Winner Takes All Chapter 1631-1632

Chapter 1631

Ice and snow.

A blanket of white.

The wind was howling and the snow was flying.

Chen Dong was lying on the ground, and the snow flakes that poured down quickly covered the lower half of his body, and his face was even accumulating and condensing a layer of ice crystals, just like an ice sculpture.

“Woof woof woof ……”

In the distance came the sound of a violent barking dog.

Several hunting dogs, braving the wind and snow, rushed over.

They gathered around the nearly buried Chen Dong, barking furiously, their front paws desperately scratching away the snow on the ground.

“Dad, we’ve caught the snow wolf!”

In the distance, two figures came running wildly, and the young man running in the front shouted in excitement.

Snow wolves.

This was a top quality product that could not be found in this icy desolation of the Northern Region.

The soft and warm fur, which was transported out by the merchant caravan, was a piece of gold and much loved by the upper cla*s.

The meat of the snow wolf has plenty of calories, making it the best food to survive in this barren snowy plain.

The blood and bones are worth a lot of money and have many effects.

If you can catch a single snow wolf, it is enough to feed a family in the Northern Region for a year!


A young man dressed in beast robes rushed closer and fixed his eyes on it, and was suddenly shocked.

“Dad, it’s a man, there’s a man buried here!”

Behind him, an old man came quickly, his beast robe wrapped tightly around him, his face covered with traces of the ravages of the wind and snow, but permeated with an unspeakable fortitude.

Even so, when the old man saw Chen Dong buried in the snow, his face still changed.

“The hunting dogs were tracking the injured snow wolf, how come they chased a dead corpse, what bad luck.”

The youth could not help but grumble.

The hounds in front of him were all trained from childhood and were good hunters in the snowy plains.

It was hard to accept that the snow wolf that was in their mouths had turned into a dead carca*s.

What’s more, now that the hounds had gathered around this “corpse”, it was difficult to trace the scent of the wolf in the snowy plains.

The old man took a look at Chen Dong on the ground: “The snow wolf should have escaped in this direction, but this corpse is covered with blood crystals, so the strong smell of blood is interfering with the hounds’ tracking.”

After a pause, the old man took out a smoking pot directly from his waist and lit a pot of cigarettes, barred a puff and exhaled the smoke as he said, “Dog boy, bury this brother.”


The young man’s eyes were rounded, unable to accept it, “I’m not burying him, if it weren’t for this guy, we’d have a year’s worth of food, and now I’m supposed to bury him, in this blizzard, the gods will bury him in a few minutes, let’s go.”

“BullSh*t! The dead are the most important thing, and they are buried in the ground. Don’t you understand that in the snowy plains of the North?”

The old man raised his eyebrows and scolded in a stern voice, “Or do you want people pa*sing by to ignore you and me when we dump our bodies in the snowy plains one day and let God bury us in the snow?”

The young man shrugged helplessly, “Fine, fine, bury it.”

The old man nodded his head and sat down on the snow with his legs crossed, smoking a cigarette.

As the smoke curled around him, there was a look of loss and sadness on his mellow old face.

One snow wolf was enough for a year for an ordinary family, and it could even solve their family’s urgent needs.

This is the reason why the young man disregards the rules left behind by his ancestors.

On the snowy plains, there is an unwritten rule that has been pa*sed down from ancient times to the present day among ordinary people.

When a body is dumped on the road, it is buried in the ground.

Now that the snow wolf was lost, what should be the solution to the burning problem at hand ……?


Is guilty of worry, suddenly, the young people a shriek.

The old man was horrified and could not help but rebuke, “Dog boy, what are you yelling for?”

The words had just fallen out of his mouth.

The old man also turned his head and saw the young man, his eyebrows instantly knitted together and his pupils tightened.

At this moment, the young man was so terrified that he sat down on the ground, his face a little pale, his hands propped up in the snow, terrified and backing up at the same time.

“Dad, this, this corpse, it seems to be alive.”

Hearing his father’s rebuke, the young man said in a panic, “The ice crystals on his face, I, I just saw him exhale, clouded with a faint mist, he, he’s still breathing!”


The old man looked stern: “How can he be alive when he is so badly injured and almost buried by the snow in this icy weather? Even if he is alive, the layer of ice crystals on his face is enough to kill off his last breath!”

“But ……”

The young man was so anxious that he was scratching his ears, as if his heart was about to beat out of his chest.


Before he finished his words, a sound that sounded like gla*s breaking suddenly rang out.

This sound was particularly harsh in the “silent” day when the wind was crying and the school was howling.

The young man screamed at the top of his lungs as if he had seen a ghost.

The old man’s body shook so hard that the pot of tobacco he was holding in his mouth almost fell to the ground.

Really …… alive?

The old ancestor is above, how is this possible?

In his panic, the old man’s almost instinctive eyes looked askance at the face of the “corpse” on the ground, but was shocked to find that the ice crystal layer originally condensed on his face was now cracked with a few tiny cracks.

A breath of hot air, visible to the naked eye, snaked up through the cracks.

“Ghost, swindle, swindle, Dad’s swindle! ”

The youth whistled shrilly and harshly, his scalp tingling with fear.

The old man stomped his foot fiercely and said in a stern voice, “Dog boy, your father and I are not dead yet, swindling a corpse my a*s!”

At the same time as his angry rebuke, he quickly stuck his smoking pot in his waist, then lunged in front of Chen Dong and quickly plowed through the snow, “Don’t come over to help yet, this brother is still alive!”

“Didn’t you say he was dead?”

The young man was in a trance, unprepared.

“Son of a B*tch, son of a B*tch, I told you to come and plough!”

The old man cursed indignantly.

The youth was incomparably scared, but his father scolded him, so he gritted his teeth, braced himself and crawled over to Chen Dong, and quickly ploughed through the snow.

A few minutes later.

The layer of snow and ice crystals covering Chen Dong’s body was completely lifted off by father and son.

The snow was easy to sweep away, but the ice crystals were difficult to remove.

The father and son sat panting on the ground, looking at Chen Dong in front of them, looking at each other in disbelief.

They were natives born and bred in the snowy plains of this northern region, and had never been half in awe of the great snowy plains!

To their knowledge, even if they did not die after what happened to this man, the Great Snowy Plain would be enough to kill his remaining life.

And yet, this man survived!

He was seriously injured and did not die, he did not die of hypothermia, and he did not die of suffocation even though he was wrapped in a layer of ice crystals.

Is this …… a human being?

The old man was spouting white air between his mouth and nose, looking incredulously at Chen Dong on the ground, the wounds were so shocking that it was as if the whole person had been fractured!

It was cracking!

It was as if the skin of a wall had fallen off and the cracks had crumbled out.

It was as if the wall was falling off and the cracks were crumbling out. It looked like the whole person had already crumbled to pieces, but it was strangely “stitched” together and survived!

“Dad …… what should we do next?”

The young man had already accepted the fact that the man in front of him was still alive during the snow plowing process, and now he was in a difficult position: “His body feels like it’s going to split open, I don’t dare to move him even if I want to save him.”

The old man’s eyes flickered for a moment, “How about …… trying?”

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong’s eyelids suddenly trembled, and his dry, purple and cracked lips, gently opened and closed: “…… water ……”

Chapter 1632

His breath was silky and his voice was hoarse.

But like a thunderbolt, it boomed in the ears of both father and son.

“Dad ……”

The dog boy looked sideways at the old man with fear and apprehension.

The old man froze in shock for a moment and hurriedly took the water jug out of his waist and threw it to the dog boy.

“Feed him water.”

The dog boy trembled as he took the kettle and carefully, tremblingly moved to Chen Dong.

As far as he was concerned.

Every movement could be called the most careful and gentle moment in his life.

The Chen Dong in front of him was cracking too much, as if with the slightest effort, the whole person would fall apart like a wall, completely shattering into pieces.

The water was cold.

In this extremely cold place of ice and snow, even the most advanced means of insulation would be difficult to overcome under the baptism of time.

The piercingly cold water poured into Chen Dong’s mouth.

Drops of crystalline water moistened the dry, purple and cracked lips.

The breathless Chen Dong was now like an instinct, grabbing the last straw and swallowing it greedily.

Guldoon …… guldoon ……

The sound of wolf swallowing was unmistakable even over the sound of the wind crying.

In the blink of an eye.

A jug of water, and it was at the bottom.

But just as the dog boy held the jug away from Chen Dong’s lips, Chen Dong’s parched lips, once again, gently opened and closed.

“Water ……”

The voice was still hoarse as hell, but it had a hint more breath in it than it had a moment ago.

Such a change made the old man and the dog boy startled.

“Dad, he seems to be in a much better state.”

The dog child’s eyes were wide open, his face full of disbelief, “This guy is drinking water and still recovering?”

At the end of his sentence, his voice could not help but whistle shrilly.

The old man also looked terrified and shocked.

Even with a lifetime of experience, he had never encountered such a frightening and strange story.

On the contrary, Chen Dong’s voice had indeed changed significantly compared to just now.

Could it be that …… was a return to the light?

The moment he thought this.

The old man’s gaze flinched as he hurriedly looked at Chen Dong’s face.

Sure enough!

A return to light!

In his sight, after a pot of water had been consumed, Chen Dong’s face was obviously much better than it was just now, and the chapped skin was already showing a little redness.

Wasn’t this the phase of returning light?

The old man sighed helplessly, “Dog Boy, let’s do our best and listen to God’s fate, this brother has returned to light, dig a pit and pile up snow.”

The dog nodded his head and was about to get up.

Then something changed.

An explosion!

A strong wind suddenly sounded.

He felt something shake out of the corner of his eye, and a huge force suddenly swept through his body, sweeping him into the air and sending him tumbling twice to the ground.

The sudden change of events caused the dog boy to scream in terror.

As soon as he hit the ground, he heard his father’s shriek.

“Old ancestor …… can’t you see a ghost alive?”

These words instantly made Dogwhazi’s scalp tingle.

When he raised his eyes, he saw his father looking behind him in unparalleled horror.

That man!

The dog boy was horrified and turned back with a jerk, instantly his face was white and his pupils dilated.

Chen Dong, who had been lying on the ground, was now holding a water jug high in the air, gulping water into his mouth.


The dog boy subconsciously touched the water jug at his waist, but it entered his hand but an empty one.

“That gust of wind just now, was he the one who grabbed my water jug?”

Time, at this moment, seemed to stand still.

The air around me seemed to freeze.

Father and son stared in horror at the horrific scene before them.

It had turned the father and son’s outlook upside down.

Gulp …… Gulp ……

Big gulps of swallowing.

Cool water enters the mouth and quickly enters the abdomen.

Chen Dong’s face is as dense as a spider’s web of chafing, but at a terrifying speed visible to the naked eye.

The colour of redness became more and more obvious.

As Chen Dong’s face was restored to almost normal, a strange change appeared again.

Without warning, veins and veins protruded from the skin of his face.

The sinuous and gnarled, hideous and terrifying, like an earthworm or centipede climbing on the face.

“Dad …… this, this is a ghost, right?”

The dog boy shivered violently, his body was cold and he was so terrified that he braced himself against the ground and backed away quickly.

The old man did not speak, his face white as he stared at Chen Dong in the snow pit.

Even he could not help but feel his body like chaff at this moment, his heart thumping as if it was about to jump out of his chest.


Suddenly, a blood-coloured ripple visible to the naked eye rippled around Chen Dong’s body.

It was as if a breeze was brushing his face, but in an instant, it cleared the remaining snow around his body.

Immediately following.

There was an explosive bang.

Chen Dong’s crumbling body shook violently, his ragged and tattered clothes exploded into pieces, and even the blood scabs covering his body disappeared.

His bare upper body was revealed in the icy snow.

Cracks like spider webs covered every part of his body.

But then something strange happened, one after another.

As the old man and the dog boy watched in horror, another crack emerged from the narrow gap of skin between one disintegrating crack.

“Dad, he’s not going to blow up straight away, is he?”

The dog boy exclaimed with a palpitating heart.

The old man was frozen as if he didn’t know how to respond.

His eyes, however, tightened to a point at this moment, gazing deadly at Chen Dong’s body.

“Wait, it doesn’t seem to be a crack, it’s like a line pattern.”


The dog boy was horrified, and only when he fixed his eyes on it did he notice the clues.

It was indeed a line pattern that surfaced on the surface and hid beneath the skin, only because there were too many and too dense cracks disintegrating all over Chen Dong’s body, it was more like a disintegrating crack when these cracks were revealed.


With the sound of a light breeze, a layer of crystalline blood-coloured lustre emerged from Chen Dong’s body.

With that, the lines of lines protruding from Chen Dong’s body suddenly rendered into a streak of blood.

This scene was eerie and gloomy.

Coupled with the cracks all over Chen Dong’s body, it was even more ominous!

The air was so oppressive that one could not breathe.

The old man and the dog boy stood frozen in place, their chests heaving violently, swallowing air in huge gulps, and even then, the air that entered their lungs was just a handful.

It was not that the father and son did not want to run away, but their legs had already become uncontrollable and they could only pa*sively stay in place and endure the extreme terror.

Every second was like a year for both father and son.

Time pa*sed slowly.

As the blood glistened, the cracks all over Chen Dong’s body recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the area where the cracks had healed was as crystalline as sheep’s fat.

It was as if two large invisible hands were holding invisible needles and threads, quickly sewing the tattered body back together.

And as the body healed, the blood-coloured lines that existed on Chen Dong’s body became more and more complete and clear.

They were all over his body.

Under the blood-light imprint, a strange and mysterious sense of oppression was revealed.

If Chen Daogun had been present, his jaw would have been agape.

For such a change, Daojun Chen had seen it before!

At the beginning of the Heavenly Killing Game, at the Four Seals Club, when Chen Dong had entered the demon and fought a group of Iga ninjas in blood, this strange and terrifying change had been seen on his body!