Winner Takes All Chapter 1635-1636

Chapter 1635

The storm clouds change.

Undercurrents were raging.

With the dramatic changes in Zhenjiang City, the hearts of the world’s great gentry and giants suddenly surged.

Previously, the world’s power had all gone to Chen Dong, so even if some of the powerful family heads and giants were discontented, they could only sigh in disbelief.

The new Chen family, Chen Daojun, the Jiang family, the Hong Society, the Thief Sect.

These few forces alone encompa*sed the top battle forces and powers in the world.

Combined together, it was a towering mountain that made people desperate.

But after the news of the dramatic change in Zhenjiang City and Chen Dong’s disappearance, or even possible death, spread, some powerful family heads and giants had a sudden sense of surprise that they could see the sky through the clouds and fog.

The great power had fallen on Chen Dong, and now that Chen Dong was gone, so was the great power!

The sun was rising.

Inside the Li family was a peaceful scene.

“Hahahaha …… Finally it’s gone, finally it’s gone!”

“Heavenly punishment has descended, how good would it be if he just died? No, he’s definitely dead, no one can live under the heavenly punishment.”

The sound of hearty, sharp laughter echoed inside the Li family’s mountain gate.

In the large Li family, there were people who were surprised, some who were dismayed, and some who were confused.

After all, there were people from all over the Li family who were close and distant, and there were differences in their understanding of the old lady’s surprise frenzy.

Unlike the Li family.

Inside the Gu family, at this moment, the chickens were flying.

The whole family is in flames.

All of this was triggered when Old Lady Gu Cang Yue returned to the Gu family with the seriously injured Old Lady Gu on her back!

Inside the large room.

The pungent smell of medicine filled the air.

Heads were crowded, but it was extremely quiet.

There was only the sound of blood rags being washed and the sound of hurried footsteps.

“Help, help!”

Gu Cang Yue looked at the old lady on the bed, and despite the pain of her broken hand, her jealousy was raging: “Ask the great doctor, in the name of the Gu family, ask the great doctor, bring in the Zhong Medical Armour, and even use your connections to invite the great doctors in the four directions of the military, but you must save the old lady!”

“You few wastes, did the Gu Family raise you and nurture you, only to produce you few wasted dogs?”

Gu Cang Yue’s pale face was filled with a scowl as he angrily kicked at the body of one of the Gu Family’s great doctors.

As the Great Doctor fell to the ground with a miserable scream, the rest of the Great Doctors also knelt down in fear.


Gu Dragonfly hurriedly entered the room, and when she saw what was happening in front of her, her pretty face changed dramatically.

“Dragonfly, where is the great doctor they hired?”

Gu Cang Yue was instantly overjoyed and quickly stepped forward, “As long as the old lady can be saved, the Gu family will spare no expense!”

Such a decision could not be considered too heavy for the Gu Family.

Even if it declined, the Gu Family was still among the ranks of the gentry.

Such a deep heritage, daring to make such a promise, but where someone gives a helping hand, the future family is bound to integrate with the Gu family, the Gu family is immortal, so is the family!

But Gu Cang Yue felt that it was the right decision to make.

As the number one warrior of the Gu Family, he carried the supreme glory of continuing the Gu Family back then.

Gu Cangyue knew more than anyone else about some of the Gu family’s secrets.

That Great Cauldron, if it wasn’t for Old Madam Gu pa*sing on the method, he would not have been able to mobilise it at all.

Even if he had mobilised it once in the Northern Region, he would only have one chance to do so, and if Old Lady Gu had not survived, the Great Cauldron would have become an ornament of the Gu Family!

Having witnessed the scene where the Great Cauldron swallowed the Heavenly Punishment Thunder, Gu Cangyue knew very well that when the Gu Family was forced to retreat by Chen Daojun, Chen Daolin and the Chen Family, even without him fighting to the death, Old Lady Gu would have been able to rely on the Great Cauldron to save the Gu Family.

That Great Cauldron was the foundation of the Gu family.

Old Lady Gu was the only one who could command the foundation.

If the old lady was gone, and the Gu family was left without the foundation of the Great Cauldron, he alone would not be able to hold up against the world’s masters!


Gu Dragonfly looked gloomy and despondent, stammering and not speaking.

“Speak up!”

Gu Cang Yue scolded in a stern voice.

Gu Dragonfly shivered in fear and said tremblingly, “Except for a few good family great doctors who have agreed to come, the rest of the great doctors known throughout the world have all refused, and the great doctors in the four quarters of the army have even been given military orders to not leave the army.”


The voice was very soft, but it was like a big thunder.

Even when Gu Cang Yue heard this result, he could not help but shake his body and stagger back, feeling the sky and the earth spinning.

Immediately afterwards, a majestic depression of Qi that was difficult to suppress erupted.

“Good, good, good! Chen Family, Jiang Family, Hong Society, Thief Saint, Huo Zhenxiao, you have done well enough!”

Gu Cang Yue gritted his teeth and laughed out loud.

At a critical moment, suddenly the great doctors of the world all refused to come, he didn’t think those great doctors were fools to let go of such lucrative conditions for the Gu Family.

The only thing that could stop these great doctors from thinking was the mighty power formed by these few families!

Huo Zhenxiao had crushed the entire army, the Jiang family, Chen Daojun, and the Thief Sage, had crushed most of the world.

Some of the remaining overseas parts are also enough for the Hong Society to suppress them single-handedly!

The family and a few other great healers alone would not be enough to salvage it!

This was going to drag Old Madam Gu to her death alive!

“Dad, you should heal your hand first.”

Gu Dragonfly was equally resentful, but reason still made her somewhat worried about Gu Cangyue’s arm.

“It’s not a problem.”

Gu Cangyue shook his head and turned his head to look worriedly and apprehensively at the fainting Old Lady Gu on the bed.

His broken arm was easy to heal.

But Old Madam Gu was badly injured, and she had been attacked by the lightning currents, so if she was not careful, her soul would return to the nine heavens!

“Report! The Chen family’s great doctor has arrived!”

A man hurriedly barged in.

“The Chen Family?”

Gu Cangyue was startled for a moment, and snapped to attention that it was the old Chen Clan, now ruled by Chen Dao Ye!

“Quickly please!”

Gu Cangyue was so anxious that she no longer cared about anything else; the presence of one more great doctor at this time would increase the chances of saving Old Madam Gu by one point.

Moreover, the Chen Family was now ruled by Chen Dao Ye, and had long since become very different from the Chen Family ruled by Chen Dao Lin and Chen Dao Jun.

An enemy of an enemy, that is, a friend!

“Brother Cang Yue, the Chen Family’s Daoist Ancestor, has come with the family’s great doctor to come to his aid!”

A cheerful voice was the first to come from outside the door.

Gu Cangyue quickly stepped forward and greeted him with a fist, “Brother Gu Cangyue welcomes the Daoist Ancestor, and thanks the Chen Family for sending him help in the snow.

“Brother Cang Yue has spoken too highly of you.”

Chen Daozu shook his head, a bitter smile on his dark skin, “My brother Daoye, as soon as he learnt that the Gu Family had been hit by a heavenly change, he specially ordered me to bring a great doctor to come and help, but there is still a difference between a great doctor at home and a great doctor in the world, so I will do my humble best.”

He was from Chen Dao Ye’s faction, and when he received Chen Dao Ye’s order, he immediately came.

Whether he could help or not was another matter, but at least he had shown a stance attitude!

Gu Cangyue’s expression eased a little compared to just now, and said helplessly and desperately, “It’s good that the Chen family has this intention, to be honest, I’ve mobilised the prestige of the Gu family, but none of the world’s great doctors and the great doctors in the military actually dare to come!”

“Normal, with the several great powers behind that wild B*****d Chen Dong and the great hand pressing down across the world, the great doctors of the world and the military would have to be silenced.”

Chen Daozu carried a scar at the corner of his eye, squinting at the moment, the scar distorted, revealing a few shades, his gaze cast a sidelong glance at Old Lady Gu: “But …… nowadays there is a party of great doctors that the Gu family is able to invite!”


Gu Cang Yue was ecstatic and hurriedly pursued the question.

Chen Daozu looked around and gestured for Gu Cang Yue to walk to a secluded corner outside the house where no one was.

Only then did he look solemn and squeeze out a sentence from between his teeth, “The Hundred Tribes from outside the domain, the Xiongnu Royal Court!”

Chapter 1636


Gu Cang Yue’s expression was astonished, and his stern and bright eyes suddenly obscured a few points.

He was indeed anxious.

But he was not so anxious that he had lost his mind.

“Colluding with the extra-territory, collaborating with the enemy and committing treason!”

Gu Cang Yue’s expression was austere as he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

The voice was so gruff that if it was inaudible, only he and Chen Daoyu could hear it.

At the beginning, when Chen Dong was the victor, he was the king and the young master of the Chen family.

One of the most important crimes that the Chen family’s internal faction used to block Chen Dong’s promotion was collaboration with the enemy and treason!

If Huo Zhenxiao had not appeared on the scene to vindicate Chen Dong and announce his worldly merits, this crime alone would have been enough to kill Chen Dong’s promotion.

The same crime that encompa*ses everything in the domain!

Once a powerful family or force has been convicted of treason against the enemy, a cataclysmic disaster awaits!

It is not just a tilt of power within the domain, but a tilt of the entire domain’s power together.

Even if the struggle within the domain is great, it is nothing compared to the struggle outside the domain.

The rivalry within the domain and outside the domain is a sea of blood that has been built up over a long period of time.

Even if the Gu family is a clan, they can’t cross this heavenly rift!

“Hehe ……”

Chen Daoyu pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled, “Everything is naturally decided by Brother Cang Yue, I am just expressing my opinion, the Gu family has the support of Brother Cang Yue, Brother Cang Yue was able to save the Gu family when the building was about to fall, he will also be able to carry the Gu family to glory and glory in the future.”

The tone of his voice was strange, but his eyes were deep as he gazed at Gu Cangyue.

He finished his speech.

Chen Daoyu took a step back and cupped his fist, “I will go into the house and ask the great doctor of the Chen family to treat the old lady, Brother Cang Yue think twice.”

Gu Cangyue’s expression was heavy, his eyes bright and uncertain, frozen in place like a statue.

Chen Daoyu’s words were like a magical sound in his ears, which persisted for a long time.

Time pa*sed by, minute by minute.

Every second for Gu Cangyue was like cooking oil on fire, burning beyond description.

On one side was the cornerstone of the Gu family, and on the other was the heinous crime of collaboration with the enemy and treason.

How in the end …… should I choose?


Suddenly, a panicked shout came from inside the house from Gu Dragonfly.

Gu Cang Yue was struck by lightning and turned around violently, his eyes instantly splitting with anger.

His biting eyes swept over the crowd and clearly saw the red, stinging corners of Old Madam Gu’s mouth, lying unconscious on the bed, with fresh blood flowing down.

“Brother Cang Yue, the Chen family’s great doctor is incompetent!”

Almost simultaneously, Chen Daoyu’s voice came out from within the room.

This result did not surprise Gu Cang Yue in the slightest.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been mad and frantic just now, desperate to bring in the Great Physician of the World and the Great Physician of the Four Square Army at all costs!

The reason was simple!

The family doctors of the various families were aimed at their family members and were responsible for medical treatment, and did not easily extend beyond their homes.

In other words, the family doctor’s treatment is only limited to the family, whether it is hundreds or thousands of people, the treatment is all limited to this scope.

Even if the doctor’s skill is high, it is still limited to this scope. The saying “practice makes perfect” does not cover everything, but it does give a glimpse of the panther.

In contrast, the world’s great doctors and the great doctors in the army have a much wider scope of treatment, the number of people they handle and the number of difficult cases they encounter, and they are able to treat them personally.

Unlike the great doctors at home, some of the difficult cases can only be observed and read through books, but they cannot participate in them.

If a doctor has done the same operation once and a doctor has done it thousands of times, it is clear who has a higher success rate.

On the contrary, the world’s leading doctors and the four-party generals are now shunning him, the Gu family.

Now the only hope that can save the old lady is left …… outside the domain!

“This is the Chen family’s opinion, the enemy of an enemy is a friend, if the Chen and Gu families are tied on a rope, perhaps …… there will be no doubts!”

This was the thought in Gu Cang Yue’s mind.

As soon as he thought this, a brilliant aura erupted in Gu Cang Yue’s eyes and he instantly made a decision.

“Brother Dao Yu!”

Gu Cang Yue’s tongue burst into thunder as he summoned Chen Daoyu and lowered his voice to plead, “The situation of the Gu family is critical, please ask Brother Daoyu to inform the Chen family head and ask for Brother Daocheng’s help in contacting the extra-terrestrial Xiongnu royal court!”

“No matter, it’s just a handful!”

Chen Daoyu looked at Gu Cangyue with a smirk, and cursed in his heart: old foxes.

Even though the Gu family had declined, it was still not out of the ranks of the sectarians.

The thin camel was bigger than the horse, and if it wanted to contact the outside world, it had to borrow the help of others?

What a joke!

Chen Daoyu is now the ruling faction of the Chen family, how could he not understand the deeper meaning of this and not understand that this is just an excuse?

The Gu family’s collaboration with the enemy and treason in seeking help from the Xiongnu outside the country, and asking the Chen family to help them, is just like a move to tie up the interests of the two families completely.

To put it bluntly, the Chen and Gu families would both be charged with treason!

But before the trip, Chen Daocheng and the few of them in power had already anticipated the Gu family’s reaction.

Chen Daoyu did not break it down and walked out with a smile on his face.

Gu Cangyue’s face suddenly went cold as he watched Chen Daoyu disappear from sight, his eyes as cold as a knife.

After the complete tying up, after the discovery of the domain, with the strength of the two Chen and Gu families, it is not without the power to resist!

Raise the world pouring Chen ancient two, ancient Cang Yue also have the certainty intact and unharmed.

The Chen family …… is the most powerful family in the world, high up in the clouds!

It is just one step away from the world’s most powerful families.

The ancient family is a martial arts family, even if it declined and hid, the bottom line is that it is also among the families, laughing and proud of the group.


Outside of the domain.

The thirteen cities of the Xiongnu, towering, a solemn and oppressive scene.

Inside the royal palace.

The fire in the fire pit not far away had already been extinguished.

The fire in the fire pit not far away had already been extinguished, but the people waiting outside the palace did not dare to enter the palace to rekindle the fire.

The wolf cried out in the sky.

The Queen of the Huns, too, had a momentary change of heart and mind.

Inside the hall, the only one who was not offended and could stand in peace was Kui Gang.

At this moment, the wailing of the wolf finally disappeared.

But the sorrowful, oppressive atmosphere had not disappeared.

“Lord Queen, the phoenix body is important, you have not rested all night.”

Kui Gang could not bear it and clasped his fist to console him.

Xixing did not move a muscle, like a statue, silent.

Kui Gang’s heart was a little powerless and his expression was gloomy.

At that very moment.


Outside the hall, a voice shouted.

It sounded like a thunderclap, and all the people outside the hall turned cold and pale.

Kui Gang’s eyebrows twisted, and when he raised his eyes, he saw a layer of frost covering Xixing’s dull and indifferent face, as if he was about to explode.

“B*****d! Yell and scream!”

Kui Gang took the lead, turning to scold angrily.

Outside the hall a general in a beastly robe and military uniform had rushed to the entrance of the hall and fell straight to his knees in fear.

But without pausing for a moment, he reported directly, “Your Majesty, the spies in the domain have reported back that the Chen family in the domain, has asked for the Xiongnu’s help.”

“The Chen family?”

Shying Xing and Kui Gang were both startled at the same time.

“Which Chen family?”

Shying’s bloodshot beautiful eyes finally changed.

“To enlighten the Queen, it is the number one magnificent Chen family.”


Shying was filled with surprise and rose to her feet with a start.

The intelligence of Xiongnu was in her hands, and the identity of that odious man who had stirred up the Xiongnu storm was already clear to her.

She even knew that the man had broken with the Chen family, she had also investigated it clearly.

The reason for her surprise had nothing to do with that man, it was all because of the …… Chen family!

Even though the Chen family had changed drastically, the heritage of the world’s most powerful family still existed.

Now that the Chen family had asked her to help them, the signal they had released was like a holy voice from heaven, like a dying person who had suddenly caught a glimpse of light in the darkness.

“It’s true!” The general answered.

“Good, good, good!”

Xixing’s pretty face changed, sweeping away the grief and gloom from before: “Kui Gang, there is hope for us ……!”