Winner Takes All Chapter 1615-1616

Chapter 1615

The bells and drums sound in unison.

The sound was so powerful that it resounded through heaven and earth.

“Not good!”

Chen Dong’s expression changed drastically, the practice room was the most crucial place.

The appearance of this group of extra-terrestrials was precisely to stop the casting of the Martial Dao Body!

Once it was blocked, then in the future, once the extra-terrestrials went south, then the life of the domain would be cut off!

Zhao Feng Wolf had used the Lupin Technique to transfer the backlash power, to Xu Qingfeng’s body. Chen Dong was not sure how much power shock Xu Qingfeng had endured at all times, but he was clear that once it was terminated, the time it would take for Xu Qingfeng to recover and join forces with Zhao Feng Wolf and Zhang Wu Dao to cast the Martial Dao Body once again, must not be short!

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong stamped his feet on the ground with a boom, and the qi surrounding his body even deflected in the air, about to rush towards the training room.

But before he could move, a pair of bloodshot, fierce eyes were already close at hand.

“I’m here, don’t even think about it!”

Buzz, buzz!

Two ear-piercing wind-breaking sounds.

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically as a strong sense of crisis exploded.

Almost instinctively, he abruptly stopped his stance and his waist and abdomen contracted directly backwards.

Two streams of biting qi instantly slashed past the front of his waist and abdomen, the harsh, knife-like qi instantly cutting through the clothes on his abdomen and cutting through his skin.

“Get lost!”

Chen Dong ate the pain and fiercely waved out the token flag in his hand, the majestic Qi energy, instantly like a great wave, directly forced the old woman back.

But Chen Dong, who had stabilised himself, had no time to care about his abdominal wound, but looked desperately at the bronze bell and the giant drum that had arrived right above the practice room.

It was too late ……

The terrifying bronze bell and the heavy drum were now like two great mountains, wrapped in qi energy, and crushing down on the training room.

Not to mention the might of the qi energy, the terrifying weight of the bronze bell and the huge drum alone was enough to collapse the practice room and block the casting of the martial body!


Bang Teen!

There was a shockingly loud bang.

A dazzling golden light suddenly shot up into the sky, illuminating this side of Zhenjiang City as brightly as daylight with a brilliant golden glow.

In response to the sound, a vast and mysterious Taiji Eight Trigrams diagram rose up from the practice room, stopping the bronze bell and the giant drum in mid-air and preventing them from advancing an inch!

The golden light was as dazzling as a god.

The Taiji Eight Trigrams diagram was at the centre of the golden light, slowly rotating and pulling up countless dense golden veins in all directions.

“This …… is ……”

Chen Dong stared dumbfounded at the divine difference in front of him and exclaimed offhandedly, “Is it the divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram that Elder Xu just laid out? It’s actually blocked!”

“D*mn it!”

The old crone turned back to look openly at everything on the practice room and roared in anger.

And further away.

Bai Qi and the Nine Golden Guards and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders were all staring dumbfounded at everything in the air.

Was this …… really not an illusion?

The golden light surged and the Taiji Eight Trigrams were a hundred meters in size, stopping the bronze bell and the giant drum in mid-air in an unbeatable manner.

The oppressive feeling of fear that the bronze bell and the drum had just fallen into, disappeared into thin air!

Terrifying, mysterious and bizarre ……

Heaven and earth were silenced.

Even Chen Daojun, Huo Zhenxiao and the morning bell and evening drum, who were killing each other, stopped killing each other abruptly and all looked towards the practice room.

“Waving your hand to form a formation?”

The bell-backer let out a hoarse, startled cry, “Xu Qingfeng …… how on earth did you match Mr. Kong Ming?”

“Hiss …… this kid, he deserves to be the number one of the human race!”

Rao Chen Daojun, at this moment, also looked moved and murmured in an undisguised manner.

Further away on the city walls.

Master Jiang Liu and the Gravekeeper also stopped.

The two looked in horror at the blinding golden light in the sky and earth, letting the golden light pierce their eyes, and stared straight at the terrifying scene on the practice room.

“Mr. Kong Ming’s thousand-year-old legacy, each and every one of the Zhuge family is incompetent, to be learned by Xu Qingfeng in such a thorough manner, ridiculous, ridiculous to the extreme!”

The tomb guardian’s decrepit and old face was now trembling with flesh and skin, gnashing his teeth and gazing with resentment.

While Master Jiang Liu, looking at the golden light of the Taiji Eight Trigrams, his eyes were filled with a hint of excitement, and the corners of his mouth were even filled with a smile, and he could not help but feel emotion in his heart.

“The Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram has allowed you to master it to such an extent, worthy of the Thieving Sect Thieving Saint, and worthy of being number one in the world, this time the great momentum has indeed been achieved!”


There was a brief silence.

The old woman was the first to react, and suddenly her tongue burst into thunder: “Morning bell and evening drum, still dazed?”

A single word was spoken.

The shocked Morning Bell and Twilight Drum were instantly jaw-dropped.



Two tornadoes of Qi, visible to the naked eye, rushed backwards into the sky, winding in an arc in the air, like a dragon, and were poured directly into the bronze bell and the huge drum.

Clang ……

Dang ……

The bell sounded loudly and the drum sounded thickly.

At this moment, it once again shook heaven and earth.

Ripples visible to the naked eye surged out in layers, striking against the Taiji Eight Trigrams Diagram, while the golden light emanating from the Taiji Eight Trigrams Diagram also flashed brightly and dimly, rippling in circles.


A miserable cry suddenly emanated from the soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Chen Dong was shocked and turned his head to catch the person screaming in an instant. While the soldier was screaming, he was covering his ears with his hands in pain and tilted his head back to spurt out a mouthful of blood in the air.

This scene made Chen Dong’s pupils suddenly tighten.

An extremely terrifying thought thumped out.

This was the battle between the Heavenly Punishment after restraining strength!

Whether it was Morning Bell and Evening Drum or Xu Qingfeng, Chen Dong was certain that both sides were sufficient to trigger the descent of the Heavenly Punishment, but everyone was exercising restraint!

Such restraint, however, was kept at the threshold threshold under the Heavenly Punishment!

With such power, he could block it, and so could Bai Qi and the Nine Great Golden Guards.

But how could the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders …… block it?

The two sides resisted a deadly fight, and the power at the top of the threshold of heavenly punishment collided.

Even the remnants of power that escaped would be a life-killing risk to the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders!

As the first man screamed, in the blink of an eye, the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders were wailing and wretched.

The screams were like being in purgatory.

Blood spurted out from the soldiers as they screamed in agony.

There were even those who were unable to resist and fell to the ground.

It was as if the autumn wind was sweeping away the wheat saplings, and the visual and auditory impact was like a heavy hammer hitting every nerve.

“Dragon Head Chen, what should we do?”

Bai Qi’s face was pale and he sat down on the ground in a dishevelled panic, but his gaze looked towards Chen Dong.

The nine Golden Guards, too, looked towards Chen Dong in unison.

Huo Zhenxiao was further away, and at this moment all ten of them had placed their hopes on Chen Dong’s body.

But ……

Chen Dong was clenching his teeth, and the fierce aura in his eyes seemed to turn into substance and gush out.

What to do?

I don’t F**king know what to do?


Just when Chen Dong was anxious and restless, a very faint sound suddenly resounded in the heaven and earth.

It was like the sound of …… cloth rolling or a book turning pages.

Is it Taiji Bagua?

Chen Dong reacted violently and raised his eyes to see that the Taiji Bagua, which was originally spread out in the sky, was now wrapped in golden light, curling in the air and presenting a closing momentum towards the bronze bell and the giant drum.

As the siege progressed, the terrifying sound waves were blocked by the golden light at a speed visible to the naked eye.

We are saved!

Chen Dong’s heart and soul were lifted.

As soon as the thought started, the old woman on the opposite side laughed strangely.

“Xu Qingfeng, Xu Qingfeng, there is no way to have two ways in this world, you have sheltered 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, then it is destined that this Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram of yours will not last long!”

Chapter 1616

A strange, brutal laugh.

It was rampant and wild.

The sky and the earth shone brightly with golden light as the Taiji Eight Trigrams wrapped in a vast golden light and rolled backwards to surround the bronze bell and the giant drum.


Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, and hostility surged in his eyes.

Without the slightest hesitation, he directly tossed his majestic qi and charged at the old woman again with the banner in his hand.

“That’s clever!”

The old woman snickered, not dodging, directly facing Chen Dong.

The moment the two Qi forces collided, there was a loud sound like a bomb explosion.

In an instant.

The qi collided with each other and invaded.

The terrifying wave of Qi was like a tsunami wave that lifted the ground around them, and the sound was terrifying.

Chen Dong and the old woman even moved at high speed, striking out quickly.

Every time they clashed, there was a deafening sound.

Xu Qingfeng’s strikes eased the pressure in the practice room.

But Chen Dong knew clearly that this was just a reprieve!

Not to mention whether the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagram could completely stop the bronze bell and the giant drum.

It was enough to achieve this “balance” for a period of time to chisel Zhang Wu Dao’s martial body.

But the key is.

When the two forces are at a standstill, once an external force intervenes, it is very likely that the “balance” will be broken instantly.

The nearest old woman is the most likely external force to intervene!

The reason why Chen Dong had struck when all was silent in heaven and earth was to hold the old woman back, so that she would not have time to distract herself and attack the training room!


What Zhenjiang City needed most now was time!

Bang, bang, bang ……

The fierce killing became the only sound in this side of the world.

Even the sound of bells and drums was completely cut off as the golden light Taiji Eight Trigrams rolled backwards.

Countless gazes were focused on the battle circle where Chen Dong and the old woman were.

“Daogun, I had heard of this son before I entered the world, and it is worthy of being forged from your and Daoling’s blood.”

The man with the bell back was currently witnessing the fight between Chen Dong and the old crone, nodding his head in praise.

With his strength, Chen Dong and the old woman were as fast as lightning, but he was able to see them easily.

Above the qi energy, however, they were able to maintain a stalemate for a period of time, forming a stalemate with under the Heavenly Punishment and attacking each other, which was already a testament to their strong strength.

What’s more, the man behind the bell clearly felt that the old woman’s qi had weakened a bit, as if she was injured!

“None of your business!”

Chen Daojun’s expression was cold and his words were shocking.

The bell-bearer’s expression sank and he suddenly laughed: “This son is gifted, he knew that the old crone might strike and deliberately launched a brazen attack to forcefully hold back, but he missed a move, he only counted on the close destruction, but he did not think that I, the Morning Bell, was not the only one whose qi had transformed into sound.”

With a single word, Chen Daojun’s face changed violently.

He hurriedly exerted all his Qi energy and his tongue burst into thunder, “Old Six, do it!”

The sound of his voice rolled out and echoed.

On the city wall.

Sixth Master Jiang woke up with a jolt, his Qi energy surging as he shook his hand to attack.

Bang Teen!

Suddenly, the rammed wall beneath the Gravekeeper’s feet exploded into a crater, sending debris flying.

The Gravekeeper leapt up in the air with the force of the impact, and jumped down towards the wall.

“D*mn it!”

Master Jiang Liu was instantly furious.

In the line of sight, the Gravekeeper, who was wrapped in Qi energy and falling fast, but a fierce smile surfaced on his old face, and the jade xiao in his hand slowly approached his mouth.

The next second.

The gentle sound of the xiao resounded through heaven and earth.

Layers and layers of sound waves, through the addition of qi energy, formed impact ripples visible to the naked eye, actually stacking up in a circle, all rushing towards the distant practice room.

Even the Sixth Master Jiang was too late to stop it!

At such a stalemate stage, breaking the stalemate did not require much external force.

It was as if the last straw was all that was needed to crush the camel!

The sound of Xiao echoed.

In full view of the crowd.

The waves of Xiao sound cascaded down into the golden light octagrams.

Thumping Teeny ……

It was like an ancient war drum being beaten with a hammer.

The golden light octagrams, which were a hundred meters in size, suddenly trembled as a golden ripple spread out.

The static bronze bell and the huge drum, which were originally nearly imprisoned by the Taiji Bagua, also seemed to be awakened at this moment, trembling together with the golden light bagua.

“Not good!”

In a flash of lightning, Chen Daojun and Huo Zhenxiao simultaneously let out a cry of alarm.

The two were just about to move, but they were directly blocked by the morning bell and evening drum.

“Daojun, you and Master Huo to the rescue, but you might as well have the luxury of hoping that Master Jiang Liu on the city wall will rescue Xu Qingfeng!”

The bell-backer laughed wantonly and fiercely, his voice piercing.

The truth was.

The moment Master Jiang Liu witnessed the Gravekeeper blowing his C*ck, he had already leapt off the city wall, ignoring the Gravekeeper, and rolled his vast Qi energy, rushing towards the practice room.

It was just that …… was too far away!

It was too late to stop it!


Accompanied by a loud bang.

A dazzling golden light, like a tsunami, blasted brightly, rendering all of heaven and earth in gold.

In the midst of all the people’s attention, the golden light splashed across the merging Taiji Bagua, as if it had been pulled by invisible hands at both ends, breaking apart the merging momentum completely and returning to its previous state of flatness in a slow but irresistible gesture.

Clang ……

Dang ……

The terrifying sound of bells and drums once again resounded through heaven and earth.

The vast Zhenjiang City also trembled violently at this moment.

Everything was as if gods and goddesses had descended, and as if a world-destroying calamity!

“If you don’t want to play, then don’t even F**king play!”

In the nick of time, Xu Qingfeng’s stern rebuke suddenly came out from within the training room.

The words had not yet fallen.

The Taiji Bagua, which was about to be laid out flat, shook with a loud bang, and the dense golden light ripples stirred the air with reckless abandon at this moment.

The entire Taiji Bagua slammed upwards and crashed into the bronze bell and the giant drum.

With the sound of the bell and drum, the bronze bell and the drum were both knocked into the air and sent flying, smashing heavily into the ground.

The waves of Xiao sound that swept and poured over them also collapsed instantly.

Also disintegrating were the golden light and the Taiji Eight Trigrams that filled heaven and earth!

The three sides fought to the death!

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong, who was battling the old woman, had his Qi surging and roared with one hand.

“Dragon Trapping Hand!”

Qi raged, instantly rushing away from the Qi surrounding the old woman’s hands, and with the strength of his left arm, he instantly wrapped around the old woman’s right arm.

“Spread your hands!”

The old woman’s pupils tightened and she was about to shake her qi to break free.

But there was a buzzing sound in front of her and a flash of cold light.

Chen Dong already looked cold and indifferent, as if he was a god of death reaping, holding the banner in his hand, directly in front of her face.

The danger of life and death.

The old woman let out a fierce roar, and while her right arm was shaken with qi, her frail body leaned back and kicked Chen Dong in the abdomen.


The sound was ear-splitting, and the Qi energy raged in all directions.

Chen Dong let out a muffled grunt of pain, and a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.

Although the old woman broke away from Chen Dong and pulled away, as she retreated, she was also directly torn away from her mask by Chen Dong’s waving banner.

The moment the old woman landed on the ground.

Chen Dong also got a good look at the crone’s appearance.

“It’s you!”

In a flash, Chen Dong’s body shook, and his eyes, which were already flickering with coldness and fierceness, were suddenly bloodstained at this moment ……