Winner Takes All Chapter 1571-1572

Chapter 1571

“Let him in!”

After a moment of contemplation, Master Kongkong’s brow relaxed.

“As ordered!”

Barbara’s eyes by the campfire regained focus and she turned her head to look at Master Kongkong: “Grand Master, are you unhappy?”

“Why is that?”

Master Khongkong asked with a flash of surprise in his eyes and a smile.

“It just feels like you’re not happy.”

Barbara nudged her mouth and smiled wryly.

“Yeah, unhappy.”

Master Empty Air shifted his gaze down and glanced at the smudged drawing paper on the table, sighed a long sigh and dropped his right hand onto the paper, his qi sweeping out and twisting the rice paper to pieces.


Inside the King’s Palace.

There was silence, and the atmosphere was eerily oppressive.

Shying, dressed in a phoenix robe, sat majestically on her throne, calmly waving her brush and handling business.

Below her, an officer was kneeling.

The officer was prostrate on the ground, face to the ground, not daring to look up.

The powerful sense of oppression made fine beads of sweat seep from his forehead.

“Go down.”

The red lips of Xixing lightly opened, breaking the dead silence in the hall: “Keep a close watch, if there is the slightest movement, the whole army will surround and kill that man!”

“Yes, sir!”

The officer breathed a long sigh of relief and led the order away.

Silence was once again restored in the king’s hall.

She slowly put down her pen and leaned back on the throne, a movement that outlined the curves of her body in a seductive way.

She slowly raised her hand, her long, white fingers gently rubbing the bridge of her nose, her red lips mouthing, “Grand Master Khongkong, that man has already made this king lose a pie, if you make this king lose again, in two hundred days’ time, when the whip is waved south, I will not blame this king for showing no mercy to the B*****ds in the domain!”

The soft voice murmured, but it contained an endless coldness of killing intent.

Half an hour later.

Chen Daojun, led by the Xiongnu soldiers guarding the city, stepped into Master Kongkong’s hall.

“Grand Master, the man has been brought in.”

“Stand down.”

Master Empyrean waved his hand and looked profoundly at Chen Daojun at the door.

Chen Daojun, dressed in a beast’s robe and full of signs of weather, met Master Empyrean’s eyes without blinking or avoiding them, his mouth containing a teasing smile.

“Come in.”

Master Empty Sky said in a deep voice.

On the other side, Little Barbara flashed her big eyes, staring at Chen Daojun with curiosity.

The moment Chen Daojun stepped into the hall, Master Kongkong waved his hand, and a fierce Qi swept through the hall, closing the door with a “bang”.

As the door closed, Chen Daojun’s back slowly straightened, changing his decrepit and decrepit aura from before.

There was silence all around.

One sat behind a desk and the other stood in place, looking at each other across the waving flames of the campfire.

“The poor monk has no brother.”

After a moment’s silence, Master Kongkong folded his hands: “The four great things of a monk are empty, the six roots are pure, once you enter the Buddha’s door, you will always be accompanied by a green lamp, so there is no such thing as a brother?”

“All the four great things are empty? Then you are wearing the body of the Heavenly Wolf martial art? Take off your trousers and fart!”

Chen Daojun’s eyes were stern and he did not hide his contempt.

“Who is the Master?”

Master Kongkong frowned, the white eyebrows dropping from the corners of his eyes twitching gently.

Chen Daojun unhurriedly took out a cigarette and lit it, exhaling a puff of smoke and smiling teasingly, “I’m Father Nim!”


The case table in front of Master Emptykong exploded in response to the sound, scattering and spilling in all directions.

The explosion scared Barbara into a scream.

The terrifying qi energy, moreover, pushed across towards Chen Daojun, sweeping past the swaying bonfire as it pushed out the exuberant flames directly.

The moment it reached a metre in front of Chen Daojun, an invisible curtain of Qi appeared out of nowhere, rippling and turning Master Kongkong’s Qi into nothing!

“Ah Man, retreat!”

With a sober expression, Master Empty Air swept the terrified Barbara behind him with a wave of his sleeve and robe.

“Ah Man?”

Chen Daojun let out a startled eek, his gaze burning as he stared at the terrified Little Barbarian hiding under Master Empty’s sleeve robe, his face a little softer: “Little Barbarian, a man has asked me to take you to the bottom of the starry sky that belongs to him!”


The words were soft, but they were like a loud bell.


Little Barbara’s small and frail body trembled violently, and in an instant, her fear was gone, and she pushed away Master Kongkong’s arm, despite Master Kongkong’s obstruction.

“Barbara, back off!”

Master Kongkong stepped forward and tried to block it.

Just at that moment.

Chen Daojun fished out the blood-stained broken cake Chen Dong had handed him from his arms.

“He said you recognised this shattered cake!”

The moment she saw the broken cake, Barbara’s expectant eyes instantly filled with tears.

In a flash, her petite body trembled, and a pained look appeared on her pink face.

“Remember, Barbara remembers, that’s uncle’s and brother’s, that blood …… is brother’s!”

Sobbing at the same time, Ah Barbarian did not care, directly swept past Master Kongkong, pearly towards Chen Daojun.

“Ah Barbara ……”

The corners of Master Empty Sky’s eyes twitched up and his eyes widened in anger as he looked straight at Chen Daojun: “Who the hell are you?”

“Your father!”

Chen Daojun spat out two words indifferently, as if he did not exist as if Master Empty was not there, he walked straight to Barbara’s side and picked her up by the waist, raising his hand to wipe the tears from the corners of Barbara’s eyes, “Don’t cry, take you to your uncle!”

“Let her go!”


With an explosive roar, Master Kongkong’s majestic qi instantly exploded the beast’s robe, blowing the monk’s robe inside to drum against the wind and rattling.

In an instant, Master Khong Khong’s white beard and white eyebrows danced about.

He looked like a ferocious beast, wrapped in a majestic and fierce qi, and charged directly towards Chen Daojun.

“Old baldy, you have caused a great disaster and you still don’t know it, you are chanting Buddha in your stomach!”

Chen Daogun looked cold and stern, feeling the majestic qi pushing across his face, the human skin mask on his face instantly ripped open, revealing his true face.

“Chen Daogun?!”

In a flash of lightning, Master Kongkong was filled with shock.

But thinking of Barbara, he didn’t care, and his hands brazenly clasped together, “Buddha’s Light!”


The majestic qi was like a waterfall rolling backwards, rising into the air and turning into a blinding golden aura, and the sound of chanting scriptures echoed in the vast hall.

A moment later.

Master Empty Sky spread his hands horizontally and pushed them directly towards Chen Daojun.

The majestic golden curtain of light was like a tsunami, engulfing both Chen Daojun and Little Barbarian at the same time.


“Great State Master!”

Barbarian suddenly said in a piteous voice, “Didn’t you promise Barbarian? Ah Barbarian misses Uncle, Ah Barbarian wants to go to Uncle’s place!”

One word came out.

The solemn Master Kong Kong suddenly showed a torn expression.

The moment his palms reached Chen Daojun, they came to an abrupt halt.

The majestic golden light, too, was then fixed in the air.

But the fierce and overwhelming impact overturned the stone slabs on the ground and shot all the way to the entrance of the main hall, shattering the door!

But Chen Daojun remained standing in place, not even frowning.

“Old baldy, you have an extraordinarily compa*sionate Buddhist heart for Little Barbara.”

Master Empty Sky’s brows lowered: “You can’t take her away!”

Chen Daojun smiled teasingly, “Who can stop me in this world?”

Chapter 1572

An awe-inspiring and domineering voice echoed through the hall.

Chen Daojun and Master Kongkong stared at each other, both of them with majestic auras, vast and overwhelming, not giving way to each other.

Time seemed to be frozen at this moment.

Master Empty Sky’s eyes fluttered a little, and his hands gradually joined together in front of his chest.

“Grand Master ……”

Barbara tearfully begged Master Empty, milking her voice, but making people smell and feel pity.

The next second.

Chen Daojun swooshed and his face changed drastically, and his qi even shook violently.

In a flash of lightning.

A look of determination suddenly appeared on Grandmaster Empty’s face, but his palms were instantly spread out, palms facing inwards, and he slapped his chest with a blatant slap.


The sound was like the beating of a drum.


Grandmaster Empty Sky spurted out a mouthful of blood, his face was pale as he staggered back three steps, his knees went weak and he heavily fell to the ground on one knee.

“Great State Master!”

The sudden scene frightened Barbara with a shriek, struggling from Chen Daojun’s arms, she jumped to the ground and hobbled to Master Khongkong, hugging the Grand Master tightly: “Ooooooooo …… Grand Master, are you in pain, you’re bleeding, why are you so stupid?”

While crying and howling with heartache, she raised her hand to wipe the blood from the corner of Master Kongkong’s mouth.


How could you be so stupid?

Chen Daojun’s pupils could not help but tighten as he looked at Master Kongkong who was kneeling on one knee.

The scene just now was too out of his expectation!

Moreover, Master Kongkong’s aura was greatly depleted, so it was obvious that the slap just now had injured him badly, and it was definitely not just a “show”!

Was this old bald guy really crazy?

The sound of Barbara’s sobs echoed in my ears.

Master Kong looked down at Barbara with kind brows, and smiled kindly at the corners of his bloodstained mouth, “Because the poor monk promised little Barbara that Barbara would not cry.”

His expression was kind, his tone gentle.

It was as if an elder was spoiling a junior.

Barbara’s cries stopped abruptly, and her teary eyes stared at Grand Master Kongkong in confusion.

“Doesn’t Barbara want to go to her uncle?”

Grand Master Khongkong smiled amiably, “Now, it’s time to let this one take you to see Uncle.”

With that he raised his hand and pushed the dazed Barbara back a step, while tilting his head to look at Chen Daojun: “Poor monk was seriously injured by you, now you can take Barbara away, remember not to hurt her, she just wants to go to Chen Dong, you yourself said that no one in this world can stop you, I hope you won’t go back on your word.”

“Old baldy, you have suddenly developed a Buddhist compa*sionate heart.”

Chen Daojun suddenly felt a little amused.

“Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands once again and sat cross-legged on the ground, closing his eyes, his precious face solemn, and no longer speaking.

“Old baldy, seeing as you let go of Barbarian, let me advise you.”

Chen Daojun walked over to Barbara and looked down at Master Kongkong who was sitting cross-legged in front of him, “If you do more than one thing, you will kill yourself, if you help the evil-doer, you are afraid of falling into Abyssal Hell and never returning, the sea of suffering is boundless, turning back is the shore!”

After saying this, he leaned down and picked up Barbara, turned around and walked out.

I, Master Kongkong, who had closed his eyes, opened them sharply, and two beams of brilliant light exploded, “What do you mean?”

“Nothing meaningful, how is the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies enlightened?”

Chen Daojun gave a cold smile as his footsteps were beaten.

Master Empty Sky’s eyes were deep and somewhat surprised, and then he said in a deep voice, “Poor monk’s heart is only for the martial dao!”

“So you’re a martial arts madman!”

Chen Daojun stopped lingering for one, and with a surge of qi in his body, he thumped open the doors of the main hall.

The wind and snow howled and swept into the hall, blowing on Chen Daojun and Barbara.

Outside the hall, however, there were already bonfires and lights as bright as daylight.

An array of armour stood on the open ground outside the hall, their armour so rigid that the fire and light shone on their blades, reflecting a bone-chilling light.

Even from Chen Daojun’s perspective, it was difficult to see the edges at a glance, there were at least ten thousand of them!

“Rather well-trained, to have a*sembled a force of ten thousand so quickly!”

Chen Daojun smiled teasingly, he had sensed the commotion when he confronted Master Kongkong just now, not to mention, he had rushed to the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu to find Master Kongkong under the stars, with the level of protection Xiongnu had nowadays, even if he wore the face of a rabble-rouser, it would be hard for Xiongnu to let down his guard!

“Big bad Kui Gang!”

Barbara nestled in Chen Daojun’s arms, her pink arms wrapped around Chen Daojun’s neck, crystal tears hanging from the corners of her eyes as she looked fearfully at the figure at the front of the 10,000-strong procession.

“Is Ah Man afraid?”

Chen Daojun glanced at Kui Gang, who stood at the front of the group like a crane standing in front of a chicken, and turned his head to ask Barbara.


Barbara nodded, her little nose sniffling a little, and said stubbornly again, “But Barbara wants to go find Uncle.”

“Haha …… then turn your head sideways and you won’t be afraid!”

Chen Daojun tilted his head and laughed, raising his hand to give Barbara’s little nose a doting scratch.

As Barbara turned her head and faced behind her, her eyes were intersecting with the empty empty master sitting in the hall.

With this interchange, Master Kongkong revealed a faint smile.

The next second.


A majestic and vast qi force exploded from underneath Chen Daojun’s feet, sweeping upwards like a waterfall rolling backwards, pushing five metres horizontally from side to side before rising directly into the sky.

The overwhelming power was like a titanic mountain pressing down on the top of the mountain, exploding out from Chen Daogun’s body and crushing the 10,000-strong team led by Kui Gang in the air.

Good, how strong!

Feeling the terrifying oppression, all the faces of the 10,000-strong squad revealed a look of fear and shock.

As they shouted in shock, some of the weaker ones almost collapsed to the ground as they faltered.

Even Kui Gang, at this moment, had hair on his back and looked terrified, his eyes unabashedly fearful as he stared deadly at Chen Daojun on the steps and at the entrance of the main hall!

Facing Chen Daogun at this moment, with his strength, he had the feeling of being a small boat in a vast sea of smoke.

Almost simultaneously.

A magnetic voice, like a thunderbolt from the ninth heaven, exploded in the king’s palace of the Huns.

“I am Chen Daojun, those who stand in my way will die!”

The voice was like rolling thunder, long lasting and overbearing.

“Form up and kill the enemy!”

Kui Gang forced himself to endure the great oppression and let out an explosive roar as his qi energy broke through his body.


The military order was like a mountain, and even if the 10,000 man squad was fearful, they moved at the same time with the order.

It was as vast as a tidal wave.

In contrast, Chen Daojun was alone, and the two were worlds apart!

“Heh, the little people!”

Chen Daogun shook his head disdainfully, ripped off the belt of his beast robe and tied Barbara to his body.

Immediately, with an indifferent expression, as if he was strolling idly, he walked with his head held high against the 10,000-strong group led by Kui Gang, against the wind and snow.


King Xiongnu’s Hall.

“I am Chen Daojun, those who stand in my way, die!”

A domineering and stern roar reached the king’s hall.

Xixing’s pretty face changed greatly, and the pen in her hand, even dropped on top of the desk.

“Could …… be him?”

As a member of the King’s Court, ordinary Xiongnu soldiers might not know the name of Chen Daojun, but she was clear!

Time seemed to stand still.

Xixing sat rigidly motionless, while the ground, even trembled as the 10,000-strong group moved in unison in the distance.


Xixing tilted her head fiercely, her face as cold as frost, and ordered in a cold voice, “Immediately issue the Queen’s Order, mobilize the entire army of the King’s City and withdraw to the King’s Palace, while mobilizing the entire army of the Xiongnu in the thirteen cities, and rush to the King’s Palace with 100,000 fires to defend the King’s Court!”