Winner Takes All Chapter 1627-1628

Chapter 1627

Silvery dressing.

The wind and the snow.

The clearing that had been blasted into snow obliteration by the thunder of heavenly punishment was quickly covered in snow white again as the snow raged.

Rumble ……

The ground shook.

An overwhelming snowstorm lifted up in the distance, sweeping upwards in a vast and unmistakable manner!

“All hands on guard!”

A thunderous rebuke exploded out of the rolling snow as ten thousand horses came galloping up.

Accompanied by the neighing of the horses, the vast procession of 10,000 men, in unison, came to a sudden halt.

Bai Qi rode across the battle horses, his brow knotted with anger and resentment.

“Chief Bai Wu, this should be the place, the snow is obviously much thinner than the surrounding area.”

A commander respectfully reported.


Bai Qi’s lips parted and he said only one word.

In a flash.

The 10,000-strong team all moved forward, raising rolling waves of snow and wreaking havoc in all directions.

The same scene was happening all over the Northern Domain.

At Huo Zhenxiao’s command, all 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry troops left the city.

Such a scene rarely occurred even when there was a war with the Hundred Tribes outside the realm, and would only occur when the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders were in a desperate and desperate battle.

But this time, it was only for one person!

Compared to the other 10,000-strong teams, the one led by Bai Qi had the best of luck!

After coming all the way here, there was finally a glimmer of “hope”.

Looking at the snowy sky in front of him, Bai Qi’s eyebrows were cold, but his right hand was clutching the reins of his warhorse, twisting and turning them.

“Chen Longtou, you must be there!”

At the thought of this, Bai Qi’s eyes were a little red.


“Someone! A man has been dug up!”


The sound was like wild thunder, reverberating throughout the field.

The movement of the ten-thousand-strong army came to an abrupt halt.

Bai Qi on his warhorse had a sharp look in his eyes, jumping off his horse and stumbling towards the direction from which the sound came.

By the time he got close, the generals had already dug the man out from under the snow and cleared the snow from his body.

“The pig-killer, Lin Shichong?”

Bai Qi saw the man being dug out and was instantly enraged.

But reason, nonetheless, made him pounce on Lin Shichong’s side and quickly checked his injuries.

The commander beside him reported, “Commander Bai, he’s badly injured, but he’s still barely holding on with a breath.

“Split into two teams, one team will continue to dig for me, the other team will be led by the Commander, send Lin Lao back to Zhenjiang City at once!”

Bai Qi’s expression was cold and decisive as he ordered.

By doing so, he was also preparing for both sides.

This side of the ground had not been completely cleared, so there was still hope of finding Chen Dong.

If they could not find Chen Dong, then saving Lin Lao’s life would be the only way for them to find out what had happened to Chen Dong!

People had to be found!

And also to save!


The northwestern desert.

As the sun rose, the morning wind swept through.

Rolling yellow sand renders the heavens and the earth a pale yellow.

And in the desert, such a scene, even more so!

Only as the sun rises, the temperature in the desert climbs rapidly.

Yellow sand and broken walls.

The remains of the Feng Bo ancient city have long since been swallowed up by the yellow sand, and there are very few people who can know about this ruin.

Behind one of the remaining ancient walls, a shadow clung to the yellow sand on the ground and slowly pulled itself out.

Chen Daolin, dressed in casual clothes, slowly walked out from behind the ancient wall.

The sun was rising.

He looked rare and grave to the extreme, his hand holding his mobile phone and listening quietly while his eyes were rapidly filling with blood.

The word “hmm” came out of his mouth and nose again and again, but his breath sounded more and more rapid and ragged.

“Got it, big brother.”


Hanging up the phone, Chen Daolin stood still in the yellow sandy sky as if he was a statue.

A chill emanated from his body.

Half a day later.

Chen Daolin tilted his head, took a deep breath and closed his eyes, two tears slipping down from the corners of his eyes.

“Lan’er, our Dong’er is strong, he will definitely be fine, right?”


Before the words left his mouth, a blatant wave of domineering qi rushed out from Chen Daolin’s body, and the ancient wall beside him collapsed in response, splashing up a large area of yellow sand.

As far as he was concerned.

Ever since he left the Chen family and hid under the Wind Wave Old City, he rarely walked on the ground.

Because he knew that there were many eyes watching him in the shadows.

If he walked onto the ground one more time, he would have a greater chance of being discovered.

But today, he had walked up!

Now, he was going to walk out!

“I don’t believe that my family’s Dong’er would be in this situation, Dong’er …… must still be there, he still has the code of life!”

The yellow sand of the rising sun, Chen Daolin’s resigned voice echoed, but his figure had already left the remains of the ancient city of Feng Bo, and his shadow was stretched long and long in the distant desert.

The other side.

“Woo ……”

With a pathos wail from the Snowy Lion, it stopped directly in place.

The lofty body, against the morning breeze, the lion’s mane beckons.

But from its mouth and nose, a heavy panting sound came out, and its huge lion eyes were dull and glowing with a tinge of red blood.

The huge lion’s head drops to the ground.

This series of movements all made Jiang Qilin, who was following closely, jaw-dropped.

Luckily, this wild journey was in a deserted forest at the moment, so there was no fear of being discovered.


Jiang Qilin stopped where he was, even from a distance of a dozen meters, and with the series of movements of the snowy lion, he could feel an unspeakable pathos of painful emotions, like a tidal wave, come roaring in.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Jiang Qilin’s eyes swished red, and his hands fiercely squeezed his fists, letting out an explosive roar.

In a flash, his eyes were red and rippled.

As a Jiang Family Qilin, he knew everything about the underpinnings within the Jiang Family.

The Beast King had returned to his heart!

He knew the root cause, which was why he had insisted on following when the Snowy Stallion had left the Tianmen Mountain Villa in a manic frenzy.

But now, the change in the Snowy Lion was like shocking news to Jiang Qilin!

The beast king returns to his heart, the lord suffers a great calamity, the beast king protects his lord, the lord dies, the beast king mourns!

This is what is written in the ancient books of the Jiang family, but Jiang Qilin died rather than have the record imprinted into reality.

As the heavenly punishment descended.

The aftermath of a night of shock in the Northern Region did not end with the dawn.

Instead, it swept through the entire world with a frenzy of momentum at dawn.

There was no other reason.

Just because …… Chen Dong alone!

No one expected that after a night’s rest, they would wake up again to such a shocking and explosive news!

The minds of the heads of powerful families, the giants of power, and all sides were raging like tsunami waves at the dawn of the day.

Countless gazes converged on Zhenjiang City in the Northern Region as soon as they heard the news!

Exclaims, uproar, mourning, snickering ……

The crowds of people were all different.

It was as if thunder rolled and bombarded the world.

As time pa*sed, all the details of last night’s events before the dawn was approaching were quickly formed into a secret report and presented to the heads of the world’s great families and giants of power.

It was late at night and the people were quiet.

The hundred thousand mountains were stacked on top of each other.

The cranes were singing and the birds were chirping, and a hundred beasts were running through the forest in the night.

Thud ……

The sound of drums abruptly echoed in this deep mountain forest for a long time.

Inside the ancient temple, the green lamp and ancient Buddha, incense and fire linger.


The Empty Master sits on his knees in front of the Buddha statue, his precious face solemn, chanting true sutras.

The green lamp curls up around him and smoke and fire surrounds him.

Creak ……

Without warning, the door of the temple is pushed open.

A shadow, pulled into the hall.

As if he had expected it, Master Empty Space did not stop chanting.

It followed closely.

A voice with accumulated depression echoed within the hall.

“My son is lost, you have to pay for it!”

Chapter 1628

“DONG ……”

The sound of wooden fish, abruptly stopped.

Inside the Great Hall.

Silence could listen to a needle.

Master Empty Sky knelt before the statue of Buddha, with kind brows and a solemn treasure face.

There was silence for a few seconds.

His lips and teeth lightly opened: “Amitabha Buddha! Master Chen, you need to be reasonable!”

“My son is lost, you have to pay for it!”

With his hands behind his back, Chen Daolin stopped in front of the hall door, the shadows beneath his feet stretched by the green lamp, but a depressing and piercing chill emanated from his body.

“The poor monk has already given you face by allowing you to enter the Hanging Temple.”

Master Empty Sky remained motionless, his hands folded and his eyes tightly closed, “From the moment you stepped into the Pouring Hanging Mountain, the poor monk has been motionless, you really need to be reasonable!”

“Master, if you don’t give me face, I will fight my way in.”

Chen Daoling’s voice was low as he said slowly, “Under the sky, the Taoist monarch Daoling does not yet need to let people give face.”

Master Empty Sky’s white eyebrows furrowed, “You two brothers, are you so arrogant?”

A deep voice questioned.

In response, it was Chen Daoling’s almost shrewish and scoundrelly words, “My son is lost, you have to pay for it!”


A wave of qi suddenly swept up from beneath Master Kongkong.

His eyes snapped open, “The disappearance of Young Master Chen has nothing to do with the poor monk. The poor monk has returned to the Hanging Sky Temple after having lost his way, and all he wants is to be accompanied by the ancient Buddha and to recite scriptures to forgive him.

The words were resounding and sternly refuted.

“I know it has nothing to do with you.”

Chen Daolin nodded and added, “But my son is lost and you have to pay for it!”

Master Empty Sky: “……”

Even his ancient, unruffled state of mind was made to ripple by Chen Daoling at the moment.

He took a deep breath.

Master Empty Sky rose and turned to face Chen Daogun: “Master Chen, why do you bite the poor monk to death?”

“Because …… you can’t forgive!”

Chen Daoling spoke with astonishing words.

Under the light of the green lamp, Master Kong Kong’s old face suddenly showed a shocked expression, and he was speechless for a moment.

Chen Daolin stepped forward and his face and figure were revealed under the green lamp.

His eyes were cold and stern, his face as cold as frost: “Buddha is not guilty, but you are! The Buddha preaches compa*sion, practices compa*sion, and universalizes all beings, this is unchanging throughout the ages, but a single thought of the master for his own selfish desires has led to a great mistake that has wreaked havoc on all beings, the Buddha has universalized all beings, the master has wreaked havoc on all beings, a great personal mistake, thinking that chanting sutras and ringing bells before the Buddha will clear your sins, the master has reached such a state of cultivation and still has such thoughts, this is too absurd!”


As if struck by lightning, Grandmaster Empty Sky staggered back a step.

In an instant, panic and shock spread across his ancient face.

Chen Daolin’s words were like thunderbolts from a clear sky, battering Master Kongkong’s daoist heart.

“If one person is wrong, one person should carry the burden.”

Chen Daoling stepped forward, his aura forcing, “Master only represents individuals, when can he represent the Buddha? Buddha is merciful, but the master has selfish desires, and this selfish desire has forged a great mistake, then the master should pay for it!”

“But what does this …… poor monk have to do with Young Master Chen’s disappearance?”

The corners of Grandmaster Empty’s eyes trembled desperately, and his breathing became unbearably rapid.

“To be precise, my son’s life and death are unknown, and may not just be lost, but perished under heavenly punishment.”

Chen Daolin carried his hands behind his back, his face as cold as frost, and at the end of his sentence, his eyes could not help but narrow.

“Young Master Chen has triggered the Heavenly Punishment?”

Master Empty Sky was startled.

After leaving Xiongnu and returning to the Hanging Temple on the Inverted Mountain, he had been closed to the outside world, chanting sutras and chanting bells, just hoping to make up for the big mistake he had made with his own selfish desires, and no longer caring about what was happening in the outside world.

He no longer cared about what was happening in the outside world. He was even more ignorant of what was happening in Zhenjiang City in the Northern Region!

“My son has planted a demon in his dao heart and forced himself to enter the demon to carry the enemy, triggering the heavenly punishment, so I have come to find you.”

Chen Daolin smiled, “Master closed the door to the Hanging Temple, forgiveness is not possible, the only way to forgive is to walk the earth and universalize all beings, asking Master to compensate my son is also incidental.”

Master Empty Sky was suddenly enlightened.

His brow furrowed and he hesitated for a moment.

He suddenly said, “But you, the two brothers Dao Jun Dao Lin, have already covered the sky with only your hands and have become a great power, even you are unable to determine the life and death of Young Master Chen, it is even more impossible for the poor monk!”

“You can!”

Chen Daoling said firmly: “Buddha and devil are opposed to each other, my son has been genetically modified, and although he has reason and cannot become a true devil to cause harm to the world, but after he has gone mad, he still has the appearance of a devil, when the master walks the earth and helps all beings, if my son is still alive, the master’s cultivation will definitely have some sense.”

“Of all the demon seeders in time, seven times out of ten, the Buddhists were the first to notice and take the lead in curbing the calamity.”

“Poor monk, I understand.”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands and bowed his head in contemplation.

One is good and one is evil, and the essence of their cultivation is very different.

They are not mutually exclusive, yet they are always mutually exclusive!

With all his cultivation and his vast righteousness, walking the earth, if Chen Dong really survived, he would indeed have a greater chance of sensing it than Chen Daolin and the others!

This is like finding a needle in a haystack!

Even if Chen Daolin, Chen Daojun and the others exhausted their powers and searched the world with a net, it would still be difficult to reach the sky without sensing him!

And by walking the earth, he was undoubtedly installing a locator navigation on Chen Dong!

He alone had a far greater chance of finding Chen Dong than any other force!

Thinking for a moment, Master Kongkong smiled bitterly, “Master Chen is right, in that case, the poor monk has no choice but to enter the world again, walk the earth, make up for his mistakes and repent to my Buddha.”

“Master is enlightened!”

Chen Daolin clasped his hands together, his expression easing a few degrees, and bowed in obeisance.

“There is nothing to be done, the poor monk does his best.”

Master Empty Sky bowed back, “Just …… forget it, hopefully, the heavenly dao fifty can vanish one, under the heavenly punishment why can’t there be variables.”

At his level, his perception of heavenly punishment is still that all beings are equal under heavenly punishment.

But since he had already decided to enter the world again, Master Kongkong could not say much.

To have searched and not found, and to simply not find, were two meanings in themselves.

“Excuse me, Master, Dao Lin will go first.”

Chen Daoling stopped lingering and turned to leave, “Daoling is used to being rude, so please don’t take it personally for the sake of my elder brother, Daogun, my elder brother is very protective of me.”

Master Empty Sky: “……”

For a long time.

The lights of the Hanging Temple were still on.

But the sound of bells ringing and chanting scriptures no longer echoed through the mountains.

As Chen Daolin left, a figure clad in a robe also headed down the mountain once again ……



Inside the villa bedroom, it was dimly lit.

With a terrified scream.

Gu Qingying struggled to get up and turned on the bedside lamp.

Inside the bedroom, there was finally a glimmer of light.

Gu Qingying sat huddled against the wall, shivering, her body dripping with fragrant sweat, but her beautiful eyes were filled with tears.

“Xiaoying, what happened?”

Soon, Gu Guohua’s voice came from outside the door, “Can Daddy come in?”


Gu Qingying answered.

The door to the room pushed open, and once Gu Guohua saw Gu Qingying’s appearance, he asked worriedly, “Had a nightmare?”


Gu Qingying’s tears seemed like broken pearls, rustling down from the corners of her eyes as she sobbed silently.

Seeing her father, it was as if she had finally found an outlet for her catharsis.

Gu Guohua was startled and hurriedly went forward to hug Gu Qingying: “Silly girl, it’s alright, daddy is here, mommy she ……”

“It’s not mommy.”

Gu Qingying interrupted Gu Guohua’s words and cried out in grief and pain, “It’s Chen Dong! Sob sob sob …… Dad, the big fool was covered in blood in the dream, just looking at me with such an indifferent face, his mouth kept crying out in pain ……”