Winner Takes All Chapter 1567-1568

Chapter 1567

The whole room was dead silent.

The heads of the powerful families and giants were all silent.

No one had expected that Ye Linglong would be so domineering!

A simple and brutal response, but the most impactful!

Even Chen Dong, Elder Long and Rothschild gazed at Ye Linglong in a dumbfounded manner.

In full view of all eyes.

Ye Linglong became the sole focus of the entire audience.

She stood in front of the seated table, her face as cold as frost, her aura compelling, her right hand still clutching the remnants of the bottle neck.

And in front of her, the Wang family head was slumped over the table, his head strewn with liquor and broken gla*s, blood gurgling, as if he had fainted.

Tick …… tick …… tick ……

The blood dripped down the tablecloth and onto the floor, forming a pool of blood.

The sound of dripping blood, however, fell clearly into everyone’s ears.


Ye Linglong threw the neck of the bottle in her hand onto the floor and clapped her hands with a disgusted look, her right hand still wiping off the wine on the fainting Wang Family Master’s back.


She swept her cold eyes across the room, “Who still has an opinion now?”

Her words were as cold as frost, ravaging the whole room.

The faces of each of the magnificent family heads and giants of power were ugly, but they were silent.

The eyes that looked at Ye Linglong were scared and uncertain.

“Old Wang ……”

The middle-aged man who had dissuaded the Wang family head earlier was now quietly checking the situation of the Wang family head.

The words just came out.

Ye Linglong’s cold eyes looked askance, “Did I tell you to move?”

With a question, the middle-aged man shivered and hurriedly settled back into his chair again.

It was true that he was the head of a powerful family, and it was also true that he was concerned about the safety of the Wang family head.

But he wasn’t stupid and didn’t dare to offend Ye Linglong at this moment!

Otherwise …… maybe Ye Linglong would flip her hand and slap another bottle on his head!

Tonight’s banquet, the gentry gathered, the giants swarmed.

What else would Ye Linglong not dare to do if she dared to flip over a magnate family head directly at an occasion of this caliber?

“I am asking, who still has an opinion now?”

Ye Linglong’s eyes swept across the room with an overbearing aura.

The whole room was dead silent.

The air was thick with the smell of gunpowder.

In front of the main table.

Long Lao gruffly, asked Chen Dong in a low voice, “Young Master …… want to stop it?”


Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled teasingly, “I think it’s quite good.”


Long Lao froze.

While Rothschild beside him looked at Ye Linglong appreciatively, “Worthy of being the Hong Society’s Eldest Miss, Rothschild admires!”

Seeing that no one responded.

Following closely after Ye Linglong, her lips and teeth lightly opened, her voice like a cold wind, bitingly piercing.

“I don’t care who you are, whether you are the heads of powerful families or giants of power, if you have any opinions about me and my man, then hold them in, whoever F**king barks, I’ll tear them up!”

Rampantly domineering, her words were sharp.

The faces of the heads of the magnificent families and the giants of power changed dramatically.

There were shocked and sulking ……

However, Ye Linglong’s identity was ultimately only clear to this small group of bigwigs present in shock.

The rest of those who were angry knew very little about this spirited young lady in front of them!


A family head rose in anger, “Young Master Chen, today is a banquet, why has it come to this?”

A rebuke instantly attracted the attention of the entire audience.

Chen Dong looked at the family head who had risen to scold him, smiling and keeping his mouth shut.

On the side, Long Lao wanted to get up and spin back, but was stopped by Chen Dong under the table, pressing his knee.

“Young master ……”

Long Lao stared at Chen Dong in surprise.


Chen Dong calmly made a silent gesture.

The next second.

“What the F**k are you?”

Ye Linglong turned around expansively and looked directly at that family head.

Wow ……

The whole room was in an uproar, a shock.

“You ……”

The family head who rose to scold the question, his face turned red with anger and was about to respond.

But the words didn’t come out.

Ye Linglong then directly gripped a wine bottle on the table beside her and said in a stern voice: “Whatever you are, you are nothing in front of me!”

“What a big mouth!”

The middle-aged family head burst out in anger, “I am ……”

“I am from the Hong Society, the ancestor of the Hong Society, Ye Yuanqiu, is my own grandfather, the leader of the Hong Society, Yuan Yigang, is my elder brother, the 3,600 clans of the Hong Society are all behind me, what are you?”

Ye Linglong raised her eyebrows, her aura was overwhelming, her face full of disdain!

Middle-aged family head: “……”

In an instant, his entire aura shriveled up, his expression embarra*sed and alarmed.

With that, there was a shocked outcry in the large banquet hall.

“Hong Hui? She is actually the Hong Society, such a high-ranking existence? Ancestor’s own grandson, the leader’s own sister, two below, ten thousand above!”

“My God, no wonder she’s so arrogant, it turns out she’s from the Hong Society, 3,600 gates backing her up, it’s her turn to be arrogant!”

“Tsk …… no wonder young Chen wants to abandon his wife and son, his ex-wife’s family fortune, indeed, is not as good as the Hong Society this human connection!”


Ye Linglong did not pay attention to the whole audience exclaimed, the light of the eyes is harsh like a knife, directly forced to rise up to scold the family head.

“Tell me, you are what?”

The aggressiveness and aura was overwhelming.

The middle-aged family head’s face turned red, his whole body shrivelled up, and his face was covered in embarra*sment!

What are you?

What a F**king joke!

If I had known that you were such an existence in the Hong Society, what the hell are you doing killing a few people?

“Sorry, Miss Ye, you’re right, I’m nothing!”

The middle-aged family head had made up his mind in a flash, and with a smile on his face, he hugged Ye Linglong in apology and sat down in the dust.

The blow to the face had come so quickly that there was no face left to lose!

But no one present mocked this family head, for no other reason than that, in the eyes of the crowd, hanging on to apologize immediately, is indeed the optimal solution!

Otherwise …… three thousand six hundred doors would be waiting!

The giants of power may still be able to hold their own.

But the heads of powerful families, in the end, really don’t have that much manpower and capital to stand up to the Hong Society!

“Gan Liniang!”

Ye Linglong disdainfully gave a middle finger to that family head, and then swept her cold eyes across the room.

Wherever her eyes went, the shouting and clamour fell abruptly silent.

Only after the banquet hall had returned to calm did she speak out coldly.

“Chen Dong is my man, and behind me is the 3,600 clans of the Hong Society, whoever F**king barked, I’ll destroy them.

“When you’re out in the world, you have to admit when you’re wrong and stand up for yourself when you’re beaten! If you have anything against me and my man …… then F**king hold it all in!”

The words are clear and overbearing!

Just like the Hong Hui style, the best expression!

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the Wang family head, “Drag it out, what a F**king spoiler!”

After saying that, she walked directly towards Chen Dong.

Not bothering about the shocked and terrified gazes of the entire audience!

“Wrap it up!”

Chen Dong said to Elder Long, “Also, find out the details behind the Wang family head and the family head who rose to refute Linglong and me!”

Long Lao was startled for a moment and hurriedly got up to make the arrangements, and the atmosphere gradually eased down.

However, because of this episode, the banquet also came straight to an end, and one after another, people left.

After taking her seat, Ye Linglong noticed that Chen Dong’s eyes were a bit strange, and inevitably her pretty face flushed red, somewhat embarra*sed and shy.

“Why do you keep staring at me?”

Chen Dong teased, “You’ve done such a beautiful job, I can’t help but look at you more than once?”

“You’re not angry?”

Ye Linglong stared at Chen Dong in astonishment.

“What am I angry about?”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders incomprehensibly, “With that virtue of the Wang Clan Master, if you hadn’t gotten up and struck out too quickly, it would have been me who struck out!”


Ye Linglong was dumbfounded, “I thought you were going to be angry when I smashed your venue like that!”

“Worthy of being a big sister!”

Chen Dong smiled and gave a thumbs up, but his expression then sank, “However, if you do this, you will have a big grievance in the future!”

Rothschild’s face at the side also sank.

The third party’s interference was already dishonourable, not to mention the fact that Chen Dong was now in the limelight.

This night’s banquet, not to say all of them, but at least eighty percent of the giants and giants in the southwest were present, and Ye Linglong’s domineering and powerful style was just like standing directly in the limelight!

“If I’m aggrieved, I’m aggrieved, what are you afraid of?”

Ye Linglong raised her eyebrows, her pretty face full of indifferent smile as she raised her cup and tilted her head to pour a gla*s of wine: “You are blatantly using me, I still can’t be aggrieved in a big way, right?”

Chen Dong: “……”

His heart, suddenly, twitched, hurting terribly.

At this moment, Elder Long walked back with a gloomy face.

Walking directly to Chen Dong’s side, he leaned down and said to Chen Dong with his ear, “Young master, we have found out clearly that the Wang family is a Guan Long gentry, vaguely linked to the Guan Long Li family, as for the family head who rose to refute, he might be a puppet tool of the Gu family!”


Chen Dong smiled coldly, “Then we’ve hit the nail on the head this time, they deliberately wanted to stir things up and probe my limits, but they didn’t expect to be given a brutal and overbearing one power by Linglong to break all laws!”

Chapter 1568

The banquet ended in a hurry.

The heads of the magnificent families and giants of power left one after another.

Chen Dong did not stay too long, his purpose had been achieved!

After settling into Rothschild.

He, Elder Long and Ye Linglong then drove back to Tianmen Mountain Villa.

On the way, Chen Dong was silent, while Ye Linglong looked out of the window thoughtfully.

“Young Master, how on earth did it go askew?”

Elder Long drove the car and asked the doubts in his mind.

Once the words were out, the pensive Ye Linglong also turned her head towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, not hiding anything: “The banquet itself is a collaborative approach between me and Rothschild, and at the same time a show for the magnate family heads and power giants gathered in the southwest region.”

“Both to show them that Eastern Wall Street is about to be facilitated, and also to see my relationship with Rothschild, and moreover to set out my attitude with Rothschild at the right time!”

There was a pause.

Chen Dong pondered and added: “Tonight’s banquet, even if there is no Wang family head, but there is definitely Li family head, Zhang family head …… there is always someone who jumps out to be a prick, Wang family head jumped out, Linglong does not do it, I will also do it, only if we move, we can express our attitude to the people present, let them know that even if I, Chen Dong, whale their blood, I will never goad them if they want to join forces and show their heads and stir up trouble.”

“With a pack of wolves gathered around, the best way for a fierce beast like a lion or tiger to leap to the top and order the pack is to kill a few wolves?”

Ye Linglong raised her eyebrows lightly and murmured, “That’s what grandpa taught me!”

“That’s pretty much what it means.”

Chen Dong smiled, his eyes narrowing as a cold aura flickered, “The world is bustling with people who come and go for profit, and all of them come and go for profit, the magnates and powers, with their deep pockets, but also have fear and scruples in their inner nature, as long as they are made afraid and given a little bit of profit in moderation, only then can they balance the relationship.”


Elder Long and Ye Linglong hesitated at the same time.

“After the completion of the Eastern Wall Street, when Southwest takes off, this group of giants and forces that they have gathered in the Southwest region will be able to drink the soup after all!”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose as his words turned, “I just didn’t expect that the Li and Gu families would be more impatient than us, I expected that someone would jump out, but I didn’t expect that it would be their people who jumped out first.”

“Eldest uncle stopped me from taking revenge and also paid a visit to the mountain Li family overnight, just to put an end to the Li family giving up on me for the time being, only that the Li and Gu families are after all gentry, would they give up so easily?”

Elder Long’s expression changed greatly, “Young master’s meaning, if we don’t make a thunderous move tonight after those two tools of the Li and Gu families jumped up, I’m afraid that soon the two families will come back with a vengeance?”


Chen Dong nodded and smiled teasingly, “Linglong’s brutal and overbearing tactics have shown our tough attitude completely, with this incident tonight, the Li and Gu families should stop for a while, and we can finally take a breather!”

The words had just fallen.

Ye Linglong revealed a look of loss: “You should have said so earlier, I would have killed them both on the spot!”

Chen Dong: “……”

Elder Long: “……”


Across the ocean, it was mid-morning.

Inside the large villa.

The melodious piano music reverberated, but with a bit of sadness.

Gu Qingying sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, holding her large belly, looking indifferently at the lush greenery of the garden below.

Knock, knock.

A knock sounded at the door.

“Dad, come in.”

Gu Qingying lightly raised her eyebrows and called out.

The door to the room pushed open and Gu Guohua walked in madly.

As the room door closed, the madness on his face disappeared and was replaced by heartache!

“Dad, in your own home, you shouldn’t have to be like this, right?”

Gu Qingying took Gu Guohua’s change of face in her eyes and said with some amusement.

“Be careful.”

Gu Guohua sighed, “The crazier you act, the safer it will be for us, father and daughter, and our little grandson.”

A sane person would choose revenge, and revenge against all odds!

But an insane person who has undergone a drastic change and whose sanity has collapsed will indeed no longer seem the least bit dangerous to onlookers!

Seeing Gu Qingying gazing despondently back out of the window, the heartache on Gu Guohua’s face grew thicker and thicker.

He walked behind Gu Qingying and said in a deep voice, “You’ve been back for the past few days, and after paying respect to your mother, you’ve been sitting here every day looking down, Little Shadow ……”

“Dad …… I’m carrying such a big belly and the wind is blowing outside, what else can I do if I’m not here watching the scenery?”

Gu Qingying interrupted Gu Guohua’s words.

Gu Guohua looked choked and added: “Things have developed to this point, your mother’s death we can’t undo, with dad around, will definitely be able to protect you and little grandson, besides, you shouldn’t blame Dong’er, the divorce is something I forced him to do, otherwise, you and little grandson with him, have been in the centre of a dangerous whirlpool! ”

“I miss my mother.”

Gu Qingying’s voice trembled as she suddenly said.

Gu Guohua’s body trembled, and his tiger eyes instantly filled with tears.

How could he …… not want to?

Decades of togetherness, an accident, but a heavenly separation!

“Dad …… wants it too.”

Gu Guohua’s lips mouthing, said sadly, “But now you should take care of yourself more, and the baby in your belly, Dong’er will be able to avenge his mother without our burden!”

“Well, I know, I don’t blame him either, the word divorce came out of my mouth first!”

Gu Qingying turned back, her eyes full of tears, and smiled sadly: “That big fool, he could never fool me, his eyes could fool me, but he forgot to spit out the truth after drinking, in fact he had expected that this scene might happen today, but he couldn’t let go, and he didn’t want to become like his father, so he had been torn, forcing himself to endure, and then there was this scene today. ”


Gu Guohua felt five thunderstorms and stared at Gu Qingying dumbfoundedly, “Xiao Ying, you mean that you already knew that Dong’er was preparing to divorce you?”


Gu Qingying nodded with a smile and said with teary eyes, “He got drunk, cried like a baby and hugged me all night, but he couldn’t let go and neither could I, so …… after he woke up the next day, I hid it from him, only I didn’t expect that both he and I couldn’t let go of the divorce, but in the end it led to your tragedy mum and dad, it was my daughter’s fault, sob sob ……”

At the end of the sentence, Gu Qingying broke down emotionally and howled.

If Chen Dong was present, hearing these words of Gu Qingying, he would be frozen like a wooden chicken.

Because that day when he was drunk and Long Lao discussed the “severance”, he woke up overnight and was worried that he had confessed the truth after drinking and had revealed the “severance” to Gu Qingying!

The next day after he woke up, he even verbally tested Gu Qingying!

But the truth was actually like this!

Gu Guohua was so frightened that her face turned pale and she hurriedly went forward to hug Gu Qingying: “It’s okay, don’t cry, Yingbao doesn’t cry, mommy in heaven would never want to see you cry like this, it’s okay, it’s okay ……”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry …… woo woo woo ……”

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, tears fell like rain, hissed, “It’s really hard to break away …… whimpering …… If I had chosen to divorce him the next day after I found out, you wouldn’t be in this situation today, mum and dad, I’m to blame, it’s all my fault ……”