Winner Takes All Chapter 1573-1574

Chapter 1573

As Xixing gave the order.

All the troops of the Twelve Cities of Xiongnu left the city and converged towards the King’s City in great numbers.

If one were to look down on the whole territory from above Xiongnu, one would certainly be able to see the tide of soldiers from the entire Twelve Cities of Xiongnu, pouring into the King City of Xiongnu like a hundred rivers returning to the sea.

It was a spectacular sight!


Inside the Xiongnu royal city, the army was in full battle mode, with columns of troops converging on the royal palace at the first opportunity.

The wind was bitterly cold.

The snow cried out.

No one could have imagined that it was only one man who could have alerted the Huns to attack!

If word of this scene were to spread, it would definitely shock the hundred tribes of the snowy plains!


The sound of shouting and killing was so loud that even the wind and snow rolled back in a flash.

“How can a mere 10,000 people stop me?”

Huo Zhenxiao looked indifferent as he strode towards the 10,000 people with Barbara in his arms.

The majestic qi that rushed up to the sky, with Huo Zhenxiao’s step, was like a monstrous tsunami that suddenly arced into the air and crushed the Xiongnu soldiers in front of him.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The sound of the explosion overturned all the floor tiles in the square and crashed into the tidal wave of 10,000 people along with the Qi energy.

In an instant.

Wails and screams were heard everywhere.

The moment they came into contact with the qi energy, the Hun soldiers were powerless to resist, and they were hit by the floor tiles one by one, and flew out like a broken pocket in the air.

This scene was incomparably shocking!

In an instant, the very front of the 10,000-strong group was cleared out.

The only one who could resist and stand still was Kui Gang!

“This …… is not the power of qi energy!”

Kui Gang’s face was pale and full of panic.

As the number one warrior of the Xiongnu, facing Chen Daojun, even at this moment, his body was cold and his sweat stood on end.

The fierce qi surrounding his body was the reason why Kui Gang could not fall!

Even so, his Qi was still shaking violently under the impact of Chen Daogun’s majestic tsunami of Qi, sending out ripples in a circle.

The feeling of insignificance that he had just felt like a boat in the sea was now being brought to life!

The terrifying Qi energy was like a frightening wave, a great mountain moving across the sea, giving people an extreme sense of powerlessness that was hard to match!

It was the same Qi energy, but Kui Gang even had the unreal feeling of a dream!


“You’re not bad!”


A cold, magnetic voice exploded in his ears, and the majestic qi energy crashed into the qi energy surrounding Kui Gang’s body.

Kui Gang’s tiger body shook and his pupils instantly regained focus.

In his vision, the cold-faced Chen Daojun was already standing in front of him, looking at him as if he were a dead man!

What surprised Kui Gang was that Chen Daojun’s hair was still black just now, but now, surrounded by Qi energy, he could vaguely see a bit of silvery white.


In a flash of lightning, Kui Gang did not hesitate for a moment, his Qi energy surged and he stabbed his spear directly at Chen Daojun.

Spiraling qi energy surrounded the lance, a fierce and domineering aura that seemed to be able to pierce through everything.

“But, there is only the power of one move!”

Chen Daogun let out a whisper.

When it fell on Kui Gang’s ears, it was a loud bell.

Time, at this moment, seemed to slow down.

Facing the incoming spear, Chen Daogun did not dodge or evade, his right hand embraced Barbara, but his left hand floated up, bent his fingers, loosened them, and flicked a finger on top of Kui Gang’s spear tip.


A metallic brittle sound echoed through heaven and earth in an instant.

The spiral of Qi instantly collapsed, and the spearhead cracked inch by inch.

It was clearly just a flick of the finger.

But in an instant, Kui Gang felt a majestic force, like a tsunami of energy, pouring directly into his body along the spear.

The moment the lance crumbled.


Kui Gang let out a miserable cry of pain, his Qi instantly dissipated, and he flew backwards in the air, directly gushing out a large mouthful of blood as he drew a parabola in the air.

One move!

The number one warrior of the Huns, seriously injured!


The ten thousand men did not stop there, the tide surged, charging towards Chen Daojun in a brave and death defying manner.

For one man to break into the Xiongnu palace and leave unharmed would be a disgrace to the Xiongnu!

It was no less shameful than the shame that man had brought to the Xiongnu!

But in the face of Chen Daogun’s majestic qi, these Xiongnu soldiers’ swoop gave the sadness of a moth to a flame.

No one could stop them!

A touch and a rout!

It was as if the battle was on a completely different level, a complete and utter crushing of the wheels!

Inside the main hall.

Master Kong Kong, who was sitting on the ground, looked at what was happening outside, and his expression could not help but look pitying.

His eyes, however, were always focused on Chen Daojun’s body.

The change in colour of Chen Daojun’s hair was always in his eyes as well!

“Poor monk finally knows where the difference is with you!”

Master Empty Sky clasped his hands together, “Namo Amitabha Buddha ……”

After a single Buddhist hymn, his lips and teeth then quickly opened and closed as he recited the transcendental sutra.

The sound was very soft.

Yet at this moment, the sound of wooing, which came out of the hall, resounded through heaven and earth!

“Great State Master, please still do something!”

Outside the hall, Kui Gang, who had been badly wounded, exerted all his strength and prayed in a wailing voice.

“Lord Kui Gang, the poor monk has been badly wounded and is really no match!”

Master Empty Sky’s helpless voice was like a loud bell.

Kui Gang was completely dumbfounded!

The Great State Master …… had been badly injured and was unbeatable?

Lying on the ground, feeling the majestic qi of the distant mountains, Kui Gang’s entire body instantly felt an empty space beneath him, falling extremely fast into the abyss of endless darkness.

Is there really someone in the world …… who can be strong to this extent?

Is this …… really within the reach of human power?

There were screams, shouts and loud booming sounds.

It was as if this moment had become the dominant theme in heaven and earth.

The wind and snow rolled backwards and hit the night sky.

Chen Daojun was holding Barbara in his arms, his expression indifferent as he strode idly, as if he had entered a deserted territory!

His qi surged, majestic and out of sight.

I was the only one in the world!

Everywhere he pa*sed, the Hun soldiers around him screamed and flew out, either dead or maimed!

The scene was horrific and desperate.

In the distance, there was a steady stream of Xiongnu soldiers rushing towards Chen Daojun’s position.

The sea of people was endless!

On the other side.

Inside the King’s Hall.

Xixing looked terrified and could hardly calm down.

Her beautiful face was a little white at the moment.

The shouts and screams from afar were like a round of thunderbolts from a clear sky, ruthlessly blasting her delicate body.


Suddenly, a soldier rushed into the king’s hall and prostrated himself on the ground, “Lord Queen, that man is unstoppable and wants to take Barbara captive, and the Grand Master and Lord Kui Gang have been seriously injured!”


Every word was like a terrifying thunderbolt.

Xixing’s mind instantly went blank, and his entire being was terrified to the core.

After a moment of hesitation.

Her pupils fiercely regained focus: “Barbarian!”

The next second.

She got up indignantly and stumbled towards the outside of the hall, ignoring the weakness of her feet.

“We can’t take it away, we can’t let him take Barbarian away!”

“Barbarian is Hun’s, the people of my King Hun!”

“Barbarian is not just Barbarian, but represents the people of my king’s entire Xiongnu!”

“If Barbara leaves, how can the King keep the people of Xiongnu? How can the King swing his whip southwards if the people’s hearts are turned against him? What the King wants is Barbara, what he wants is the hearts of the people, what he wants is the world!”

Chapter 1574

Inside the main hall.

Xixing’s epileptic embarra*sment made the soldier who reported it jaw-dropped.

Is this …… really the Queen of my Great Huns?

The sound of hoarse and shrill whistles echoed within the main hall.

The whole person was in a state of frenzy, ignoring the wind and snow howling outside the hall, and rushed out in the wind and snow.

Under the snow and wind, her long hair was covered with a bit of white, her beautiful face was almost paranoid, and her eyes were bloodshot and filled with tears.

Noah Hun.

She favours Barbara for many reasons.

Because of compa*sion, but also the pattern in her heart, and of course …… a little bit of that man.

The child is the future, she wants to change the Hun completely, the abolition of slavery is the first step, and one of the young slaves, moreover, is abhorred by the shy star.

Barbara was a child, but in Shying’s heart, she was the epitome of the countless children in Xiongnu, and indeed in this vast snowy plain outside the domain.

If Barbara is taken captive, then where is the future of Xiongnu ……?





The sound of shouting and killing echoed in the night sky above the Xiongnu Palace, seeming to set the wind and snow rolling backwards with a terrifying sound.

On the square.

A boundless tide of people converged on the square as if a hundred rivers were returning to the sea, their armour was cold and their killing intent was overwhelming, all swarming towards the only focal point of the scene – Chen Daojun!

Boom, boom, boom ……

The majestic and powerful qi energy was continuously released from Chen Daogun’s body, like a great mountain pushing across, destroying the Xiongnu soldiers who were coming in front of him and sending them flying.

Screams and hisses were interspersed with the sound of killing intent.

But in the face of Chen Daogun, this terrifying momentum seemed weak.

No one could stop it!

With Barbara in one arm, Chen Daogun’s qi was so powerful that he walked forward with ease.

The wind and snow above his head had long since disappeared under the raging Qi.

Chen Daogun’s face also revealed his old age, his black hair had long since turned into mottled silver hair.

“Uncle, you …… have become old?”

Ah Man’s arms tightly wrapped around Chen Daojun’s neck, his big eyes staring at Chen Daojun, full of confusion.

Regarding Chen Daogun’s change, Ah Barbara felt it more intuitively and deeply than anyone else.

It was hard to imagine that a middle-aged man would become old in this short period of time.

“Call the grandfather ……”

A gentle smile appeared on Chen Daogun’s cold face, “I am your Uncle Chen Dong’s uncle.”

Barbara froze, but did not call out, instead she turned her head sideways, turning her back on the ten thousand Xiongnu army in front of her and gazing tearfully at Master Kong Kong, who was seated in the great hall behind her.

The killing continued, the shouting and the killing.

Countless corpses stretched across the square, blood flowing.

The air was filled with the sickening smell of blood.

The scene before us was like a purgatory.

But strangely enough, the chanting of Master Khong Khong never ceased.

It was clearly soft, clearly just a mumble, but it was like a big thunder, clearly exploding in every corner of the square, drowning out all the commotion.

Rumble ……

A burst of rolling thunder appeared abruptly in the firmament.

Thick black clouds, silently arriving in the night, layered on top of each other and pressed down towards the Xiongnu Palace.

That extreme great oppression was clearly perceived by the living beings of the entire Thirteen Xiongnu Cities the moment it appeared.

Master Kong Kong, who had been chanting sutras, slowly opened his eyes and two clusters of golden rays appeared.

He slowly raised his eyes and focused on the sky that was overwhelmed by black clouds, and he could vaguely see a thunderbolt of lightning, looming in the black clouds.

“Daoist monarch, you don’t have much time left!”

The teasing banter fell clearly into Chen Daojun’s ears.

Chen Daogun, who had been moving forward, finally paused in his steps and tilted his head to look at the changes in the night sky dome, disdain surfacing on his cold face.

He snorted a laugh: “Noisy!”

Master Empty Sky choked, “You are still so wild, so wild as to be lawless!”

“What I’m plotting is to F**k up this dome of the sky, if not mad at him who?”

Chen Daojun turned back and his gaze met with Master Empty Sky’s eyes.

In an instant.

Chen Daojun’s eyes blossomed with two balls of cold white aura, and his spotted white silver hair, too, danced.

Master Empty Sky shook violently, and instantly felt the great prison of fear come crashing down upon him with a “boom”, his face paled dramatically, and blood instantly flowed from his mouth and nose.

The next second.

His aura wilted and his body hunched over, relying only on the elbows of his clasped hands to keep from collapsing.

“The poor monk has always regarded you as his only opponent, but I never thought that the poor monk would be young.”

Master Empty Sky smiled sadly and his eyes closed once more, without sorrow or joy, as he continued to chant.

If this were heard by anyone else, they would definitely sit waxing on the spot.

A hundred-year-old monk actually mocked himself for being too young at a person who obviously looked younger than him?

Seeing Master Kongkong closing his eyes, Chen Daojun also turned his head and dropped his eyes to the endless sea of people in front of him.

The next second.

He lifted his feet once again and moved forward.

“All beings are but ants, all pawns.”

His lips and teeth opened lightly as he murmured.

With that, Chen Daogun’s left hand waved, and the vast Qi energy instantly transformed into a python dragon visible to the naked eye, roaring and charging directly at the Hun army in front of him.

A roar exploded and a plough swept through the court.

Amidst the screams of misery, a blank area of dozens of metres was pushed out hard, and all that remained were broken arms and limbs and red, stinging blood.


As black clouds enveloped the Xiongnu royal palace, thunder loomed and the ultimate great oppression over the entire Xiongnu Thirteen Cities.

Because of the mobilisation of the entire Hun army, the people of the Thirteen Cities had already swarmed onto the streets, and at this moment, when they felt the great oppression descending from the sky, they all stood with their sweat standing on end, their bodies like sieve chaff.

“What has happened to the Huns this night?”

“The whole army is moving back to the kingdom, and this huge black cloud of thunder is coming down on us.

“Kneel down and beg the Heavenly Wolf, bless the Xiong Nu’s people!”


The Xiongnu people were terrified, their bodies could not bear the great oppression, and they prostrated like the autumn wind sweeping the wheat saplings.

The sound of animals whistling in fear and anxiety also rang out incessantly around them, incomparably piercing.

Even the ferocious beasts that roamed the darkness near the Thirteen Cities of the Huns were all prostrate on the ground, whistling long and loud.

And on the other side.

In the Xiongnu Royal Palace, inside the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

The atmosphere was stern, and the Xiongnu soldiers were standing at attention.

At the order of Xixing, the entire Xiongnu army rushed to the King’s Castle, except for the “Wolf House”, which was an exception in the King’s Palace, where no one came to their aid and they all stayed put!

This was the first injunction these soldiers received when they entered the House as guards!

Even if the outside world was already under the thirteen cities, they had to stop at the Wolf House and defend everything within it to the death.

Even though those future pillars of the nation within the Celestial Wolf Academy had already stormed out of the Academy, they, however, could not move!

Silence oppresses in.

Inside the chamber where the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies were placed, the doors were closed at this time, and the chamber was silent, as if a wall separated this chamber from the mountains and seas of the outside world into two worlds.


The wolf heads of the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies, without warning, suddenly burst out of their wolf eyes with a blood aura, and in an instant, rendered the entire chamber into a sea of blood.

With that …… the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies trembled at the same time.