Winner Takes All Chapter 1637-1638

Chapter 1637


Two beams of brilliant light erupted from Kui Gang’s eyes as he snapped to attention.

He did not know what the wailing of the Heavenly Wolf meant.

But Shying Xing’s despair, he felt it quite deeply!

It was clear that he was utterly desperate to swing the whip south to the domain.

According to his speculation, when the wolf wailed, it must have been because Xie Xing had foreseen something and was certain that there was no hope for him to go south.

And now, that hope, with the Chen family asking for orders to come, is there again!

The Chen family …… has its roots in the domain, and is the most powerful family in the world in fear!

If the Xiongnu are to become friends with them, won’t the Chen family be the best internal counterpart to the hundreds of tribes outside the domain when they come south in the future?

Once the Chen family and the hundred tribes joined forces, it would be a catastrophe for the domain!

As he thought of this, Kui Gang’s heart surged and he could hardly contain it.

He hurriedly asked, “What kind of help did the Chen family ask the Huns for?”

“In reply to the Queen, the Chen family has asked the Xiongnu to send a great Xiongnu doctor into the domain to save the old lady of the Gu family.”

The general reported back truthfully.


The sound was like a thunderclap, echoing through the hall.

Xixing’s eyebrows changed, and her pale face suddenly flushed crimson.

The general’s reply sounded like heavenly music.

Chen and Gu?

Is this the blessing bestowed on me by my ancestors?

For a moment, Xixing even felt as if she was in a trance, as if she was in a dream.

“The Ancient Family?”

Kui Gang frowned in confusion.

“The Ancient Family of the Sectarians, that domain’s vanished sectarians! Those who can be involved with the Chen family and help to help each other, apart from the ranks of the Sectarians, the ordinary gentry in the domain do not have such treatment.”

Xixing came back to his senses and excitedly explained to Kui Gang.

The vanished Gu family?

Kui Gang’s body shook as he jolted awake, ecstatic.

“Queen, the Chen and Gu families have actually joined forces and have come to seek our help, this is simply a favour from heaven for our Xiongnu and the Hundred Tribes of the Domain!”

Every word, the excitement was a little trembling.

Kui Gang was not stupid, and was only puzzled because his memory was a little vague about the information in the domain.

As soon as Xie Xing mentioned it, he instantly got a clear picture in his mind.

The magnificent Chen family, which held all the wealth of the world, was high up in the clouds, overlooking all living beings.

To be able to bind the Chen family was a great blessing for Xiong Nu!

At this moment, Kui Gang did not even know how to describe it.

With the existence of the strict iron law in the domain, this move was like directly binding the Chen and Gu families to the warships of the Xiongnu and the Hundred Clans.

In the future, once the whip is wielded southwards, the Chen and Gu families will become the most solid internal support for the Xiongnu and the Hundred Clans.

With these two majestic mountains standing in the domain, there is no need to worry about the Xiong Nu and the Hundred Clans going south.

“Kui Gang, send for the Great Physician immediately!”

The wailing of the wolves had plunged her into despair.

How could she not be overjoyed now that she had seen the only hope?

“As ordered!”

Kui Gang clasped his fist and led the order.


Just as Kui Gang was about to step out of the hall door, Xixing’s voice once again rang out behind him.

“No, it’s transferring all the great doctors to do their best to help, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our Xiongnu and the hundred tribes outside the domain!”

“As you command!”

Looking at Kui Gang and the generals hurriedly left.

At this moment, Xixing was overjoyed and burst into tears.

A night of sorrow turned into joy, causing Xixing’s delicate body to shake for a moment and she fell to her knees with a “poof”.

She slowly tilted her head, and hot tears flowed down the corners of her eyes.

“Thanks to the blessing of the old ancestor and the blessing of Sirius, this time, Xing’er will definitely be able to wave her whip south and tread on the territory!”

As a member of the Xiongnu royal family, she knew the history of the Xiongnu well, and knew even better how rare this opportunity was, really!

Throughout their long history, the Xiongnu and the Hundred Clans have always thought of waving their whips southwards to the fertile fields of the domain.

But time and time again, they have been blocked from reaching the northern region.

It is not that the Xiongnu and the Hundred did not think of seeking internal support, but as bad as the conquests in the domain were, once the Xiongnu and the Hundred went south, the domain would inevitably be incompatible with fire and water, twisting together to expel the Hundred.

Over the long years, it was as if this was no longer an iron law within the domain, but more like a law of law!

Now, at last, a breakthrough has been found!

For the only time in a thousand years!

And for the only time in a thousand years, the two most majestic clans in the domain, the Chen Family, which is just one step away from the World Clan, and the Gu Family, a clan founded on ancient martial arts!

In a trance.

He could even foresee the sight of a million soldiers pouring into the domain after his father’s 300-day mourning was over!

With such an insider in existence, those are the two swords of death inserted in the domain!

Night falls.

The giants and powers under the sky were in turmoil.

With the night, it seems to have fallen silent too.

Deep in the desert of the northwest.

Yellow sands rolled.

Even at night, the yellow sand never stops, covering the clouds and avoiding the moon, all yellow.

The temperature has plummeted to the freezing point.

crunch …… crunch ……

A sound of feet stomping on gravel rang out.

Amidst the rolling yellow sand, a figure slowly arrives.

There was no light.

But the darkness did not seem to stop the figure from moving forward at all.


A voice rang out.

“Dao Lin! You shouldn’t have come out!”

Chen Daoling gave a step and said calmly, “Old Ancestor, my son is lost, our heart and soul is lost, I should come out!”

“You have more important things to do.”


As the voice rang out, a black shadow, like a ghost, suddenly lifted the yellow sand and appeared in front of Chen Daoling.

The person who came was none other than Chen Daojun!

“In order to do something important, I left my wife and son for over twenty years, and Lan’er had entrusted me to take care of Dong’er before she died.”

Chen Daolin’s voice was calm, so calm that it could be called eerie: “After all that has happened in Zhenjiang City, it’s time to knock down and clean up these old undead, so I’m here, my son can’t be found, it’s always time to let these people lie in their graves and take a breath for my son!”

There was a pause.

Chen Daolin suddenly smiled, “Old ancestor, good grandson, I’ve been a grandfather enough, this time, it’s time for me to be a father!”


There was a dead silence.

The heaven and earth were solemn as if they were filled with the light of swords and shadows.

Even the rolling yellow sand stopped abruptly.

“That’s just it, you do coincide with Xu Qingfeng, if I hadn’t come, would you have just gone?” Chen Daojun’s rare tone softened and he took a step back.

“This is the responsibility of a father!”

Chen Daolin swept past Chen Daojun and walked towards the dark depths.

Step by step, his footsteps were heavy and firm.

A majestic killing intent as frightening as a prison was released from Chen Daoling’s body, charging straight into the night.

Even Chen Daogun could not help but silence his voice and tilted his head, looking up at the heavens.

“More than twenty years ago, if I had not made a move, the name of God of Killers would have fallen on you.”

After saying that, Chen Daogun’s feet moved, but his body shifted, directly to Chen Daoling’s side.

“The Tombkeeper has been trapped in the Great Tomb for eight hundred years, he is not to be underestimated, don’t be impulsive!”

“Old Ancestor ……”.

Chen Daoling kept his footsteps and smiled teasingly, “With the Old Ancestor and the Sixth Master Jiang around, what is there to fear?”

Chen Daogun’s footsteps gave a slight pause.

The next second.

A figure was like a flowing wind treading on snow, coming at extreme speed.

“Daojun, this junior of your family, I’m afraid it’s a bit beyond your expectations, hahaha …… Brother Dao Lin, goodbye!”

Chapter 1638

The night is like ink.

Yellow sand rolls.

The depths of this northwestern desert are sober and slaughtering.

Three figures, walking side by side.

Moving fast in the darkness.

The cold wind was like a sword, wrapped in grains of yellow sand, hitting people painfully.

But Chen Daogun, Chen Daolin and Jiang Liuji paid no attention to it, striding forward with a thin Qi energy surrounding their bodies forming a barrier.

As they walked forward, Master Jiang could not help but look at Chen Daolin a few more times.

He was a little alarmed by the bitter killing intent that stirred freely all over his body.

The Sixth Master of Jiang could not help but snicker, “Daogun, it seems that your Pan Gu plan is really daring to be the first!”

As a member of the Jiang family, he was naturally aware of just how strong Chen Daoling had been in the past!

In a short period of time, his strength had skyrocketed, and he had advanced as fast as a mountain.

“Xiao Liu is joking, only Dao Lin and Daogun can use such an operation.”

Chen Daojun responded, his voice low and meaningful, “The world’s power is all in the hands of Dong’s son, and Dao Lin is now a father with a son!


In the darkness, Jiang Liuxue suddenly let out a startled eek.

But before he could ask a question, Chen Daolin said sadly, “It’s a pity that I couldn’t have done so at the beginning, otherwise I wouldn’t have watched Lan’er die by crane.”

Chen Daojun and Jiang Liuxue were both silent.

A scene from more than twenty years ago came to life before their eyes.

The Chen family, with its sea of blood and rolling heads, was like a purgatory, incomparably miserable.

But the world only knew of the God of Killers, Chen Daogun, because Chen Daogun’s sharpness was too great and his light too dazzling, causing the battle for the family head to bury another God of Killers, Chen Daoling!

Chen Daogun had overpowered the Chen family with absolute strength.

Chen Daoling was not strong enough, but he had used his iron-handedness to combine forces, conspire and conspire to remove each powerful contender and kill each opponent.

Chen Dao Lin was a lord of the world in terms of heart and power, and he was the best in the world.

His only regret was that his martial arts talent could not match that of Chen Daogun, which led to the tragic end of Li Lan’s death.

If Chen Daoling had been as powerful as he is now, Chen Daogun and Jiang Liuji were certain that Li Lan would never have died!

“Almost there.”

Chen Daogun suddenly changed the subject, and his footsteps couldn’t help but pause.

Sixth Master Jiang and the grief-stricken Chen Daoling also paused at the same time.

The three of them simultaneously looked towards the boundless darkness in the distance.

Rolling yellow sand, covering the clouds and the moon.

The sky and earth were incomparably dark.

But as the three of them looked into the distance, they could vaguely see a circle of ripples, alternating across the night sky, as if the night sky was a calm lake that had been stirred up by an inexplicable force.

“Daogun, Fengless should be able to cut out the Great Tomb, right?”

Jiang Liuji asked with a wry smile.


Daojun Chen immediately gave a sideways glance, “You do know a lot.”

The Sixth Master Jiang smiled, “Although my Jiang Family’s Six Dragons are nowhere near as long-lived as you, Daojun, the Chen Family’s oldest ancestor, they have been sheltered by their oldest ancestor and left behind a vast legacy, and there are still some things that we juniors are able to pry out through the canon.”

As they spoke, the two looked at Chen Daolin at the same time.

“I came only to kill and avenge my son, the rest has nothing to do with me.”

Chen Daolin spoke calmly, his body’s qi suddenly resembling a pale dragon, shooting behind him in a blast.

The terrifying power instantly ploughed a rough furrow in the sand.

Chen Daolin also used the force of this qi ramming force to shoot directly towards the distant rippling place.


Chen Daogun and Jiang Liuxu bellowed at the same time.

Both of them were like lightning, their Qi energy tumbling and raging, leaving a trail of residual shadows along the way as they caught up with Chen Daoling.

As they approached the rippling ripples, the fierce wind and yellow sand around them became more and more ferocious and violent.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The sound of wind and sand was like thunder bursting.

The gusts of wind were mixed with countless gravel, and while flying at high speed, it was even comparable to the destructive power of a bullet shooting.

Such a scene is incomparably terrifying.

If an ordinary person came to this place, he or she would be strangled into a pile of meat in an instant.

But Chen Daoling, Chen Daojun and Jiang Liuxu stood in place, as tall as a mountain.

The gusts of wind and gravel around them were comparable to bullets, but they did not affect them in any way.


The sound of metal clashing.

Chen Daojun pulled out his Bladeless Heavy Sword from behind him, its wide body completely covering his body.

He directly plunged the Bladeless Heavy Sword into the gravel at his feet.

During the battle at Zhenjiang City, he had borrowed Chen Dong’s Bladeless, and after that, Chen Dong had gone mad and disappeared without a trace in pursuit of Old Madam Gu, and the Bladeless had remained in Chen Daojun’s hands.

“Good sword, good sword, good sword na!”

Sixth Master Jiang looked at Fengless, his eyes containing a refined aura, and exclaimed three times in a row.

The next second.


Chen Daojun sank his waist and stood on his horse, his tongue bursting into spring thunder.

When the word was uttered, it was like the sound of thunder from the nine heavens, rolling and echoing between this side of heaven and earth.

It was overbearing and majestic, looking down on everything.


A brilliant golden light erupted from Fengless in an instant, like an obsidian sun, bursting out in the darkness, layers and layers of golden light, like rolling waves, sweeping across all directions.

From Chen Daogun’s body, a constant stream of majestic qi surged into the Bladeless Heavy Sword.

As the golden light erupted, a stream of golden qi energy, like a golden dragon, shot out from the Bladeless Heavy Sword in a dense stream.

Rumble ……

The ground trembled.

Under the baptism of golden light, with the Bladeless Heavy Sword as the centre, the sand beneath his feet was like a cake, cut into tiny pieces and spread out like a spider web.

The scene was appalling and the sound terrifying.

If Chen Dong had been present at this scene, he would have been dumbfounded.

The same bladeless heavy sword, in Chen Dong’s hands and in Chen Daogun’s hands, seemed to be two divine weapons that were worlds apart!

Rumble ……

The ground trembled more and more violently, and soon, the shredded sand, filled with golden light, seemed like boiling water, as countless gravels trembled and jumped up.

The golden light that stirred into the sky was completely annihilated the moment it collided with the ripples that swirled in the air.

The sky and the earth were brilliant with golden light, incomparably blinding.

But this process only lasted for five seconds.


A mellifluous Xiao sound echoed through this heaven and earth.

As the sound of the Xiao suddenly rose, the devastating golden light gave a violent lurch.

Under the golden light envelope.

In the distant desert, along with a “rumbling” vibration, the ground arched violently, higher and higher, and eventually countless gravel rolled down, as if the giant buried under the desert had now awakened.

“This, this tomb ……”

Even Chen Daolin, who was cold and stern, could not help but change his face and heart when he witnessed a scene in the distance.

A tomb slowly arched out from beneath the desert, and under the golden light envelope, the full appearance of the tomb could be clearly seen.

Only …… this grave was too big!

Even just the topmost grave bag that was revealed was as big as a football field, looming tens of meters high, and what was hidden under the desert was even more immeasurable.

An indescribable sense of great oppression, like a great mountain moving across, vastly pushed towards Chen Daolin three people across ……