Winner Takes All Chapter 1551-1552

Chapter 1551

At this point, Chen Daojun’s voice came to an abrupt halt.

“Or else what?”

Chen Dong looked solemn as he pursued the question.

Chen Daogun’s majestic and vicissitudes face suddenly had a few more moments of obscure despondency.

There was a silence for three seconds.

Chen Daojun spat out a heavy sentence, “Heaven and earth are unkind and treat all things as ruminants, do you really think it’s just talk?”


Chen Dong’s heart gave a vicious twitch.

In a trance, it was as if a knife had been cut into his heart, and the pain was raw and severe.

Chen Daogun slowly said in a deep voice, “The world’s giants and powers, when they peeped into the true appearance of this world, all secretly carried out plans for genetic transformation, it is just that nowadays, if we want to improve, apart from microscopic means like genetic transformation, it is purely a fool’s dream to try to refine Qi cultivation again like in ancient times or even in the ancient times!”

“Money, power and martial arts are all means of competing for resources, and only the stronger these three become can we compete for more resources to use for genetic transformation!”

A flash of color surfaced in Chen Dong’s eyes.

“So …… the Chen family is the leader of the world’s giants and holds all the world’s wealth to be able to complete the most excellent Pan Gu project?”

“Yes and no!”

Chen Daojun answered ambiguously, and after a pause, added, “The bottom line, is what determines how much they can actually accomplish, and therein lies the terror of the lineage gentry! Not just money, power and martial arts, but also the underlying collections accumulated over long years, even an ancient book might be worth far more than the value of certain powerful families themselves, put it this way, do you understand?”

Chen Dong nodded in silence.

There was nothing good to understand about this!

To put it bluntly, it was a knowledge of the ancient world!

A worldly clan like the Jiang family, putting aside the three attributes, has prospered for a thousand years in itself, and people have already peeked into the essence of the world and accumulated their underlying collections a thousand years ago, while the rest of the gentry have been doing so for perhaps a few hundred years, or even a few decades.

How can this be compared?

There is no comparison!

This is like doing a scientific experiment, people have overlooked the whole picture and already know the right path to take, so they can just follow the right track directly, but others are just peeking a little bit and are still looking for the entrance to the right path, the difference between them may be able to rely on a flash of light, but under normal circumstances, the accumulation of time and heritage is definitely more important than a flash of light!

Chen Dong looked straight at Chen Daojun: “So, the success of the Chen family’s Pan Gu plan is all because of you?”

Chen Daojun did not deny and nodded in silence.

Chen Dong fell silent, thoughts running through his mind, but his chest felt as if it was stuffed with stones, blocked to the brim.

At this moment, he no longer had the shock he had felt before.

Instead, he was incomparably calm!

But this calmness made him incomparably uncomfortable.

The worldview that had been built up so easily since he was a child and had been educated, but at this moment, he had been pressed to shatter by Chen Daojun’s hand, and had to reshape his worldview in a moment?

That kind of shock is something only those who have experienced it can deeply appreciate!

“You’ve seen the depths of the Iga Ryu, do you know why I stopped you from temporarily giving up on overthrowing the Ancient Family?”

The mighty pressure on Chen Daojun’s body slowly receded, but the golden glow was still there and his appearance did not change.

“What does the Ancient Family have?” Chen Dong asked.

Chen Daogun’s eyebrows lowered: “What they have is definitely more terrifying than the Iga Ryu’s Hanzo, remember, those who can be ranked among the Sectarians are all existences with killer weapons in their hands, once the Sectarians are about to fall, that is when the killer weapons will show their divine power, in addition at that moment in the future, I need to use what the Gu Family has to help you achieve success!”

“Help me? What?”

Chen Dong asked in astonishment, not bothering to dwell on what killer app the Gu Family actually had that could surpa*s the Iga Ryu.

Hanzo’s appearance had made him feel his own weakness deeply!

Even though he had now realized “qi” and stood at the top of the human martial arts pyramid, he was the best of the younger generation!

But the feeling of being as humble as an ant in the face of Hanzo was something he remembered very deeply!

“Ascend to Heaven!”

Chen Daojun slowly raised his hand and pointed through the porthole to the bright moon hanging high in the darkness outside: “The White Jade Capital in the sky, the twelve floors and five cities, at some point in the future, you will take the place of everyone and go up!”

There was a pause.

Seemingly knowing the astonished doubt in Chen Dong’s heart, Chen Daojun revealed an endlessly bitter smile, “I am already old, to be able to secretly lead the Chen Family to where we are now is already the limit of what I can do, I know you want to ask why it is not the old man himself who is treading the heavenly path? The reason is simple, when I was young, I only slowly woke up, far less than you are now, who have been preparing for the future from an early age, whether it be cultivation or genetic modification, my roots are far inferior to yours!”

“Now that I’ve reached this level of old age, I’m already at my limit if I can survive and claim to be number one across the world, how dare I attempt to reach the heavens?”

“And ……”

At the end of his sentence, Chen Daojun’s brows suddenly tightened, and an incomparably painful expression appeared on his pale face.


Chen Dong sensed that something was wrong and was about to open his mouth to ask.

Chen Daojun suddenly let out a painful muffled grunt from his mouth and nose, and a stream of blood then flowed down the corner of his mouth.

“Old Ancestor ……”

The sudden scene startled Chen Dong.

Razing the Iga Ryu and destroying the false gods with a single slash, the entire time, Chen Daojun had not been injured, so how ……

“Hehe ……”

Chen Daogun grinned, revealing his blood-stained teeth and smiled ruefully, “It’s not a problem, revealing my true strength and exposing my true age, I’ve done enough to keep a low profile, but I never thought that I would still be discovered by the higher-ups!”

The higher-ups?

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened and he instantly held his breath, his gaze uncontrollably looking towards the white moon outside the porthole.

Chen Daojun had been punished by Heaven because he had just fought against Hanzo?

Stunned and shocked, Chen Dong finally understood the meaning of “Heaven and earth are unkind and all things are ruminants”!

“He does not allow an existence that is beyond the power system of this world to exist in this world!

“Is that why you’ve been hiding your strength, showing only narrow victories, no matter what opponents you’ve faced, even though they’ve been very dangerous?”

“Those opponents are not worthy of my full strength, and of course what you said is indeed the fundamental reason!”

Chen Daojun nodded, and as he spoke, the golden glow on his body quickly dimmed, the snow-white silver silk faded to black, and his pale face gradually returned to its youthful state.

Raising his hand, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“I no longer have the qualification to ascend to the heavens, the only thing I can do is to protect you to snatch this qualification, in my current state, even if I wish to ascend to the heavens in the future, the upper side will never allow it, at the moment when I completely let go of my cover, is the time for me to blossom into a final cloud of light!”

Chen Dong was stunned, after the last light, there was darkness.

With these words, Chen Daogun was telling of the final outcome he would face!

“Dong’er, now …… do you still want to refuse?”

Chen Daojun’s voice, suddenly sounded, low and grave.

Chen Dong lowered his head and fell into a tangled contemplation.


Or not to refuse?

Chapter 1552

For a moment.

Chen Dong’s thoughts were complicated.

What lay before him was a dilemma.

How should he choose between his wife and son’s blood feud and the path to the heavens?

Chen Daojun did not urge him, but silently watched Chen Dong, waiting in silence.

Time pa*sed, minute by minute.

For Chen Dong at this moment, every second was like a year, an incomparable torment.


Chen Dong’s eyes flickered for a moment, regaining focus as he looked at Chen Daogun, “Can I ask one last question?”

“Ask.” Chen Daojun said.

“Are you truly certain that the Heaven Treading Path will definitely appear in my lifetime?”

Chen Dong had a complex expression and deep eyes.

Chen Daogun smiled faintly, “When the Huns whistling wolves and purple qi covered the world, it was already destined that the Heaven Treading Path would not be far away!”

“Xiongnu Xiaotian Wolf? Purple Qi covering the world?”

Chen Dong said in bewilderment and confusion.

Chen Daojun nodded, “According to the information Zhenxiao gave me, you should have been in a state of demonization at that time, so it is reasonable that you do not remember the scene at that time, when he brought you to escape from Xiong Nu, there was a long wolf whistling sound from Xiong Nu, and it was at that time that the purple qi rushed to the sky and spread out to cover the whole world.”

Chen Dong frowned and pondered, but his memory was a little fuzzy.


He was suddenly surprised and jerked his head up to stare at Chen Daogun, “You mean, Xiong Nu was also preparing for the Heavenly Trek?”

“Otherwise what do you think the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies are?”

Chen Daogun smiled oddly, “It’s a pity, the snowy plains outside the vast domain are full of hundreds of tribes, yet only the Xiongnu have such a plan, it’s a pity, it’s a pity, after a thousand years of decay, the royal court is no longer a royal court, but the Xiongnu have always seen the world. The Queen of the Huns has the greater good at heart and is bent on bringing about an alliance of the Hundred Tribes, which not only contributes to the great situation of waving the whip south, but also invariably fuels the possibility of the Hundred Tribes treading the Heavenly Road.”

At the end of his speech, Chen Daojun could not help but shake his head and sigh softly.

“Pity, pity, after all, the hundred tribes outside the realm are only barbarian natives, their insight and breadth of mind are really far from enough!”

Hearing Chen Daogun’s lament, Chen Dong’s heart could not help but feel a mixture of flavours.

Vaguely, the appearance of the Demon Mother Xixing surfaced in his mind, her brows and smiles incomparably clear.

“If I had not appeared and disrupted the whole situation of Xiongnu, perhaps Chen Daojun would have really hit the nail on the head!”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

But he was also clear that the birth and facilitation of the Hundred Clans Order had originated from Xixing and the Hun King, but it was not just him alone who had disrupted the whole situation when the Hundred Clans fell apart.

If not for the sudden death of the Hun king, if not for the gap between the hundred tribes and their mutual jealousy and suspicion, the hundred tribes together would not have been so easily torn apart!

“Barbarian ……”

As his thoughts spun, Chen Dong thought of Little Barbarian, and his heart could not help but throb viciously.

He raised his head, looked at Chen Daojun, and was about to continue to pursue the matter.

However, Chen Daojun raised his hand and forcibly interrupted, “No need to pursue further, that’s all I can tell you for the time being, now I need an answer from you, will you put aside your hatred for now, or will you not stop until you die?”

When the last word was uttered, Chen Daojun’s eyes suddenly blazed up.

His eyes were like swords, piercing straight into Chen Dong’s eyeballs.

Chen Dong’s breath caught in his throat and he froze in a daze.

Gradually, his shoulders sank, his back arched, and his whole body seemed like a deflated ball.

A dishevelled and frustrated voice issued from his mouth, “Listen to the old ancestor.”

After saying these words, it was as if Chen Dong had exhausted all his strength and his entire body went limp in the seat.

The Gu family’s persecution time and again, the tragedy of his father-in-law and mother-in-law, the great revenge of his wife and son, no man would ever give up so easily.

But now, Chen Daojun had told him these hidden secrets in a clear manner.

He even went out of his way to reveal his full strength, to bring down a heavenly punishment, and to raze the Iga Ryu.

Everything was like a big hand on his head, making him unable to refuse!

The reason why he asked Chen Daojun why he was certain that the Heaven Treading Road would be in the near future was because he expected that in his generation, the Heaven Treading Road would not appear, so that he could take revenge with impunity and without fear.

But now ……

he must weigh up!

Inside the cabin, silence could listen to a needle.

Chen Daogun silently gazed at the limp Chen Dong.

As Chen Daogun collected everything, the vibrating plane smoothed out and everything returned to calm.

Immediately, the captain’s briefing sounded in the cabin.

“Alarm lifted, safe and sound.”

The voice echoed.

Chen Dong and Chen Daojun, however, remained silent.

One bowed his head in defeat, the other watched in silence, as if frozen in place.

After a long time, Chen Dong’s trembling voice suddenly rang out, “Do you think …… I really have to follow that old path of my father’s?”

“That is the optimal solution!”

Chen Daojun said calmly, “Your father-in-law and mother-in-law have already been implicated, if you want them to be safe for mother and son, leaving them is the greatest protection.”

“But the Gu family ……”

Chen Dong suddenly raised his head, his eyes scarlet with tears, like a manic beast, his eyes full of ferocious anger: “They’re coming for my child this time! They want to cut open Little Shadow’s belly, snatch the child and extract my genetic sequence!”

If one really left it would be guarded.

To this day, Chen Dong would definitely grit his teeth and make a decision, even if it was painful.

But this time, the Gu family had sounded the alarm for him!

“You are the centre of the whirlpool!”

Chen Daogun said slowly, “Let them leave the centre of the whirlpool, the Hong Society will naturally find a way to shelter them, and I will also find a way, but your obsession with them being by your side, the end result, I cannot control.”

“Out of the world Li family you have seen, in the future, you set up a new Chen, the competition for the world’s resources, the situation situation will be more complex!”

There was a pause.

Chen Daojun looked at Chen Dong, whose eyes were full of tears, and said decisively, “What you should be thinking about now is how to divorce her!”


Two simple words, but like a titanic mountain crushing down on Chen Dong’s shoulders.

Heavy, painful, sad ……

All kinds of emotions instantly engulfed and surrounded Chen Dong, making him suffocate.

In the end …… what kind of way should I divorce Xiaoying?

For a time, Chen Dong’s mind came up with many, many.

From his college days and then after his divorce, Gu Qingying came back to him, stumbling along the way.

There was warmth, there was pain, there was sweetness, there was also sadness ……

But what he and Gu Qingying had always longed for was …… to hold the hand of the son and grow old with the son!

This was the promise he made to Gu Qingying at the marriage proposal ceremony.

And now …… he was going to break the vow.

Memories were like knives, lingering on Chen Dong’s body.

Words could not describe the pain.

Chen Dong tried to control himself, but his body still trembled, his features trembled and twisted, a sharp and heavy gasp came out of his mouth and nose, tears lingered in his eyes, squeezing out a smile that was worse than crying, and turning to Chen Daojun with a hoarse crying sound.

“Good …… divorce!”