Winner Takes All Chapter 1575-1576

Chapter 1575

Click …… click ……

From beneath each Skywolf Martial Path, a crack, as if it were a spider’s web, appeared abruptly, spreading out in all directions.

Above the grand hall plaza, dark clouds were thick and muffled thunder rolled.

The extreme oppression was like a titanic mountain pressing down on this part of the world.

The sound of shouts and screams rose to the sky.

The Xiongnu army came in a tidal wave of dense and endless numbers.

Without hesitation, they were all armed with blades, as if they were red-eyed wolves of the snowy plains, pouncing on the figure surrounded by majestic qi.

In front of the vocation, fear is also insignificant!

“Great Grandpa …… can we really walk out of here?”

Barbara turned back, glancing fearfully at the boundless tide of people, and asked in fear and anxiety.

“If Little Barbara wants to go out, then she can definitely go out!”

Chen Daojun’s mottled silver hair, dancing lightly with the wind, revealed a gentle smile at the corner of his mouth.

Little Barbara and Chen Daojun looked at each other, and with just this glance, the apprehension in her heart thumped away, replaced by an indescribable solidity and peace of mind.

“Little Barbara, take a nap, and when you wake up, you will be under that starry sky of Uncle Chen Dong’s.”

Chen Daojun’s lips opened lightly and his voice seemed to have a magical power, pouring into Barbara’s ears. Barbara suddenly showed her sleepiness and her eyelids fluttered twice, slowly closing.

A murmur ensued, “Ah Barbara …… misses Uncle.”

Chen Daojun smiled faintly, but cast his eyes forward, the depths of his eyes were astonished and gloomy in a flash.

“Empty old vulture, you are really compa*sionate, nowadays the strength of these Xiongnu people, but indeed there has been a long progress, two hundred days later ……”

This was the thought in Chen Daojun’s mind.

The main reason he went all the way to Xiong Nu was to determine the situation of Xiong Nu nowadays, and taking away Barbara was just a pa*sing act.

But now the battle prowess shown by this one Xiongnu soldier made his heart sink continuously, and the earthly purgatory of the world two hundred days later painted by Zhao Broke-Ru in his mind became clearer and clearer.

Although the vast Xiongnu army could not stop him from leaving, no matter how many millions of people there were, he dispersed them with a wave of his hand and blatantly.

But in the process, Chen Daogun clearly perceived that the overall strength of the Xiongnu soldiers had risen by a notch!

In the eyes of the strong, even weakness was graded.

Thousands of Xiongnu soldiers were indeed unable to stop him, Chen Daogun, but there was …… only one Chen Daogun in the world!

The existence that stands at the peak of the martial pyramid is but a phoenix’s hair.

A single existence simply cannot be compared to the whole.

To truly compare, it would be to take the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army of Zhenjiang City and compare it to these Xiongnu troops in front of them.

Once the Xiongnu really swings south in 200 days, it will be a real nightmare for Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders!

War is never a war for a particular individual, but the strength of the whole!

“Recasting the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body is imminent, if the overall battle strength of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is not raised within these two hundred days, after two hundred days, the heavenly rift of Zhenjiang City will also be reduced to nothing!”

Chen Daojun pondered, but his footsteps did not stop, lifting his feet, taking a step, and waving his hand.

Every movement was calm and easy, as if the thousands of Xiongnu soldiers in front of him did not exist at all.

Every time he waved his hand, the vast and turbulent qi was transformed into a python dragon, sweeping the court and rushing forward, pushing out a blank space out of the way.


Above the night, the thick black clouds that had been building up for a long time were suddenly torn open by a thunderbolt of lightning.

The bright, blinding light instantly illuminated the vast Xiongnu Palace as bright as day.

Finally, the advancing Chen Daojun stopped in his tracks, and his terrifying qi instantly shot up into the sky, turning into a barrier that surrounded his surroundings and pushed out directly in all directions.

“Time, is it almost time?”

On Chen Daojun’s cold face, a rare gloom appeared.

Inside the main hall, Master Kongkong, who was seated and chanting sutras, was also looking at the thunderous lightning bolt that was blatantly striking down at this moment, a touch of worry surfacing in his eyes.

The lightning bolt tore through the night sky, but dissipated strangely slowly.

So much so that when Master Kongkong looked up, the lightning still existed as a vague outline.

Straight and straight, without the distortion of an unusual lightning bolt.

And it was Chen Daojun who was directly beneath the lightning bolt!

“Daojun …… you really don’t have much time left and ……”

Master Empty Sky murmured, and with a profound sideways glance, looked out in a direction that was the location of the Heavenly Wolf Academy.

“If it were not for the poor monk’s enlightenment, I really would not have known that the secrets of the world are so much more.”

A thought came to mind.

Suddenly, a magnetic voice resounded in Master Khongkong’s ears.

“Khongkong, when the heavenly thunder descends, help me block a hand!”

Chen Daojun?!

Master Empty Sky’s expression was astonished as he stared at Chen Daojun’s back in surprise.

At their level, it couldn’t be easier to avoid all ears and get the sound into the ears of a single person.

But ……

“Poor monk will not help you!”

Master Empty Air said decisively as his expression returned to normal.

“Won’t help?”

Chen Daojun’s voice came again, “If you don’t help, I will turn back and kill you now, letting you block is to give you face, don’t be insensitive.”

The corners of Master Empty Sky’s eyes were bulging with veins, one jumping wildly: how could a Daoist monarch be like a shrewish scoundrel?

“A scoundrel is such an attribute, I’ve hidden it so well, but you’ve found it out!”

A teasing laugh reached Master Empty Sky’s ears.

Master Empty Air: “……”

Thinking for two seconds, Grandmaster Empty agreed helplessly.

With Master Kongkong as a shield, Chen Daojun no longer stopped and lifted his feet to take a step, only his speed, however, was even faster than before.

With the lightning striking down overhead, he really didn’t have much time left.

Once the heavenly lightning really struck, what he was considering was not whether he could get out of this Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu, but whether he could survive successfully under the thunder of the sky.

The saying “Heaven and Earth are unkind and all things are ruminants” was never just a saying.

This heaven and earth, too, never allow the existence of forces beyond.

Boom, boom, boom ……

As the first lightning struck down, the sound of rolling thunder became more and more dense and loud in the thick black clouds, and countless lightning bolts weaved in and out of the black clouds, blindingly bright, illuminating the heaven and earth in a blur.

This process seemed to be building up momentum.

As the thunder and lightning raged through the black clouds, the terrifying currents even caused the Hun army on the ground to feel the tingling sensation of electricity pa*sing through their bodies.

Soon, Chen Daojun reached the position at the palace gate.

Looking at the dense tide of people, Chen Daogun narrowed his eyes and a cold aura flashed in his eyes.

The next second.

Without waiting for the crowd to pounce on him, his right hand moved and a Hun battle sword was directly sucked into his hand by the Qi energy.



Chen Daogun threw the war sword towards the palace gate, and the vast, hellish Qi energy instantly wrapped around the war sword, destroying it and rushing towards the gate.

The biting qi, wrapped around the war sword, ravaged the surroundings, instantly turning it into a meat grinder, wailing everywhere it pa*sed, one by one, the Hun soldiers were crushed before they could even resist.


Like a bomb explosion, the moment the sword came up against the palace gate, the qi blasted out in all directions, shattering the lofty palace gate.

A mushroom cloud of smoke and dust rose into the air.

Just as the smoke and dust rose, a red-robed silhouette rushed through the smoke and dust at breakneck speed.

“Leave Barbara behind, or die together!”

Shying was clad in a phoenix robe, and her beautiful eyes were scarlet as she locked onto Chen Daojun amidst the tide of people.

“Hun demon lady?”

Chen Daogun smiled, “What will you take to die with me?”

Xixing glanced at Barbara in Chen Daogun’s arms, and suddenly her frustration filled her heart, and ruthlessness erupted in her eyes.

She raised her right hand and pointed at the location of the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

Almost simultaneously.


A wolf whistle rose to the sky and echoed through the heavens and earth.

If Huo Zhenxiao was there, he would have known clearly that this wolf whistle was the same long wolf whistle that had resounded through the heavens and the earth when he had saved Chen Dong!

Chapter 1576

The wolf whistles in the sky.

It shook the sky and the earth with a terrifying sound.

Even the thunder and lightning that surged through the layers of black clouds were silenced with this wolf whistle.

On the square.

The wind and snow were all at once.

Time seemed to freeze at this moment.

The vast, endless Xiongnu army was at a standstill.

The wolf whistles.

In the sea of people, only the screams of the Xiongnu, whose eardrums were painfully shaken by the wolf whistle, echoed.

A phoenix-robed Xixing slowly straightened her body, and her beautiful face was untamed and overwhelming.

“Chen Daogun …… How is it now?”

Chen Daogun slowly turned around and looked in the direction of the sky wolf’s long whistle, his eyebrows knitted together and he murmured gruffly.

“The wolf?”

Whirling, he bowed his head, pulling up the half corner of his mouth and gently shook his head.

The thick disdain made Shying, who was standing in front of the ruins, look choked.

“Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands and looked in the direction of the wolf whistling, shocked and frightened.

It was also at the moment when the wolves were howling in the long sky, shaking the heavens and the earth.

Inside the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard, however, a great change was taking place.

Rumble ……

The wide and mysterious Skywolf Courtyard was now shaken by an earthquake.

A crowd of Heavenly Wolf Courtyard guards were terrified and clamouring.

“What’s happened? What on earth has happened?”

“An earthquake, no, this wolf whistling sound, the Heavenly Wolf, it’s the Heavenly Wolf!”

“The wolves are howling in the sky, is it like when Huo Zhenxiao came to Xiong Nu again?”


The entire Heavenly Wolf courtyard was in a mess.

The crowd of guards forced down the great fear in their hearts and prostrated themselves on the ground in devotion and prayer.

In the vast snowy plains outside this domain, faith was even more important than life among the Hundred Clans.

What was happening in front of them was like a miracle.

And within the secret chamber, red light had already filled the room.

The wolf eyes of the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies were all bursting with red, scarlet and ominous.

As the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies shook, the ground trembled more and more violently.

Cracks stretched out from beneath each of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies, and the ground undulated in a regular manner.

This scene was extremely appalling.

It was as if there was some existence under the ground that was awakening and then arching away from the ground little by little.


The trembling seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies gave a violent lurch.

The red light that had originally burst out from the wolf’s eyes now seemed to have turned into substance, like a waterfall of blood, flowing down from the wolf’s eyes along the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, rendering all of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies into an ominous blood colour.


In the next second, there was a loud boom.

A pillar of blood erupted from each of the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies at the same time, rising up to the sky and breaking through the roof of the secret room and into the night sky.

The entire seventy-two pillars of blood were so spectacular that they went straight into the black clouds.

In an instant, these seventy-two pillars of blood that ran through heaven and earth became the focal point of the entire Thirteen Xiongnu Cities.

At the same time, everyone in the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu looked up in horror at the seventy-two pillars of blood rising from the sky.

The shouts of horror were like a mountainous roar, completely breaking the silence of the Thirteen Cities.

“What is that? What on earth has happened tonight?”

“Heavenly Wolf is above, what on earth has happened to the Huns this night?”

“That’s the direction of the king’s palace, there must be a big change at the palace, oh my god, what are these seventy-two pillars of blood?”


Even the Xiongnu troops from all sides who had poured out from the twelve star cities to rush to the king’s palace now stopped in their tracks in the face of the seventy-two pillars of blood rushing into the sky.

With the sound of wolf whistles, just like the autumn wind sweeping away the wheat saplings, everyone knelt on the ground in unison, incomparable devotion.

This scene was like a miracle, incomparably shocking!

If a video was taken and spread, it would be enough to shock the hundred tribes outside the domain!

And in the square outside the main hall.

Everything seemed to be standing still at this moment.

Whether it was Chen Daojun or the thousands of soldiers, they were all staring at the seventy-two pillars of blood in the night sky.

The seventy-two pillars of blood, straight into the black clouds, intertwined with the thunder, were incomparably shocking.

The great oppression created by the black clouds and thunderbolts just a moment ago was as terrifying as a prison, but as the seventy-two blood pillars rose into the sky, they were mixed with the brutality and ferocity of a tumultuous sea of blood.

As the mountains crushed down like a prison, everyone was crushed like a mountain on their shoulders.

There were even already Huns who were slightly weaker, blood dripping from their mouths and noses, their faces full of fear, but still gazing reverently.

“Is it coming out?”

Chen Daojun murmured in a deep voice, his tone unprecedentedly low and grave.

Immediately, he made a move with his left hand and his qi swept out, directly sucking a long spear into his hand.

Almost simultaneously.

The phoenix robed Xixing knelt reverently on the ground.

A light breeze swept through her, blowing up her hair and making her features a little colder.

She lifted her hands and raised them high into the night sky.

Rumble ……

In the black clouds above the sky, thunder rumbled and lightning raged, making the heaven and earth bright and dark, except for the seventy-two rushing pillars of blood that always shone.

Immediately afterwards, Shying Xing’s lips and teeth lightly opened.

“Great Heavenly Wolf, please accept the call of your people, bless the Xiongnu, bless the hundred tribes, I, Queen …… Xixing of the Xiongnu, bow to the Heavenly Wolf!”

Words of devotion echoed through this side of heaven and earth.

The aura of the Xixing at this moment seemed to have changed dramatically.

Chen Daogun embraced the sleeping Barbara in one hand, held a gun in the other, slowly turned around and stared at Xie Xing with narrowed eyes.

“For the sake of a little girl, it is worth such a big deal to you, as the Queen of the Huns, you should know something too!”

The voice was low, but it meant something.

Two beams of essence erupted from Shying’s eyes as she gazed at Chen Daojun: “Is this …… you being scared?”

The next second.

Her phoenix robe fluttered against the wind, her green silk fluttered, and she smiled a bitter smile, “You can leave, Barbara must stay, if you want to take her away, then we will die together!”


Chen Daojun smiled and shook his head, looking askance and disdainful.


As Chen Daogun raised his head, the majestic and vast Qi energy was like a tsunami rushing into the sky, directly splashing and tumbling into the sky of the night.

The terrifying qi energy, ploughing and sweeping the ground beneath his feet, quickly crushed it into pieces, and the smoke and dust was directly pushed out horizontally by the qi energy.

There were shrieks and shouts of horror.

Countless Xiongnu soldiers retreated in fear, afraid to avoid it.

And Chen Daojun’s mottled silver hair was quickly and completely rendered into silver threads, and his face was rapidly ageing.

Only all this was difficult to be seen by outsiders because of the concealment of qi energy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


As if sensing this, the black clouds that were suppressing the sky surged up in layers, and countless thunderbolts ravaged the sky like a scorched prison of lightning, completely illuminating heaven and earth.

And in the corners beneath the black clouds, seventy-two pillars of blood rushed to the sky, also twisted and tossed at the same time, converging into a sea of blood.

“Ow! ……”

The sound of the long wolf whistle echoed through heaven and earth.

Under the lightning scorched prison, in the sea of blood, a huge blood wolf, nearly 100 meters in height, was rapidly solidifying ……

It is bleak, ancient, violent and fierce ……

The terrifying aura instantly presses across the long sky.

With the great oppression of black clouds and thunder, intertwined with each other ……