Winner Takes All Chapter 1595-1596

Chapter 1595

The sound of childish cries.

It echoed in the quiet airport.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently as he looked at the petite figure stumbling and running, a doting and soft smile appeared on his face.


Chen Dong shouted with a smile, his Qi energy swept through his feet and he leapt to the ground, running in front of Barbara, and swept her into his arms.

In the wind and snow.

A big and a small child embraced.

When Barbara flung herself into Chen Dong’s arms, a sense of peace and solidity that she hadn’t felt in a long time was born.

It was a sense of security that was indescribable.

It was the same sense of security that had arisen when she was with Chen Dong in the Great Snowy Plain.

Ever since Chen Dong had left, even though Xixing had taken good care of Barbara, little Barbara had never felt that sense of security again, and had woken up from nightmares countless times, wetting her pillow with tears.

But now, snuggled in Chen Dong’s arms, those firm arms made Barbara sure that when she slept again, she would no longer have nightmares and would definitely be sweet.

It was like …… when she was nestled in the arms of her Abba, her Ma and her Brother.

“Oooooooo …… Uncle, Barbara misses you, Barbara has finally seen you.”

The barbarian in her arms was sobbing uncontrollably.

Chen Dong’s heart was also like a knife twisting, the tide of guilt surging, and his nasal cavity was sore to the core.

When he had left Xiongnu, he had almost been able to take Barbara with him.

Even though it was clear that it was not possible at that time, it made him blame himself and feel guilty countless times.

Now …… had finally brought the girl back with him!

“Uncle also misses Barbara, from now on Barbara and uncle will always be together and will not be separated.”

Chen Dong forced his nose to stifle the sourness, his right hand gently rubbed Barbara’s back, soothingly.

“Uncle swears that if he doesn’t want Barbara again, he will grow a long nose!”

Barbara, who was crying bitterly, suddenly stubbornly broke away from Chen Dong’s arms, her teary eyes hazy as she stared straight at him.


Chen Dong’s heart contracted violently, and his breathing stopped for a moment.

Yes, at Barbara’s age, her understanding of everything was a bit blurred.

With such a thought, how much pain should this girl’s heart feel in the time that followed?

Chen Dong took a deep breath, stared earnestly at Barbara and solemnly raised his right hand, “Uncle swears that he will never leave Barbara behind, alone again.”

“Barbarian won’t leave Uncle behind either!”

Barbara raised her hand to wipe her face, and while wiping away her tears, the back of her hand brought out sticky snot as it swept across her nose.

As soon as she breathed in, a snot bubble came straight out.

Chen Dong laughed out loud and raised his hand to gently break the snot bubble.

“It’s so ugly when you cry!”

She wanted to spit out her tongue, but when she thought that she was afraid of licking the snot from her nose, she held back and hurriedly raised her hand to wipe it off.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Dong took a closer look at Barbara and raised his hand to gently pinch Barbara’s pink cheeks.

“Luckily, it shouldn’t have suffered much, little Barbara is getting prettier and prettier.”

After he had left Xiongnu in the first place, his biggest worry was because he had spilled over to Barbara.

After all, in Xixing’s heart, he and Barbara were the closest.

But fortunately, everything had not gone in the worst direction he had expected.

“Auntie Shying loves Barbara very much.”

Barbara said with a complicated expression, “After Uncle left, many of them wanted to kill Barbara, and it was Auntie Shisheng who protected Barbara, and let Barbara sleep in the palace, with servants waiting on her and guards accompanying her for protection.”

Chen Dong could not help but look stunned, and his eyes drifted a little.

In his mind, the voice and appearance of Demon Aunt Xie Xing came to mind.

At this moment, Chen Daojun and Huo Zhenxiao walked over.

They happened to hear Barbara’s words.

Chen Daogun smiled meaningfully and asked, “Does Little Barbara still want to go back? Great Grandpa can send him back!”

“No, don’t!”

Barbarian’s face changed in fright as she hurriedly hid into Chen Dong’s arms, “Barbarian wants to stay with Uncle, Big Grandpa is bad.”

“Hahahaha …… Big Grandpa is joking with you!”

Chen Daojun squatted down and rubbed Barbara’s little head with a smile, his eyes were also full of doting.

Chen Dong looked at Chen Daogun’s smile full of kindness and amiability and was stunned for a moment.

Was this really Chen Daogun?

Even Huo Zhenxiao felt a little strange.

Ever since his fart broke out from eating roasted sweet potatoes, Master had been doting on this little girl more and more!

The next second.

As Barbara burst out of Chen Dong’s arms, both Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes changed drastically.

Under their gaze.

With a puffed up look, Ah Barbara raised her right hand and wiped it on Chen Daojun’s head, wiping it while huffing and puffing.

“Great Grandpa’s joke isn’t funny at all, Great Grandpa is bad!”

“Hahahaha ……”

Chen Daojun threw back his head and laughed loudly.

However, Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes were wide open and their eyes were about to fall to the ground.

They both clearly saw that as Barbara’s right hand slapped across the top of Chen Daojun’s head, a wisp of …… crystal and sticky trail was left behind!

This little girl wiped her nose on the top of Chen Daojun’s head!

The most important thing is that Chen Daojun still looks unaware of it.

This made Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao’s hearts jump, and they held their faces red for a while, wanting to laugh but not daring to do so.

This was really touching a tiger’s butt!

How dare you!

Seeing Little Barbara puffing up in anger and wanting to continue wiping, Chen Dong hurriedly picked up Barbara.

“Barbarian, don’t get angry with big grandpa, come on, uncle will take you to see this starry sky.”

With that, he hurriedly pa*sed a wink towards Huo Zhenxiao before he carried Barbara towards the distant city walls.

Huo Zhenxiao: “……”

So …… this pot is for me to take?

Huo Zhenxiao’s face turned red and he was speechless for a moment, frozen in place like a statue.

“Zhenxiao, why is your face so red?”

Chen Daojun got up and looked at Huo Chenxiao in surprise.

The corners of Huo Zhenxiao’s mouth twitched, and out of the corner of his eye he glanced unobtrusively at the crystals on top of Chen Daojun’s head.

If it was any later, ice crystals would have frozen out, right?

This little ninny was too damaging!

Under the heavens, who would dare to do that?

But even if he was asked to remind Chen Daojun, he wouldn’t dare!

Huo Zhenxiao gritted his teeth and said the most heartless words of his life.

“Master, it’s too cold, it’s freezing your face red!”

Chen Daogun frowned, “You’re at least a Qigong powerhouse, you can’t even resist a mere chill, you should be in love, right? You’re still young, you can’t grasp some things, Master advises you, some things can’t be eaten for dinner!”

Huo Zhenxiao, who was about to turn around and leave, stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

What the hell!

Is this my master?

At that moment, the roar of an aeroplane sounded again in the sky.

Chen Daojun and Huo Zhenxiao both tilted their heads to look at the plane that was swooping down and preparing to land.

Chen Dong, holding Barbara in his arms, also stopped and turned to pay attention.

“Here it is, everyone …… is finally here!”

Zhang Wudao, who had been watching without saying a word, could not control his emotions at this moment, his lofty and sturdy body trembling incessantly, his hands clenched into fists, excited and ecstatic.

His teary eyes, however, swept over the plane and looked towards the Thief Gate banner on the city wall.

The Thief’s Gate, which my father had recited countless times, had …… finally returned tonight!

Chapter 1596

“On guard!”

Huo Zhenxiao looked awe-inspiring as he solemnly shouted.

With a command, the airspace, ground and even communication defenses of the large Zhenjiang City, with the airport as the centre, were instantly and directly pulled up to the top level.

The wind and snow were bitterly cold.

Under the night curtain.

The aircraft roared down, glided, and stopped.

The wind is cold.

On the illuminated city walls, countless gazes watched.

Chen Daojun and Huo Zhenxiao look solemn and motionless, but their eyes are shining with anticipation.

Chen Dong, who was holding Barbara, did the same!

The Thief Saint had returned, and the Thief Clan had reunited.

This night’s waving of the flag and the carpenter’s appearance meant that the procedural step of recasting the martial body would immediately be entered.

This was also the most direct reason why Huo Zhenxiao had summoned him to Zhenjiang City on a starry night!

In terms of the current world situation, Master Kongkong had dismantled the martial diagram of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, which had significantly increased the strength of the entire Xiong Nu army, and the overall strength of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was also imminent!

It’s not too much to say that it’s on fire!

Otherwise …… the situation in the world two hundred days from now as mapped out by Zhao Breru will literally be imprinted into reality!

The Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body …… is the only breakthrough!

Of course, only if one is able to forge a higher-grade Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body!

And, a time limit of less than two hundred days is really too short!

“Barbara, when you were at the King’s Palace, did you ever see a monk?”

Chen Dong suddenly asked.

“A monk? Was it Grand Master Khongkong?”

Barbara recalled for a moment and asked back with uncertainty.

“Grand Master, it was him.”

Chen Dong smiled, “He ……”

Just as the words reached his mouth, Chen Dong stopped abruptly again.

He wanted to ask Barbara if she knew how far Master Kongkong had dismantled the martial heritage of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, but on second thought, how much did Barbara know at her age?

It would be better to ask Barbara than to ask Chen Daojun, who had personally walked through the Xiongnu!

“The Grand Master is very good, and this time Barbara was able to follow her Great Grandfather away, and the Grand Master was a great help.”

Barbara said from the bottom of her heart, with no half-truth on her little face.

Even as he said this, Chen Dong could clearly feel that the little one was extraordinarily close to Master Khongkong.

However, the fact that Barbara was able to follow Chen Daojun out of Xiongnu, or that Khongkong had helped her, was something that surprised Chen Dong quite a lot.

As the plane came to a halt, Zhang Wu Dao’s face was red with excitement as he quickly stepped up to greet him.

He spat out his voice like thunder and clasped his fist, “The heir of the Stolen Gate Stonemason, Zhang Wudao, meet you!”

Rolling thunderous sounds echoed through the airport.

As the cabin door opened, an elderly man dressed in a suit, with a large belly and neatly combed hair, walked down slowly.

Faced with Zhang Wu Dao, who was more than a round younger than himself, the old man did not show the slightest surprise or dismay.

Instead, he calmly and calmly cupped his fist at Zhang Wu Dao: “The Thief Sect’s pig-killer, Lin Shichong, meet me!”

Both of them stood opposite each other, their eyes bursting with burning heat.

Delighted, excited and uncontrollable ……

To the eight generals of the Thief Sect, whose hearts were not saddened by the decline of the Thief Sect with the departure of Xu Qingfeng?

No one wanted the Thief Sect to decline, and no one tried to support the Thief Sect, but no matter how hard they tried, it was to no avail, and they could only watch the building collapse because of one person!

“Hahahaha ……”

After staring at each other for a few seconds, both of them tilted their heads and laughed at the same time.

Compared to Zhang Wu Dao’s excited ecstasy, while old man Lin Shichong tilted his head and laughed, two drops of crystal flowed from the corners of his eyes.

“The clouds have opened up and the moon has become clear, nephew Wu Dao, there is finally hope for our Thief Sect!”

Lin Shichong’s laughter contained tears as he sighed and lamented, “It’s just a pity that my old brother, Wuji, won’t be able to witness this scene tonight, old brother, he is the one who wants to see the grand scene of the Thief Sect tonight the most, and has been working hard for this reason for over twenty years without slacking off!”

“Uncle Lin, my father’s spirit in heaven will surely rejoice with the Thieves’ Gate!” Zhang Wu Dao said.

Just as the two were exchanging pleasantries and emotions.

Chen Dong, however, walked up to Chen Daojun and Huo Zhenxiao with Barbara in his arms and frowned in confusion, “Why do I feel that this Lin Shichong, is a bit familiar?”

Chen Daogun teasingly smiled, “Today’s world meat products tycoon, you naturally have an impression, people say they are pig killers, do you really think they are just a pig killer?”

Chen Dong: “……”

No wonder it was a bit familiar!

Chen Dong was speechless for a while, every line of work had its own leader, and anyone who reached the top of any line of work was a magnate and a lord.

This Lin Shichong is exactly like that!

The reason why he felt familiar was because he had learned a brief piece of information from Elder Long, after all,……, this elderly man was in control of 60 percent of the daily meat distribution in the world, this underlying strength, can be called the top!

“Master, the eight generals are hardly all these unusual occupations, carpenters, stonemasons, pig killers?”

Huo Zhenxiao inquired curiously.

Although his knowledge of the Thief Sect far surpa*sed that of Chen Dong, the Thief Sect had been in decline for more than twenty years after all, and the only ones who knew the Eight Generals of the Thief Sect most clearly were the line of stonemasons represented by Zhang Wuji and Zhang Wudao, the father and son!

“Well, witch smiths, coffin lifters, blacksmiths and head shavers, these are all ancient occupations that have been pa*sed down from ancient times to the present day, and are also bottom-level occupations.”

Chen Daojun explained calmly, “The more the bottom, the longer and more widespread they have been pa*sed down, and although they are slowly dwindling, it will eventually take a very long time for them to completely die out, and this is the root of why the thief’s clan has prospered and helped the edifice fall countless times.”

After a pause, Chen Daojun gave a teasing smile, “But the eight generals of the Thief Sect, they cannot be underestimated, they may seem to be at the bottom, but as eight generals, they are all hidden dragons and crouching tigers, not just in their heritage, but also in their strength.”


Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao glanced at each other.

Chen Daojun raised his finger and pointed at Lin Shichong, who was not far away, and smiled teasingly, “Of the eight generals of the Thief Sect, the Pig Slayer and the Shaver are considered to be the action units, and the two with the strongest battle power, that Lin Shichong’s battle power is not to say that it is enough to beat you, but at most you two can only fight him on an even keel!”

These words were already very high praise!

Even Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao could not help but be shocked and secretly sucked in a cold breath.

One of them was the master of the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and had a terrifying record of destroying a city with one man, one horse and one spear.

One of them was also transformed by the “Pan Gu Project” and had an incomparably strong talent base.

To put it politely, Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao were now at the top of the martial arts pyramid, and the only people who could crush them were Chen Daojun, Xu Qingfeng and Master Kongkong!

And now this Lin Shichong was evenly matched with them!

“Hahahaha …… Daoist Monarch has praised you, how can this little old man’s one century of Kung Fu stand up to the titular Sovereign Huo and the young master of the Chen family!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Lin Shichong, who was not far away, laughed modestly towards Chen Dong and their side.

Chen Daojun smiled indifferently and raised his finger to point to the sky, “Old man Lin, stop pretending, the guys from the Thief Sect are almost here, I’d love to see the carpenter come soon!”

“The carpenter ……”

Once the words came out, the smile on Lin Shichong’s face but suddenly stiffened and became a little strange.