Winner Takes All Chapter 1639-1640

Chapter 1639

Rumble ……

Heaven and earth shook.

The rolling sandstorm that had just filled the heavens and earth seemed to have been pressed to pause as the golden light and the great tomb arched up.

The melodious sound of Xiao echoed through this side of heaven and earth, but it was as if it did nothing.

Chen Daolin looked at the great tomb looming in the distance, and the tremendous sense of oppression that surged over the sky and earth made his heart skip a beat and his breath stutter.

Was this really a tomb?

It was clearly a great mountain buried deep in the ground!

Just a corner of the top of the tomb was so terrifying, how big should the …… buried deep beneath the desert be?

Compared to Chen Daoling’s shocked and dumbfounded state, Chen Daogun and Jiang Liuji looked solemn.

“Start the tomb!”

Suddenly, Chen Daogun’s body shook and his tongue once again burst into thunder.

Rumble ……

The terrifying pressure shook the sky and earth.

The golden light that blossomed from the bladeless heavy sword filled heaven and earth, and the entire desert seemed to boil up.

Huge tombs rose from the depths of the desert at an even faster pace than earlier.

Everything was so spectacular that it was comparable to a miracle.

Chen Daolin’s heart was beating wildly, even though he had half a lifetime of experience, he could hardly calm down at this moment.

The word “flat earth and mountains” …… had always been an adjective to him before, but he had never imagined that it was now being played out before his eyes!

Ten metres, twenty metres, thirty metres ……

The great oppression of fear is like a prison.

With swiftness, the tomb went straight towards the vault of heaven.

It was clearly a tomb, clearly visible to the naked eye under the golden light, a tomb built of countless yellow clay, but at this moment, as the flat earth pulled up the mountain, the yellow clay on the tomb seemed to be frozen, not shaking off half of it in the slightest.

As the grave rises hundreds of metres, the diameter of the grave is a thousand metres.

And the momentum of this uprooting did not hinder the momentum of slowing down in the slightest.

Chen Daolin subconsciously gazed at Chen Daojun, and only after calming down a little did he think of the words Chen Daojun had just shouted.

“The word starting the tomb is more like an order, but shouldn’t the old ancestor and this sky-rushing giant tomb be in a confrontational stance?”

This was the thought in Chen Daoling’s mind.

They had travelled here precisely to kill the tomb guardian.

And this sky-rushing tomb was just like the Tomb Guardian’s lair.

Since this was the case, it was bizarre that Chen Daogun should be confronting the Tomb Guardian with a unilateral order by drawing his sword and lifting the tomb out of the ground.

When the great tomb was drawn up to a height of a thousand metres, spanning its diameter, it was already difficult to see the edges at a glance.

It was as if a mountain range had suddenly appeared in the middle of an empty desert, and the impact was so shocking that words cannot describe it.


Chen Daolin’s gaze flinched, “Is that a …… tombstone?”

The tomb in the distance, as it rose rapidly, the blurred feeling of being far away, had been almost worn away.

As the saying goes, “A horse can die looking at a mountain”, which is extremely apt at this moment.

In the direction directly opposite the three of them, a lime-white surface of a very different colour from that of the tomb now emerges from the desert floor.

It was squared off and covered with the vicissitudes of the ages.

“This is the greatest secret in the world today.”

Master Jiang Liu suddenly raised his hand and landed on Chen Daolin: “When you see this, I hope you can bear it, everything is very different from what ordinary humans perceive.”

Chen Daolin looked at Master Jiang Liu in horror, compared to his horror, Master Jiang Liu looked more calm and cloudy.

Rumble ……

Heaven and earth shook.

The golden light emanating from the bladeless heavy sword never declined.

Just like the great tomb and tombstones rising from the ground, there was no weakening of momentum.

When the tomb burst into the night clouds, out of sight, the tombstone finally emerged.

The huge tombstone, like another mountain, stands above the desert, covered in the vicissitudes of time, and the marks of burin chisels are visible to the naked eye.

In the middle of it, three words are carved in iron and silver – the tomb of a human ancestor!

At this moment, the mellifluous sound of the Xiao echoing in the heavens and the earth changed its tune to an aggressive, high-pitched and even a bit harsh.

“The Tomb of the Human Ancestor? Whose tomb is this?”

Chen Daolin’s face turned pale and he was so shocked that even the harsh killing intent that had always lingered around him disappeared at this moment out of shock.

“As you can see.”

The Sixth Master Jiang calmly spat out four words, “The eight ancient surnames, you should be clear about them.”

Chen Daolin’s body shook and his eyes widened.

As the head of the Chen family, he naturally knew about the eight ancient surnames.

Ji, Jiang, Yao, Ying, Si, Food, Gui, and Ji.

The Jiang family …… was one of the eight great surnames!

At this thought, Chen Daolin’s mind went blank, and in a flash, he felt as if his entire body had been drained of energy.

In a trance, he suddenly understood who was buried in this “human ancestral tomb”!

Just ……

The first time I saw it, I was in a trance and I couldn’t tell the difference between reality and mythology.

If this is really the “human ancestor’s tomb”, then the ancient myth and legend ……

“Gravekeeper, get out!”

Chen Daojun, who had been silent all along, suddenly sounded like thunder, blasting through heaven and earth.

The radical and high-pitched sound of Xiao’s voice came to an abrupt end with this roar.


The heavens and earth, shook violently.

The graves and tombstones that had risen from the ground were also finally revealed completely from the ground.

The top could not be seen from the top and the left and right could not be seen from the side.

The tombstones, which were comparable to a great mountain, were even more shocking.

Everything gave a sense of unreality.

But the great oppression of fear and trepidation made people accept the tomb and the monument before them!

At the same time.

The bladeless heavy sword stuck in the gravel finally dissipated in golden light.

And Chen Daojun slowly straightened his body and gazed awe-struck at the tomb.

“Woe is me, woe is me!”

A hoarse, old voice echoed in the silence of this heaven and earth.

Along with the voice, a strange ripple, visible to the naked eye, washed out from the grave and the tombstone, distorting the vision.

“The six senses have been rejected?”

Chen Daolin let out a shocked cry.

Having reached the level of qi energy, at first when he witnessed the ripples, he did not know what to make of them, but now, it dawned on him.

In other words, this side of the world, with this layer of ripples washing out, could not be detected at all further away from the outside world, or even …… according to Chen Daolin’s guess, I’m afraid that the most advanced instruments in the world, could not even detect it!

Immediately after.

The bottom of the lofty tombstone right in the middle, a blackened hole appeared.

It was said to be a hole because the tombstone was so lofty and huge that the illusion was created by the contrast between the two.

In fact, to a human being, the “hole” is like a huge gate!

As the gate opened, a figure slowly walked out of it.

It was the Gravekeeper!

Because of the presence of the tomb and the tombstone, the Tombkeeper was as small as an ant when he stepped out from the tombstone gate.

“Daoist Monarch, you can’t stop you from holding this sword in your hand after all.”

The voice of the Tombkeeper came out, but it caused Chen Daoling’s gaze to fall on the Bladeless Heavy Sword once again.

He suddenly realized that the confrontation had actually been there all along, but it was not the confrontation between the Great Tomb and the Bladeless, but the sound of the Xiao blown by the Gravekeeper that was confronting the Bladeless!

Only compared to the might of the Bladeless, the sound of the Xiao was weak and near to nothing!

“You couldn’t stop me then, and you can’t stop me now!”

Chen Daogun slowly drew out his Bladeless Blade, and coldly shouted, “Those who betray their master and seek glory, dare to disturb my great plan and harm my descendant Chen Dong, I give you a chance ……”


The gravekeeper’s voice suddenly raised in pitch, seemingly somewhat surprised and excited.

“If the Daoist monarch exits, it is naturally true!”

Chen Daogun smiled coldly, “If you cut yourself, the three of us will not make a move!”

Chapter 1640

With one word, heaven and earth fell silent.

A short moment later.

The gravekeeper’s angry rebuke suddenly echoed through the heavens and the earth: “Chen Daojun, a scholar can be killed but not humiliated!”

The sound of anger echoed.

Resentment surged.

What the hell …… chance is this?

On Chen Daolin’s cold face, depression suddenly tumbled and he took a step forward.

“When you waited for Zhenjiang City to raise the storm and put my son Chen Dong in a place of madness, did you ever think about this moment!”


The majestic qi suddenly broke out from Chen Daolin’s body, like a dragon piercing the sky.

In a fit of rage, Chen Daolin made a backhanded move, “Brother, I’ll do it!”


The sixth master Jiang looked aghast and was about to stop him.

But the corners of Chen Daogun’s mouth tugged up in an arc, and with a shake of his hand, the bladeless heavy sword buzzed and flipped in the air, landing steadily in Chen Daoling’s hand.

He turned back and looked askance at Master Jiang Liu: “You and I are present, why should we fear the tomb guardians? Why don’t we use this to train our troops?”


The Sixth Master Jiang’s expression was stunned, and then it dawned on him.

Chen Daoling’s martial arts strength had ultimately relied on the “Pan Gu Project” to improve, and it was extremely difficult for him to integrate it on his own in a short period of time.

The only way to integrate it was through life and death combat …….

The only way to get it right is to fight to the death. With him and Chen Daogun present, even if the tomb guardian is 800 years strong, he will only be a turtle in a jar, a trapped beast.

Even if he had to die, he should let the Tomb Guardian exert a little residual heat before he died!

“Chen family head! You and Chen Daojun refer to each other as brothers to the outside world, don’t you really think that a younger brother can match an older brother?”

In the distance, the Gravekeeper bristled and snapped up.

A disgrace!

A great disgrace!

If it had been Chen Daojun or Jiang Liuxue who were present, his chest would not have been suffocated to such an extent.

But …… was Chen Daoling!

The Chen family is a magnificent family that holds all the world’s wealth, and in the outside world, it is indeed high above the clouds.


He has been guarding his tomb for 800 years, and his strength has already reached the top of the world, and he has been sitting on the sidelines for 800 years, watching the clouds rise and fall.

Chen Daogun is the one who has the strength to ask for the number one spot, to be the only one without a king, and the sixth master of the Jiang family is also honoured as one of the six dragons of the Jiang family!

And what about Chen Daoling?

Now Chen Daogun and the Sixth Master of Jiang were both sitting on the sidelines, letting a tiny mole fight against him with a sword?

To the Gravekeeper, this was not a fight at all!

It was a pure humiliation to him!

The next second.

The next second, the Gravekeeper’s face trembled with rage as he lifted his cracked jade xiao.

The sound of a radical, high-pitched xiao suddenly echoed through the world.

The ripples visible to the naked eye were like tidal waves, coming towards the sword-wielding Chen Daolin in a seemingly soft but overwhelming manner.

Chen Daolin stood in place with his sword in his hand, looking at the sonic ripples coming from afar.

He closed his eyes, tilted his head and smiled.

A murmured voice came out of his mouth, “Lan’er, watch out, I will take revenge for our son!”

The words fell.

Chen Daolin’s eyes opened violently, and two beams of killing intent like substance burst out from his eyes.

A fierce qi energy lifted from under his feet, blowing his robe to the ground.

All of a sudden, the killing intent was overwhelming and fierce.

Chen Daolin’s entire aura changed dramatically, like a sharp sword rushing through the sky, going straight through the firmament, wanting to split it in two.


A word like thunder.

There was no unnecessary fancy.

The moment the sound wave swept in front of Chen Daolin, he gripped his bladeless heavy sword with both hands and took a step forward, slashing down with a domineering and fierce sword!


The sharp and fierce qi instantly emanated from the Bladeless Sword, forming a thick and overwhelming sword qi, which crushed the sound wave ripples.

The next second.

Bang Teen!

Chen Daolin’s feet exploded in response to the sound, and his entire body was like a cannonball out of the chamber, wrapped in a train of Qi energy, charging directly towards the Tomb Guardian.

“Overrate the tree!”

Seeing Chen Daoling’s blatant charge, the Gravekeeper’s cloudy eyes burst out with a resentful aura.

The next second.

His body was swept with Qi energy, and his entire body abruptly twisted twice, directly disappearing in place.

Quietly and silently.

Like spring rain moistening things.

When the Gravekeeper reappeared, he had already arrived in front of Chen Daoling.

“This punch, eight hundred years of kung fu, can you block it?”

As soon as he appeared, the Gravekeeper laughed strangely, looking at Chen Daoling with contempt and disdain, as if he was an ant.

As he raised his right hand with a fist, he blasted out.


The air in front of him was suddenly strangled by the qi energy, forming a vacuum area, forming a dome ripple visible to the naked eye, which crashed into Chen Daoling.

Out of the corner of his eye, it was overwhelming and devastating!

Chen Daolin instantly felt the ultimate fear of death upon him, and his heart jumped straight to his throat.

In a flash of lightning.

His pupils tightened to the extreme, and without the slightest time to think about it, completely out of instinct, he brazenly brought the bladeless in his hand to his body to resist.

Clang ……

The brittle sound of metal, like a flood bell, echoed through heaven and earth for a long time.

The moment the Tomb Guardian’s fist blade landed on the Bladeless Heavy Sword, it turned into a continuous, tidal wave of qi that hit the Bladeless Heavy Sword one wave after another.


Chen Daolin let out a miserable cry and felt an endless stream of power pa*sing into his body along the Bladeless Heavy Sword, as his entire body fell backwards like a cannonball, his internal organs tossed and stirred.

Smoke and dust rolled.

The aftermath of the force visible to the naked eye lifted the yellow sand on the ground, layer after layer.

Chen Daojun and Master Jiang stood still, staring at what was happening in the distance.

Master Jiang was still a little worried: “Daogun, practising is practising, but aren’t you really worried? There are very few people under the sky who know about Wufeng, but the tomb guardian knows all about Wufeng, this first encounter, he directly rejected Wufeng’s special effects that weakened his qi, and further back ……”

At the end of the sentence, the sixth master of Jiang was filled with sorrow, his voice was so low that it was inaudible.

As a member of the Jiang family, he naturally knew that the special effect of Fengless was the ability to weaken qi energy!

With this strange special effect, it was completely capable of pulling two people with vastly different Qi energy to the same level indefinitely for a fight.

However, while the Bladeless Heavy Sword can weaken qi, it cannot weaken actual qi!

In a fist-to-fist blast like this, the qi energy would still be weakened, but the qi energy that spread out with the fall of the fist blade was transmitted directly into the Bladeless Heavy Sword like a flood of beasts, ravaging Chen Daolin’s body!

An eight-hundred year old demon, even the qi power from this fist smash was by no means something that an ordinary qi power strong man could resist!

Chen Daogun lightly pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled playfully.

Instead, his eyes looked askance at Master Jiang Liu.

“Jiang Sixth, Qi power is indeed terrifying, but don’t underestimate Fengless too much, Dao Lin is holding Fengless and will not be as weak as you think.”

The tone of his voice was odd, as if he meant something.

Master Jiang Liu was frozen for a moment, his face full of sorrow instantly disappeared and was replaced by a sudden realization.

He couldn’t help but smile, “Indeed …… it was me who underestimated Fengless, the old tomb guardian knows Fengless well, he should be more worried than us!”