Winner Takes All Chapter 1587-1588

Chapter 1587

Elder Long and Changeless’ breath caught.

In an instant, the two men’s hearts twitched viciously.

The doubts they had previously had were instantly enlightened and awakened with Ye Linglong’s words.

Elder Long slapped his forehead with a slap: “Why didn’t I think of this place!”

As a family slave and the person who had been with Chen Dong for the longest time, he knew Chen Dong’s character better than anyone.

Moreover, he was the only witness to Chen Dong’s divorce from Gu Qingying and his use of Ye Linglong!


Today, Chen Dong’s words and behaviour were odd in every way.

But during the process just now, Long Lao had not thought of this at all.

“Blocking a sword?”

Changeless looked despondent and smiled bitterly, “No wonder Mr. Chen was uncharacteristic, so it was a deliberate attempt to force you to leave!”

After reacting, Elder Long and Impermanence looked at Ye Linglong with even more sympathy and pity.

Even putting aside their positions, both of them were asking themselves.

Is it worth it for Ye Linglong …… to do this?

“I’ll go see him.”

Ye Linglong braced her weak body and stood up, raising her hand to wipe away the tears at the corners of her eyes, her stunning face filled with stubbornness as she walked step by step towards the stairs.

“Miss Ye, on Ye Yuanqiu’s and Yuan Yigang’s side, old man will personally see them off.”

Long Lao looked at Ye Linglong’s back, unable to stop his heart from aching.

Having just experienced the severing of her kinship with her grandfather and immediately reverting back to her original self, this girl was too strong and pitiful.

“Many thanks, Elder Long.”

Ye Linglong returned with a breathless voice.

Waiting for Ye Linglong to go upstairs.

Only then did Wu Chang ask in a deep voice, “Elder Long, do you want to explain something to Ancestor Ye and Dragon Head?”

Elder Long’s face was sullen as he shook his head, “They are all angry, no amount of explaining will make it clear, not to mention, everyone wants Miss Ye to return to the Shanhe Guild, Miss Ye is holding out and not leaving, this in itself is ruffling Ye Yuanqiu’s feathers, that old man has become a living fossil of the Hong Guild and is very arrogant, let’s leave it at that for now.”


“Miss Ye.”

Jiang Qilin’s sword brows knitted together as he looked at Ye Linglong, whose hair was disheveled and lost in thought as she walked upstairs.

“Mr. Jiang, he hasn’t come out?”

Ye Linglong asked as her lips curled.

Jiang Qilin subconsciously glanced in the direction of Chen Dong’s bedroom, hesitated, and then turned to point at the gap in the balcony railing, “That’s what he broke off just now, ready to strike.”

Ye Linglong followed the direction and looked at the railing, the one gaping hole at the horizontal railing, the mark was extraordinarily new.

Just a nick, but deeply engraved on her heart, causing a warmth to well up in her heart.

She smiled ruefully, “He, he still has me, doesn’t he?”

Jiang Qilin scratched his head: “Maybe, maybe? Uh …… You know, Miss Ye, I don’t understand that aspect.”

Yeah, don’t get it!

Ye Linglong smiled despondently, perhaps …… it was better not to understand.

She turned towards Chen Dong’s bedroom and raised her hand and knocked on the door.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Almost simultaneously, a hoarse, angry roar came from inside the bedroom.

“Get out!”

Ye Linglong leaned against the wall, dazed and lost in thought, tears silently flowing down from the corners of her eyes.


Zhenjiang City.

It was cold and snowy and silvery.

The soldiers’ armour was cold and solemn above the city.

In the schoolyard inside the city, the sound of training is tearing up the wind and snow, and rises to the sky.

Inside Huo Zhenxiao’s barracks, a bonfire dances.

A drowsy Barbara is lying on her bed, covered with a thick blanket, sleeping soundly.

Chen Daojun and Huo Zhenxiao stopped by the bedstead and gazed at little Barbara.

“This little girl, she’s finally here.”

Huo Zhenxiao smiled, “When Chen Dong was stranded in the Great Snowy Plain, she was the one who saved his life.”

Chen Daojun stood with his hands folded, “Not interested.”

Huo Zhenxiao gave Chen Daojun a sidelong glance, smiled but did not say anything, and turned to sit in front of the desk.

“Master, what about your other gains from this trip, apart from Barbara?”

At the end of the sentence, Huo Zhenxiao’s expression was grave.

Chen Daogun still stood with his arms folded, gazing at Barbarian, his lips and teeth lightly parted as he said, “The strength of the entire Xiongnu army has increased by a large margin compared to the past, and as we suspected, Empty did map out some of the results of the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies’ enlightenment and imparted them to the entire Xiongnu army.”

The firelight imprinted on Huo Zhenxiao’s cold face.

When Chen Daogun’s words were spoken, his cold face visibly trembled twice.

After pondering for two seconds, Huo Zhenxiao asked, “Master thinks, how does it compare to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

That was the key!

Zhenjiang City and the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army were the rift valley across the vast northern domain, with one city and one army strangling the hundred tribes outside the domain waving their whips southwards.

The key to the gap between Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders is their crushing strength!

The reason for this is very simple. It is not frightening for the hundred tribes to fight individually, as the strength of the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Riders can crush them at will!

What’s scary is when the hundred tribes join together, when the strength of the hundred tribes merge together, it’s enough to achieve the result of quantitative change causing qualitative change!

And now, if there was an army that could match the strength of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, it would be a nightmare for Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army as well!

“The difference is not much, and even if there is a difference, it will only be a difference of a grain of rice!”

Chen Daojun did not hesitate in the slightest as he said in a gruff voice.

When he was at the Xiongnu Palace, although he had pushed all the way across and destroyed the entire Xiongnu army, it did not mean that the Xiongnu army was weak!

An existence that stood at the top of the world, pushing across a thousand armies, was supposed to be taken for granted.

It was like a stout adult facing a group of children and waving his hand to bring the children down.

But in war, it is never just about one person, the test is the overall battle power of the whole army, and it is undeniable that this time into the Xiongnu, Chen Daojun felt the battle power of the Xiongnu soldiers more strongly than any other time before!

Even though it was a devastating stance, it was enough for Chen Daojun to spy out the strength of the whole army from the smallest details!

“Hiss ……”

Huo Zhenxiao sucked in a breath of cold air backwards, his face as gloomy as water.

The hands that rested on the case table quietly clenched into fists as well.

He squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “This is not good for us!”

“It is imminent to forge the martial body again, Master Kongkong should have lost his way, but the martial heritage he pa*sed on before has become wooden.”

Chen Daojun turned to stare at Huo Zhenxiao.

Huo Zhenxiao raised his eyebrows, “Master is certain that Master Kongkong will come to a screeching halt? His pursuit of the martial arts is like an obsessive karmic obstacle.”

Chen Daogun smiled slightly, his cold expression softening a little: “He is indeed obsessed with the martial arts, but he is even more of a Buddhist, and Buddha has great compa*sion and mercy.

Huo Zhenxiao nodded, but then his brow furrowed even deeper.

“But in front of me, if I want to cast another martial dao body, just the first eleven are really not enough to counter the Xiongnu’s martial dao heritage, and going forward to cast the martial dao body, I need the carpenters of the eight generals of the Thief Gate, and now there is still no news from the birds!”

“Don’t worry.”

Chen Daojun smiled austere, with an extreme confidence between his eyebrows, “Someone will personally deliver the carpenter’s lupin art, to your Zhenjiang City!”

Chapter 1588

For three whole days.

All was calm and quiet, both inside and outside the region, and even outside the Great Snowy Plain.

The south-western region steadily progressed, while the storm Chen Daojun had stirred up in Xiongnu overnight had strangely disappeared into thin air after dawn.

The great Xiongnu.

Even if the country was sealed off, in the end, the night was too much.

The whole army was back at the palace, the twelve star cities were guarding the kingdom, there were black clouds and thunder and lightning, and the wolves were out in the sky.

Wave after wave of commotion.

Even if the entire Hun army had rushed back to the palace, such a movement could have been suppressed by the hand of the star.

But the black clouds and the thunder and lightning and the appearance of the wolves in the sky were also dispersed into nothingness.

So much so that Chen Daojun and Huo Zhenxiao inside Zhenjiang City felt a little incredulous during these three days.

The wind and snow howled.

The bonfire swayed.

Chen Daogun sat calmly by the campfire, the light of the fire shining brightly and dimly on his face, but his expression was so cold that he could not see the slightest bit of sadness or happiness.

On the other hand, little Barbara, wrapped in a wide, thick robe, crouched beside the bonfire, looking from afar as if she were a furry little ball.

The flames baked Barbara’s little pink face a little red, but she flashed her big eyes and stared intently into the fire, her fists clenched.

Huo Zhenxiao, on the other hand, sat at the desk, concentrating on his business.

“It’s done!”

Suddenly, Barbara shouted with delight, picked up an iron clip and turned over the fire, pinning out the two sweet potatoes.

The sweet potatoes were roasted to a charred black skin and covered with a layer of carbon dust, hot and scorching, yet emitting a tantalising aroma.

Little Barbara swallowed a mouthful of saliva and grabbed the roasted sweet potatoes with her tiny pink hands, which were so hot that Barbara swapped them back and forth between her hands, causing her to grimace in pain, but she refused to put them down.


Chen Daojun watched the scene and couldn’t help the soft smile that appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Great Grandpa, are you eating?”

Little Barbara forced herself to endure the scalding sensation and broke the roasted sweet potato in her hand into two, the golden hot sweet potato was piping hot and the tantalising aroma made people’s fingers tingle.

“Don’t eat.”

Chen Daojun shook his head.

Barbara looked at the roasted sweet potatoes in her hand, swallowed and handed one to Chen Daojun: “Grandpa, have some, it’s a delicious treat, Barbara loves eating roasted sweet potatoes, it smells so good.”

“Grandpa doesn’t want to eat it, Barbara will eat it.” Chen Daojun’s expression did not move and he still refused.

Strange, how could Great Grandpa refuse this earthly delicacy?

Ah Man frowned and stared at the steaming roasted sweet potato in his hand, and suddenly his eyes lit up.

I see!

She raised her eyes to Chen Daojun and said, “Great Grandpa doesn’t eat roasted sweet potatoes, is he afraid of farts?”

Chen Daojun: “……”

Huo Zhenxiao, who was concentrating on his business, shivered violently, and his right hand, which was holding the pen, trembled even more as he looked at Barbara in surprise.

Seeing Chen Daojun’s silence, Barbara nodded seriously: “Yes, if a man as decent and majestic as Grandpa eats a baked sweet potato and farts, he will definitely lose his image. In order to maintain his decent and majestic image, is that why he doesn’t eat it?”

Chen Daojun: “……”

Huo Zhenxiao, who was watching the drama next to him, even forced himself to laugh, put down his affairs with interest and quietly watched everything.

“But Great Grandpa, Barbarian ate and farted too, in case you eat and fart, Barbarian won’t make fun of you ta.”

Barbara’s big eyes twinkled as she looked at Chen Daojun with anticipation, “Grandpa, eat some of this, it’s a delicious treat on earth, Barbara won’t make fun of Grandpa.”

Looking at Barbara’s expectant look, Chen Daojun was a bit helpless, but finally took the roasted sweet potato.

Barbara smiled happily and grabbed the remaining half of the sweet potato, “Barbara, let’s eat first!”

At the side, Huo Zhenxiao watched the two of them eating the roasted sweet potatoes, the tantalising aroma of the roasted sweet potatoes lingering in his nose, and he too had an appetite for them.

At that very moment.

Poof ……

A not very loud, but long sound echoed in the barracks.

In a flash.

The barracks was silent.

The smile on Huo Zhenxiao’s face froze violently, and in his line of sight, Chen Daojun and Barbara simultaneously stood still, as if the space bar had been pressed.

The next second.

While biting into a baked sweet potato, Ah Barbara raised her eyes and muttered, “Don’t worry, Grandpa, Ah Barbara won’t laugh at you.”

Chen Daojun: “……”

Quietly, Chen Daojun’s brow furrowed, his cold face twitching minutely and even flushing a little, not knowing if it was from the fire or from shame.

Huo Zhenxiao looked at Chen Daojun’s appearance and couldn’t help but feel some sympathy.


I’ve been studying under my master for so many years, but I’ve never seen my master like this!

Little Barbara …… has become Master’s “nemesis”?

If the world could see this scene, I wonder how many powerful family heads and giants would have trouble sleeping at night, wondering what to make of it!

As he pondered this, Huo Zhenxiao’s body suddenly shifted.

Suddenly, Huo Zhenxiao’s body stiffened, and an overwhelming murderous intent came stabbing straight at him like a substantial sword.


Huo Zhenxiao’s heart cried out in agony as he raised his eyes and saw Chen Daojun looking at him with narrowed eyes.

“Zhenxiao, it is better to be happy alone than to be happy with others.”

Chen Daojun squeezed out a sentence from his teeth, and with a wave of his left hand and a surge of Qi energy, the remaining roasted sweet potato on the ground flew straight to Huo Zhenxiao.

Huo Zhenxiao was instantly filled with black lines, “Master, that’s not good, at least I’m the master of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.”


Chen Daogun raised his eyebrows and a humming sound came out of his mouth and nose.

The piercing coldness instantly caused the temperature of the entire barracks to plummet to the freezing point.

The next second.

Huo Zhenxiao hurriedly picked up the roasted sweet potato and smothered it with a large bite.

While chewing, he secretly ran his Qi energy, his eyes turning incomparably sad and angry.

Poof ……

A sound that was not quite loud, but loud enough to be heard, emanated from behind Huo Zhenxiao.

As the sound rang out, Chen Daojun’s expression visibly eased up a lot.

“Uncle Huo, Barbara won’t laugh at you.”

Barbarian blinked and muttered a complement with a sweet potato in his mouth.

“Hahahaha …… Barbarian is good, eat the sweet potato, it’s really delicious on earth.”

Chen Daojun laughed, stroked Barbara’s head and continued to eat.

Barbarian also stifled his head and ate indiscriminately.

The two grandchildren, Huo Zhenxiao sorrowfully put down the sweet potatoes, the corners of the mouth twitched one after another, thinking: MMP!


The Xiongnu King’s Palace.

Inside the secret room of the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

Grandmaster Empty Sky with a pale face sat between the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf martial bodies with a concentrated expression and deep eyes.

Rumble ……

The heavy chamber door suddenly opened.

Master Empyrean turned his eyes and saw Xixing and the gauze-covered Kui Gang walking in.

“Greetings, Lord Queen and Lord Kui Gang.”

Grandmaster Empty Sky was about to rise.

“There is no need for the Grand Master to be polite.”

Xixing hurriedly raised his hand to stop them and added, “Grand Master, Lord Kui Gang is bored with resting and recuperation, so he has also come to enlighten the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, so I would like to ask Grand Master for more guidance.”

“Amitabha Buddha!”

With a peaceful face, Master Empyrean folded his hands and nodded his head as he chanted a Buddhist hymn.

It was also at the moment he bowed his head.

The smile on Xixing’s face disappeared, and his eyes were cold as he locked eyes with Kui Gang.