Winner Takes All Chapter 1611-1612

Chapter 1611


In the darkness, Wusong laughed softly.

Immediately, he returned to silence.

Lin Shichong did not urge him on, but stood still and waited.

He was injured and needed time to catch his breath.

There was silence for a full minute.


Then there was a clap!

Wusong suddenly took out his lighter and lit it, a tiny flame wavering.

Unhurriedly, he took out a cigarette stick from his waist, rolled up the brownish-yellow tobacco and stuffed it into the pot, before slowly lighting it.

He takes a puff.

The strong, choking smoke lingers in his mouth.

While exhaling the smoke, Wusong said, “The glory of the Thief Sect that you and I value is not that important in the Thief Saint’s mind, otherwise the Thief Saint would not have left without saying goodbye and gone into hiding, leaving the Thief Sect in decay.”

“Yes, after all, the Thief Saint is much younger than us seven generals, and has a long and broader road ahead.”

Lin Shichong nodded in agreement, his expression complicated and his gaze profound.

“Hahahaha …… we are old after all, born as a Thief Gate man, die as a Thief Gate ghost, Zhang Wuji and the old carpenter, in fact, have already made a good choice for us.”

Wusong twirled his cigarette stick and smiled ruefully, “Old age has to be worthy of old age, and the Thieves’ Gate deserves its ultimate home, which is perhaps the true purpose of the Thieves’ Saint’s return ……”

“Can you still lift the sword?”

Lin Shichong shook the pig-killing knife in his hand, and gently patted his left hand twice on his big belly: “Anyway, my body and bones, can still withstand tossing and turning, even if I have to die, I’m afraid your body and bones will die before mine.”

A teasing laugh and a frank tone of voice.

At this moment, both of them had already made their choice, and all that remained was to deal with it calmly.

The tobacco stuffed in the pot was scarlet and blinding, burning halfway quickly, and the smoke was thick and curling up.

A peculiar pungent smell was instantly emitted from the smoke pot.

“This is ……”

Lin Shichong’s nose shrugged twice, and his face instantly changed greatly.

“Smell it? Do you think the old man can lift his sword?”

Wusong gave a strange laugh, raised his hand to extinguish the tobacco in the pot and re-pinned the stick behind his waist before stepping forward.


Qi emanated from Wusong’s body, blowing his robes to a rustle.

A hoarse voice echoed in the darkness of the snow and wind.

“Dusty things are like tides and people are like water, only sighing at how many people have returned to the jianghu.”

Lin Shichong looked at Wu Song’s back and suddenly laughed.

The eight generals of the Thief Sect, each with their own duties, General Woo being the head of the seven generals second only to the Thief Saint, Woo being the art …… and also the medicine!

That pot of smoke is enough to revive the witch general!

“A laugh from the sea!”

Lin Shichong looked up to the sky with a loud laugh and raised his sword to follow Wusong.


Inside Zhenjiang City.

“The twenty-third seat now!”

Chen Dong’s face could not hide the look of elation.

Seeing Zhang Wu Dao walking with full concentration to the twenty-fourth stone statue, his expression suddenly gripped.

Turning around, he looked at Xu Qingfeng with apprehension and worry.

The power backlash …… is going to skyrocket again!

Knowing the terror of the power of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, even if the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng resisted hard, Chen Dong did not dare to be sure of anything.

Noticing Chen Dong’s gaze, Xu Qingfeng raised his eyes and smiled, “Worried that I can’t carry it?”


Chen Dong nodded his head, unapologetic.

At the sound of his words.

Zhang Wu Dao also turned his head towards Chen Dong and Xu Qingfeng, and the burin and hammer that he had raised slowly dropped down.

The image of his father dying when the power backfired on him was still vivid in his mind.

“If you can’t even carry this, what am I, Xu Qingfeng, mixing?”

Xu Qingfeng smiled untamedly, and between his eyebrows, he looked askance.


Zhao Feng Wolf, who was sitting on a wheelchair, spoke in a deep voice.

Zhang Wu Dao did not act immediately, but looked towards Chen Dong, and only after receiving Chen Dong’s nod of confirmation, did he raise the burin and hammer.

He held his breath and concentrated his full attention.

All of a sudden, even the sounds of fighting outside the practice room seemed to have suddenly disappeared.


A hammer fell and sparks erupted.

The crisp, loud chiselling sound seemed to have landed on Chen Dong’s heart, causing his heart to twitch viciously.

In the first instance, he did not bother to focus on Zhang Wu Dao, but instead his pupils tightened and stared intently towards Xu Qingfeng.

Sure enough.

As the hammer fell, Xu Qingfeng’s seemingly lazy and casual movements visibly stiffened for a moment, and his expression suddenly became serious.

Clang, clang, clang ……

Accompanied by the sound of Zhang Wu Dao’s rapid chiselling.

Xu Qingfeng’s brow gradually wrinkled up, revealing a painful look.

The cigarette that was always in his mouth was also directly bitten off in the process.

Only from beginning to end, Xu Qingfeng clenched his teeth, forcing himself not to make a single sound.

“Seniors ……”

Chen Dong was in a trance, the palms of his hands clenched into fists were already full of sweat stains.

On the one hand, he was worried about Xu Qingfeng, and on the other hand, he was shocked by the backlash power of the Heavenly Dao Martial Dao body.

What kind of existence was that power ……?

When the Martial Dao Body was first cast, it was based on the image of Huo Zhenxiao, and in the end, it could not even carry the strength of Huo Zhenxiao, and had to rely on the power of faith to choose the twelve zodiac signs before it could be carried.

Even so, at the cost of Elder Zhang’s life, the merit was ultimately only stopped at eleven and a half seats.

Now, with the support of the “Lu Ban Technique” and a terrifying being like Xu Qingfeng to bear the backlash, it is still shaky.

The unknown is a great terror.

But the moment one explores the unknown, that terror is also rapidly magnified.

“Young Lord Chen, there is no need to worry, twenty-four seats, that should be enough, the Lupin technique is still able to abate most of the backlash power.”

Zhao Feng Wolf guessed Chen Dong’s worry and calmly enlightened.

“Hmm, good ……”

Chen Dong pretended to be calm, but in his heart, he sucked in a cold breath.

This was already the power that had been reduced by the “Lupin Technique”, so if it hadn’t been reduced, how terrifying would it have been?

The thought had just started.

Suddenly, Chen Dong’s pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

In his vision, Xu Qingfeng, whose face was becoming more and more painful, had strangely rendered strands of white hair at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Just as the first strand of white hair was rendered, Xu Qingfeng’s lips curled up.

Xu Qingfeng’s lips made two noises, and a smear of crimson flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

“Senior Zhao, is this really alright?”

Chen Dong turned back in panic and scolded Zhao Feng Wolf, “Elder Xu’s hair has turned white and he has started to bleed.”

“No harm done!”

Zhao Feng Wolf said dryly and decisively.

Chen Dong’s face was stony and gloomy as he looked at the change in Xu Qingfeng’s physical state and his mind became even more flustered and uncertain.


The house was leaking.

Xu Qingfeng, who was forcing himself to endure the impact, was the one who suddenly opened his mouth, revealing his blood-stained teeth, and squeezed out a sentence from his throat.

“Chen Dong …… is here again!”


The sound was like a thunderclap, deafening.

Almost simultaneously.

Xu Qingfeng’s feet violently rolled up a wave of qi, as if he was plowing through the court, and the ground instantly cracked with cracks, spreading out in all directions like a spider web.


A cluster of golden light, as Xu Qingfeng’s hands changed, suddenly blossomed from his palms like golden lotuses.

“The Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram can help you counteract it for a moment, but if the other side breaks through strongly, we …… all rely on you!”

Under the golden light, the golden light from Xu Qingfeng’s palms flew out from his hands and landed on the walls of the practice room, as if countless tiny worms, quickly climbing and spreading to the entire practice room, even the ground, was also covered with dots of golden light.

Even the ground was covered with dots of golden light, converging and interweaving, outlining countless intricate patterns.

On the roof, the four walls and the floor of the training room, a Taiji Bagua emerged directly, as if a cage had directly imprisoned the whole room.

At the same time.

On the city wall.

Jiang Liuji and the tomb guardian, who were facing each other without moving, both had their hearts and minds shaken at the same time.

Both of them looked in one direction, and vaguely, a small, frail figure was slowly walking towards this direction.

The small and frail figure, as it slowly took its steps, burst out with a trepidation like a prison, like a huge oppressive feeling like a tarzan pressing down on top of a mountain.

The aura was even stronger than that of the Sixth Master Jiang and the Gravekeeper!

Almost simultaneously.

A shrill voice echoed in the ears of the Sixth Master Jiang and the Gravekeeper.

“Old man Gravekeeper, are you that good at fooling? Do you really think that all six dragons of the Jiang Family will arrive at Zhenjiang City? The Jiang family’s ancestral teachings do not allow them to do so!”

Chapter 1612

The voice was shrill and unmistakably harsh.

Beneath the lamplight.

The small, frail figure is finally revealed in the lamplight.

But it was dressed in night clothes, with a mask covering its face, revealing only a pair of gleaming eyes and dishevelled hair that danced in the wind.

A strong wind surrounded the figure, actually blocking out all the snow and wind around it.

“Sneaky, hiding her hands and tail, even her voice is deliberately changed, she is a dead old woman who cannot be seen.”

Sixth Master Jiang looked at the figure, narrowed his eyes and smiled disdainfully.

“Greetings to the Sixth Master.”

The old crone flexed slightly and smiled noncommittally, “I’m afraid the Sixth Master can’t stop me and the old man guarding the tomb.”

As she said that, she looked at the old man of the grave guard again.

Eyes met.

The Tomb Guardian Old Man laughed, “How many people have come from your Jiang family, Sixth Master Jiang ……?”

The words were teasing and filled with ridicule.

The appearance of the old crone, however, swept away the scorn that the Tomb Guardian Old Man had for the Jiang Family.

That’s right!

The Jiang Family’s ancestral motto was there, the six dragons of the Jiang Family, how could all of them leave the Jiang Family?

Still, before, the Tomb Guardian Old Man didn’t dare to gamble on this slim chance.

But now that the old crone was here, if there were still people in the Jiang family secretly watching, they would jump out all together when the old crone showed up.

If there was only one person from the Jiang family, it would not be enough to fear!

“Don’t you dare to pull off your mask? Show your true face?”

The Sixth Master Jiang did not pay any attention to the old man who was guarding the tomb, but looked playfully at the masked crone, his eyes narrowed into slits as if he had seen through everything.

“Naturally, I still have to take into account the sentiment.”

The old crone said calmly, in a shrill voice that made every word seem like a pinprick on one’s eardrums.

The next second.

“Old Gravekeeper, stall him!”


A strong wind sprang up.

The strong wind that surrounded the old woman’s body instantly surged, forming a barrier of Qi visible to the naked eye that pushed across in all directions.


The old woman instantly rose into the air like a cannonball, like a hawk, and swooped down directly towards the city.

“Don’t go!”

The Sixth Master Jiang was covered in robes that suddenly bulged.

A majestic and vast Qi energy was instantly released like a tsunami.

But before he could launch his body, the Tomb Guardian Old Man directly met him, his emerald green jade xiao surrounded by qi energy, hissing and whistling as it attacked directly towards him!

“D*mn it!”

Sixth Master Jiang cursed angrily, his hands curved into claws, instantly tumbling with Qi energy as he grabbed directly towards the jade xiao brazenly.

There was a humming and whistling sound.

Faintly, it was like a dragon’s roar that came out from between his hands.


Master Jiang Liu grabbed the jade xiao with both hands, fiercely let out an explosive cry, and instantly twisted his hands.

“Spread your hands!”

In a flash of lightning, the Tomb Guardian Old Man looked hostile as he violently shook his body.

Bang Teen!

Two rigid and domineering qi forces clashed together.

Both Master Jiang and the Tomb Guardian staggered backwards at the same time.

After standing still, the old man swept a glance at the jade xiao, and his pupils tightened for a moment, as the originally polished jade xiao had been cracked by the grip of the Jiang Sixth Master.

“What a good move, the Jiang Family’s Dragon Shaking Hands!”

The Tomb Guardian Old Man laughed fiercely, narrowing his eyes at Master Jiang Liu.

The original aura of the old and the old and the late changed dramatically at this moment, violent and fierce ……

Like a flooded beast, it locked onto Master Jiang Liu to death!


With a cold and stern expression, Jiang Sixth Master’s tongue burst into thunder as he instantly wrapped up his monstrous Qi and poured it directly towards the Tomb Guardian Old Man.

He had no intention of avoiding the Tomb Guardian Old Man and going after the Crone.

At this level, under the Heavenly Punishment, it would be difficult for him to find a chance as long as the Tomb Guardian Old Man wanted to stop him.

The only way, that was …… to shake it hard!

The faster he could shake the Tomb Guardian Old Man, the better chance he would have to rush to the aid of Chen Dong and the others!

Boom, boom, boom ……

The monstrous Qi energy stretched across the top of the city walls.

Master Jiang and the Tomb Guardian were wrapped in Qi energy, their bodies like lightning, rapidly staggering and attacking each other.

The qi was rampant, and each blast was like a bomb explosion.

The sturdy city wall cracked under the waves of qi energy.


…… ……

The fierce wind whistled and echoed in the old woman’s ears.

As she swooped down, her qi surrounded her, causing her to arc through the air, like a falcon swooping down on her, heading straight for the practice room.

“If we don’t stop this great momentum of yours, who will have the chance to tread the heavenly path in the future?”

The old woman’s eyes narrowed into slits, and her cold light was bitterly cold.

“Bai Qi! Stop her!”

The moment the old woman crossed the sky over the place where Huo Zhenxiao and the man carrying the drum were, Huo Zhenxiao’s angry roar shot up into the sky.

Bai Qi and the others, who were on guard outside the practice room, ready to transport more stone tablets in, instantly turned pale.

“Nine Golden Guards, be on guard, open fire!”

In a flash of lightning, Bai Qi gave a command, while his lofty tower-like figure took a fierce step towards a stone tablet that was close at hand.

Bang Teen!


A loud sound accompanied by Bai Qi’s explosive roar.

The thousand catty stone monument was hardened and sent flying directly towards the old woman who was already swooping down.

This scene was incomparably shocking!

Even the nine Golden Guards were shocked.


Just as the boulder was about to hit the Crone, the Crone formed her hands into claws in the air and swung them in a blatant manner.

The overwhelming qi instantly transformed into a sword-like aura, which directly ravaged the boulder.


The boulder shattered in the air and the pieces shot away in all directions.

When they landed on the Great Snow Dragon Riders, there were instant screams and wails all over the place.

The shattered rocks were no different from bullets.

Even though the Snow Dragon Riders were strong, they could not withstand such an unexpected situation!

“How strong!”

Bai Qi’s expression was cold, his heart twitching hard.

Seeing the old woman swooping down in the air, he gritted his teeth fiercely, sank his waist and stood on his horse, his muscles erupting in this instant, even the veins on his face protruding out like earthworms climbing.

The nine Golden Guards also came alongside him.

Each one of them looked incomparably grave, and even their eyes became incomparably determined!

Underneath the qi, they were all like ants!

Even though the nine Golden Guards were the strongest in the entire Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, they still could not escape the rule that they were like ants under qi energy.

However, the natural duty of a soldier is to obey!

Whether it was Bai Qi or the Nine Golden Guards, they had to go forward even if they knew they were going to die!

Even if the road ahead is death, we must still go forward!

“Overrate the tree!”

The old woman laughed strangely in the air, her laughter sounding like a ghost and a chimera!

Seeing Bai Qi and the nine Golden Guards leaping up in the air at the same time, they came to attack.

The old woman’s qi roared out from her body, like a shocking wave that covered half of the sky, and crushed down towards Bai Qi and the others.

The majestic qi energy poured onto Bai Qi and the others, and instantly it was like a million knives on their bodies, even though they were clad in armour, their defence was directly broken by the biting qi energy.

They screamed in agony.

But Bai Qi and the nine golden guards did not dodge or retreat, even when they were crushed back to the ground by the qi energy, they instantly rose up with their weapons, intending to block again.

“Tsk …… Golden Guards are no better than that!”

The old woman landed on the open space in front of the practice room, turned her back on Bai Qi and the nine Golden Guards, smiled disdainfully and shook her head gently.

The words had just fallen.

Her smile suddenly froze and her expression tightened.

On the ground in front of her, a broad silhouette of a man was rapidly drawing up, concealing her shadow, completely!

At the same time, Bai Qi’s cold, determined voice suddenly exploded like thunder.

“You can underestimate anyone, Golden Guard is not one of them!”