Winner Takes All Chapter 1553-1554

Chapter 1553

The plane lands at the airport on the outskirts of the city.

The night sky is starry and it is already early in the morning.

After leaving the airport.

Chen Dong and Chen Daojun rushed to the Lijin Hospital in a starry night.

Because of Chen Daojun’s prevention, so much so that Chen Dong, who had blasted away the Hundred Domains and rushed back in an emergency, could not even get to the hospital to see the crowd before he was taken directly to Iga-ryu.

Nothing was known about the condition of the crowd’s injuries either!


It was early morning at the Rizin Hospital.

It was somewhat cold and quiet.

A light rain was drizzling in the night sky.

In front of the resuscitation room, people were silhouetted.

The red light on the door was scarlet and blinding.

Long Lao, Jiang Qilin, Fan Lu and Chu Reed were leaning against the corridor wall with their backs to each other, each with a sad cloud.

Snapping …… snapping ……

The sound of footsteps rang out.

It instantly attracted the attention of the four.

Seeing Changeless, Elder Long was busy asking, “Changeless, how is the young lady?”

“Still in a coma, but there is no more serious trouble.”

Changeless looked at the resuscitation room, “That girl Xiao Qian, how is she?”

As soon as the question was asked, the atmosphere in the corridor instantly turned downcast and sad.

Long Lao frowned sadly, his hands clenched together as he said worriedly, “She’s still being resuscitated, Dean Liu is there personally, with all the elites from the department inside.”

The voice was soft, but unmistakably grave.

Jiang Qilin, Fan Lu and Chu Reed looked at the closed door of the resuscitation room with worry at the same time.

During the previous fight, Zhuge Qing, Zhao Brelu and Qin Xiao Qian had all been seriously injured.

But what was unexpected was that Qin Xiao Qian was the most seriously injured of the three!

Compared to Zhuge Qing, who fell to his death and died with Miyamoto’s slash, and Zhao Breru, who suffered the repercussions of the formation alone, Qin Xiao Qian only managed to block one slash!

Wu Chang sighed, “How come that B*****d Zhao Baolu wasn’t the most injured? If he had stepped on the Ghost Gate, perhaps the old man could have asked for news of the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng during his deathbed.”

Elder Long and the others looked at each other, speechless for a moment.

Creak ……

The door of the resuscitation room opened a crack.

The attention of Elder Long and the others was instantly drawn.

Dean Liu took off his mask, revealing a gloomy and tired face.

Without waiting for Elder Long and the others to ask, he said in a deep voice, “The situation is very bad, I’ve asked the teacher to come over.”


The sound was like a thunderclap.

Elder Long and the others instantly froze like wooden chickens.

They had all witnessed the shocking scene when Chen Dong called on the world’s great doctors to save Qin Ye, and they knew exactly who Dean Liu’s teacher was!

A national medical titan!

A medical giant!

But what shocked the crowd wasn’t that Dean Liu’s teacher was coming, but that Qin Xiao Qian was injured!

“Dean Liu, is Xiao Qian’s injury so serious?”

Elder Long, being an elder, anxiously grabbed Dean Liu’s wrist.

Jiang Qilin, Fan Lu, Wu Chang and Chu Reed were all filled with dismay.

Dean Liu nodded, “That knife stabbed directly at the heart, penetrating it, and if I’m not wrong, when Xiao Qian blocked the knife to stop it, the other party also moved the knife, causing the wound to expand, with such a heavy wound, it’s already a miracle that that girl Xiao Qian has managed to last until now!”

Once the words came out, Elder Long and the others’ faces instantly paled.

Pa*sing through the heart …… this on an ordinary person, is certain death!

To put it in no uncertain terms, Qin Xiao Qian already had two feet on the ghost gate, just short of probing into it!

Just at this moment.

A cry suddenly came from the resuscitation room, “Dean Liu, it’s dying!”

Dean Liu’s eyebrows knitted and he was about to turn around and enter the ward at once.

Elder Long hurriedly said, “Dean Liu, please also do whatever you can to save Xiao Qian, she is my young master’s sister!”

Dean Liu’s footsteps gave a beat and said with some huffing and puffing, “Hospitals save the dead and help the injured, as long as there is a ray of hope, anyone we will not give up!”

As the door to the resuscitation room closed.

The hearts of the crowd went up and down at once.

Jiang Qilin looked pensive: “If only it was in my Jiang family, maybe …… there is still a way to resuscitate Xiao Qian.”

“Jiang family, your Jiang family is the blessed cave of the Great Luo Gods?”

Chu Reed mocked in no good humor.

“No …….”

Jiang Qilin wanted to argue, but the words reached his mouth and then he forced himself to swallow them back.

“All cut the crap, now expect Dean Teacher Liu to arrive in time, I hope this child, Xiao Qian, can hold up!”

Elder Long said in a deep voice.


Outside the Lijin Hospital.

A taxi sped into the hospital and stopped.

Chen Dong and Chen Daojun got out of the car and hurriedly walked towards the hospital.


Out of the corner of his eye, Chen Dong glanced at a silhouette diagonally.

He frowned, “Didn’t I tell you to get the hell back to the Shanhe Club?”

Chen Daojun’s footsteps also gave a beat, and following the direction Chen Dong looked in, it was Ye Linglong!

In the dim corner, Ye Linglong was sitting alone on the steps, her hands clasped around her knees, her expression chipper and somewhat forlorn.

Hearing Chen Dong’s cold cry.

Her obscure and hollow eyes suddenly shone with brilliance as she looked up at Chen Dong and smiled sweetly, “You’ve finally returned!”

“Get lost!”

Chen Dong was worried about Gu Qingying and Zhao Brezhong, and dropped a cold word as he was about to walk towards the hospital.

Ye Linglong’s agate nose wrinkled slightly, her left hand crossed her waist, and her right hand viciously raised a middle finger at Chen Dong and Chen Daojun’s back.

“If I roll when you tell me to roll, wouldn’t I be humiliated then?”

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong and Chen Daojun, who had just walked into the building, gave an abrupt lurch in their footsteps.

Chen Dong lowered his head and pondered for a couple of seconds.

Then, with a sideways glance, he stared at Chen Daojun and smiled ruefully, “I know how to get a divorce!”

Chen Daogun’s gaze stared, and in his vision, Chen Dong’s side face seemed to be covered with a layer of frost, and his eyes were even more ruthless.

A whirlwind.

Chen Dong turned around and looked towards Ye Linglong.

Ye Linglong’s delicate body trembled and she spat out her tongue, “Sh*t, you heard that?”

“Come with me!”

Chen Dong said calmly.


Ye Linglong hurriedly walked over.

But Chen Dong’s words were like a pot of cold water poured down on her head, leaving her body cold.

“I want to use you!” Chen Dong said indifferently.

The smile that had just surfaced on Ye Linglong’s pretty face became a little stiff and unnatural.

After two seconds of silence, she shrugged her shoulders, pretending to be indifferent and squeezed out a smile, “It’s alright, use it, how do you want to use me?”

“You’ll find out later!”

Chen Dong indifferently said, and grabbed Ye Linglong’s hand and walked towards the hospital.

Caught off guard, Ye Linglong was startled and immediately tried to break free, but Chen Dong’s big hand was so hard that she gave up after two struggles.

Chen Daojun witnessed the scene and did not stop it.

“Perhaps …… this is the only way to get a divorce?”

When Chen Dong, Ye Linglong and Chen Daojun rushed to the resuscitation room.

“Young master!”

“Brother Dong!”

“Mr. Chen!”

Elder Long and the others’ hearts and minds were lifted and their sorrow lightened considerably.

After a long time together, one bumpy grind after another, the crowd had long since taken Chen Dong as their main backbone.

But when Chu Reed’s gaze fell on Ye Linglong’s body, her pretty face directly chilled as she pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of her nose, “I watched you get on the plane with my own eyes!”

The crowd then also saw Chen Dong holding Ye Linglong’s hand, and their expressions could not help but change greatly.

“Hong Society’s three thousand six hundred sects, I am the granddaughter of Hong Society’s Ancestor, it is reasonable to want to delay the plane for a bit.” Ye Linglong said with some embarra*sment.

Not waiting for the crowd to react.

Chen Dong then asked in a deep voice, “Who’s in there?”

“Xiao Qian!”

Long Lao responded in a sorrowful voice, “The ancient dragonfly wanted to cut open the young lady’s abdomen to remove the fetus, at the critical moment it was Xiao Qian who blocked a knife for the young lady, piercing her heart, her life was at stake, Dean Liu went in with all the doctors and also notified his teacher to save her, but it might ……”

Chen Dong’s body shook, his eyes suddenly burst with a fierce aura: “Ancient family …… ancient dragonfly ……”


A large hand landed on his shoulder.

Chen Daojun said in a deep voice: “Dong’er, you can save Xiao Qian!”

Chapter 1554


Elder Long and the others were horrified and shocked.

Even Chen Dong’s expression froze as he turned his head to stare at Chen Daogun incredulously.

“Master Daogun, this is not something that can be said casually!”

Elder Long hurriedly said, “Dean Liu’s teacher is the National Medical Titan, Zhong Medical A. In Xiao Qian’s case, even if he arrives, he may not ……”

His words were very straightforward, without the slightest winding to cover up, at this critical moment, the more straightforward the words, the more accurate the meaning could be expressed.

Let the young master save Xiao Qian?

What a joke!

You’d be more likely to let the young master go into battle in armour and take the general’s head in the midst of ten thousand armies than to save Xiao Qian!

Changeless, Chu Reed and Fan Lu also nodded in agreement, their expressions grave.

On the contrary, Jiang Qilin’s sword brows knitted together, his starry eyes flickering with complexity as he mused, “Senior Daogun, what do you mean?”

Chen Daogun ignored Elder Long and Jiang Qilin and the others.

Instead, he eyed Chen Dong and eventually landed on the injury on Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade.

“You can save Xiao Qian, but it will put you in some danger, you must grasp the right degree, even a slight mistake and your left shoulder blade will be ruined, and the worst outcome is that you will die as well.”

Chen Dong cast a sidelong glance at his left shoulder blade.

Whirling, he raised his head and stared bitingly at Chen Daojun.

“She’s my sister, it’s too good a deal to save her by scrapping a hand!”

“Young master ……”

Elder Long hurriedly said, “Don’t be impetuous, perhaps there is another way?”

“Mr. Chen, think twice before you act, if you really can’t, just send Xiao Qian to my Jiang family on a special plane overnight!”

Jiang Qilin also persuaded.

“Xiao Qian can’t wait any longer.”

Chen Dong shook his head and swept a glance at the crowd before finally landing on Elder Long, “Elder Long, I would save any of you in Xiao Qian’s situation, it’s useless to persuade me.”

Elder Long’s expression was choked and he was dumbfounded.

“You are so dry and don’t think for a moment?”

Chen Daojun suddenly laughed strangely.

“Think about what? You dare to say, why don’t I dare to do it?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled playfully, leaning closer to Chen Daojun’s ear and saying in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “You’re more afraid of me dying or being invalidated than I am, but you still said that, so you can see that the chances of success are high, right old ancestor?”


Chen Daojun laughed and patted Chen Dong’s shoulder, “Let’s go, your Life Code is just the right amount to renew Xiao Qian’s life by changing her blood, as long as you control the amount well, you can save Xiao Qian and you will be fine.”

The Life Code?

Long Lao, Fan Lu, Wu Chang and Chu Reed all revealed their astonishment and confusion.

Ye Linglong also tilted her head and looked at Chen Dong and Chen Daojun in confusion.

On the contrary, Jiang Qilin’s pupils suddenly tightened, and a brilliant aura erupted, “Has this final step been completed?”

Chen Dong and Chen Daojun did not respond, but stepped forward at the same time and pushed open the door of the resuscitation room.

“Resuscitation in progress, get out!”

Inside the resuscitation room, Dean Liu’s angry shout rang out.

“Uncle Liu, it’s me, Chen Dong.” Chen Dong said.

Dean Liu turned back in shock, seeing that it was Chen Dong, his eyes eased a little: “Dong’er, Xiao Qian’s situation is very dangerous, get out, we will do everything we can.”

Under the bright light, Dean Liu’s head was covered in beads of sweat.

The rest of the doctors and nurses, too, were doing the same.

A huge crowd of people were clustered in front of the surgical bed, all kinds of instruments were laid out and the air was filled with the strong smell of medicinal water.

“Uncle Liu, I know about Xiao Qian’s situation ……”

Chen Dong did not finish his words.

Dean Liu said sharply, “If you know, get out, we are doing our best to save her, my teacher will be here soon, why are you making a mess?”

“I can save Xiao Qian!”

Chen Dong said in a deep voice.


Dean Liu and a group of medical staff were all confused.

There was a few seconds of silence.

Everyone was discontented.

“Dean, what the hell is going on here? The patient is so critical now, we dare not delay!”

“If anyone can cure and save a patient, then what do we doctors need to do?”

“Mr. Chen, meals can be eaten indiscriminately, words cannot be spoken indiscriminately, Xiao Qian’s current situation is very dangerous, you should get out, don’t hinder us from saving the patient!”


There was no shortage of medical staff among them who knew Chen Dong, but at this moment, they also disregarded their status and bluntly chided.

The noise was loud.

A sharp, piercing sound rang out.

In an instant, the noisy and disgruntled crowd was silenced at the same time, and the shrill voice instantly became the only thing in the resuscitation room.

“Blood pressure is dropping rapidly, we must transfuse!”

“It won’t work, too much transfusion will backfire, what does the dean do now?”

“Chen Dong, you guys get out, don’t get in the way!”

The crowd flocked to the operating bed with their hands and feet in a frenzy.

Several nurses immediately stepped forward and were about to drive Chen Dong and Chen Daojun away.

Chen Dong’s expression sank and his gaze swept sternly over the nurses, frightening them into a pause in their steps.

With this daze, he directly swept past a few nurses and walked up to Dean Liu.

“Uncle Liu, give my blood to Xiao Qian, I can save her!”

The words were forceful and irrefutable.

But Dean Liu was helplessly stamping his foot: “Dong’er, this is not the time for you to mess around, your blood …… is not about whether Xiao Qian can be transfused now, as long as she can be transfused, I can empty the blood bank, but ……”

The words did not finish.

Chen Daojun walked over and said indifferently, “You don’t try, how do you know?”

“Xiao Qian is my sister, she is blocking the knife for my wife, I will not harm her even if I die!”

Chen Dong echoed in a hushed voice.

Dean Liu hesitated.

In the resuscitation room, the sound of blood pressure dropping was unmistakably harsh.

Every second could determine life or death!


Dean Liu gritted his teeth, “Draw Mr. Chen’s blood and test his blood type!”

“No need, just transfuse it directly.”

Chen Daojun refused Dean Liu, then said to Chen Dong, “Xiao Qian won’t last long, they wouldn’t dare, you go over there, Eldest Uncle will help you with the transfusion!”


Dean Liu exploded in anger.

Almost simultaneously, several medical staff flocked over at the same time.

“Chen Dong, I don’t care what you want, but now you are going to fool around, I ask you to get out!”

Dean Liu’s eyes were cold and stern as he angrily rebuked.


Chen Dong ignored Dean Liu’s rebuke and walked straight towards the operating bed.

He also knew some medical common sense, and understood even better the reason for Dean Liu and the medical staff’s anger now, but he believed in Chen Daojun and the code of life, and with his life at stake, he could only put up a fight!

If he fought, Qin Xiaochen would still have a chance to live.

But if he didn’t, he would have to wait to die!

“If Xiao Qian is gone and the beast comes back, I, as a brother, can’t explain.”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

“Drive me out!”

Dean Liu ordered in an angry voice.

Not waiting for the medical nurse to push Chen Dong.

A strange change occurred.

As soon as Chen Daogun took a step, a light breeze suddenly appeared in the resuscitation room, brushing through the crowd.

A fearful, prison like pressure instantly enveloped everyone.

Chen Dong also sensed the pressure emitted by Chen Daogun and could not help but tug at the corners of his mouth.

Even he was afraid of the pressure, Dean Liu and the rest of the ordinary people, enough to be silenced and unable to move.

“What’s …… going on here?”

Dean Liu and the others froze in place, unable to move, and cried out in shock.

The scene was instantly noisy and chaotic.

In full view of all eyes.

Chen Daogun quickly walked to the operating bed, dragged over a chair to show Chen Dong to sit down, and then skillfully operated.

This scene caused Dean Liu and the others to crack their jaws.

“Stop, Chen Dong you stop, you are killing people, you are killing people!”

Dean Liu roared as his tiger eyes glared.

“Killing people?”

Chen Daojun laughed disdainfully, “Dean Liu, don’t bring yourself to insult people like that!”