Winner Takes All Chapter 1577-1578

Chapter 1577

Sky wolves across the sky.

The lightning scorches the prison.

Everything was like the end of days.

A scene that should have existed only in the special effects of a movie, but was actually imprinted into reality.


With a loud boom, the sky exploded.

A scarlet ripple rippled out from the 100-metre giant wolf, which was gradually solidifying, and pushed out in all directions.

Even when the night was dark, the scarlet ripples were clearly visible in the night sky, causing ripples visible to the naked eye.

A whirlwind.

The blood colour on the 100-metre giant wolf dissipated and was wrapped in an eerie white aura.

It was still a fledgling form, but the white aura enveloped it, outlining even the slightest hint of fur.

Majestic, brutal, fierce ……

Standing in the air, the wolf’s head slowly bent down and looked towards Chen Daojun.

In a flash.

Chen Daogun and the wolf’s eyes met as if they were fixed.

Rumble ……

In the black clouds that were pressing down, the sound of rolling thunder resounded almost simultaneously, as if it was the roar of the heavens.

Lightning, like thunder dragons, stretched across the black clouds, densely packed and crisscrossed.

The piercing lightning echoed the white light emanating from the Sky Wolf.

The mighty pressure was like a titanic mountain crushing down on this side of heaven and earth in the Xiongnu Thirteen Cities.

“Retreat, retreat!”

Xixing knelt on the ground, her long hair dancing, but her beautiful face was somewhat anxious and frightened: “Retreat!”

A command was given.

The Xiongnu soldiers who were kneeling on the ground woke up as if from a dream and cried out in fear.

But the terrifying pressure that hung over them all made it difficult for them to move.

The fear was deep in their blood, deep in their souls.

While reason remained, instinct made them lose control of their bodies.

Some of the slightly stronger Hun soldiers were even filled with fierce faces, bursting out with a roar and falling to the ground, like maggots, writhing with all their might to move a little away from Chen Daojun.

Everyone knew what would happen next.

But there was no telling how far it would ripple out when it really happened.

It is the instinct of all living creatures to avoid harm!

“Retreat, retreat quickly ……”

“Help me, I can’t move, help me ……”

“Heavenly Wolf is above, I am your most devout believer ……”

For a time, the sea of people in the crowds was in a state of panic.

There were those who desperately moved their bodies to save themselves, those who wailed in fear, and those who could do nothing but pray in hope ……

Some even fainted and died under the pressure of the mighty force, with blood dripping from their mouths and noses.

In the midst of this chaotic sea of people, Chen Daojun was always staring at the 100-metre wolf in the air, his aura not diminishing in the slightest.

One man and one wolf, facing each other across the air, invisibly, but it was as if there were countless swords and lights, intertwined in the air.

On the other side, at the entrance of the main hall.

Master Kongkong, who had been sitting cross-legged, stopped chanting at this moment.

Trembling and forcibly holding back his injuries, he grasped the door pillar of the main hall and slowly stood up, his pale face gloomy, his eyes locked on Chen Daojun, unable to hide his worry.

“Heavenly Thunder, Heavenly Wolf, both of them have combined to attack Chen Daojun in a great way, if the poor monk does not help him to block it once, I am afraid he will have difficulty surviving.”

This was the thought in Master Kongkong’s mind.

The thousands of cries and desperate voices ringing in his ears were even more tremendous to his mind.

What he was asking for was a compa*sion!

What was before him was something that he could do nothing about.

This feeling was like a thousand swords and axes chopping at his dao heart.

He knew that if he took action, he would not be able to stay in Xiongnu to continue to study the 72 Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies, but if he did not take action, the killing would continue.

The only way to reduce the death toll to a minimum was to cut the mess quickly!

Even if he couldn’t stay in Xiongnu, he had no choice but to step in and stop it for once for Chen Daojun!


Why was he still laughing?

Master Empty Sky’s pupils suddenly tightened in astonishment.

In his line of sight, Chen Daojun’s cold face, however, suddenly pulled up the corners of his mouth and smiled in an extremely strange manner.

“If it weren’t for the Heavenly Wolf appearing in the world, I would have a headache on how to dissolve these thousands of thunderbolts!”

With a light laugh, Chen Daogun murmured softly.

The next second.

The majestic qi that surrounded him, like a tsunami, suddenly fell silent.

With his gun in his left hand, Chen Daogun straightened up and pointed at the Sky Wolf in the air.

“Sinful beast, come on!”

The sound shook the heavens and the earth.

Overbearingly out of the corner of his eye!

Rampant to the extreme!

The Huns believe in the Heavenly Wolf, but they have become a mere sinful beast!

Even the thousands of Xiongnu soldiers who were crying and howling instantly forgot their desperate thoughts of running away with this furious rebuke, and were stunned.

Xixing was even more distraught and resentful to the extreme.

“Blasphemy against the Heavenly Wolf, Chen Daojun today you will die!”

The gnashing of teeth was like a curse.


Almost at the same time, in the sky, the Heavenly Wolf raised its head to the sky and let out a long whistle, its body covered in white light, instantly filling the heaven and earth.

The next second.

The Sky Wolf’s lofty mountain-like body swooped down towards Chen Daojun.

A fierce storm rose.

It covered the sky and the earth.

Just this swoop alone gave people a sense of fear that the sky was falling.

There were even people screaming in misery and wailing under this impact.

Time seemed to be slowed down at this moment.

At the same time as the wolf swooped down, the black clouds that had been building up for a long time finally tore a huge gap, as if the sky was leaking, and thousands of thunderbolts that had already been agitated found their way out instantly.

Lightning surged down, stirring the sky.

The terrifying currents, in an instant, even caused this side of the world to surge with electricity.

All living creatures, at this moment, could clearly feel a sense of paralysis in their bodies.

If viewed from a distance, this scene was spectacular and unparalleled.

Thousands of thunderbolts accompanied the celestial wolves, and the target was none other than the majestic Chen Daojun!

“Amitabha Buddha ……”

Master Empty Sky looked determined, chanting a Buddhist hymn under his breath, looking ahead into the white haze, about to make a move.

“I’ll help you!”

A voice, however, suddenly exploded amidst the loud roar of the heavens and earth, covering up the thunderous roar and the long whine of the Heavenly Wolf.

Almost simultaneously.


In one direction, a boom suddenly rang out.

A vast expanse of Qi, like a furious tsunami, swept towards this square.

The moment it approached.

The majestic qi energy directly condensed into a hand of several dozen metres, stretching across Chen Daojun’s diagonal.

“I knew you would definitely follow!”

Chen Daogun smiled smugly.

Almost as soon as the big hand took shape, the hundred-meter Heavenly Wolf also came close, and the big hand that took shape, without the slightest pause, went straight upwards and grabbed towards the Heavenly Wolf.

Taking advantage of the gap between the big hand and the Heavenly Wolf’s blast.

Chen Daogun’s aura changed dramatically and his killing intent knew no bounds.

He leaned back with his spear in his hand, and his vast Qi swept in all directions in a devastating manner, ploughing through the court.

The spear, too, was instantly surrounded by qi, forming a spiral of qi that seemed to pierce through everything.

“Sinful beast, enjoy the Heavenly Thunder Bath!”


Accompanied by Chen Daogun’s explosive shout, his body twisted violently, and the lance in his hand, wrapped in qi energy, instantly roared like a missile and shot up into the sky, heading straight for the Heavenly Wolf ……

Chapter 1578

Rumble ……

Ouch ……

The earth-shaking roar accompanied by the long wolf whistle became the only sound in this part of the world.

Thunder and lightning, like the sky collapsing, poured down from the black cloud opening.

If you look at it from a distance, it is as if the heavenly river has collapsed and poured into the earth.

The sky and the earth were all white.

Time seems to be blurred in this moment.

The great hand crossed the sky, and the moment it collided with the Heavenly Wolf, it violently trembled with countless cracks, but it also stopped the Heavenly Wolf in the air for an instant.

As the two collided, a terrifying white ripple, like a tidal wave, spread out in the air in all directions.

Almost simultaneously.

The long spear, surrounded by qi and resembling a python dragon, also flew above the Sky Wolf.

The next second.

Rumble ……

The scorched prison of thunder light that poured down from thousands of thunderbolts instantly seemed to be attracted, engulfing all of them towards where the lance was.

In a flash.

The lance that rushed up to the sky seemed to become the centre of the thunder, stirring up countless currents, dancing wildly in the air.

The scene was appalling and spectacular.

“This, how is this possible?”

The jaw of Master Kong Kong at the entrance of the main hall was agape.

The same shock was permeating the hearts of everyone present.

So much so that the Hun soldiers, who were so fearful and weak that they could not even escape, were now staring blankly.

“Lightning Rod ……”

As if Chen Daogun had heard Master Khongkong’s cry of alarm, he smiled playfully, his silver hair dancing wildly, the look of sidelong dominance between his eyebrows, half diminished.

“Not good!”

Xixing looked up at the terrifying scene on the pale night sky, briefly lost in thought, feeling the piercing current pouring down, she was violently enlightened.

The next second.

“Dodge, Skywolf dodge!”

A shrill, harsh whistle echoed through this part of the world.

“Eight Formations Hooking the Star River, Eight Formation Diagrams of Gods and Ghosts!”

The voice of the master of the large hand suddenly resounded through the heavens and the earth once again.

It was as majestic and terrifying as the holy voice of the nine heavens.

In an instant.

In the distant sky, a golden light dazzled the eyes, and a giant round of eight trigrams, like a cloth covering the sky, moved across the sky in a vast manner.

The golden light was so brilliant that it was no weaker than the thunder and lightning.

The vicissitudes, solitude, ethereal and mysterious ……

With the appearance of the golden gossip, it instantly diffused across this part of the world.

In the end, the golden gossip of light spanned right above Chen Daojun’s head.

The 50-metre golden gossip was like a barrier stretching across mid-air, slowly rotating.

All of this was just a snap of his fingers.


Chen Daojun smiled faintly, “Xu Qingfeng!”

“Oooh ……”

As the golden light gossip came across the sky, the Heavenly Wolf, which was at a standstill with the large hand, seemed to have sensed something and let out a long whine from the sky, immediately stepping on all four feet to dodge.

But then, something changed!

The hand that had almost collapsed, the moment the wolf fled, its five fingers were like pillars of the sky, and it grabbed the wolf with a brazen grip, directly imprisoning it in its place.


The huge body of the 100-metre Sky Wolf struggled fiercely, instantly shattering the five fingers.

But this also took a breath of time.

And that one breath of time was enough to change everything!

Rumble ……

The thousands of thunderbolts that were completely attracted by the lance exploded in this moment.

Countless streaks of lightning broke apart in an instant, like countless long whips of heavenly thunder, dancing chaotically in the air.

The heavens and the earth were white with roaring explosions.

Lightning danced wildly.

In an instant, it engulfed the nearest Sky Wolf.

The Sky Wolf’s long whistle suddenly turned into a mournful wail the moment it was swallowed up by the heavenly thunder.

The remainder of the impact directly struck the golden gossip, shaking and roaring as it clung to the golden gossip and raged in all directions.

The terrifying impact even recoiled into the sky the moment the heavenly thunder landed on the golden light octagrams, raising a mushroom cloud made of lightning.


A miserable scream echoed instantly.

The Hun soldiers, who were originally suppressed by the mighty pressure and found it difficult to flee, all screamed in agony at this moment.

A tide of people fell down amidst the screams.

This scene was incomparably terrifying, just like hell.

Chen Daojun was the only one who could stand calmly and unhurriedly right below the golden gossip.

It was not that he completely ignored the terrifying impact of the heavenly thunder, but he was strong enough to easily resist the impact of the heavenly thunder after it had pa*sed through the golden trigram.

The Xiongnu soldiers underneath the golden light octagrams, however, could hardly resist in the face of this terrifying heavenly might!

With Chen Daogun as the centre, spreading in all directions, the dense Xiongnu soldiers, like humble mole crickets at this moment, all screamed and fell to the ground, bleeding from their seven orifices, and died on the spot.

“No …… it can’t be …… why is this happening?”

The pale face of Xixing, looking at the tragic scene in the square, was filled with fear and horror, and no longer had the overwhelming aura she had before.

She sat paralyzed on the ground, and all of a sudden had a feeling of emptiness as her three souls and seven bodies left her body.

The Heavenly Thunder was aimed at Chen Daojun!

That was why she dared to summon the Heavenly Wolves, to pour oil on the fire.

But she had never expected that Heavenly Thunder would actually be directed at the Heavenly Wolves!

And these Hun soldiers that she had carefully trained, the sharp weapon that she had used to swing her whip southwards after 200 days, were now so weak and weak that they were directly exterminated!


Blood erupted from Shying’s mouth and nose.

A terrifying electric current covered her body, causing her delicate body to freeze instantly.

Am I …… going to die too?

The descent of death brought back a few moments of sanity to her.

She slowly raised her head, her hollow eyes, looking at the roiling thunder in despair.

It was white!

Yet it contained a terrifying power that could destroy living beings!

It was a close call.

“Queen beware!”

A hoarse roar.

Shying’s eyes dimmed as she saw Kui Gang’s lofty body lunge forward.

The moment they touched, Kui Gang directly embraced Xixing, his right foot stomped on the ground and with a surge of Qi, the two of them shot off into the distance like a cannonball.


In the space of a few feet, a big black and smoking crater exploded on the ground where Xixing was sitting just now!


The Heavenly Wolf’s harsh wailing sound resounded through the heavens once again.

A fierce white light suddenly burst out like ten thousand swords from the countless spherical lightning bolts that had formed around the Sky Wolf.

In the next second, the spherical lightning cracked and dissipated.

The figure of the Heavenly Wolf also faded to a nearly transparent outline.

Without the slightest pause, the Heavenly Wolf gazed resentfully at Chen Daojun below before violently turning its direction and plunging down towards where the Heavenly Wolf Academy was located.

“A sinful beast, is a sinful beast!”

Chen Daogun shook his head disdainfully.

The heavenly thunder and lightning overhead, gradually disappeared, and as the pouring ended, the black clouds were gradually annihilated.

The terrifyingly great oppression that resembled the horizontal pressure of a great hell also decayed rapidly ……

It was all in the blink of an eye.

But the result was a huge square littered with the bodies of Hun soldiers and a strong smell of burning ……


With a buzzing sound, the golden gossip above his head dissipated.

Chen Daojun was holding Barbara, and his hair had returned to black, his old face disappearing.

Only his essence had shrivelled up a great deal, and even his face was so pale that it was bloodless.

“No one can stop me!”

Chen Daojun looked back profoundly at Master Kongkong, before turning around and walking towards the distance as calmly as ever.