Winner Takes All Chapter 1623-1624

Chapter 1623

“Mr. Chen …… please strengthen my stolen door!”

The old voice, like a thunderous explosion, echoed in this side of the world.

Gu Cang Yue looked aghast, and when he looked around, he saw two figures, tearing the wind and splitting the snow quickly rushing towards this side!

Wusong and Lin Shichong were very fast.

In the blink of an eye, they were close to the front.

They were covered in qi, but their robes were covered in blood.

They had risked everything to intercept the curmudgeons in all directions, and when they heard the commotion here, they rushed over.

But they did not expect it.

It was Chen Dong who had triggered the Heavenly Punishment to descend!

Both of them looked up at the same time and stared intently at the thunderclouds above the dome of the sky, the vast and hellish pressure that was so powerful that even with their experience, they could not help but have their throats go dry.

“Thief Gate, Witch General!”

“Thieves’ Gate, Pigslayer!”

Both of them shouted harshly at the same time, their harsh killing intent instantly turning into two tidal waves, directly crushing towards Gu Cangyue.

Gu Cangyue’s Qi energy shook, offsetting the two men’s killing intent oppression, and smiled coldly.

“The Thief Sect has declined, two old dogs have jumped out and barked, the Heavenly Punishment has been meted out, no one can save this wild B*****d!”

Not to mention the two generals of the Thief Sect, even if Chen Daojun and Xu Qingfeng were present, whether they could save Chen Dong under the Heavenly Punishment, Gu Cangyue thought to himself that it was still up in the air.

Two old dogs of the Thief Sect, huh!

Since Xu Qingfeng’s disappearance, the Thief Sect had declined almost into obscurity, even worse than the Gu Family.

If these so-called heads of the Thief Clan had the strength to revive the Clan, they would not have lingered on until now when Xu Qingfeng had entered the world again!

Gu Cangyue slowly raised her sword and pointed it straight at Wusong and Lin Shichong: “You can’t even maintain the Thief Sect, and you can’t even stop the Heavenly Punishment!”


The moment the words were spoken.

Wusong and Lin Shichong looked at each other and smiled, but in their smiles, there was bitterness.

Especially Wu Song, as his white hair fluttered in the wind, the smile on his face was unusually spontaneous after the bitterness.

“Gu Cang Yue ah Gu Cang Yue, in vain you are the first person of the Gu family, you only see that we seven generals can not support the thief clan, but have not thought that it is never because we are weak, but ……”

Wusong calmly and calmly pulled out a cigarette stick, once again lit the kind of tobacco leaves before, barring the smoke and smoking, narrowed his eyes: “but the Thief Saint is too strong, so strong that the name of one person is posted above the Thief Sect, you think …… you are really not far from my family Thief Saint? ”

Teasing, scorn, ridicule ……

In a flash.

Gu Cang Yue looked aghast, resentment flashed in his eyes.

The same words he had heard when facing Chen Daojun!

But …… when did I, Gu Cang Yue, become a unit of measurement for comparison with others?

“Mr. Chen, please strengthen my Thief Gate!”

Without waiting for Gu Cang Yue’s response, Wusong stepped forward, kneeling reverently, and once again said loudly.

While Lin Shichong looked at Wusong’s action, it was complicated.

“Old man, are you really ready to make plans?”

Lin Shichong couldn’t help but say, “This group of our old buddies, this has just been reunited because of the return of the Thief Saint, you …… don’t want to stay longer?”

“Hahahaha …… bone smoke has been smoked, what do you say, old Lin?”

Wusong kneeling on the ground, the aged and dying body, a rare standing straight, eyes burning at the distant crazy Chen Dong: “Sir a word, the old man generously to die!”

Rumble ……

Overhead in the sky, the black pressing thunder clouds were still building up.

Countless streaks of lightning, like wild dragons, stirred the long sky.

The terrifying electric currents were even weaving down to the ground.

Even on the snow-capped ground, one could catch the weaving and shooting currents.

The paralysing feeling of electricity was clear to all those under the thunderclouds.

In the “silence”, even Gu Cangyue could not help but look at Chen Dong with a deep face like water, and could not help but sneer in his heart.

“Even if a person with a mad demon in his dao heart has reason, do you really expect him to respond to you at this moment?”

At this thought.

Gu Cang Yue’s body suddenly shook, and while his pupils tightened, he even staggered back, as if he had seen a ghost: “No, it is impossible, absolutely impossible!”

Chen Dong, who was wrapped in the blood-coloured qi, suddenly had his qi converged a few times, and the blood-coloured light in his eyes also dimmed.


Under Gu Cang Yue’s horrified gaze, he slowly turned around and faced Wusong.

“Nuo ……”

A hoarse, pale, guttural voice, at this moment, however, exploded out from Chen Dong’s mouth like a shocking thunder.

Gu Cang Yue was completely dumbfounded!

Was this …… really a Daoist demon?

“Hahahaha …… Old Lin, with a promise from sir, the old man has decided to go!”

Wusong stood up, his smile spontaneous and his gaze firm.

One step, one step, towards Chen Dong’s direction.

It seemed slow, but in reality it was fast.

Surrounded by qi energy, it was only a few steps before he was close to Chen Dong.

Even though he was still holding a cigarette in his mouth, his energy was as full as if he was in his prime.

He smiled and looked at Chen Dong in front of him.

With a respectful clasp of his fist, he saluted, “If you promise, old man, I will protect you and keep you safe and sound!”

He said.

With a sudden wave of his hands, a sheet of yellow talisman cloth suddenly fluttered out from between his two sleeves.

In the blink of an eye, a circular barrier was formed, surrounding Chen Dong.

The aura was bitterly cold, and the yellow talismanic cloth was covered with a strip of intricate runes, which were now glittering with golden light.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was standing still, not moving a muscle, except for the sound of heavy breathing coming from his mouth and nose.

After all this was done.

Wusong took one step, but it was like a cannonball that shot out of the chamber, shooting out more than ten metres away.

After standing still.

He raised his hands and tilted his head to seal his face with the terrifying Heavenly Punishment Thunder Cloud.


Qi energy swept upwards.

Wusong’s white hair danced and his robes rattled.

The next second.

His lips were mumbling and he recited the words.

The sound reverberated through the heaven and earth, inaudible, but as if there was a strange and terrifying power.

With that, the old, decrepit body of Wusong pulsed.

The movements were bizarre and exaggerated.

It was accompanied by a sultry sound, which was as mysterious as it could be.

“Woo …… This is witchcraft?”

Gu Cang Yue was struck by lightning, his heart beating wildly as he witnessed everything that Wusong carried out.

Almost simultaneously.

Old Mrs. Gu, who had already been seriously injured and resembled a dead dog, heard the woozy sound from Wusong’s mouth at this moment, but her body shook and she hissed and shrilled.

“Cang Yue! This is ancient sorcery, communicating with heaven and earth, the heavens have spoken, stop him, stop him!”

Ancient sorcery.

Communicating with heaven and earth!

Using witch as a medium, endorsing the heavens!


A loud bang went through Gu Cang Yue’s head, and his body tingled.

As a member of the Gu family, Cang Yue already knew the family’s treasured texts by heart.

This reminder from Old Madam Gu instantly enlightened him!

An ordinary person couldn’t stop a heavenly punishment, but ancient sorcery plus a human life …… was enough!

If the Heavenly Punishment could not kill Chen Dong this time, what else could …… be done in the future?

Thinking of this.

Gu Cang Yue let out an explosive roar, his face was fierce, his killing intent was majestic, his Qi energy was like a tide, unbridled, and he directly raised his sword and rushed towards Wusong.

Almost simultaneously.

Lin Shichong held the bloodstained pig-killing knife in his hand and gently shook it, the grief between his brows as he faced Wusong’s death vanished at this moment, but became carnally bloodthirsty.

“Gu Cang Yue, you don’t take me too seriously!”

Chapter 1624


The wind hissed.

The sky was covered with it.

With a shout of rebuke from Lin Shichong, his figure abruptly disappeared from the spot.

Wrapped in a majestic gale, he suddenly appeared on Gu Cang Yue’s front path.


Without the slightest pause, a blood-coloured qi was rendered in his hand as he slashed down towards Gu Cangyue.


In a flash of lightning, Gu Cang Yue’s expression changed greatly, and his right hand held his sword to block out horizontally.



Sparks erupted as the sword and knife clashed.

The ground was even overturned by the impact of the qi energy and the thick snow.

Flakes of snow flew in the sky.

But instead of the dome of the sky falling, the ground lifted up.

“Pig-killer, you are no match for me at all, those who stand in my way will die!”

Gu Cang Yue staggered back a few steps, his hostile aura tumbling as he waved his sword in his right hand and lunged at Lin Shichong once again.

“Hahahaha …… is no match, why fear death?”

Lin Shichong laughed loudly in the sky, his suit cracked under his qi, and his brow was full of determination to die: “The old witch sacrificed his life for righteousness, what’s the point of me, Lin Shichong? Even if you, Gu Cang Yue, were to come here today, Old Witch and I would not be able to take Mr. Chen away!”


The majestic Qi energy suddenly rose from under Lin Shichong’s feet, and the terrifying impact instantly cracked the frozen ground into countless cracks like spider webs.


Lin Shichong slashed his left palm, blood instantly stained the knife red, and countless blood-coloured veins suddenly appeared on the blade.

Looking at Gu Cang Yue who was lunging to kill, Lin Shichong did not hesitate in the slightest and raised his sword to meet him.

Clang clang clang ……

Sparks erupted as the swords clashed.

The majestic qi energy stirred the air.

As soon as they exchanged blows, they directly fought for life and death without the slightest hesitation.

For Gu Cangyue, he had to stop Wusong before the thunder of Heavenly Punishment descended.

As for Lin Shichong, he was already prepared to die to protect Chen Dong and Wu Song.

As the two men moved at high speed, they attacked to their death.

In the sky, the two terrifying qi strands were like two dragons, stretching across the sky and winding together.

It was a spectacular scene.

Even the special effects of today’s movies could hardly depict it.

The tremendous oppression, the terrifying destructive power, dragged the place where Gu Cangyue and Lin Shichong pa*sed directly into an apocalyptic state of terror.

A life and death struggle on top of qi energy!

The destructive power caused was comparable to that of a hot-weapon battlefield!

The sound of the battle echoed through the world.

Wusong’s mind is not distracted, his lips are mumbling, emitting the sound of the woo, but his body is dancing as fast as a gossamer.

A bizarre dance.

A twisting arc that makes people smack their lips.

But this is the sorcery of ……’s ancient heritage!

Times have changed, and in the long history, sorcery has long since been annihilated and gone.

But in the ancient times, this …… was the most direct means for man to communicate with heaven and earth!

As a witch general of the Thief Clan, second only to the Thief Saint, with the terrifying heritage of the Thief Clan, the witch general lineage was blessed by the Thief Clan and was the only one to have mastered the ancient witchcraft!

Buzz, buzz, buzz ……

A large yellow cloth talisman, like a yellow dragon, surrounded Chen Dong’s left and right, flying rapidly and forming a barrier.

Chen Dong, who was in the barrier, was hunched over, his hands hanging down, his mouth and nose emitting a heavy “ho ho” gasping sound, the blood in his eyes was dull, and even his entire sinister aura had been sharply reduced!

It seems that under the isolation of the yellow cloth talisman, he has been completely dragged from this side of the world to another place.

Rumble ……

On the dome of the sky, rolling thunder clouds, layered on top of each other, as if they had accumulated to the top, reaching their threshold at all times and pouring down.

Countless electric snakes, tumbling in the thunderclouds, accompanied by deafening thunder, even stirred up the thunderclouds, sweeping across the sky.

The night before dawn is the darkest.

At this extra-territorial cold sky, the moment before dawn, the wilderness is even more blind!

But now, the white lightning spread across the night sky, illuminating heaven and earth as bright as day.

A bone-chilling sense of electricity had already penetrated the heavens and the earth.

And as the witch’s chant murmured and danced, inexplicably, everything in the firmament was undergoing a bizarre transformation.

The undifferentiated thunder and lightning, especially the sense of electricity that had already penetrated heaven and earth long before the heavenly punishment poured down, was at this moment, quietly and strangely changing.

The sense of electricity quietly weakened where Chen Dong and Wusong were.

But it was as if the scales were rapidly tilting towards the place where Old Lady Gu was.

“Cang Yue …… Cang Yue ……”

Old Mrs. Gu quickly sensed that something was wrong, and with her eyes wide open, she hissed a shrill cry for help despite her weakness.

At her level, when in full bloom, she is aware of the wind and gra*s around her.

Even though she was severely wounded and weak, the surge of electricity was so obvious that unless she was dead, she could not have failed to notice it!

The initial tingling and numbness all over her body had, in the blink of an eye, made her body tingly, even affecting the blood flow and heartbeat.

Pain, on the contrary, became the most negligible sensation at this moment!

It was the change that spread throughout the body and penetrated deep into the marrow of the soul that was the most terrifying!

“Save me, save me …… Ancient Witchcraft is channeling the Heavenly Punishment Thunder.”

Old Mrs. Gu’s face was as pale as paper, her body was as scared as sieve chaff, her features twisted, and she shrilly cried out, “He wants to channel all this heavenly punishment thunder into the old body!”

The sound echoed.

In the distance, Gu Cangyue, who was fighting for his life with Lin Shichong, was so frightened that every inch of his muscles were in an extremely tense state of explosion.

It was not that he did not want to rescue Old Madam Gu.

It was because Lin Shichong was like a mad dog, attacking desperately at the risk of his life, making it impossible for him to get away.

He was indeed stronger than Lin Shichong.

Both sides were also fighting for their lives, sparing no effort.

But in a battle at this level, the slightest distraction would lead to a stormy attack from the other side, which would instantly put him at a disadvantage, and then the battle would take a sharp turn for the worse.

To put it bluntly, he was able to get the upper hand when he fought Lin Shichong, but was unable to control the whole situation to form a crushing force, and could only be stalled to death by the mad dog Lin Shichong!

Zizi …… Zizi ……

Suddenly, the roaring thunder and lightning in the sky seemed to suddenly fall silent, leaving only the sound of electricity pa*sing through.

This sudden silence was like the last calm before the storm.

The old lady’s hair had already stood on end, and with this sudden change in the sky, she was scared out of her wits, dragging her badly injured body and writhing.

A mole is still living.

Not to mention her, the old lady of the Gu family!

In the silence, a blinding lightning bolt burst into life, blinding the world with white light.

The thick thunderbolt tore through the thunderclouds without the slightest twist, straight as a pillar in the sky, pouring down without a sound in this silence.

Old Lady Gu looked at this scene, which was like the “extinction of the world”, and used the greatest strength in her life to shout.

“Gu Cang Yue, please ask for the Great Cauldron!”