Winner Takes All Chapter 1569-1570

Chapter 1569

As the banquet at the Four Seals Club ended.

Everything that happened in the banquet hall went unnoticed.

Under the night.

Inside the Li family.

Inside the candle-lit ancestral hall, the aura of incense is thick.

A hunched figure in the wind and candlelight, the shadow on the floor stretched long and long by the candlelight.

There is silence all around.

The old woman faces the spirit of “Li Danggui” in front of her, but she does not speak for a long time, her face is sad and her old eyes are filled with tears.

Pop, pop, pop ……

There was a rush of footsteps from outside.

A middle-aged man rushed in.

“Old Taijun!”

The middle-aged man was white at the temples, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed gla*ses, and the scar on the left side of his face was unmistakable.

“Have you got the results?”

The old crone said without turning her head.

The middle-aged man looked grave as he bowed and bowed his head, “Chen Dong’s attitude was tough, the Wang family head had the intention to provoke, and was directly slapped unconscious by Chen Dong’s men in public, and is now in the hospital for emergency treatment.”


The old crone laughed coldly, “This wild B*****d has really taken Chen Daojun’s vulgarity and brutality and learned it proficiently!”

“Old Taijun, then Danggu’s revenge ……”

The middle-aged man looked up sadly, with resentment and resentment in his eyes.

“Chen Daojun has already paid his respects to the mountain, what do you think?”

The old woman slowly turned around, her eyes tearful, gazing at the middle-aged man: “You want to avenge the killing of your son, the old body also wants to avenge, Danggui is the heart and soul of our Li family, is the hope of the future, now perish like this, do you know, the price!”

“The future …… of the Li family is hopeless!”

The middle-aged man looked dispirited and sighed and lamented.

“Yes, hopeless, the hall of the sectarian family, but in the future of the great opportunity, completely hopeless!”

The old woman’s figure grew more and more stooped, her unkempt white hair swaying gently as she wept, “But you saw when that cross breed of Chen Daojun paid his respects to the mountain that day, if we can’t endure this, we will have to be slaughtered by that cross breed, if we endure this, perhaps there is still a chance for a turnaround!”

“That wild seed Chen Dong has a tough attitude, let’s close the door for a while, his genetic sequence, take it slowly, as long as the great opportunity has not come, our Li family still has a chance, as long as we get his genetic sequence, there is still hope!”

“His child!”

The middle-aged man looked up, and the eyes under his gold-rimmed gla*ses burst out with a shadowy and resentful light like a viper.


The old woman’s robe bulged violently and exploded in response.

“Still can’t see through it? He’s all divorced!”

The old crone’s face was fierce with rage as she squeezed out a sentence from between her teeth, “To plague his wife and children again, guess if Chen Dong and Chen Daojun, dare to start a war between the sectarians? Don’t forget, there’s also that mad dog Chen Daolin, who hasn’t shown his head yet, three Chen family members, Chen Dong that puppy is difficult to deal with, Chen Daogun Chen Daolin the two brothers, any one of them, is enough to deal with our Li family!”

“As ordered, Old Taijun.”

The middle-aged man bowed and took orders, not daring to say more.


Northern Domain, Zhenjiang City.

The lofty city, with its towering walls, resembled a fierce beast that had existed for ages, lying on its back in the icy sky and snow.

The howling winds and snow ravaged the long sky.

The vast city of Zhenjiang is a solemn place.

On top of the city, the cold light reflected from the armour was incomprehensible!


In the sky, a loud boom broke the silence of heaven and earth.

“Who is trespa*sing in Zhenjiang City?”

Almost simultaneously, a furious roar rang out from within Zhenjiang City.

“Daoist monarch!”

A plane flew across the sky and landed towards the airport within Zhenjiang City.

At the same time, a magnetic, majestic voice, like a terrifying thunderclap, exploded in the sky above Zhenjiang City!

Ten minutes later.

Inside Huo Zhenxiao’s room.

As the door to the room was pushed open, a bitter wind and snow swept into the room.

Two figures hurriedly entered the room.

“Master, coming in a hurry, you didn’t say anything in advance so that Zhenxiao could prepare to greet you.”

Huo Zhenxiao respectfully invited Chen Daojun to take a seat, while making tea.

Chen Daojun looked indifferent: “This is urgent, no need to make tea, I have to go to Xiongnu later.”


Huo Zhenxiao’s movements gave a beat, the corners of his eyes twitched twice: “To go to Xiongnu, you have to cross the Qilian Mountains, you are already deep in the heart of the snowy plains outside the country, why does Master suddenly want to go to Xiongnu.”

“I want to visit the Xiongnu royal court and meet an old friend on the way.”

Chen Daojun said in a sullen voice, “I brought the Zodiac Martial Dao Body you forged into the Black Prison, this time I am also here to inform you to hurry up and ask someone to forge another Martial Dao Body for the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders to continue their enlightenment, this matter is urgent, the time limit is short, in two hundred days, Zhenjiang City is afraid of a great change!”

Why is Master so urgent today?

Huo Zhenxiao’s brows sank as he put down his tea and looked at Chen Daojun in surprise.

In his mind, Chen Daojun had always been like a god, who did not change his face when a mountain collapsed in front of him.

But today, he had come in a hurry, and his words and tone of voice were quite eager, a world away from the Chen Daojun he remembered!

“The empty old villain has become the Grand Master of Xiongnu!”

Chen Daojun spoke in a startling manner.


Huo Zhenxiao was struck by lightning, and the cup of tea he was holding in his right hand exploded with a bang, causing the tea to flow freely.

Since the Xiongnu had been hanging in mourning for 300 days, the Xiongnu had been cleaned up internally and the whole Xiongnu had been closed off, so it was difficult for the Great Snow Dragon Riders to find out about the Xiongnu!

“Is the news true?”

Huo Zhenxiao’s face was ironic, no longer the calm and collected manner of a moment ago.

A being at the peak of martial arts, able to rival his master, had become the Grand State Master of the Xiongnu, and Huo Zhenxiao knew very well what that meant!

This was tantamount to parachuting a wolf king directly into the midst of a pack of wolves!

And this wolf king was an existence strong enough to fight with lions and tigers!

“It’s true!”

Chen Daojun said in a deep voice, “Xu Qingfeng personally scouted it out, and from what I know of the old vulture, he’s a martial madman who would never be willing to become the Xiongnu State Master if he didn’t have some great temptation!”

“Seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies?”

Huo Zhenxiao blurted out, and in an instant, a strong sense of suffocation hit him.

An apprehensive fear that was difficult to suppress grew wildly like a weed.

To him, Xu Qingfeng’s intercourse with Chen Daojun was far less chilling than this latter piece of news.

Master Chen Daojun was able to shed his Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao body and create the Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique, and the same thing could probably be done by Master Khongkong!

The silence was oppressive.

Chen Daogun rose: “This is the reason why my master has gone to Xiongnu, you should start casting your martial body again immediately, Dong’er will also do his best to cooperate with you.

“My disciple understands.”

Huo Zhenxiao nodded solemnly.

If it really developed as predicted, this would be even more appalling than a few hundred nuclear warheads!

There was a pause.

Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes were stern, “Master, please also do disciple a favour.”


Chen Daogun did not hesitate.

“Disciple needs the help of one of the Eight Generals of the Thief Gate’s carpenter, relying on the Ruban Technique to forge more martial bodies, when the old stonemason Zhang Wuji consumed his life, he finally stopped at eleven and a half seats, the old master explicitly said on his deathbed that he might have to rely on the carpenter’s Ruban Technique, only the disciple has been checking, but could not find the whereabouts, even the old master’s son, Zhang Wudao, had no knowledge of the carpenter’s whereabouts. ”

Huo Zhenxiao said in a deep voice.

“Good, I’ll ask Xu Qingfeng for you.”

Chen Daojun walked towards the outside.

“Master has already found Xu Qingfeng?”

Huo Zhenxiao turned around and watched Chen Daojun leave in dismay.

Chen Daojun stopped at the doorway and let the wind and snow sweep by, smiling teasingly.

“Those who steal chickens and dogs will come to me!”

Chapter 1570

Chen Daojun came and went in a hurry.

In just half an hour.

Apart from the plane that landed and took off in Zhenjiang City Airport, everything seemed as if nothing had happened.

The northern head of Zhenjiang City.

The wind and snow were bitterly cold.

The cold was biting.

The eyes of Huo Zhenxiao, who was dressed in military attire, were stationed on top of the wall, and the Great Snow Dragon Riders around him were stern, but the eyes that swept onto Huo Zhenxiao from time to time were tinged with a bit of confusion.

Juggernaut …… What’s wrong today?

For the ordinary Great Snow Dragon Riders, they don’t know what the word “Daogun” really means!

The sound of footsteps rang out behind them.

The man’s head was not even turned back as he said, “Bai Qi, why are you looking for me if you’re not on patrol?”

Bai Qi, standing behind Huo Zhenxiao like a tower of iron, looked in the direction Huo Zhenxiao was looking with his tiger eyes.

“The Daoist monarch has gone to the snowy plains outside the domain?”

“Well, and took two of my war horses with him.”

Huo Zhenxiao’s body shook as he shook off the wind and snow on his body, turned around, raised his hand and patted Bai Qi’s shoulder, “Ask Zhang Wudao to come to my barracks, in addition, from now on, the training intensity of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army will be tripled again!”


Bai Qi’s tiger body shook and he sat waxed on the spot.

The intensity of training in the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army was the highest in the world.

The training intensity of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army had been greatly increased during the long hours of the Polar Night, which had just pa*sed, in order to deal with any sudden situation that might arise at any time.

Every year, after the night, it is a rare “holiday” for the Great Snow Dragons.

To suddenly triple the intensity of the training is killing people!

Huo Zhenxiao, who had taken a few steps away, seemed to have guessed Bai Qi’s thoughts, and stopped in his tracks.

In the wind and snow, that steely and handsome face was cold to the extreme.

“If we don’t fight for our lives now, in two hundred days, the three hundred thousand people in this Zhenjiang City will have no lives to fight for!”

Bai Qi turned around and gazed creepily at Huo Zhenxiao’s back.

In a flash, the two seemed to be frozen in time.

As a former leading guard, Bai Qi knew very well Huo Zhenxiao’s character.

The gloomy and even desperate feeling in his words sent a shiver down Bai Qi’s spine at this moment.

What would happen in two hundred days?

But the people of Rongwu were mainly obedient, so if Huo Zhenxiao didn’t explain, he didn’t dare to ask more questions.

“As ordered!”


Three days later.

The majestic Qilian Mountains were wrapped in silver.

The cold wind wailed and the cool snow drifted.

At the foot of the Qilian Mountains, the thick snow, however, left a long trail of imprints.

Soon, the marks in the distance are covered with snow.

A silhouette of a man, galloping wildly, tearing up the wind and splitting the snow, waving a whip in his hand and whipping the horses unmercifully, causing them to neigh and spew out thick white gas from their mouths and noses.

Under the bitter wind and snow, even the sunlight was particularly harsh.

On the face of the figure, it was a weathered face.

A long, dishevelled beard, covered in snow, with furrows and ice crystals on the skin as if it had been cut by a knife.

It was the face of a complete and utter foreigner.

Even if one were to take a closer look, it would be difficult to see the difference.

“We should be almost at the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu.”

Chen Daojun glanced at the warhorse beneath him, it was the only tool he had left to travel deeper into Xiongnu, and one of the two warhorses had already died of exhaustion from the continuous rush.

The horse beneath him had also run out of fuel.

Rubbing the snow and ice off his face, Chen Daogun’s eyes were deep as he gazed ahead at the snow and wind and continued to swing his whip.

For him, it was as easy as changing his face and entering the Xiongnu.

It was getting dark.

As soon as night fell, the winds and snow hissed even harder in the snowy plains beyond.

The bone-chilling cold penetrated to the marrow of the bones.


When the war horses were about to run out of steam, Chen Daojun saw a light in the darkness.

The dense lights, like rivers of stars, stretched across the dark snowy plains, blossoming with the grandeur that belonged to the Huns alone in this dark snowy plains.

Chen Daojun took a glance at the war horse that had fallen into the snow, his breath like a wisp: “Thank you!”

With that, he turned around and walked towards the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu.

The cold wind howled and the snow flew.

As he approached the Thirteen Cities, the light gradually enveloped Chen Daojun’s body, and his figure gradually hunched over, his chest heaving violently, and he would occasionally cough violently a few times.

He looked as if he was on the verge of collapse and his strength was failing.

The Xiongnu soldiers at the gates of Star City noticed Chen Daojun, but did not make the slightest move, only looked on indifferently.

In this cruel and desolate place, after getting used to the laws of survival, once night falls, human life seems slight.

“Help me …… help me ……”

Chen Daojun stumbled on his feet, as if he was dying, and a hoarse cry for help came out of his mouth.

The Xiongnu soldiers, remained indifferent.

Until Chen Daojun staggered in front of the Hun soldier and put his hand on the Hun soldier’s shoulder.


“Get lost, nightfall, no idle people are allowed to enter the city.”

The Xiongnu soldier kicked Chen Daojun to the ground.

Chen Daojun fell onto the snow, coughing violently and even spitting out a mouthful of blood in an extremely “miserable” manner.

“Help me, please help me ……”

Wailing for help, as if a dying man had grabbed the last straw.

The Hun soldier who had kicked Chen Daojun over was indifferent, but a slightly younger soldier next to him hesitated, “Ah brother, why don’t we take him to the city defence entrance, for at least a life?”

“Is a human life worth a lot of money?”

The Hun soldier scolded.

The young soldier was instantly speechless, and after a sympathetic glance at Chen Daojun, he averted his gaze to the side.

In the midst of the anxiety.

Chen Daojun suddenly said hoarsely, “Help me, help me …… me, I have an old relationship with your, Great State Master, and I know he is here, so I have come to seek his refuge.”

“Grand Master Khong Khong?”

The group of Xiong Nu soldiers were instantly stunned and looked at each other with hesitation.

“What now for the people of Grand Master Khong Khong?”

“Who is he to say yes? If we let him in and something happens, we won’t be able to afford it!”

“It’s really possible, I heard that although Grand Master Khong Khong is a native of the domain, he came to our Xiongnu with a group of stragglers from other tribes, perhaps one of the stragglers who survived?”


The Xiongnu soldier who had just kicked over Chen Daojun walked up to Chen Daojun, his face grim as he scolded him.

“What proof do you have of your relationship with the Great State Master?”

“Your Excellency, I beg your Excellency to pa*s on the upside-down hanging mountain, the hanging temple!”

Chen Daojun looked as if he was out of breath and said hoarsely, “The Grand Master will surely understand when he finds out.”

“And who are you?”

The Hun soldier asked after him.

Chen Daojun pondered for a second and said, “I, I am the Grand Master’s sworn brother, the brother in life and death we worshipped together to Sirius!”

“Wait, I’ll report it!”

The Xiongnu soldier turned around and walked towards the city.

The young soldier who had just shown sympathy for Chen Daojun hurriedly called out to his companions and carried Chen Daojun to a sheltered corner at the entrance of the city.

As the layers of reports went up.

Soon, the news reached the Xiongnu king’s palace.

At this very moment.

In the palace, Master Kongkong was concentrating on drawing his enlightenment of the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies.

A huge bonfire basin burns with a roaring flame, dispelling the chill in the palace as the lights sway.

Barbara sat right next to the bonfire, staring at it in a daze, twisting and cupping a bloodied crumb in her small pink hand.


A voice rang out from outside the hall.

Master Empyrean’s white eyebrows wrinkled as he asked helplessly, “What is it?”

“To inform the Grand Master, a straggler was found outside Star City, threatening to be a life and death brother to Sirius with the Grand Master, and he said something about an inverted hanging mountain and a hanging temple!”


The brush in Master Empty’s hand fell onto the rice paper, and the ink smudged on the drawing that was about to be drawn.