Winner Takes All Chapter 1557-1558

Chapter 1557

Chen Dong lost his mind for a while.

Looking up, he frowned and asked Chen Daojun, “Then when was the time you said you could save Yu Lan?”

Chen Daojun smiled noncommittally.

“Wait, it should be very soon!”

Very soon?

Chen Dong’s expression drifted as he suddenly thought of the Heaven Treading Road, was it at that time that he would be able to awaken Yu Lan?


To Zhang Yulan and Qin Ye, Chen Dong always had a guilty conscience.

Even if there was a glimmer of hope, he had to give it a try.

However, with Doctor Zhong A and Dean Liu present, he did not ask directly.

“Go and see Little Shadow, Eldest Uncle will take care of the matter of the Li and Gu families.”

Chen Daogun patted Chen Dong’s shoulder.

The two walked out of the resuscitation room and Elder Long and the others immediately gathered around them.

They did not wait for the crowd to speak.

Chen Daogun asked, “The villa in Tianmen Mountain hasn’t been cleared yet, right?”


Elder Long shook his head.

The attack by the Li and Gu families and Miyamoto Yidao had come too suddenly.

The dust had settled and the crowd was busy rushing to the hospital.

So many changes had happened overnight that they had no time to care about clearing the villa.

“You guys stay at the hospital, I’ll go back and clean up.”

Chen Daojun instructed, and then glanced at Impermanence, “The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts has been set up so perfectly by that boy, it’s time for that boy Zhao Brezhong to be tortured.”

“But ……”

Impermanence instantly revealed his difficulty, glancing at Chen Dong out of the corner of his eyes.

Chen Daogun understood and said in a deep voice, “No one can stop this time!”

Chen Dong laughed helplessly.

After Chen Daogun had left, Chen Dong confirmed that both Zhuge Qing and Zhao Baolu were alright before he walked into Gu Qingying’s ward.

All of them stood outside the ward, and even Chu Reed deliberately grabbed Ye Linglong’s wrist, fearing that it would also enter the room along with Chen Dong.

In the ward, it was quiet.

The familiar smell of disinfectant water seemed to be ever present in every corner of the hospital.

Gu Qingying was lying on the hospital bed, her face somewhat pale, her brow furrowed, even in her sleep, she seemed to be suffering from a great horror, looking at Chen Dong’s heart with a tingle.

Chen Dong sat on the edge of the bed, gently stroking a few strands of messy hair in front of Gu Qingying’s forehead behind her ears, his face full of doting and heartache.

After gazing at him for a long time, Chen Dong carefully leaned down and gently placed a kiss on Gu Qingying’s forehead.

At the same time, his hand, slowly, placed it on Gu Qingying’s high, bulging stomach.

It was as if this scene was fixed!

Inside the ward, silence could listen to the needle.

With this action, Gu Qingying’s originally tightly knitted brow slowly stretched out.

After a long time.

Chen Dong raised his head, eyes full of blood, holding tears, and said in a soft voice: “Make sure to protect the baby, I’m sorry.”

The last three words seemed to have been squeezed out of his throat with all his might.

He didn’t want to!

He never wanted to become like his father, that was the look he hated the most in this half of his life!

In order to protect Gu Qingying and his children, he had gone out of his way to settle the southwest, to calculate the world, to swallow the blood of the world’s gentry, just to make himself strong enough so that the curmudgeons would not dare to set their eyes on his family.

It was only after he had done his best that Chen Dong suddenly realised that there were things he could not do in the end!

This kind of despair and pain made Chen Dong at this moment feel like a million knives had been added to his body and he was in a state of torture.

He had never wanted to make such a decision, even if he had died.

But now, he had to do it!

He knew exactly how much pain his father had endured when he had made such a decision!

Tears quietly flowed down from the corners of Chen Dong’s eyes.

He clenched his teeth, and even the trembling of his body was suppressed as slightly as possible, for fear of waking up Gu Qingying.

And outside the ward.

Elder Long and the others waited quietly.

Several people could vaguely see Chen Dong sitting by the bedside through the gla*s on the ward door, the silent stillness, but the suppressed mourning came over them.

This feeling was strange.

Even through the door of the room, separated by a distance, but Long Lao and others could feel that suppressed mourning.

Ye Linglong’s eyebrows were furrowed tightly, showing the slightest hint of heartache.

On the other hand.

After Chen Daojun returned to the villa, he took Li Danggui’s corpse directly away and disappeared into the darkness.

One thing after another came to a head.

By now it was almost dawn and the night was dark.

The Gu Family.

Gu Cangyue rushed back with Gu Dragonfly under the stars.

In the courtyard.

Old Madam Gu was in her robe, but she had not slept all night.

Looking at Gu Cangyue and Gu Dragonfly who walked into the courtyard, the old lady asked with a sullen face, “How is the situation?”

“Chen Daojun has come out!”

Gu Cangyue looked cold and stern, her brows knitted together.

Old Mrs. Gu picked up the tea on the table and took a sip, “Then it’s a failure.”

Gu Cangyue and Gu Dragonfly bowed their heads in loss.

Ever since the battle back then, the three words, Chen Daojun, had been as heavy and oppressive as a mountain to the Gu Family!

“That’s just it.”

Old Madam Gu waved her hand and slowly rose, “I have waited all night, so it is time for me to go and rest, it is good that they have all returned safely.”

There was a strong sense of exhaustion and disappointment in her words.

However, Gu Cangyue and Gu Dragonfly suddenly looked astonished.

Gu Dragonfly said, “Grandma, Li Danggui, he’s dead!”


The foot that Old Mrs. Gu had just stepped out of the way landed heavily on the ground like a boulder, and her pale old body trembled violently.

In a flash.

Her old face was covered with depressed anger, and her eyes were livid.

“The battle of the gentry, has it been so easily provoked?”

“Now it’s up to the Li family’s reaction, but …… Li Danggu is the result of their genetic transformation, and now with his tragic death, all of the Li family’s hopes are completely worn out, so if they go mad and start a war, it’s not out of the question.”

Gu Cang Yue face sunken, some scruples.

“Hehe ……”

Old Mrs. Gu laughed, but no longer said anything as she took a step towards the room.

Only under the light, her back was even more hunched than it had been a moment ago.


Between the mountains.

A wide mansion looms in the mist, and the lights are dim.

In front of the mountain gate.

A figure slowly approached.

It was Chen Daojun.

In his hand was the corpse and head of Li Danggui.

Stopping in front of the mountain gate, he gazed at the human figures already surging at the mountain gate.

With a cold expression, Chen Daogun directly threw Li Danggui’s corpse towards the mountain gate.

“The Daoist monarch pays his respects to the mountain with a generous gift!”

A cold, stern voice, like thunder, echoed between the mountains for a long time.


The night was fading away.

The sky was white with the belly of a fish.

Chen Dong’s face was full of fatigue, as if he had aged a dozen years in the few hours he had accompanied Gu Qingying.


In the line of sight, Gu Qingying’s eyelids trembled gently twice.

This subtle change was clearly captured by Chen Dong, whose entire attention was on Gu Qingying.

In an instant.

His heart stung fiercely and his eyes were not full of reluctance!

God …… why don’t you let this time pa*s a little slower so that I can spend more time with my little fool!

Chen Dong’s heart wailed in agony.

Gu Qingying woke up, which also meant it was time for him to say those two words ……

Chapter 1558

Inside the ward, there was silence.

Time seemed to be slowed down at this moment.

In Chen Dong’s sight, Gu Qingying’s eyelids twitched gently, followed by the light fluttering of his eyelashes, each frame as if a slow playback of a movie, captured clearly by him.

His heart was like a knife twisting, the intense suffocation made him suffer the sharp pain of a thousand cuts at this moment.


Gu Qing Ying’s eyes, slowly opened.

The clear eyes, empty for a second, quickly regained focus.

Seeing Chen Dong who was close at hand, she said with surprise, “Husband, back?”

The voice was faint and breathless.

“Well, back ……”

Chen Dong gritted his teeth, forcing himself to hold back his grief, and nodded his head.

“Mom and Dad ……”

Gu Qingying’s beautiful eyes quickly filled with tears, ripples flickered, and her tone also became sad.

Chen Dong squeezed out a stiff smile and shook his head, “No, it’s okay.”

Gu Qingying’s brows lowered.

Inside the sickroom, the air suddenly froze.

Depressing, tense ……

Chen Dong’s heart thudded, he denied the news that Gu Qing Ying had been told by Gu Dragonfly earlier, not that he was deliberately hiding it.

Rather, Gu Qingying is now stimulated, has just awakened, and is still weak, he does not dare to directly admit down, so that Gu Qingying’s frail body will immediately endure a second round of shock.

As father-in-law had said, he would wait until Gu Qingying returned to the other side of the ocean, and he would slowly let Gu Qingying accept the results.


Gu Qingying, whose brows were lowered, sobbed softly.

The next second.

Two crystal teardrops flowed down from the corners of her eyes.

This scene.

It was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, blasting at Chen Dong.

In an instant, he was filled with depression.


Did he really have to take this final step?

The word “divorce” was on his lips, but at this moment, Chen Dong felt as if his mouth was sealed by something, making it impossible for him to say these two words.

Memories flooded back.

A scene from the past with Gu Qingying seemed to replay in his mind like a movie.

Each frame was like a blazing fire cooking oil, pouring over his whole body, suffocating him with pain.

When he arrived at the Lijin Hospital, Chen Dong saw that Ye Linglong had not left, and in that instant, he had actually thought of a good wording to use Ye Linglong.

But now, seeing Gu Qingying in tears, all the wording and calculations were reduced to nothing.


Gu Qingying asked with a sobbing voice, “Do you still remember the vow you said to me when we got married?”


Chen Dong’s expression changed and his words were resounding and firm.

“You said that I would bet my whole life that you would not let me lose!”

Gu Qingying slowly raised her head and stared at Chen Dong with teary eyes, her lips trembling as she said, “But I’m …… losing so badly right now, in one fell swoop!”


The sound of crying, like a terrified thunder, shook Chen Dong’s liver and guts.

In a flash, Chen Dong’s eyes were covered with blood and hazy.

His fists were clenched tightly and the backs of his hands were trembling with veins.

He did not wait for a response.

Gu Qingying’s lips and teeth suddenly opened lightly and said decisively, “Let’s get a divorce!”

Five simple words, decisive and cold.

Chen Dong’s heart suddenly plunged into a ball, and the strong feeling of suffocation caused him to open his mouth slightly, his chest heaving violently, desperately wanting to breathe a trace of air into his lungs.

Resentment, anger, resentment ……

All sorts of emotions came to the fore.

A scene from the past kept surfacing.

Joy, anger, sadness, ups and downs ……

He had envisioned many ways of speaking out about the divorce, even one of them with the heroine right outside the door of the ward.

But he hadn’t expected that it would be Gu Qingying who would end up being the first to say it!

While grieving and resigned, Chen Dong felt, however, as if a boulder had fallen to the ground in his heart.

What ever method I choose, it will hurt you, endlessly.

You say it …… maybe …… hurts you a little less, right?

“You can’t fool me, your eyes have betrayed you.”

Gu Qingying cried, trembling, tears like rain: “Chen Dong, let’s divorce, my parents have already had an accident because of you, I have also experienced the pain of being separated from my baby once, this time, I don’t want to experience it again, I want to protect my baby, maybe …… I divorce you, is the The greatest protection!”

Even if every word is cried with pearly tears, but said dry and decisive.

A bumpy road to come, Gu Qingying has endured too much.

But this time …… she was really scared!

The other side even pointed their swords at the fetus in her womb.

A woman is weak, but a mother is strong!

She would not allow the same thing to happen again!

Seeing Chen Dong’s silence, Gu Qingying suddenly grabbed Chen Dong’s right wrist with a sharp and harsh whistle: “Chen Dong! You’ll kill us all if you’re indecisive, abandon us, go do what you have to do, we’ll divorce!”



Chen Dong’s forehead veins suddenly bulged, gritting his teeth, he broke Gu Qingying’s hand away from his right wrist, got up, with tears in his eyes, and smiled sadly: “Divorce, we divorce!”

Tears flowed down uncontrollably.

At this moment, Chen Dong could hardly control himself, his body was trembling, and he felt that the sky was spinning!

Even if he had been prepared for it, when it really happened, the pain was so heartbreaking that it was hard to describe.

Outside the ward.

Elder Long and the others, who had stopped to wait, were simultaneously shocked by the scene inside the ward and their faces changed dramatically.

Unable to remain calm, Elder Long and the others pushed open the door of the ward.


The door of the room hit the wall heavily.

“Who let you guys in?”

Chen Dong’s red eyes were filled with tears as he angrily shouted.

“Young Master ……”

Long Lao understood the cause and circumstances and could not hide his pain at the moment, but was speechless for a moment.

Jiang Qilin, Chu Reed, Wu Chang and Fan Lu all looked shocked and gloomy.

Ye Linglong stood in the crowd, her eyes flickering with rapid obscurity.

“Is what you said about using …… actually meant to lend me a divorce from her?”

This was the thought in her mind.

She was not stupid.

Chen Dong had suddenly changed his attitude towards her and bluntly said that he was using her.

Now with all that was happening in the ward, under scrutiny, this was the only outcome that would make it worthwhile for Chen Dong to use her!

But now …… even that value was gone!

“Elder Long ……”

Chen Dong’s entire body was disheveled, his shoulders drooping and bowed, tears streaming down his face as he looked at Elder Long, crying and smiling again, “Elder Long …… we’re finally divorced!”

“Young master ……”

Long Lao’s face was full of pain and wailed piteously.

The next second.

Chen Dong waved his hand, smiled despondently, squeezed past Long Lao and the others, and walked towards the outside.

“You guys take care of Young Madam!”

Elder Long hastily instructed and chased out of the ward.

In large strides, he caught up with Chen Dong.

Not waiting for Elder Long to speak.

Chen Dong turned back and said, “It was already a foregone conclusion, divorce is the greatest protection for her and the child, even if Xiao Ying did not mention it, I would have borrowed Ye Linglong’s feelings to bring it up!”

Long Lao looked choked.

Immediately after, Chen Dong heaved a breath: “Long Lao …… you say my parents back then, is it not the same as what Xiaoying and I are doing now, in general? Using all their strength to fight until the end, it was actually all in vain, always powerless!”