Winner Takes All Chapter 1621-1622

Chapter 1621

Killing intent descends.

The whistle was ear-splitting.

Even without looking back, Old Lady Gu knew what was coming.

The banner!

There was no escape, no avoiding it.



With a hideous whistle, Old Lady Gu turned around and her qi energy stirred up the snow on the ground, forming a wave of snow that rammed into the oncoming banner.

Bang, bang, bang ……

But the banner, wrapped in qi, drove straight into the ground, destroying it.

Even though Old Lady Gu deliberately used her qi to manipulate the snow to form a barrier to stop the banner from breaking through, the snow-coloured barrier was like a paper mache.

In the snap of a finger.

The banner was within easy reach.

Old Lady Gu’s pupils tightened and almost instinctively, she pushed out her palm.



Blood splattered and a pig-like scream suddenly echoed through the dark, icy sky and snow.

Like a broken pocket, Old Lady Gu was directly rammed by the powerful qi impact, sending her flying backwards for more than ten metres, and after falling heavily on the snow, she rolled over again one after another, crushing a bloody trail in the snow.


Excruciating pain!

Old Lady Gu lay on the ground and instinctively struggled to get up, but the banner had pierced right through her right palm and blood was gurgling, so she couldn’t stand up at all.

The pain was so deep that it penetrated her bones and soul.

It made her tremble and her whole right arm went numb.

The banner had not only penetrated her right palm, but the qi wrapped around it had also strangled her entire right palm the moment it penetrated.

There were cuts that looked like knives, blood was blurred, and in some places, the bones were visible.

Fear spread wildly along with the excruciating pain.

Old Lady Gu’s mouth kept screaming in agony.

In the distance.

Creaking …… creaking ……

The sound of footsteps trampling on the snow.

In the darkness, a figure with majestic qi energy was slowly walking towards this side like a life-threatening cultivator crawling out from the depths of the Nine Underworlds.

The overwhelming aura of death was so overwhelming that it was suffocating.

Bloody, sinister, brutal ……

In her trance of severe pain, Old Lady Gu even felt that in the darkness Chen Dong was head over heels in a sea of churning blood, in which white bones were capped and evil spirits cried.

“Don’t come over, don’t come over …… wild B*****d, don’t come over!”

The aura of death enveloped the old lady Gu, hissing in fear.

The screams echoed in this icy land, extraordinarily miserable.

She was really scared!

She had never been more afraid!

Death was upon her and fear could no longer be concealed!

Old Mrs. Gu had never even imagined that one day she would meet Chen Dong in such a scene.

It was just …… Chen Dong in the darkness, his footsteps not stopping.

In the mouth and nose, a ragged panting sound was emitted, but it fell on Old Lady Gu’s ears like a life-threatening Sanskrit sound.

The struggle is on.

Old Mrs. Gu finally stood up.

But she did not wait to make a move.


In the darkness in front of her, a majestic and hellish qi force, like a great mountain moving across, came pushing across.


A miserable scream.

Old Madam Gu was too late to resist, and was directly knocked head-on by the Qi energy, cutting a perfect parabola in the air, spurting out a large mouthful of blood and falling heavily to the ground.

Her chest, however, was already dented from the impact of the qi.

Even, when she looked down at her chest, she could vaguely see a bit of blood-stained morose white, protruding above it.

“Don’t kill me, wild B*****d, no, Chen Dong, please don’t kill me!”

Old Mrs. Gu’s body was like sieve chaff, her mouth was filled with blood, and her pale, blood-stained face was filled with fear.

She looked at Chen Dong who was walking step by step.

Instinctive desire for survival made Old Lady Gu turn around and crouch on the ground, like a dying wild dog, little by little, holding herself up and wriggling towards the snow ahead.

But such a speed was too slow, even compared to Chen Dong, who was walking slowly.

Time, at this moment, seemed to slow down.

The identities of Chen Dong and Old Lady Gu were completely transformed from the previous situation within Zhenjiang City.

Hunter and prey.

Prey and hunter.

And above the head.

Rumble ……

Thunder rolled and electric snakes stirred.

A terrifying and frightening pressure, like a big invisible hand, fell from the sky, wanting to raze everything in all directions.

The stirring lightning snakes became more and more dense.

From the initial brightness and darkness, they evolved to become as bright as daylight.

There were even electric snakes that broke away from the black clouds and currents flowed to the four directions of the sky.

“Roar ……”

Chen Dong stopped, tilted his head, and let out a hiss as he met the great oppression and thunderous black clouds above his head.

It was just that the blood light in his eyes, which was greatly flourishing, fiercely dimmed for a second with this hiss.

The next second.


Chen Dong’s feet exploded, and the terrifying qi instantly lifted the snow around him and sent it flying.

The sky was filled with snowflakes.

While Chen Dong was like the God of Death, disappearing in place, wrapped in a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, vastly pushing across and destroying the Old Lady Gu.

“No, don’t ……”

Old Mrs. Gu fell limp to the ground, her mind was blank, the only thing left for her to do was to look at the onrushing Chen Dong …… and beg for mercy!


The moment Chen Dong arrived in front of Old Lady Gu.

There was a sudden change.


“Sinner, stop!”

A furious rebuke suddenly exploded from the heavens and the earth.

A lightning bolt suddenly cut through the sky, and the sound of thunder drowned out the sound of breaking wind in the air.

Chen Dong, however, stopped his voice abruptly.

The blood in his eyes was so bright that he didn’t turn around, his left hand was stretched out brazenly and his majestic qi energy suddenly erupted, forming a counter spiral wave of qi.

Clang clang clang ……

A cold, sharp sword instantly appeared right in the centre of the spiral wave of Qi, strangling with the Qi energy and erupting into large sparks.


As Chen Dong hissed, his left hand swung downwards violently.


The long sword, which was as powerful as a rainbow, suddenly plunged into the ground.

Almost simultaneously.

A figure, as fast as lightning, came towards this side at great speed.

Old Mrs. Gu, who was overjoyed to be alive in death, looked up at the direction of the person who came, and then her eyes shone brightly.

“Cang Yue, save me!”

The ecstatic voice echoed through this side of the world.


However, Chen Dong’s robe shook as he violently raised his foot and kicked Old Madam Gu’s left foot with a thud.

With a loud bang, the sound of bones breaking was incomparably clear.

At the same time, Old Lady Gu’s face changed greatly, and once again let out a pig-like scream, and her person also stuck to the snow on the ground, sliding out more than ten meters away.

“All have to …… die!”

Chen Dong slowly raised his head, like a fierce god existing in the eternal past, facing directly at Gu Cang Yue who rushed over.

“Sinner, heavenly punishment has descended, if I delay you for a moment, the heavenly punishment will be enough to bring you to your doom!”

The essence in Gu Cang Yue’s eyes flashed, looking at Chen Dong with a flash of scorn.

He had no intention of fighting Chen Dong to the death!

Chen Dong’s state like this was too terrifying, and even he had scruples in his heart.

He had to save Old Madam Gu, and he had to retreat in one piece.

The only thing he could rely on was the vast Heavenly Punishment Thunder Cloud above his head.

“Mom, don’t worry, I have my own way to help you avoid the heavenly punishment thunder!”

Gu Cangyue turned back and said with a clear mind to Old Madam Gu who was hissing and screaming in the distance.

Chapter 1622

“Save me …… save me ……”

Old Mrs. Gu was lying on the snow, covered in blood, shivering, and her eyes were even more frightened to the extreme.

She didn’t know what exactly Gu Cang Yue had in store for her to avoid the Heavenly Punishment, and she didn’t care.

All she cared about was whether she could be saved!

Could she survive Chen Dong’s state of wild seed madness!

Rumble ……

In the sky, thunder and lightning roared, layers and layers of black clouds tumbled and raged, terrifyingly powerful, pressing across the heavens and the earth.

The sky and earth were white.

The ancient Cang Yue stood loftily between Chen Dong and Old Lady Gu, his cold, evil face outlined with a teasing smile.

“Wild seeds …… what is the difference between you and a beast now?”

He was clear about the Daoist demon and had also fought with the Daoist demon Chen Dong.

Once the demon has entered, the supreme being, the sole self without a king, is indeed terrifying.

Even he was extremely afraid of it.

But in the end, Daoist demon seeding is about stripping away everything in exchange for a crazy surge in combat power.

A fighting machine without sanity would indeed lose out in a hard fight.

Heavenly punishment was above and would come down with a bang at any moment.

Gu Cangyue thought to himself, with his strength trying to delay for a moment, waiting for the thunder of the Heavenly Punishment to descend, it was still enough!

“Roar ……”

Chen Dong’s Qi energy raged around his body, and as Gu Cang Yue’s teasing exit, he suddenly raised his head, the corner of one side of his mouth gently pulled up, and along with it, the veins of his face full of veins were also deformed together, while the blood colour in his eyes was big.


Gu Cangyue’s heart and soul shook, and his eyebrows tightened into a “Chuan” frown.

An inexplicable feeling of heart palpitations thumped out.


The next second.

An overwhelming sea of blood came crashing down towards Gu Cangyue.


Gu Cangyue’s face changed drastically, and he immediately summoned his qi, moving across and dodging like a frenzied thunder.


“Not good!”

Gu Cang Yue, who had just moved a few metres sideways, snapped awake.

The sinister, brutal aura did not move with him.

Instead, it …… poured towards the seriously injured Old Lady Gu in the distance!

“Cang Yue, save me!”

Old Lady Gu likewise sensed the terrifying qi pouring in and, using all her strength, hissed for help.

“This, this is simply impossible!”

Gu Cangyue’s face turned a little pale as he uttered in horror.

He was certain that it was impossible for Chen Dong’s sanity to exist after he had become a demon.

A senseless killing machine that would inflict boundless killing thoughts on him with the slightest provocation.

But now ……

The first thing that happened was that Chen Dong did not envelop him with killing thoughts, but still charged towards Old Lady Gu!

Shocked as he was, reason still made Gu Cang Yue, in an instant, stomp the ground with a booming foot and suddenly turn around, like a stray arrow, chasing after Chen Dong.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The fierce and domineering qi energy wreaked havoc in all directions, sending all the snow on the ground along the way flying out.

The scene was incomparably shocking.

In a flash of lightning.

The distance between Gu Cang Yue and Chen Dong closed quickly, but a trace of doubt surfaced in his cold, stern eyes.

A thought.

In the line of sight, that face, which was full of fierceness, was suddenly like a big thunderbolt that blasted at Gu Cangyue’s eyes.

“Pointing east and hitting west? He, he has sense!”


With a beast-like hiss from Chen Dong, his momentum of charging towards Old Madam Gu suddenly gave a lurch.

The splashing weather energy suddenly turned into rolling waves of frenzy, reversing direction with a bang and pouring all towards Gu Cangyue.

The distance between the two was rapidly closing because of Gu Cangyue’s pursuit.

At this moment, even Gu Cangyue had difficulty in reacting to Chen Dong’s sudden reversal of direction.

Seeing Chen Dong approaching like a ghost, Gu Cang Yue’s face was fierce as he let out a roar, and his left hand blasted out directly with a fist.

“Prime Cang Palm!”

As his left hand pushed out, his cold Qi energy suddenly condensed into a palm nearly one meter in size, like a great mountain moving across, and he blasted at Chen Dong.

“Hehe ……”

The teasing smile on the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth intensified.

Not dodging, not evading.

With his right hand, he clenched his fist and blasted out!

Simple and brutal, nothing fancy.

Rumble ……

The ground shook violently, cracking inch by inch.

The moment the fists and palms clashed, a circle of Qi waves visible to the naked eye raged out.

The giant palm that Gu Cang Yue’s left hand had condensed into, instantly seemed to collapse like a bubble.

The next second.

Chen Dong’s right fist struck the palm of Gu Cangyue’s left hand with a solid impact.



Gu Cangyue let out a miserable cry as a sharp pain that penetrated into his bones instantly swept down his arm, and the fierce and overbearing force instantly sent him flying.

Like a broken pocket, he flew a dozen meters in the air before landing heavily on the ground.

“I, my hand ……”

As soon as he landed on the ground, Gu Cang Yue violently struggled and tumbled, and at his left elbow, the white bone stained with blood pierced through the flesh and blood, exposing it to the air.

More than the pain, fear was like an invisible hand that quickly dragged him into the abyss of darkness and despair.

In the encounter just now, Chen Dong’s reaction had completely overturned his perception of the “Daoist Heart Planting Demon”.

The killing machine was terrifying!

A sensible killing machine was even more desperate!

The delay he had originally planned was now useless.

With the severely injured Old Lady Gu at his side, countless ways for Chen Dong to counteract him even came to his mind at this moment!

“Hehe ……”

Chen Dong looked at the distant Gu Cang Yue, the corners of his mouth once again gently pulled up, eerily seeping.

Under Gu Cang Yue’s terrified gaze.

Chen Dong slowly lifted his right hand, revealing his middle finger!

Teasing and ridiculing ……

In a flash, Gu Cang Yue’s body shook and a mouthful of fresh blood instantly surged up from his throat.

“No, it’s impossible, the heavenly dao is fifty, save forty nine, vanish one, you, you can’t possibly still have your senses after the dao heart demon seeding, no dao heart demon seeder in eternity would be in such a state as you!”

“Heaven is not fair, why, all the good things have been taken up by the Chen family, by you Chen Dong alone?”

“There is a way, there is a break, there must be a way to break it!”

Gu Cang Yue hissed like a madman, slowly rising up, ignoring his broken left hand, and making a smooth move with his right hand.

Qi energy swept through.


The long sword stuck in the ground not far away shot into the air and flew directly into his hand.

Subconsciously, he tilted his head to look at the terrifying black cloud above his head that was almost pressing down to the ground.

Time …… to delay a little longer!

Boom ka!

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck down from the majestic thundercloud that had been building up momentum for a long time.

Straight and straight!

As if a sharp sword hanging upside down from the sky, it instantly tore a terrifying and hideous opening in the canopy.

Bang Teen!

The heavenly lightning struck the ground and exploded at a distance of just five metres from Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s body trembled for a moment, and the blood-coloured Qi that raged all over his body could not help but tremble and fade for a few moments.

Looking at the spot where the lightning struck, Gu Cangyue’s eyes shone brightly, and he laughed uncontrollably.


As the laughter echoed, Gu Cangyue brazenly raised his sword and pointed it straight at Chen Dong.

“Hahahaha …… wild B*****d, the heavens also help me, the heavens will take you, let’s see how you can still survive?”

Rumble ……

As the first lightning struck down, countless lightning bolts seemed to boil in the thunder clouds that were accumulating and ravaging the long sky.

It was also at this moment.

An incomparably old voice suddenly came from afar, violently interrupting Gu Cang Yue’s laughter.

“Mr. Chen …… please strengthen my Thief Gate!”