Winner Takes All Chapter 1629-1630

Chapter 1629

“Dong’er ……”

Gu Guohua’s complexion sank into deep thought.

He had been pretending to be crazy and foolish, so that he could protect him and Gu Qingying to the maximum, but in this way, the information channels to understand the outside world were also much more closed.

Inside the room.

Gu Qingying howled and cried, her eyes tearing up.

Everything in the dream world was like a sharp knife cutting into her heart.


It hurt so much that she couldn’t breathe!

“Little Ying!”

Gu Guohua rubbed Gu Qingying’s back and soothed, “It’s just a dream, it’s alright, it’s alright.”

For a long time.

Gu Qingying’s sobs gradually diminished, but the worry and fear in her teary eyes still lingered.

She thought for a moment.

She mumbled, “Dad, I want to go to the Shanhe Club.”

“Don’t go!”

Gu Guohua refused in a stern voice.

“But if I don’t let me go and ask for clarification, I won’t be able to sleep or eat in peace.”

Gu Qingying lifted her jade hand and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, “Even if it’s a dream, I still want to make sure he’s safe.”

“If you don’t think of yourself, you have to think of the child in your belly!”

Gu Guohua continued to discourage, looking a little worried.

Her daughter was nearing the point of delivery.

All they had to do now was to do whatever it took to have a smooth delivery.

His wife’s tragic death was still a nightmare that lingered in his mind even now.

“I want to go!”

Gu Qingying said stubbornly, her eyes gazing at Gu Guohua, not giving an inch.


Inside the room, the silence could be heard.

The atmosphere was oppressive to the extreme.

A long time later.

Gu Guohua let out a sigh: “Call the Shanhe Club first, Dad is still showing his crazy face, so he can’t accompany you.

Every word was helpless.

As a father, he did not want to risk Gu Qingying’s life.

However, he knew Gu Qingying’s character, she was stubborn and strong, and would not listen to any more advice.

The night was as cold as water.

An hour later.

A vast convoy of cars drove into the villa manor.

As soon as the fleet of luxury cars came to a halt, a dense crowd of people in suits hurriedly got out of the car and stood guard around.

Gu Qingying and Gu Guohua were in front of the floor-to-ceiling window on the first floor, witnessing the shocking scene below, and both father and daughter looked as grave as water.

“Dad, this time the Hong meeting is not a small one.”

Gu Qingying’s eyes were profound as she murmured softly.

Gu Guohua looked astonished and did not respond to Gu Qingying, but his heart felt as if it had instantly fallen into an endless abyss.

“Could it be that something has really happened to ……?”

Gu Guohua secretly speculated apprehensively.

These days, Hong Hui did not cut off contact with the Gu family.

To put it politely, because of the relationship between Chen Dong and the Hong Society, and also because of the tragic incident at the ancient fortress, the Hong Society nowadays had indescribably close dealings with the Gu family.

There were not a few visits to the house.

But there has never been a single occasion where the gesture could compare to tonight!

On any previous occasion, even if it was a large gathering, it was only a few cars and a few dozen people.

But tonight, there was an endless caravan of cars and a dense guard of people.

Every face looked like an enemy, and at the slightest movement of the wind, hundreds of people might swarm to the scene.

There must be a demon when things go wrong!

The change in front of him made it difficult for Gu Guohua to feel at ease at all.

“Go on, be careful!”

Gu Guohua said in a deep voice, turning around and leaving the window with the curtains half hidden.

Ten minutes later.

Gu Qingying got into one of the cars with her big belly.

The vast caravan, like a black dragon stretched across the darkness of the night, quickly left the Gu family.

Shanhe Hall.

Outside, the Chinatown was buzzing with noise.

Inside, however, the atmosphere was eerie, as if the wind was cranky.

Every single person inside the Guild Hall was in a hurry, their faces as heavy as water, and they were even wary of their surroundings from time to time.

And in Ye Yuanqiu’s room.

At this hour, if it were any other time in the past, Ye Yuanqiu would probably be cultivating his body and preparing to rest.

But now, the room was brightly lit.

Ye Yuanqiu, dressed in Tang costume, is sitting behind a table on which tea rises in a curl of smoke.

In front of him stood Yuan Yigang.

Only both kept silent, and both had frosty faces as well.

“Tonight, it’s really a sleepless night.”

Ye Yuanqiu smiled bitterly, “The Hong Society has given everything, but I never thought that those few outsiders would be used as rat droppings and spoil the pot of soup.”

The words were full of resignation.

Yuan Yigang pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose, “Miss Gu is already here, she is carrying a big belly, is this matter to be said?”

“Say it!”

Ye Yuanqiu did not hesitate, “This matter cannot be concealed even if you want to, it will soon sweep through the world’s gentry and powers, the Gu family’s size may delay knowing, but they will definitely not be kept in the dark.”


The sound of footsteps came from outside.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang looked at the same time following the sound.

Under the illumination of the lights, Gu Qingying, who was carrying a big belly, walked quickly with hurried footsteps.

“Miss Gu, slow down, slow down!”

Ye Yuanqiu was the first to get up and greeted her together with Yuan Yigang.

“It’s not in the way.”

Gu Qingying smiled.

Not waiting to open her mouth to ask.

Ye Yuanqiu then said bluntly, “Miss Gu is aware of what happened to Mr. Chen?”


The sound was like a thunderclap.

Gu Qingying’s mind suddenly went blank.

She was only having palpitations because of a dream, so she wanted to ask about it at the Shanhe Club.

But unexpectedly, as soon as she entered the door, Ye Yuanqiu’s words directly imprinted the dream into reality!

“Did something really happen to him ……?”

Gu Qingying’s eyes flickered, holding tears in her eyes red: “I, I just had a dream, so, I wanted to come and ask him, and the dream actually came true.”

While saying that, tears flowed down from the corners of her eyes.

A dream?!

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang were startled at the same time.

The two looked at each other, and Ye Yuanqiu no longer hid the winding and told them all about the shocking change that had occurred within Zhenjiang City.

Throughout the whole process, Gu Qing Ying remained seated in her chair, silent.

Only in the corners of her eyes, tears were like broken pearls.

When Ye Yuanqiu finished speaking, the room was unprecedentedly oppressive and deadly quiet.

Both Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang stared at Gu Qingying, anxiously.

They waited for a full minute.

As Gu Qingying’s nose twitched and she let out a huff, her red, tear-filled eyes finally regained focus.

“I, want to go back to the domain!”


Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang were struck by lightning and sat waxing on the spot.


Inside the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Long Lao’s face was as cold as frost as he sat on his study seat, the various documents and information on his desk were piled up like a mountain, the only blank space left, the computer flickered with light, and the ashtray next to him was already piled up full of cigarette butts.

The pungent and unpleasant smell of smoke filled the large study.

Knock, knock, knock.

A knock sounded at the door.

“Come in!”

Elder Long got up to greet him.

The door opened and Rothschild walked in, his face equally gloomy and ugly.

“Elder Long, things are too sudden!”

“Yes, it was too sudden, the sky changed overnight, and I ask Mr. Rothschild to forgive my old man for his rudeness.”

Elder Long said in a deep voice, he had suddenly asked Rothschild to come to his door, which was not in accordance with etiquette, but the immediate situation was so urgent that he had to do it.

“The young master is now suddenly hit by a catastrophe, the southwest is afraid of instability, invited the gentleman to come, is also to hand over the bottom in order to maintain the southwest of this no big plate, not to the mountains and rivers overturned!”

Chapter 1630

Inside the study.

There was silence.

After speaking, Elder Long gazed deeply at Rothschild.

One cannot be too defensive.

This conversation was both a way of making a deal with Rothschild and a way of testing the possibility of back-stabbing.

The world was bustling with profit.

Now that the young master has been suddenly hit by a catastrophe, the word interest is bound to be re-weighed in Rothschild’s mind.

As a family slave.

What Long Lao had to do was to do his best to protect Chen Dong’s best interests before his life or death was known.

There was a five-second silence.

Rothschild suddenly smiled, “Elder Long, Rothschild has been in the same boat as Mr. Chen for a long time, and has also received Mr. Chen’s blood for a long time, so there is no need to worry about weighing interests, and Rothschild is willing to dedicate an arm to the guarding of the basic territory of the southwest.”

Long Lao’s eyebrows relaxed and he smiled sarcastically, “Sir misunderstood, it is indeed just a handover.”

“The push for Eastern Wall Street, Rothschild will not stop, nor will he turn his back on his allies.”

Rothschild’s right hand fingertips gently tapped the tabletop: “But the most difficult question before us now is, now that Mr. Chen has been suddenly doomed, who should be in charge of this Noah’s Southwest?”

At these words.

Long Lao was also caught in a pensive dilemma.

Before Rothschild came, he was thinking.

With the young master’s life and death still unknown, who should be in charge of this vast industrial heritage?

The industries, the minutiae, the normal operations, were not to be worried about.

But the key is that someone has to be in charge of the major events!

Externally, there needs to be someone who can legitimately represent Chen Dong!

The person in charge should be able to make decisions and represent Chen Dong.

The slightest mistake would have an avalanche effect on the operation of the industries under his command!

There is no shortage of capable people left in the family, but the key is that they do not carry enough weight, nor do they have enough status.

Chen Daoye and the others have been through thick and thin, and have been at the helm of the Chen family, and are now at the helm of this huge industry, so they are certainly at ease.

The old Chen is still in place, so even if Chen Daoye and the others were to step directly onto the stage, they would still have a bad name and be criticised.

Even if Jiang Qilin is pushed to the front of the public, his status is weighty enough, but Jiang Qilin still represents the Jiang family, if he represents Chen Dong, it will inevitably lead to speculation from the outside world.

Chen Daolin!

This was the first candidate in Elder Long’s mind.

He knew from Chen Dong that Chen Daolin was not seriously ill, but had gone into hiding.

Now that something had happened to Chen Dong, as a father, he should come forward.

But having followed Chen Daolin for many years, Elder Long was still unable to guess Chen Daolin’s choice this time!

However, about Chen Daolin, Elder Long had no intention to tell Rothschild yet.

After hesitating for a moment, Elder Long said, “This matter is too important and has to be considered in the long run.”

“Perhaps …… Miss Ye’s family would be a good choice.”

Rothschild smiled and said, “The Hong Society is strong, three thousand six hundred sects are spread all over the world, the prestige is huge, Ye Linglong is also the dependant of Mr. Chen who came before the stage before his accident, the name is right, no one dares to make a slight remark.”

“Sir, this matter still allows me to discuss with a few uncles of the Chen family.”

Elder Long frowned and said calmly.

“Then I will leave first.”

Rothschild rose and cupped his fist to leave.

Inside the study, silence returned once again.

Elder Long leaned back in his chair, exhausted.

In the short time since the news of Chen Dong’s affair had spread, he had had too many things to do, too much.

One tricky and significant matter after another was bashed together, leaving him with a feeling of exhaustion.

He took a five-minute break.

Elder Long intended to get back to work again.

Then bang!

The door to the study, however, was suddenly slammed open.

“Elder Long, it’s not good, Ye Linglong has disappeared!”

Fan Lu looked flustered.


Elder Long was horrified and stood up with a start, “When did it happen?”

“I don’t know, I just suddenly remembered that she was missing when something happened to the Snowy Lion earlier.”

Fan Lu said anxiously, “I just searched everywhere all over the house, but I couldn’t find her!”

Elder Long’s face sank as he recalled carefully.

When the Snowy Stallion went manic just now, a group of them all rushed out of the villa, but only …… Ye Linglong was nowhere to be seen!


Elder Long slapped a slap on his head, “At this time, what’s the point of adding to the chaos!”

The airport on the outskirts of the city.

In front of the boarding gate.

Ye Linglong was dressed in a simple casual outfit, carrying a huge hiking bag on her back as she checked in with the crowd to board the plane.

Even with a simple ponytail and no makeup, she still stood out in the crowd.

People around her looked at her sideways.

There were those who marveled, those who envied, and those who did not have good intentions ……

But Ye Linglong didn’t care at all, since she grew up, she had long been used to it.

At this moment, pinching her ticket, she pa*sed through the security check and walked towards the plane.

Yet her pretty face was firm and her eyes were determined.

“You lost it in the Northern Region, then I will go to the Northern Region to look for you, to see a human being in life and a corpse in death, you better be alive, or I will not be polite to your wife and son!”

Ye Linglong said fiercely in her heart.

She did not know what exactly Chen Dong had gone through in the Northern Domain, and when the Snowy Region Lion went manic just now, she had wanted to rush out to check it out, but instead she heard Jiang Qilin’s alarmed cry.

A beast king protecting his master, that must be something heavenly that had happened!

So at the first opportunity, she packed her bags and came to the airport to go to the Northern Region.

Right now, Ye Linglong’s only obsession was to find Chen Dong!

She knew clearly that Gu Qingying and the child were Chen Dong’s scales of defiance.

These words seem like a threat, but in reality they are a comfort to herself!

You …… would never abandon your wife and child!

This time, it won’t either, will it?

With the plane taking off, looking at the fading suburban airport below, Ye Linglong closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair, quietly, the ticket in her hand, but was pinched and wrinkled.






This was the only obsession in Chen Dong’s mind out of instinct at this moment when he was on the verge of collapsing!

His body was in pain, a thousand cuts and blazing fire.

But his footsteps never stopped.

Even though every time he lifted his foot, it was as heavy as a thousand pounds, he still clenched his teeth and made it.

The mind was blank.

So much so that he didn’t even know where he was going, and running like this was more like a dying struggle.

“Phew …… phew ……”

A ragged breathing sound like a torn bellows kept coming out of his mouth and nose.

With each exhalation, a white mist visible to the naked eye lingers in front of the nasal cavity.

One step, then another.

The sun above his head gradually became less and less scorching.

Gradually, Chen Dong could only hear his own breathing as well, and everything in front of him seemed to become less blinding, dim and occasionally even more violently black.

The sky spins.

His head was heavy and his feet were light.

Each step lifted and landed as if it were on a sponge.

Another time, he lifted his foot and landed.

This time, Chen Dong’s body swayed violently and a foot landed but with a stumble.

In a flash, the sky spun around.

With a thud, he fell heavily to the ground.

In front of his eyes, there was even complete darkness ……