Winner Takes All Chapter 1597-1598

Chapter 1597


Chen Daojun’s expression was astonished, and a startled eek came out of his mouth and nose.

It wasn’t just him.

Even Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao and Zhang Wu Dao clearly saw the strange look on Lin Shichong’s face.

“Hahahahaha …… no hindrance, no hindrance.”

Lin Shichong said with a smile and waved his hand, “I think the old wood will definitely come, as Xu Huetou is back in the jungle and has returned to plant his flag, we old guys, from all over the world and all over the world, will definitely rush over!”

Although they were laughing, Chen Dong and the others could hear the strangeness in these words.

Rumble ……

On the night sky, the roar of the plane sounded again.

Chen Dong and the others’ attention then shifted to the plane swooping down on the night dome ready to land.


“Zhen Xiao, you and Zhang Wu Dao are responsible for receiving the Eight Generals as well as the Thief Sect crowd.”

Chen Daogun suddenly barked out an order, and without asking Huo Zhenxiao to agree, he turned around and dragged Chen Dong towards the distance.

Huo Zhenxiao was stunned and stood there like a wooden chicken.

Zhang Wu Dao and Lin Shichong, who were both immersed in the excitement and ecstasy of the reunion of the Thief Sect, did not care much about the sudden departure of Chen Daojun and Chen Dong.

The wind and snow were biting.

Chen Dong put Barbara under his body, using his own body to shield little Barbara from most of the wind and snow, and pulled open his robe and wrapped it around Barbara’s body.

“Eldest Uncle, something wrong?”

Chen Dong glanced back at the distance, before asking in a deep voice.

There was something strange in Lin Shichong’s words just now, something about the carpenter, of which there was no internal cause, that was pure bullSh*t!

Chen Daojun suddenly pulled him away, nine times out of ten, he was talking about this matter.

“Dong’er, with your current body, are you sure you can resist hard enough to successfully cast all twelve zodiac martial bodies?”

Chen Daojun’s brow was knitted into a “Chuan” and his face was as heavy as a pool of stagnant water.

“Could it be that something has really happened to the carpenter?”

Chen Dong’s mind was shaken.

“We must be prepared for both.”

Chen Daojun let out a long breath, white practice tumbling between his mouth and nose.

“It shouldn’t be so, although the Thief Sect is in decline, after Xu Qingfeng’s disappearance, the remaining seven generals, even if they are in decline, it is not so bad that their legacy is cut off.”

Chen Dong was somewhat incredulous.

“This is anyone’s guess, after Xu Qingfeng left the Thief Sect alone, the remaining seven generals went their own way.”

Chen Daojun twiddled his fingers and analyzed in a deep voice: “Zhang Wuji and Zhang Wudao the father and son of the two stonemason lineage, you are aware of, among the seven generals there are people who have mixed into such a magnificent man as Lin Shichong, there are also down and out like Zhang Wuji Zhang Wudao two father and son in general, carpenters …… really hard to say!”

Feeling Chen Daojun sunken gaze forced eyes, Chen Dong rubbed his nose, secretly speculated a little, then said.

“Back then, when I and Elder Zhang Wuji exhausted all our strength, we also stopped at eleven and a half martial dao bodies, but after such a long time, and with that last dose of genetic modification, I think …… we should be able to top it until the twelfth martial dao body is successfully cast.”

“Are you sure?”

Chen Daojun looked solemn: “This matter cannot be joked about, if you can carry it, if you can’t carry it then you can’t carry it, the power of the Heavenly Wolf martial dao body you must have felt when you cast eleven and a half martial dao bodies, twelve for one stage, the power is a sea change!”

“Eldest uncle, I am sure.”

Chen Dong’s eyes were steely, faintly flickering with a refined aura.

His current strength was not a world away from the strength he had when he had forged his eleven Half Martial Dao Bodies, but he had also made significant progress.

And this progress had become more and more obvious after the Life Code gene had been injected into his body!

In the past, he had to train relentlessly and open up his strength little by little.

But after the “Life Code” was injected into his body, Chen Dong could vaguely sense that his strength was growing all the time!

The feeling was so subtle that if he didn’t distinguish it carefully, he might even think it was an illusion!

But since being injected and returning to the domain, during this period of time, being busy with various matters and neglecting to train, with the accumulation of time, this growth, so subtle that it was almost considered an illusion, piled up to be extremely obvious!

“Well then, let’s hope we don’t need this handful of preparation.”

Chen Daogun’s face was as gloomy as water as he walked towards Huo Zhenxiao’s few people with his hands behind his back.

Chen Dong hugged Barbara and turned to look at Chen Daogun’s back.

For some reason, under the light imprints, he felt for the first time that Chen Daogun’s back was a little hunched!

“Could …… really be like this?”

Chen Dong murmured in a deep voice, his heart rising with apprehension.

If it was him plus Zhang Wudao and the carpenter, the three of them joining forces, the casting of the martial dao body would definitely go much smoother, and they would even be able to cast more and higher-ranked martial dao bodies.

But if something happened to the carpenter, without the support of the “Lupin Technique”, he and Zhang Wudao would have had the answer when they first forged the Martial Dao Body.

Even though his strength has increased and he is now able to withstand even more horrific damage, Chen Dong thinks to himself that he can only withstand up to the twelfth Martial Dao body, and beyond that, even he has no idea.

If he was to counter the power of the Huns’ entire army and the hundred tribes outside the realm, the martial heritage of twelve Martial Dao bodies would obviously not be enough!

In the cold wind, Chen Dong’s thoughts wandered unchecked.

He wanted to think of something to say to calm his restless state of mind.

But after half a day’s thought, he couldn’t think of one!

The Thief Sect was indeed magnificent, and the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng was indeed powerful, and even after Xu Qingfeng’s disappearance, the remaining seven generals were definitely strong enough to hold their own on their own, based on their individual strength alone.

But Chen Daojun’s guess, it was possible!

Even when he saw Lin Shichong’s reaction, he himself thought the same thing!

Whether or not a person made a good living, apart from their own strength, it also depended on their situation!

The Zhang family and the Lin family are both eight generals, but the two families’ situations are at exactly the same two extremes!

Any further results in the Carpenter lineage would come as no surprise!

As time pa*sed.

One after another, planes landed in the airport of Zhenjiang City.

The sound of excited and ecstatic salutations echoed around the airport like beating drums and jars of gold.

“Thieves’ Blacksmith, Shi Yongdang, meet you!”

“Meng Xuxing, the head-shaver of the Thieves, salute!”

“Thieves’ coffin-bearer, Sun Laoqi, see you!”


The voices echoed.

With each salute, Zhang Wu Dao and the crowd who had already resisted, all clasped their fists in respectful greeting and salute.

There were very few people.

The voices were very soft.

But the sound of a salute was like a thunderclap, invigorating!

And as one by one arrived, still no sign of the carpenter, Chen Dong’s heart sank further and further downwards.

Did …… really hit the nail on the head?

“Uncle, are you very nervous?”

Barbara inquired in a low voice.

“Mm.” Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

“Be good, don’t be nervous.” Ah Man raised her hand to gently wipe the fine beads of sweat on Chen Dong’s forehead.

Chen Dong, however, kept his eyes on Chen Daogun, Huo Zhenxiao and the Thief Sect crowd.

All of them were laughing and talking as if nothing was wrong.

Even Lin Shichong, who “knew” about the carpenter’s situation, did not show the slightest difference anymore.

Rumble ……

In the night sky, the roar of the plane finally sounded again.

“The witch general and the carpenter are in the same breath, and he knows best about the old wood!”

Lin Shichong, who had been all red-faced and piling on smiles, finally had his smile disappear at this moment and looked gloomy.

Chapter 1598

At the sound of the words.

Chen Dong looked astonished and stared at the night sky.

The results …… are coming soon!

Chen Daojun and Huo Zhenxiao were able to remain calm as usual.

But with Lin Shichong’s words, the generals who were present at this moment had different expressions.

There were those who nodded in understanding, and those who were filled with astonishment and surprise ……

“General Wusong of the Thief Gate, Wusong, meet you!”

When the plane stopped and the cabin door opened, an incomparably hoarse voice suddenly came out from inside the cabin.

Zhang Wu Dao and the others clasped their fists in salute.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Dong saw a venerable old man waddling down from the plane.

With a white beard and white hair, a face full of wrinkles, strewn with old age spots, a vermilion mole dotted right in the middle of his eyebrow, and even his hair was mottled and dishevelled, at first glance, he had the appearance of a callow man in a state of despair.

At first glance, he looks like a hired hand. What is strange is that his eyes are deep and dark, with no lustre!

Even the clothes and robes were different from the norm …… a daoist robe!

“This ……”

Chen Dong was a little surprised.

Chen Daojun calmly explained, “The Thief Sect’s witch general is proficient in feng shui and public opinion, so there is nothing strange about dressing up in Daoist robes.”

“There really is a convergence of dragons and tigers in the Thief Sect.”

Chen Dong laughed teasingly.

As Wusong stepped off the plane, the crowd greeted him.

Naturally, Chen Dong was also among them.

However, compared to the excitement of the Thieves’ generals and the pleasantries of old friends reuniting, Chen Dong, Chen Daojun and Huo Zhenxiao all remained silent.

Of the six generals present, Wu Song was the oldest!

Moreover, from the way the six spoke, it was also clear that the other five respected Wusong.

This could not help but make Chen Dong secretly smack his lips in his heart.

He was now at the top of the martial arts pyramid and knew better what the mentality of the strong was.

The respect that the five generals of the Thief Sect in front of him had for Wusong should not just be because the elders were respected!

“Elder Wusong, what about the Carpenters’ lineage?”

After exchanging pleasantries, Zhang Wu Dao took the lead to inquire.

Before Xu Qingfeng had arrived at Zhenjiang City.

He was considered the only link between Zhenjiang City and the Thief Sect, and there were some things that he had to ask, even if it was inconvenient to ask at a low seniority.

As soon as the words were spoken, the lively atmosphere suddenly cooled down.

The smile on Wusong’s face also disappeared, and his brows and eyes lowered in a gloomy manner.

Such a reaction made Chen Dong’s heart stutter.

“Master Woo, is there something inconvenient?”

Chen Daojun asked after him.

Wusong gently stroked his beard and sighed, “The carpenter lineage, I am afraid that I will not be able to come today, that lineage, the seeds are broken!”


A low, hoarse voice sounded like a big thunderclap.

All the people in the audience were shocked.

Lin Shichong was the only one who seemed to have expected this and was slightly calm.

“Old Woody he ……”

A look of grief pa*sed over the face of Sun Laoqi, the coffin bearer.

“He’s still around.”

Wusong sighed and said, “But back then, when the Thief Saint disappeared, the Thief Sect declined, and Old Woody went into hiding, you all know what he cultivated, it was reversed, and now he is afraid that he is dying, depending on whether he still misses the Thief Saint and the Thief Sect.”

The words were short, but the meaning caused everyone to reveal a look of grief.

It also directly pushed Chen Dong and Chen Daojun’s speculations to the point of reality.

The fact that he was going to die, and that even coming to Zhenjiang City or not would depend on whether or not he hung on to the Thief Saint and the Thief Sect, was just like a declaration that the Carpenter lineage was completely cut off.

“It’s just that, we can only use the second hand to prepare.”

Chen Daogun looked towards Chen Dong helplessly.

Chen Dong also responded bitterly, “This time twelve martial dao bodies should be enough to cast out, further back ……”

Halfway through his words, Chen Dong then shook his head gently.

“Few are better than none.” Chen Daogun said.

All seven generals of the Thief Sect were present.

Huo Zhenxiao and Zhang Wudao quickly settled the seven men down.

As for the Thief Gate carpenters, Wusong’s words had pretty much singled them out, and the crowd no longer had any extravagant expectations.

As for Xu Qingfeng, according to Chen Daojun’s estimation, he would not arrive at Zhenjiang City at least not yet this evening!

Inside the master’s barracks.

Chen Dong and Chen Daojun’s brows were furrowed.

Although they had anticipated this in advance, what was before them still gave the two a headache.

There was no other way to increase the battle power of the Great Snow Dragon Riders in a short period of time other than the martial heritage on Martial Dao.

Even if Chen Daojun or Huo Zhenxiao were to personally train the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, the effect would be far less than having the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders learn the Martial Dao inheritance by following the example of the gourd!

With the overall strength level of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the martial heritage of the 12 Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies alone was not enough to raise the strength of the entire army.

In the words of Chen Daojun, it was better than nothing!

Not to mention that the entire Hun army had learnt more than just the twelve Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies!

With Master Khong Khong’s level of strength, it was as easy as pie to enlighten the previous Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, and then draw the inheritance map and spread it to the entire Xiongnu army, which raised the upper limit of the Xiongnu army’s strength far beyond that of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

In this state, the gap between the strength level of the Xiong Nu army and the armies of the extra-territory will be rapidly and infinitely narrowed because of the Xiong Nu army!

At that time, the entire Xiongnu army and the extra-territorial ministries will be able to overwhelm the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders with just the tactics of the sea of men!

“Eldest Uncle, is there any other way?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, “Perhaps …… we try the results of the Pan Gu Project’s research?”

“Add the changes in you to the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

Chen Daogun’s eyes were deep as he looked at Chen Dong, revealing a bitter smile.

“Yes, this method, should be different from the Martial Dao Body.” Chen Dong said.

Chen Daojun shook his head, “If it was really feasible, back when Zhenxiao sealed the gods in one battle and stretched across the Northern Domain, I would have already given him the research results.”

With that, Chen Daojun got up and walked to the entrance of the barracks, looking out at the biting wind and snow outside in a complicated manner.

“The purpose of the Pan Gu Project, or any of the genetic modification programs you’ve learned about, is not to target all of humanity, but only to raise the compulsion to cultivate the one who treads the path to heaven.”

“Time, resources, just these two, are hardly enough to satisfy the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Rider Army.”

Chen Dong’s expression choked as he thought of the Chen Family’s wealth, which had led to the Pan Gu Project. If that was the case, he alone had to rely on the Chen Family’s great mountain to support his genetic transformation.

At this anxious moment.

Suddenly, a voice, like a Sanskrit sound falling from the nine heavens, suddenly echoed in Zhenjiang City.

“Qingfeng Xu has come, no one has welcomed me Xu Qingfeng, the magnificent Zhenjiang City, will it be worthy of this great gift I have sent to Zhenjiang City?”

Rumble ……

The voice echoed, like rolling thunder.

In a flash, the entire Zhenjiang City was like a great enemy, and the sound of alarms suddenly echoed in all directions of Zhenjiang City.

Chen Dong’s expression changed drastically and he stood up with a start, “Xu Qingfeng is here!”

“Hahahaha …… This kid, who dares to shout like that, must have a big gift!”

The gloom on Chen Daojun’s face swooshed away and was replaced by a spring-like smile, “Dong’er, quickly follow me to welcome this arrogant and domineering man!”