Winner Takes All Chapter 1617-1618

Chapter 1617


A startled voice.

The old woman’s pupils tightened as she gazed at Chen Dong in horror.

At this moment, witnessing Chen Dong’s blood-stained eyes, a strong sense of fear exploded.

In the blink of an eye.

Chen Dong’s aura changed drastically, the original majestic and domineering aura suddenly became like a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood that rolled and poured out with his blood-stained eyes.

The insidious, brutal ……

The wind sound of qi energy rolling around and forming a gale was like the sound of white bones and evil spirits crying and whistling in a sea of blood.





The majestic and turbulent qi energy, at this moment, was like the water of a broken river, climbing higher and higher as it was released from Chen Dong’s body.

“Heaven has a way for you not to go, hell has no door for you to barge in!”

Chen Dong’s eyes were scarlet and his hostility was raging as he stared at Old Lady Gu, his lips and teeth were lightly opened and his voice sounded as if countless gravel was rubbing against his throat, eerily seeping.

“Not good!”

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Daogun’s face changed drastically, and he suddenly turned his head to look at Chen Dong in horror.

In his line of sight, Chen Dong was standing majestically in place, but above his head, there was a vast Qi energy, like a waterfall rolling backwards, and the colour was rendering into blood at a speed visible to the naked eye!

“This is ……”

The morning bell and the evening drum, at the same time, looked at Chen Dong in astonishment and doubt.

And the same action, and shock, fell on everyone within Zhenjiang City at the moment.

Huo Zhenxiao’s expression was gloomy, and his eyes revealed a hint of scorn when he looked at Chen Dong.

Further away, Jiang Liuxiang and the Tomb Guardian also stopped in place at the same time, looking terrified.

Compared to these experts, the reaction of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was even worse.

The raging sea of blood, mixed with the hostile and brutal aura within it, enveloped the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders like a nightmare, as if the sea of blood in their senses had shone into reality, and together with the evil spirits and dead bones in the sea of blood, they pressed down across the heads of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

Under the gaze of all the people, Chen Dong stood there, but it was as if he had a sea of blood on his head and was transformed into a Shura!

“This is …… that state!”

Bai Qi’s eyes were wide open and he murmured in horror, but his back was chilled and cold sweat seeped out.

In the silence of all voices.

Inside the practice room, Xu Qingfeng’s pale face suddenly emerged with a gloomy look.

The lowered eyebrows were now lightly raised.

“You guys are really in trouble this time!”

A very weak murmured voice, but it caused Zhao Feng Wolf’s body to tremble.

This was because Zhao Feng Wolf knew very well that chiseling the martial body to this extent, Xu Qingfeng should not have the physical strength to be able to open his mouth and make a sound even if he had the Lupin technique to weaken the power impact.

Yet, on the contrary, he opened his mouth!

How shocked did this have to be?

“Dong’er, put it down!”

Suddenly, an explosive roar rang out from heaven and earth.

Chen Daogun’s expression changed drastically, and at this moment, he actually directly ignored the clock-backer as his Qi wrapped around his body and rushed towards Chen Dong.

The clock-backer’s face changed greatly and he was about to stop him.

But Chen Daojun turned back suddenly, his eyes fierce, and angrily rebuked, “The devil is on earth, the heavenly punishment is coming, old immortal …… you to block the heavenly punishment?”

With a single word, the bell-backed man’s pupils tightened and his feet stepped to a halt.

After so long of stalemate killing, everyone maintained restraint, always confining their strength to the threshold threshold of the Heavenly Punishment descending, the purpose was to scare the Heavenly Punishment, fearing that the Heavenly Punishment would fall and they would not be able to resist to bear it.

But ……

The clock-backer could not help but look at Chen Dong in horror: “Pan Gu’s plan, has progressed to this extent, he …… can really invoke the heavenly punishment?”

However, this was only his doubts.

To Chen Daogun, no one knew better than him whether or not Chen Dong could invoke the Heavenly Punishment by entering the demon!

It was true that the Daoist Demon Seeding had exceeded Chen Daogun’s expectations, and Chen Dong’s Daoist Demon Seeding had indeed given Chen Dong the ability to far surpa*s that of any martial artist in history who had been seeded with a Daoist Demon.

But he was the driving force behind the Pan Gu Project. If Chen Dong had become a demon before, he would indeed not have been able to break through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment!

But since the injection of the “Life Code” had made up for the last bit of genetic modification, Chen Dong’s strength had been growing all the time.

And the injection of the “Life Code” is simply not a simple arithmetic problem 1+1=2. A complete genetic sequence that makes up for the last disadvantage is 1+1=no limit!

Now into the devil …… is enough for heavenly punishment to descend!

“Put it down, Dong’er, put it down!”

Chen Daojun felt the rapid and drastic change in Chen Dong’s aura and rushed towards Chen Dong while dense beads of sweat oozed and rustled down from his forehead.

“Put it down?”

Chen Dong’s eyes had become completely bloodshot, even losing focus, and the Qi around him was rendered scarlet and blinding.

He suddenly pulled up the corner of one side of his mouth and smiled bloodthirstily and sinisterly, “Great feud with my parents, blood feud with my wife and son, all kinds of evil, if I don’t let them let go, let me let go? My enemies are right in front of me, but I’m not moving forward, is this world so unfair?”

What was left of his sanity, at this moment, but Chen Dong recalled all the blood feuds he once had.

Gu Qingying and the child.

Father-in-law and mother-in-law ……

If it wasn’t for the Gu family, if it wasn’t for old Mrs. Gu, then he would be living now, a perfect day with a happy family!

In the end, the memory in his mind was fixed on the scene of his mother in law’s tragic death in the ancient castle!

Back then …… the castle was hell.

Now …… was hell!


Chen Dong fiercely opened his arms, holding the banner in his hands, and looked up to the sky.

A roar that seemed like an ancient, desolate roar boomed through the heavens and the earth.

Rumble ……

Almost simultaneously.

Above the night sky, rolling thunder resounded as if ten thousand horses were galloping.

A terrifying oppression, as vast as a prison, was birthed and descended from the sky.

“Above the Heavenly Punishment!”

The clock-backer was no longer half in doubt, his face suddenly pale.

“Above the Heavenly Punishment, the Heavenly Punishment descends!”

The drum bearer’s body trembled violently, his eyes filled with fear.

Even the Sixth Master Jiang and the Tombkeeper, feeling the vast pressure falling from the heavens, couldn’t help but look tight and tense.

“The Daoist Heart Planting Demon …… huh ……”

Old Lady Gu’s eyes narrowed into slits as she stared deadly at Chen Dong and laughed reluctantly, “Devil on earth, above the heavenly punishment, interesting, interesting, the old body won’t play with you anymore, not F**king with you!”

The words had not yet ended.

Old Lady Gu’s Qi swept upwards, and the ground beneath her feet was suddenly torn apart.

Faced with Chen Dong, who had directly broken through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment, the devil was on earth.

Sanity made her give up all thoughts of resisting or fighting at this moment!


Escape from Zhenjiang City!

Boom Ka!

A bolt of lightning stirred the long night sky, illuminating heaven and earth as bright as day.

Chen Dong, who was already standing in place, with his Qi energy surging and a sea of blood above his head, was even more shocking under this lightning.

It was as if he was standing there.

Heaven and earth were …… his alone!


A hoarse voice issued from Chen Dong’s mouth and nose.

Under the electric light envelope, the blood-coloured Qi around Chen Dong surged violently, his body shifted and suddenly disappeared.

Old Madam Gu, who was about to flee, suddenly felt a boundless and overbearing yin and hostile pressure, like a titanic mountain pressing down on her, suddenly pressing down on her body.

There was a bang!

Old Lady Gu’s frail body trembled and her right foot hit the ground heavily, making a crater.

Her pupils dilated extremely quickly, and in her sight, a pair of bloodshot eyes, close at hand ……

Chapter 1618


In a flash of lightning, Old Lady Gu declared her Qi energy almost instinctively, forming a barrier and trying to resist.

The Qi barrier instantly caused the ground to sink a notch, plowing the court and pushing out horizontally.

Chen Dong’s face was covered in a grimace, twisted with veins and veins, which became more and more hideous as he laughed softly.

Faced with the vast horizontal thrust of qi.

He did not dodge in the slightest.

He clenched his fist.

Blast out.

Simple and brutal, nothing fancy.


It was like a loud thunder drum, a sound that shook the eardrums.

The old lady was wrapped in Qi energy and was instantly blown backwards by a punch that sent her flying more than ten metres away.

After falling to the ground, she even tumbled a few times.


As soon as she stabilised herself, Old Madam Gu turned white and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Her aura, moreover, suddenly exploded and dropped by a large margin!

“Impossible, why is this happening? It’s too strong!”

Old Madam Gu’s eyes opened roundly, staring at Chen Dong across the room in fear and uncertainty, at this moment, even she was terrified.

Facing Chen Dong gave her a great fear of facing death.

She had thought that she could block that blow with some certainty, but she had never imagined that it would turn out to be so crisp!

Even now, sitting paralyzed on the ground, the qi around her body was even violently twisting and trembling!

Rumble ……

The sky above.

The sound of rolling thunder grew louder and louder.

Even though the darkness hid it, one could catch it with the naked eye as layers and layers of black clouds coalesced and slowly pressed down towards Zhenjiang City in a supreme gesture.

Electricity streaked and stirred among them, and the lightning even illuminated the sky and earth in a bright and dark manner.

That great oppression, like a mountain and a prison, pressed down over the entire Zhenjiang City, and it continued to rise!

Even the Sixth Master Jiang, the Morning Bell and the Evening Drum were all terrified and unsettled at this moment.

“Dong’er, stop, stop now!”

Chen Daogun was as fast as lightning, rushing towards Chen Dong, his mouth hissing incessantly.


Awaken Chen Dong!

The demonized Chen Dong had already invited the thunder of heavenly punishment, and if it did descend, the consequences would be unthinkable!

When he had exterminated the Iga Ryu, he, Chen Daogun, had been able to easily avoid the heavenly punishment, but now, with a demonised Chen Dong, Chen Daogun did not dare to hope!

A killing machine with no sanity to speak of.

A killing machine with no sense at all.

When the Heavenly Punishment came, Chen Dong would never think about how to dodge it, his killing instinct would only drive him to shake the heavens head on!

Even Chen Daojun had only shaken the Heavenly Punishment a few times in his thousand years of life, and it was because he had done so that he knew the horrific cost of shaking the Heavenly Punishment!


Chen Dong hissed up at the sky, and the blood-coloured Qi that splashed the sky now seemed to be churning violently like a sea of blood.

The insidious, brutal and terrifying aura invisibly swept across this side of heaven and earth.

The 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders were enveloped by this aura, all of them were silent and shivering.

The next second.

Chen Dong’s Qi burst out, and two beams of blood-like auras burst out from his eyes.

With a shake of his body, he directly disappeared in place!

“Come on!”

Old Madam Gu’s expression changed greatly, and with a hiss, her Qi suddenly stirred the air.

With a bang, she slapped her palm on the ground and instantly bounced up with her strength.

Instead of looking for Chen Dong, she instantly pushed up her Qi and rushed towards the outside of Zhenjiang City.

A single blow was enough for a master fighter!

The move just now had made her clear about the strength of the demon-involved Chen Dong at this moment.

She could not fight!

She had to escape!

However, as soon as she moved her body, an overwhelming blood colour suddenly appeared, like a great mountain pressing down across the sky, pouring down from the heavens, directly engulfing her body.


Old Mrs. Gu gave a hideous hiss, her Qi energy tumbling as she waved her hands and directly shook out hard.

The next second.

Chen Dong’s figure manifested, and without dodging or retreating, his fist shook hard directly at Old Madam Gu’s hands.

Bang Teen!

The sound was deafening.

Old Madam Gu let out a miserable cry, but her left hand took on a strange curved arc the moment it collided with Chen Dong’s fist blade.

The white scraps of bone pierced through the flesh, bringing up a cluster of blood that flew into the air and exposed to the air.

As for Chen Dong, after the punch, he did not retreat half a step, his left hand was wrapped in qi energy and grabbed brazenly towards Old Madam Gu.

In a flash.

Each time they collided, it was like a bomb explosion.

The Qi energy that escaped was even more ferocious, sweeping the ground in its path.

The ground was shattered to pieces in a way that was visible to the naked eye!

The 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders were completely dumbfounded.

Even Bai Qi and the Nine Golden Guards were all dumbfounded.

Such a battle could really happen to a living person?

Could a human …… really possess this god-like strength?

In the chaos of the fight.

Suddenly, the hissing voice of the ancient old lady echoed through the heavens.

“Above the Heavenly Punishment, then above the Heavenly Punishment!”


Almost simultaneously, a terrifying aura boomed out from the battle tussle that was fast becoming a stigma.

And above the pale night.

Boom click!

Thunder and lightning, in response, exploded.

The piercing lightning instantly illuminated the heavens and the earth in a blanket of white.

It seemed to be in response to Old Madam Gu breaking through the threshold of heavenly punishment!

“Has Old Madam Gu gone mad too?”

The clock-backer looked at the place where the qi was stirring, with his strength, he could still catch the trajectory of Chen Dong and Old Madam Gu’s battle.

However, Old Madam Gu’s brazen breach of the Heavenly Punishment Threshold had shocked him.





A roaring explosion resounded through the heavens and the earth.

At the same time there was the roar of Chen Dong that resembled the roar of a beast.

Although the two were killing each other, Old Lady Gu had also broken through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment.

But anyone could see that the path in which the two were killing each other was heading rapidly towards the outskirts of the city.

Clearly, Old Lady Gu had broken through the Heavenly Punishment Threshold and did not want to fight Chen Dong to the death, but wanted to flee with all her might!

“Dong’er, stop now!”

Chen Daogun saw Chen Dong and Old Lady Gu heading towards the outskirts of the city to kill each other.

He could even feel that the huge black clouds and thunder and lightning overhead were also moving in tandem with the two of them killing each other.

The real Heavenly Punishment had descended, and it was all over!

His thousand-year calculations would be in vain even if his basket was empty!


Chen Daogun’s eyes flashed.

In his vision, a small, frail figure was now running from afar.

It was none other than Ah Man!

Originally, Ah Man had been arranged by Huo Zhenxiao to stay in the barracks, so what had happened before had not affected her.

Upon seeing Ah Barbara, Chen Daojun’s heart instantly twitched.

“Perhaps …… still has a chance!”

Chen Daojun murmured, he was clear that Chen Dong and Barbara had a very shallow relationship, and little Barbara was just like a scale of adversity for Chen Dong.

Looking at Barbara who was running, Chen Daogun hurriedly shouted.

“Barbara, call out to Uncle Chen Dong!”

Under the wind and snow.

Little Barbara, wrapped in a thick robe, heard Chen Daogun’s roar and was immediately scared to the point where her pretty face turned pale and her eyes were on the verge of tears.

Uncle …… where was he?

Young as she was, she did not witness what had just happened and did not know what had happened.

It was only in the barracks that she heard the earth-shattering roar outside that scared her, so she wanted to come out to find Chen Dong.

In panic.

Barbara sat down on the ground with a poof of fear, crying and hissing, “Uncle …… Barbara is scared!”