, the fallen Tombkeeper, the ambushed Sectarian Li family, enough is enough now, and it is time for you to calm down, return to Feng Bo ancient city and do what you need to do!”

The words were as cold as frost, and the temperature around him seemed to have plummeted by a large margin.

Not far away in the mountain forest, there were a few more long whistling and hissing beasts, scaring away the birds in the surrounding mountain forest.

And then.

The surroundings fell to a dead silence.

Chen Daoling and Chen Daojun were facing each other, not giving way to each other.

Jiang Liuxu was on the sidelines, feeling the two men’s frosty auras, and his head was burning.

One was the Chen family head, who had stored his power for decades.

The other was a Chen family ancestor who had survived for a long time.

There was a difference between the two, but at this moment, the difference was not too great.

More crucially, even though the Sixth Master Jiang had the intention to dissuade him, he did not know how to speak.

It was true that Chen Daolin should go back and do what he had to do, but what lay ahead was the absence of his blood and flesh.

The Sixth Master asked himself, if something had happened to Jiang Qilin, he might have reacted in the same way as Chen Daolin!

There are some things that can always overtake reason!

“Calm? Reason? Doing what I should do?”

Chen Daolin suddenly laughed coldly, breaking the dead silence, his expression suddenly determined and hideous: “Twenty years ago, I abandoned my wife and son for twenty years because of these reason and calmness, I am not qualified to be a husband, and I am even less qualified to be a father! Now …… Lan’er is watching from heaven!”

“Everything within the Feng Bo ancient city, has been on track, even if I am not involved in it, it is still enough to run in an orderly manner, old ancestor, what I promised you, I have done, now …… it is time for me to go and be a good father!”

Words with a strong guilt, the last words, guilt swept, to the end, Chen Daolin as if emptied of strength, the voice have become shriveled and heavy.

But …… firm and determined!

“You ……”

Chen Daojun’s face turned red with anger, looking at Chen Daoling leaving, his hands clenched into fists, the bruises on the back of his hands protruding.

It was not until Chen Daoling’s figure completely disappeared into the mountains and forests.

Only then did Chen Daogun grit his teeth and spit out a rebuke from his mouth, “This …… evil!”

“Isn’t that also the seed of the old Chen family, the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked?”

Master Jiang Liu said with a strange laugh.

Chen Daojun squeezed a few black lines out of his forehead and stared at Master Jiang Liu, “Jiang Lao Liu, even your family’s ancestors wouldn’t dare to tease me like that.”


Master Jiang Liu raised his eyebrows, “This lower beam of mine is crooked, my ancestors must have a crooked upper beam, even I dare, how come my Jiang family ancestors don’t dare?”

Chen Daojun: “……”

A long time.

He said in a deep voice: “The tomb guardian and the Li family were put to death, the next step is to see what the reaction of the world’s giants and various powers, and those outside the world is, if you do not know how to restrain yourself again, then you will go down with me to exterminate!”

A murderous intent, a resounding speech!

In an instant, a cold qi energy washed out, directly cutting off the surrounding mountains and trees.


Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Long Lao sat in front of the desk in his study, exhausted, and in front of him was a mountain of information.

Chen Dong suddenly had an accident.

The undercurrents in the southwestern region had already given him a whiff of danger in this short period of time.

The Rothschild’s support was only Rothschild.

The process of setting up the Southwest was not at all friendly with the world’s giants and powers, and there was no shortage of those who held back their teeth and hated them.

When the Southwest was settled, it was impossible for the gentry and powers of the world to withdraw.

With a single edict, their previous layout was completely nailed to the south-western region.

Development was necessary, but when Chen Dong was around, it was Dingtai and a group of va*sal followers under his command who were whaling on the blood of the world’s giants and various powers together.

But once Chen Dong was in trouble, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the various forces and families in the southwest region.

One whale falls and everything is born, that’s all there is to it!

There are many people who secretly want to take a big bite out of the vast land of the southwest region!

Within this short period of time, if the situation could not be stabilised as soon as possible, the consequences would be unimaginable.

For this reason, Long Lao even ignored the injuries of Zhuge Qing, Zhao Ru and others, and recalled all of them, and even mobilised elites from the Zhuge family and the Zhang and Chu families, under the full command of Chen Daoye and other former rulers of the Chen family, to do their best to stabilise the situation.

However, the most critical issue is the “spokesperson”, which is still the most problematic!

It is also the most pressing matter that needs to be resolved!

Without a spokesperson of any significance on the stage, these forces and families will appear to the outside world as nothing more than wolves on the prowl.

The danger is there, and the fear is there.

But the scattered wolves can hardly form the great fear that makes people incapable of thinking differently.

The spokesman is the head wolf of the wolves!

When Chen Dong was around, with the name of Chen Dong, wrapped in the great power of all parties, it was enough to push across the southwest.

Now, the spokesman does not need to have the great power to push across the southwest, but someone must stand out and tell the crowd that the various forces are still cohesive on a rope, at least the solid situation can still be achieved.

Ye Linglong was the best choice, but at this juncture, she suddenly disappeared.

Long Lao finished processing a document and leaned back in his chair tiredly, subconsciously picking up his cigarette case, but it was empty.

The ashtray next to him was stacked high with cigarette butts.

He picked through the ashtray and found a cigarette butt that still had a cut in it, then dropped it on his mouth, lit it and took a long puff.

The smoke lingered and the exhaustion seemed to be relieved by the effect of the nicotine.


Suddenly, the study door was brutally slammed open.

Meng Po rushed in in a panic: “Elder Long, Miss Gu is back!”


Elder Long stood up with a start, his cigarette falling to the ground at the corner of his mouth, his jealousy splitting: “Why has she come back? She shouldn’t have come back! The young master’s original intention was not like this, young lady ……”

Not waiting for Long Lao to move outside.

Outside already sounded Fan Lu’s dissuasive voice. ,

followed closely by a silhouette appearing at the door of the study.

“My man is missing, I should come back to guard the kingdom for him!”