Winner Takes All Chapter 1559-1560

Chapter 1559

Night recedes.

The sun rises.

Everything was the same as it had always been.

But with the rising of the sun, the news was like a nuclear bomb that bombarded the world’s giants and major powers.

Early in the morning.

The heads of the world’s great families and the giants of the great powers looked at the information presented to them, and their hearts were tossed and waxed on the spot!

[Chen Dong’s residence was attacked!

[Chen Daojun has left the Black Prison and is walking the earth!

[The Li family has emerged and the Taoist monarch has paid a visit to the mountain!

In one night, the Iga Ryu, the holy sect of ninja, was completely destroyed!

Even though the heads of these powerful families and giants had seen a lot of things, and had already seen a lot of things, they still looked at the information in front of them like a bolt from the blue!

Because of the different ranks of the giants and powers, the information they had obtained varied, from those who had obtained all four pieces of information to those who had obtained one or two.

But this did not affect their shock and horror.

Four things happened in one night, and any one of them would have been a big enough shock!

And yet, four things happened at the same time!

This made the world’s giants and powers feel uneasy and anxious.

“So many things have happened in one night, is the southwest region …… not, is the whole world about to change?”

“Chen Dong’s family was the first to have an accident, followed closely by Chen Daojun showing up and running to the Li family to pay homage to the mountain, the ninja holy sect Iga flow was wiped out overnight …… God, I slept this sleep, did the sky turn upside down?”

“Iga flow are overnight wiped out, hiss …… ninja a sect of the holy sect of hiding, this faction is considered completely uncompetitive ah!”


The storm raged among the various gentry and powers.

Early in the morning, the heads of powerful families and giants of power were all terrified and even had the feeling that they could not sleep or eat in peace.

Countless gazes were focused on the southwest region and on Chen Dong.

According to intelligence sources, the attack on Chen Dong’s family was the first to happen, and a chain reaction of sensational events ensued.

After careful consideration, the masters of powerful families and giants all felt that the trigger was the attack on Chen Dong’s house!

Soon after.

Another heavy bombshell bombarded the world’s magnate families and major powers.

Chen Dong …… got divorced!

Without warning, the news came out suddenly.

As soon as the intelligence news appeared, it instantly made the world’s giants and the giants of the major powers, sit up and take notice.

“Divorced? How could this happen? What on earth is Chen Dong up to?”

“As far as the past intelligence information about Chen Dong shows, this guy is affectionate and righteous, even if he dies, he is not willing to divorce, what’s more, his wife is still carrying his child in her belly now, could it …… be that it is related to the matter of his father-in-law and mother-in-law?”

“God …… this world will really be chaos before chaos, the real dragon unloads the rebellious scales, from now on everywhere is the rebellious scales ah!”


For a time, there were many different opinions.

There are those who are apprehensive, those who are worried, and those who are secretly fist pumping and ready to go ……

And inside the Tianmen Mountain villa.

The bedroom was empty and cold.

Chen Dong sat disheveled on the sofa, on all fours, as if a ma*s of mud, his whole being plastered to the sofa, holding a beer bottle in his left hand, his right hand clutching a cigarette casually draped over the arm of the sofa, his fingertips twisting a photograph!

At his feet, there was a mess of cigarette butts and beer bottles scattered about.

The curtains were tightly closed, making the room dim and depressing.

Chen Dong looked forlorn, his eyes full of blood and tears, but his eyes were incomparably hollow and forlorn.

The air was filled with the unpleasant smell of smoke and alcohol.

If it were in the past, Chen Dong would never have smoked and drank in his bedroom.

Because he knew that Gu Qingying did not like the smell of smoke and alcohol.

Once when he was worried and bored, the most he would do was lie at the window and poke his head and smoke out to keep the smell of smoke from staying in the bedroom.

But now …… didn’t need it!

The divorce is gone!

Gu Qingying also left, with the baby in her belly and her travels, and after taking a moment to recuperate early in the morning, she went straight to get her divorce papers with him.

The process was short, yet every second was memorable to Chen Dong and his heart was like a knife.

No …… it dug into his heart!

Loss, sadness ……

Words seem to be unable to describe Chen Dong’s emotional state at this moment.

He slowly picked up the photo in his right hand and looked at everything on it with drunkenness and teary eyes.

On the photo, it was the moment of his father’s birthday, when he was the victorious king!

The scene was grand and crowded, but the photographer’s angle was perfect, capturing him and everyone around him in the shot!

Even Chen Dong himself didn’t know how this photo was taken and who took it!

After he and Gu Qingying had completed the divorce formalities, when he returned home to clean up, he accidentally found it in the drawer where Gu Qingying kept his belongings!

“Everyone used to get together really well, but unfortunately now ……”

Chen Dong smiled ruefully and despondently, tilting his head back to pour wine.

He did not dispel the alcohol, allowing it to run amok up his body.

Creak ……

The door to the room was pushed open.

Long Lao walked in, the puffy smell of smoke and alcohol made Long Lao’s brow furrow and his face look heavy.

The look in Chen Dong’s eyes was heartbreaking.

Along the way, Elder Long had witnessed Chen Dong grow rapidly and metamorphose into a butterfly.

The relationship between the two, a slave and not a slave, was also a teacher and a friend, but also an elder and a child.

In Elder Long’s impression, there had never been a moment when Chen Dong had declined to such an extent!


Chen Dong asked with a rueful smile after he had put down the bottle and burped.

“Gone, young master, unharmed.”

Elder Long nodded and went up to sit beside Chen Dong, opened a bottle of wine and clinked it with him, “Old slave accompany young master.”


Chen Dong smiled drunkenly, tears sliding down from the corners of his eyes as he tilted his head back and continued to pour wine.

Elder Long’s gaze dipped to the photo in Chen Dong’s hand, “Young master took this at that time?”

“How could I have had the time to spare at that time.”

Chen Dong shook his head, “I dug it out of Little Shadow’s drawer, but it wasn’t taken by her either, but it’s very memorable for all of us.”


Elder Long’s gaze was deep with emotion.

Chen Dong suddenly raised his hand and pointed to the cloakroom, “Elder Long, over there, there’s a lot of empty space. ……”

Not waiting for Elder Long’s response.

Chen Dong gripped his cigarette and inhaled viciously, exhaling thick smoke while hammering his heart with tears in his eyes, “Here …… is also empty!”

Long Lao was pained and persuaded, “Young master has long said to the old slave to break off, now that we have come to this point, young master should be all the more cheerful, when everything is set aside, young master will naturally be able to meet with young lady again, a short parting is for a long time together.”

“Yes ……”

Chen Dong laughed.

The laughter with drunkenness, reckless and hearty, echoed in the bedroom.

But when it fell on Long Lao’s ears, he looked moved and heartbroken.

He was about to console him when he suddenly looked aghast.

An indescribably fierce and cold oppression was suddenly released from the smiling Chen Dong.

A great prison of fear, a blatant suppression.

Elder Long’s body stiffened, his eyes widened and his heart beat faster.

In the line of sight.

Chen Dong was smiling and laughing, and his tears were flowing, but his eyes, red with tears, were so fierce and determined that it was frightening.

A whirlwind.

A hoarse voice, resolute, issued from Chen Dong’s throat.

“Thinking of my son, how can I stop and be confused? Even if there is no one to accompany me, I will still show my youthful madness!”

“From now on, I will go forward. Those who obey will prosper and those who disobey will die. Then I will do as he wishes, and I will tread on the bones of corpses to ask for heaven!

Every word was like thunder, so fierce that it shocked the heart!

Chapter 1560

The whole day.

Chen Dong shut himself up in his bedroom, immersing himself in cigarettes and alcohol.

At first there was Elder Long as company, but as time pa*sed, Chen Dong also let Elder Long leave the room.

Night was falling.

Clouds of fire burned in the sky, burning half of the sky red.

The afterglow of the setting sun spilled into the villa’s living room.

The crowd, however, looked sad and gloomy.

Elder Long, Wu Chang, Fan Lu, Chu Reed and Jiang Qilin were all present.

As for Zhuge Qing and Qin Xiao Qian, they had now pa*sed the dangerous period in the hospital and were successfully transferred to the general ward.

“Elder Long, why don’t you go invite Mr. Chen down for dinner again?”

Changeless raised an eyebrow and broke the silence in the living room.

She and Fan Lu had long since made arrangements for dinner, and after waiting for so long, the food was getting a little cold.

But Chen Dong and Gu Qingying’s divorce was like a bolt from the blue, blasting them all off guard and blanking their minds.

It had been a long journey.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying’s relationship was obvious to them all.

But now …… had turned into such a situation in a flash.

Not only Chen Dong’s heart was filled with grief.

Even they, with Gu Qingying’s departure, suddenly felt that there were many, many things missing from the large villa.

It was cold and empty.

The warmth of the past was like a bubble and disappeared with a bang.

“It’s impossible to invite.”

Elder Long knew Chen Dong’s character well and shook his head with a bitter sigh.

Jiang Qilin slowly raised his head and frowned, “When will Senior Daoist return? I know some news from the Jiang family, the series of changes last night may have directly triggered the War of the Gatekeepers!”

“The War of the Gatekeepers?”

Elder Long, Changeless and Fan Lu and Chu Reed all stared at Jiang Qilin in bewilderment and confusion.

Although Elder Long and Changeless had deep experience, they had only been exposed to the hidden secrets of the Jianghu and the feuds between the gentry, and the gentry level was like a high mountain to them.

Even for Chu Reed, who is a member of the powerful Chu family in Kyoto, the so-called “gatekeeper” battle is a “pavilion in the sky”, a nebulous one!

The position one stands in determines to a large extent the perspective one can see in the same matter!

Jiang Qilin, as the future Qilin of the Jiang family, knew more about what was going on.

Jiang Qilin frowned, a little scornful, his lips mouthing.

Not waiting for him to speak.

A heavy snort with scruples from the Snowy Lion suddenly sounded outside.


The crowd’s attention was instantly drawn.

Immediately after, the villa door was pushed open and Chen Daojun walked in.

“Master Daojun!”

“Mr. Chen!”


Several of Elder Long’s people immediately rose, their eyes flooded with strange colours.

After a night of running around, Chen Daogun’s face was not tired, still as cold as frost, with an overbearing aura of looking down on everything between his brows.

His gaze fell coldly on Jiang Qilin.

“You …… are talking about the Battle of the Gatekeepers?”

Feeling Chen Daojun’s gaze, Jiang Qilin could not help but move, his gaze intentionally avoiding the stare-off while nodding, “Yes senior, this is also the thing that Qilin is most worried about now, after all, overnight involved both the two major clans of Gu and Li, as well as the Iga Ryu, the Iga Ryu was wiped out overnight, but the two major clans of Gu and Li are a hundred-footed worm that is dead but not stiff, quite difficult to deal with. ”

“Well, your considerations make sense.”

Chen Daojun nodded, then smiled disdainfully, a great oppression between his eyebrows boomed out, “Under the sky, there are still people who are afraid of me, this battle of the sectarians, it can’t start for a while!”

The fearful aura was like a tidal wave, crushing down on Jiang Qilin and the others.

Jiang Qilin and the others’ faces changed greatly.

“Senior, Qi Lin is presumptuous to break.” Jiang Qilin hurriedly said.

From the information given back to him by the Jiang family, he was aware that last night, Chen Daojun had returned with Chen Dong and left again after taking Li Danggui’s corpse with him to the Li family.

Although he was not sure exactly what had happened after Chen Daojun had entered the Li family’s mountain of worship, now that Chen Daojun had returned and said this in such a certain tone, it was clear that the battle of the Sectarians would indeed not immediately flare up, as he suspected!

This outcome, on the contrary, Jiang Qilin was happy to see.

Since the ancient times, there had been several great wars between the gatekeepers in the long history, and the war had eventually spread to the whole world!

“Where is Dong’er?”

Chen Daojun asked.

“Young master is in his bedroom and has locked himself up for the whole day!”

Elder Long’s face was ugly and forlorn.

“Humph! Childish love!”

Chen Daojun snorted coldly and strode towards the stairs.

The crowd present all changed their expressions.

“Not stopping?”

Chu Reed inquired.

Elder Long and Jiang Qilin looked at each other with blank faces.

Impermanence shrugged, “Who could stop it? In his eyes, there has never been any childishness.”

The latter words were clearly meant for Chen Daojun.

The room.

Chen Dong leaned back on the sofa, covered in the smell of smoke and alcohol, his focused eyes gazing intently at one spot, motionless, like a statue.


The door to the room was brutally pushed open.

Chen Dong gazed askance and laughed lightly, “Eldest uncle.”

He did not call the old ancestor directly because Chen Daogun had ordered him to still refer to him as eldest uncle at all unusual moments.

However, after learning about Chen Daogun’s past, such a title as Eldest Uncle felt a little phased to Chen Dong every time he called out.

He wondered how his father had adapted to accept it in the first place.

It was a shock to see a brother who had been living with each other and competing with each other for the position of family head suddenly turn into an old man one day and tell you that he was your old ancestor!

As for how exactly Chen Daojun had managed to conceal his father during his early childhood years, Chen Dong had never delved into it, as it was completely unnecessary.

For an existence that could secretly propel the Chen family for almost a thousand years to reach its current status, it would not be too much to say that the means he could use were as vast as an ocean of smoke!

“It’s been a day, all I can do is to smooth out the thorns in front of your eyes, the road still has to be walked by you!”

Chen Daojun’s voice was calm: “After you and Xiaoying divorce, the three thousand six hundred doors of the Hong Society can shelter her, and I will also do my best to shelter her.”

“Many thanks, Eldest Uncle.”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

After calming down, he could see the situation clearly.

He was at the centre of the entire whirlpool, and with Gu Qingying and the child by his side, he was in the centre of the whirlpool, and forces like the Gu Family and the Li Family would look askance at Gu Qingying as they coveted his genetic bloodline.

Once the swords are turned against Gu Qingying and the child, the scene from last night will reappear and he will be overwhelmed even though he wants to shelter!

And now after the divorce, what Gu Qingying and the child get is the all-round shelter of the 3,600 gates of the Hong Society!

Even if they live in the Hong Society’s Shanhe Hall, it will be as easy as pie!

Even with Chen Daojun’s protection, Gu Qingying and the child could go straight to the Black Prison of the Extreme North!

He, on the other hand, had no way to take Gu Qingying and the child with him to hide!

Even though he knew that the Extreme North Black Prison was solid as gold, he had to stay on the outside, holding on strong and pushing everything forward!

Going into the Black Prison and getting shelter also meant being completely cut off from the outside world, and everything under his command came to a standstill.

“The Li family will hunker down for the time being, the Gu family should also be temporarily restrained after this battle, and the battle of the gatekeepers suppressed.”

Chen Daojun kicked away an empty wine bottle at his feet, “Now, it’s time for you to go and set up a new Chen, remember the words of your eldest uncle, the great power of the world is fighting for, it’s all about the White Jade King in the sky!”


Chen Dong shrugged, the gloom on his face disappeared: “Everything that happened last night and the divorce between Xiao Ying and I should have been known by the world’s powers, perhaps it will cause some ripples, this I will take care of, but Eldest Uncle, what exactly is the battle of the gatekeepers? Please also solve the confusion!”