Winner Takes All Chapter 1601-1602

Chapter 1601

Bang Teen!

Old Madam Gu angrily smashed the table in front of her with a slap.

Crumbs flew about.

However, Old Madam Gu was fiercely angry, surrounded by the astral wind, drumming her robe and rattling.

“B*****d! Shameless!”

“Heaven has no eyes, no eyes!”

“Xu Qingfeng, you son of a B*tch, you disappeared for more than twenty years and returned once, but you have directly announced that you are standing with that wild B*****d Chen Dong?”

Gnashing teeth, hissing and cursing echoed in the room that was littered with wreckage.

And outside the room.

The crowd of Gu family members even prostrated themselves on their knees, trembling in fear.

The news announced by the Thief Gate was like a nuclear bomb, bombarding the entire Gu family, making it difficult to sleep through the night.

Such news was not so much a joint development of the Eastern Wall Street, but rather an announcement to the world that he, Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng, had returned to lead the Thief Sect and a*sist Chen Dong!

Even after Chen Dong had made great strides since being incorporated into the Chen Family’s heirship, scaling the heights and asking for the position of the number one young man of the world’s current generation, the Gu Family had never put him in their sights.

Even if Chen Daojun helps, the Gu family is merely scornful.

But now …… the formerly mighty Thief Sect has also come together beside Chen Dong, the implication is very different!

Listen to the gnashing of teeth and hissing curses inside the house.

The ancient dragonfly pretty face pale, terrified to advise: “Dad, you go to persuade grandmother, right?”

As soon as the words came out, several people present looked at Gu Cangyue.

Up and down the Gu family, the only one who could talk to Old Madam Gu on an equal footing was Gu Cang Yue!


Gu Cang Yue’s eyebrows were as gloomy as water as she got up and pushed open the door of the room.

The furious Old Madam Gu was about to turn around and scold her, her white hair tossed about like a madman.

The moment she saw Gu Cangyue, she held back!

Gu Cangyue closed the door grimly and turned around to walk in front of Old Madam Gu: “Calm down your anger.”

“How can you calm your anger? How can the old woman calm her anger?”

Old Mrs. Gu’s face was as frosty and fierce as a beast as she squeezed the words out of her teeth, “Cang Yue, don’t you care at all? That wild B*****d Chen Dong has the Chen family, Chen Daoling Chen Daojun to shelter him, and the status of Zhenjiang City, and now that Xu Qingfeng of the Thief Sect has returned, he has come directly to his side, and going forward, how should my Gu family deal with itself?”

After a pause, Old Mrs. Gu suddenly thought of something, her face flip-flopped with anger, and raised her hand to point in a direction.

“Oh oh, yes, there’s also that group of ancient immortal old B*****ds from the Jiang family, they’re also over at Chen Dong!”

A strong wind swept through the room, and Qi energy was washed away.

Inside the large room, it was as if it was a cold day of nine days, and it was as if there were swords and shadows stirring and streaking across the room.

“It is indeed terrifying.”

Gu Cangyue did not refute Old Madam Gu’s words.

In the great change more than twenty years ago, even Chen Daogun was unable to bring the Jiang family and the Thief Sect into compliance, but now Chen Dong had managed to do so.

The mere thought of such a terrifying force was chilling to the bone.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The enemy of the enemy …… is a friend!”


Old Lady Gu’s body shook, a hesitant look suddenly surfaced on her hideous windy angry face.

Three seconds later.

She suddenly laughed fiercely: “You’re right, you’re really right, the two poles of yin and yang, where there is yin there must be yang, the world’s great power has not all enveloped Chen Dong alone, putting aside everything else, the current Chen family is standing directly against that wild seed!”

“So, it’s not like we don’t have a chance.”

Gu Cangyue slowly tilted her head, her deep eyes seeming to look through the roof to the heavens, “All are fighting, all are grabbing, all have eyes for each other!”

The same scene was not only played out in the Gu family.

As the news was made public by the Thieves’ Gate, it swept through the world like a violent wind and rain.

After being bombarded by the news from the Thieves’ Gate, the heads of powerful families and giants were all in a state of panic and fear.

There are those who are calculating, those who are hesitant, and those who have made up their minds ……

The wind and clouds are rising in all directions.


Zhenjiang City.

In the practice room, there was silence to listen to the needles.

A decade ago, Huo Zhenxiao had already ordered Bai Qi and the two golden guards to personally lead their troops to cordon off the area around the practice room.

For the entire Zhenjiang City, forging a martial arts body was of the utmost importance!

It concerned Zhenjiang City, the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, and even the entire domain.

During the casting process, Huo Zhenxiao would never allow the slightest slip-up!

“Thief Saint, have you really decided?”

Zhao Feng Wolf sat limply in his wheelchair, his terrifying face revealing his intolerance, “Once you do this, you will be greatly affected.”

“Damage a bit of longevity, it won’t be a problem.”

Xu Qingfeng had his hands behind his back, his head in the clouds.

But the words he spat out, if Chen Dong had been present, he would have been so shocked that his jaw would have fallen to the ground.

“But it’s really not worth it to renew the life of an old man.”

Zhao Feng Wolf sighed with a stifled sigh, emotionally agitated, “The Thief Saint has already rid my Zhao family of the five evils and three defects of bad luck, and now he is renewing the life of the old man, it is really not worth it, it is not worth it!”

“You’re just the tool man.”

Xu Qingfeng said indifferently, “Only your Lupin Technique can a*sist them in forging the Martial Dao Body, which is about the great power of the world two hundred days later, you gave your life and I gave my longevity, both for the sake of the two hundred days later.”

“But before, the Thief Saint said to the old man that the Martial Dao Inheritance was able to be enlightened and then charted out.”

Zhao Feng Wolf said in a sad voice, “With the strength of the Thief Saint and Chen Daojun, couldn’t they do it as they did?”

“It can be done, but that is only my path and that of Chen Daojun, mapping it out would only allow the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to step on my and his footprints and walk upwards, with very low future achievements, and this is something that Chen Daojun and I coincide on, neither of us want to take this path.”

Xu Qingfeng shook his head, “Every martial artist has their own path to follow, each one goes their own way, only then will there be more opportunities in the future, if Daojun Chen and I lose this time, there are others who will rise up again in the future, but if we follow our enlightened mapping and discard the vast heritage on the martial path, then there will be less opportunities in the future.”

The voice was low and gruff.

Zhao Feng Wolf did not advise more, as a carpenter, he naturally knew what Xu Qingfeng meant.

The word “inheritance” didn’t just mean the ability to become stronger, it also meant how far one could go in the future!

The difference between exploring on one’s own and copying from a diagram is not just a tiny bit.

Rumble ……

The thick stone door opened.

Zhang Wudao, bare-chested and bowing, entered a stone tablet with a gesture that made people smack their lips, while behind him, a crowd of sturdy soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army were swarming, red-faced and spitting white exercises, laboriously carrying a stone tablet and entering through.

In comparison, Zhang Wu Dao was carrying the monument alone, which was really eye-catching!

There were not many stone tablets, only twelve!

But the intention was clear!

Chen Dong, Chen Daojun and Huo Zhenxiao were the last to enter the practice room.

Huo Zhenxiao pointed to the twelve stone tablets arranged by Lin Li and said calmly.

“Let’s start with the first twelve, if the repercussions aren’t too strong, there is great potential to follow!”

He was equally clear about the repercussions of casting the Martial Dao Body!

The shock he endured from the backlash when he was first cast was still palpitating in his heart even now.

One had to take one bite of rice, and one had to walk the path step by step.

With so much at stake, Huo Zhenxiao had to be careful!

“If you’re all ready, then let’s begin.”

Chen Daogun swept a glance at Chen Dong and the others and turned towards the outside without hesitation, “Zhenxiao and I will personally protect you, so you can cast without fear.”


Inside the enclosed practice room, it is quiet enough to listen to a needle.

The few air-ventilated openings constantly whistled in the sound of wind and snow.

Chen Dong, Xu Qingfeng, Zhang Wu Dao and Zhao Feng Wolf stood separately.

Compared to Zhao Feng Wolf, who had a calm look, Chen Dong and the three of them looked somewhat grave.

“Senior, which step should I start with?”

Chen Dong broke the quietness within the practice room and asked.

Since Xu Qingfeng had left it in the practice room, there must be a role for it, and with Xu Qingfeng’s seniority, he must have a clear understanding of the gigantic details of casting a martial dao body.

“You guys went by the twelve zodiac signs last time, right?”

Xu Qingfeng swept a glance at the twelve stone monuments around him, and without waiting for Chen Dong and the others to respond, his eyes fell on Zhang Wudao, “Wudao, you should first chisel out the shape of the twelve zodiac martial dao bodies, there are only twelve stone monuments anyway, so let’s stick to the twelve zodiac signs.”


Zhang Wu Dao nodded, rolled up his sleeves, picked up the burin and hammer and chiselled away.

Clang clang clang ……

The silent practice room echoed with the crisp sound of metal clashing.

There were even sparks visible to the naked eye, bursting out from where the burin and the stone surface came into contact with each swing of Zhang Wudao’s hammer.

As a stonemason’s heir, Zhang Wu Dao’s chiselling skills were not weak in the slightest.

Even this process, at least in Chen Dong’s opinion, could not pick out the slightest flaw at all, just like the old master Zhang Wuji back then.

“Feng Wolf, get ready.”

Xu Qingfeng turned to Zhao Feng Wolf and pushed the wheelchair to an open space in the corner of the practice room.

Chen Dong’s attention, unconsciously, followed and looked over.

With a wave of his hands, the thick yellow cloth unfolded with a clatter, with steel wires and nails on each end of the cloth.

The yellow cloth was dragged straight across the wall and laid out in mid-air with the sound of the wire tightening.

Only then did Chen Dong see clearly that the yellow cloth had the Taiji Bagua printed on it, and there was even a small bag littered with brushes, tokens and so on ……

“Is this the opening of an altar practice?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and looked at what was in front of him with dismay.

“What did you expect?”

Xu Qingfeng turned around and gave an odd smile, “If you don’t burn incense and pray and invoke the ancestors, where do you borrow the power?”

Chen Dong: “????”

To be reasonable, he had always been a materialist, but as his strength increased, his eyesight became higher and wider, and what he had seen and heard was impacting his three views step by step.

It was at this moment.

The wheelchair-bound Zhao Feng Wolf took out a bamboo tube from his pocket, and a small dish and a small porcelain bottle from the cloth altar.

As he opened the stopper of the bamboo tube, Chen Dong’s nose wrinkled and he clearly smelt a smell of blood.

With little hesitation, Chen Dong blurted out, “Rooster blood? Or black dog’s blood?”

“Rooster’s blood! Cinnabar! Doesn’t it look familiar?”

Xu Qingfeng gave a teasing smile.

Chen Dong nodded woodenly, and then said no more, but stared straight at Zhao Feng Wolf.

Zhao Feng Wolf quickly mixed rooster’s blood and vermilion sand into a small dish, then took out another brush and quickly drew out two runes.

“Vastly alive with light, strain the syllabus, disciple Zhao Feng Wolf, present to the Ancestor!”

Poof, poof!

Before the words left his mouth, the two runes in Zhao Feng Wolf’s hand directly burst into flames as he shook his hand.

“Thief Sage come forward.”

Zhao Feng Wolf’s expression was solemn as he spoke in a deep voice.

After waiting for Xu Qingfeng to walk up to him, he directly handed one of the burning runes to Xu Qingfeng’s hand.

The two men looked at each other.

There was a snap!

A combined palm strike.

The burning rune instantly turned into fragments of ashes from the two men’s palms and drifted around.

But strangely enough.

Just as the ashes were about to hit the ground, a light breeze swept through, picking up pieces of ashes and forming a spiral.

This scene was bizarre and shocking.

Chen Dong was dumbfounded by it.

The spiral formed by the ashes lasted for only three seconds before a faint golden aura blossomed out from the centre of the core, followed by the ashes directly dissipating in the air.


Chen Dong’s expression was astonished, and he could not help but let out a startled eek from his mouth.

An illusion?

He looked around Xu Qingfeng and Zhao Feng Wolf with suspicion.

For some reason, the moment the ashes dissipated in the air, he clearly perceived an indescribable sense of power that was washing around Xu Qingfeng and Zhao Feng Wolf.

That feeling was so faint that even with Chen Dong’s current strength and keen sense of observation, even if he had detected it, it felt like an illusion!

“Perceive it?”

Hearing Chen Dong’s startled voice, Xu Qingfeng slowly turned back and looked towards Chen Dong with a playful smile.

But it was with this glance that Chen Dong, who was puzzled, had a buzzing roar in his head, and his pupils tightened to the extreme.

In his eyesight, Xu Qingfeng’s eyebrow had, at some point, been dotted with a red mole!

With Xu Qingfeng’s appearance and aura, this red mole actually gave it a bit more of a mysterious aura.

“Everything is ready, we are only waiting for the birth portrait to be completed.”

Zhao Feng Wolf lightly opened his lips and let out an incomparably hoarse voice, while turning back towards Chen Dong.

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes twitched, and in the middle of Zhao Feng Wolf’s eyebrows, there was also an additional red mole.

“Come on, the reserves are already there, let’s see what you guys do at the back.”

Xu Qingfeng shrugged his shoulders, then stepped behind the stone door of the practice room, took out a cigarette and lit one for himself, gesturing to Chen Dong again.

“Thank you, senior.”

Chen Dong refused Xu Qingfeng in a somewhat dazed manner.

Dang ……

Within the quiet practice room, the sound of metal clashing always echoed.

Zhang Wu Dao’s entire body was immersed in the chiselling, a lifelike portrait of a living being was rapidly emerging, while fine beads of sweat gradually seeped out of Zhang Wu Dao’s face.


Finally, all twelve Chinese zodiac portraits were carved out.

Zhang Wu Dao wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead and said with a smile, “It’s done, we can start.”

“Brother Wu Dao is in no hurry, take a rest first.”

Chen Dong said busily.

The previous two chiselings of Wu Dao’s body had cast too much of a shadow over him, knowing well the strange power of Wu Dao’s body, this time when he chiselled again, even with the help of the carpenter, he did not dare to be the least bit careless.

“Don’t rest, chisel quickly, the later the better!”

Xu Qingfeng leaned idly and lazily behind the stone door of the training room, picking at his cigarette, and said.

A change of heart?

Chen Dong’s brow furrowed in shock and suspicion.


Outside the practice room, in the dim corner, the wind and snow were still there.

Two figures, however, were looming in it.

“Master, on the surface with Bai Qi and the two great Golden Guards decaying soldiers escorting us, and secretly you asked me to mobilise the entire strength of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to pour out a guard to this, is something big going to happen?”

Huo Zhenxiao was surprised and apprehensive and could not help but inquire.

Within Zhenjiang City, mobilising Bai Qi and the two great Golden Guards to personally lead a heavy guard was already a very high level of alert.

On the contrary, Chen Daogun had also secretly signalled him to raise the entire city’s strength!

With his hands behind his back, Chen Daogun tilted his head and gazed profoundly into the night sky: “Be careful, the Thief Gate has made its stand, and this darkest time when dawn is approaching is also the time when it is easiest to steal chickens and dogs!”