Winner Takes All Chapter 1547-1548

Chapter 1547

Every word was like a loud bell that went straight to the soul.

Chen Dong was completely frozen, his gaze hollow and dull.

In a trance, the thoughts in his mind were set off by Chen Daogun’s questioning words, sending waves of horror into the sky, complicated and chaotic to the extreme.


Is there really an immortal in this world?

Is this the reason you, Chen Daojun, want to give me?

But …… is it really possible?

Shock, doubt, fear ……

In a flash, one thought after another, surfaced in Chen Dong’s mind.

He wanted to retort, wanted to refute away this questioning from Chen Daojun and tell him that there were no immortals in this world and that science was the king!

But what was happening in front of him was like a big invisible hand choking him to death, making him unable to utter a single syllable.

There was silence.

A great invisible oppression emanated from Chen Daogun and Hanzo, vast as a prison, suppressing the heavens and the earth.

Feeling that indescribably great oppression, every sweat hair on Chen Dong’s body trembled.

He even felt a sense of fear and powerlessness as if he were sitting in a flat boat in the midst of a furious tsunami, where just one wave could destroy his boat and kill him.

With his state of mind and strength, he still couldn’t control himself!

“Perhaps …… this is what a frog at the bottom of a well feels when it knows the size of the vault?”

This was the thought in his mind.

The thought had just started.


A humming sound was heard in the vault of the sky.

Chen Dong’s gaze picked upwards, but he saw a ripple rippling out from where Chen Daogun and Hanzo’s qi intertwined.

The ripples were light, as if it was a calm surface of water being gently brushed by a large hand.

However, as Chen Dong witnessed the ripples spreading, a feeling of extreme fear suddenly arose.

Almost simultaneously.

Rumble ……

The ground seemed like an earthquake, a dull roar came out from the ground.

Followed closely by.

The hard and solid ground, centered on the place where Chen Daogun and Hanzo were standing, collapsed and sunken rapidly along with the roaring sound.

There was no earth-shattering clash or explosion!

Nor was there a glorious scene of light and colour.

There was only a ripple and a dull roar, and the ground collapsed and dented as if it was the end of the world.

This scene made Chen Dong’s scalp explode and his whole body fell into the abyss.

As he watched the ground collapse towards him, Chen Dong instinctively wanted to run, but after being forcibly injected with the “Life Code” by Chen Daojun, he was so weak that he could not even stand up, let alone escape!

“Impossible, it’s impossible! Amaterasu, why, why is a mortal’s body so strong?”

The Iga Patriarch hissed as he fell to his knees, his features hideously twisted and his eyes filled with horror.

Facing the encroaching collapsing ground, he fell backwards violently, wretchedly on his hands and knees, desperately trying to fall backwards.

The Iga-ryu lived and died in a cataclysmic manner.

The time when the once sacred clan of ninja was visited by the world’s number one killer god who threatened to destroy the clan.

As Patriarch, he didn’t hesitate for a moment and decided to sacrifice to invoke the Ninja God *Hanzo!

This was the strength of the clan, and the strength of the Iga Ryu’s ability to thrive!

From the moment he decided to invoke Hanzo, the Iga Patriarch had no doubts or worries about the final outcome.

On the contrary, the strength that Chen Daojun was now displaying was like a heavy blow to his face.

A mortal body …… is comparable to a god?

Even with the Iga Patriarch’s experience and heart, he was now on the verge of a frantic breakdown.

Ripples rippled out in a circle.

The ground was collapsing fast.

Everything was bizarre and terrifying.

Chen Dong felt a void beneath him and fell heavily into the pit, raising a thick cloud of smoke and dust.

His eyes, however, were always on Chen Daojun and Hanzou.

The two did not move from beginning to end, but it was clear to him that the real fight was in the qi energy intertwined above their heads.

Ripples surged and the ground caved in.

Soon, Chen Dong noticed a stream of light, incomparably gorgeous, stirring out of the ripples.





The surrounding buildings collapsed into ruins with a roar, rolling smoke and dust that rose to the sky.

Even the pouring rain around them could not suppress it.

The fight between the two men had caused a natural disaster to the entire Iga-ryu mountain gate.

“Hanzo, protect me Iga, protect me Iga!”

Looking at the building that was rapidly turning into rubble, the Iga Patriarch burst into tears, desperately grabbing the ground with his head.

With the Iga catastrophe, he had sacrificed everything to bring out Hanzo. As long as he could kill Chen Daojun, he believed that with his strength and the name of the Iga Holy Sect, even if he was the only one left in the entire school, he would be able to rise again soon.

He believed that even if he was the only one left, he would be able to rise again soon.

But now, the silent fight between Chen Daogun and Hanzo was a devastating blow to the entire Iga Ryu!

The Holy Clan was lost, and he, the Iga Patriarch, would no longer have the power to return!


Thunder ripped through the night sky, suddenly illuminating the darkness of heaven and earth.

Almost simultaneously.

The red light in the eyes of Hanzo, who was standing still, suddenly shone brightly.

At the same time, a hoarse voice of disbelief suddenly rang out, “How can a mortal body, which lives only a hundred years, match me?”

At these words, the Iga Patriarch, who had broken down and cried, could no longer sit still.

The sound of disbelief also represented Hanzo’s uncertainty when facing Chen Daojun!

If his strength was crushing, he wouldn’t have asked that!

In panic and fear, the Iga Patriarch leaned his head back, his scarlet and tearful eyes instantly looking towards Chen Dong.

As Chen Dong lay in the large pit, his body trembled violently and his eyes instantly met with Patriarch Iga.

In a flash.

Chen Dong had the feeling of returning to the snowy plains outside the domain and facing the snowy plains pale wolves!

The next second.


Qi energy erupted from the Iga Patriarch’s body, and like a ferocious beast, he directly jumped into the large pit and charged towards Chen Dong.

It was going to be a disaster!

Chen Dong’s heart twitched fiercely, the qi emitted by the Iga Patriarch was many times weaker than when he was in his prime, but the point was that he could not even move now!

Even if he was weakened, as long as Patriarch Iga could move, he was a fish on the chopping block in Patriarch Iga’s eyes!

“Chen Daojun …… are you going to fight or are you going to save his life?”

Patriarch Iga bared his teeth ferociously, the corners of his mouth curled in a fierce smile.

Surrounding Wei to save Zhao!

This was the only way he could think of.

Using Chen Dong as bait, as long as Chen Daogun was distracted, then Hanzo would definitely be able to get the upper hand.

Even if Chen Daogun didn’t offer help, he wouldn’t lose out if he killed Chen Dong on the spot!


The Iga Patriarch’s white hair whipped about, wrapped in qi and leaping directly towards Chen Dong in the air, his right hand formed a claw, as harsh as a knife, whistling and falling directly towards Chen Dong’s throat.

“Chen Daojun ……”

Looking at the approaching Iga clan, Chen Dong fell limp to the ground, and all he could hope for was a rescue from Chen Daojun!

“I want it all!”

Suddenly, a thick voice exploded into the long sky.

The eyes of Chen Dong, who was dying and waiting, lit up as he saw a stream of light shooting towards this side at great speed in the ripples in the sky.

At the same time.

Patriarch Iga also sensed the stream of light behind him.

A smug smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “You can’t let go of your heart and soul after all!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Patriarch Iga turned around with a fierce roar, his robe swelled up, and his right claw was surrounded by qi as he grabbed the stream of light in front of him with all his might.


The stream of light was so strong that it instantly engulfed Iga Souju.

And the biting qi, under the impact of the stream of light, shot towards Chen Dong.


A strand of qi directly swept through Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade, and instantly blood flew across his body!

Chen Dong let out a muffled grunt, his left shoulder blade immediately felt a huge pain of burning fire, his eyes looked askance, but saw a fist-sized hole in his left shoulder blade, blood was gurgling ……

Chapter 1548


The stream of light disappeared and Patriarch Iga fell heavily to the ground.

Chen Dong’s gaze froze, and for a moment he even forgot about the huge pain on his left shoulder blade.

In his vision, Patriarch Iga was lying on the ground with his eyes wide open, his sunken cheeks covered with hideous bloody slashes, and his body was also speckled and torn, with a bone-deep wound that was incomparably hideous, blood rolling out and flesh turning out, revealing meridians and bones.

But there was no more life in him, and his round eyes, even though they were darkened, were still filled with endless fear and resignation!

Instant seconds?

Chen Dong’s mind was shaken to the core, and his whole body felt as unreal as a dream.

The helmsman of the holy sect of ninja under the heavens had actually ended his life in such a manner?

To put it politely, Patriarch Iga was already standing at the top of the pyramid of martial arts in the world, and such an existence could not even receive a single move from Chen Daojun?

All this was shattering the perception in Chen Dong’s mind about the division of martial arts strength!

What he once thought was the case had suddenly become something else!

“Ah ……”

Suddenly, an itchy pain that felt like an ant bite came from his left shoulder blade.

Caught off guard, Chen Dong couldn’t help but scream out, but when he glanced sideways, he was completely frozen.

The bloody hole in his left shoulder blade, which had been pierced by the stream of light, had now stopped bleeding!

The itchy, painful sensation of ants tearing at him continued to become more intense!

What was this?

Chen Dong clenched his teeth, forcing himself to endure the itchy pain on his left shoulder blade, and his body could not help but tremble.

It was as if tens of thousands of ants were lying on the wound, constantly tearing every bit of flesh and skin, and the itching pain was even more unbearable than the sheer excruciating pain.

In a trance.

Chen Dong’s eyes suddenly lit up, and an extremely terrifying thought popped into his mind!

Growing up, he had experienced darkness in his childhood, clinging to his mother, forging ahead and running towards a little bit of light.

Childhood encounters in which bruises and bones were nothing more than a family affair.

Some of them were deliberate, but some of them were real encounters.

For no other reason than that, given his childhood and his mother’s situation, it was difficult not to be oppressed!

The twine was made to break in the smallest places, and the bad luck was made to grind the suffering people!

This saying also applies to his childhood experiences.

He was extremely familiar with this itchy feeling!

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Daogun’s gentle voice reached Chen Dong’s ears, “Dong’er, do you feel it? This time, the last piece of your shortcomings has been made up, and this is the code of life!”


The voice was soft.

But it sent thunderstorms through Chen Dong’s head.

The thoughts that popped up in his mind were directly corroborated by Chen Daojun’s words at this moment!

“The so-called code of life is to complement the genes that enhance my body’s recovery?”

Chen Dong’s mind went blank as his gaze looked at the wound on his left shoulder blade with a deadly squint.

He could not see any obvious signs of recovery.

It was unrealistic to recover quickly from such a serious injury.

But that itchy pain in his tarsus was real, which was proof that his body was, indeed, recovering at a specific speed ……!


Hanzo, who had been looming over him, now leaned up to the sky and roared.

This roar was like a magic sound filling his ears, instantly waking up Chen Dong.

He followed the sound to look at Hanzo, who was currently hissing, the black qi above his head layered on top of each other, and even around him, a majestic qi burst out anew.

It was like black ink, rendering half of the sky.


Boom, boom, boom!


The thunder and lightning in the dark clouds were also fierce and violent at this moment.

The wind and rain came to an abrupt halt at that moment.

The sky and earth echoed with a loud roar.

The intertwining of Chen Daogun and Hanzo’s qi was also still rippling with terror.


Hanzo’s body trembled, wrapped in black Qi, making him seem like a demonic god in hell.

As his body slowly leaned back, his eyes turned towards the sky, and even more bloody red light burst out several meters long!

“Iga …… Iga ……”

Hanzo’s hoarse hiss was filled with rage, “Overthrowing Iga in front of my ninja god, you …… bear the wrath of the gods!”

Boom Ka!

Boom ka!


The thunder and lightning stirred the sky, winding and twisting like a pale dragon.

The piercing light made the sky and earth white.


Immortals, right?

As Chen Dong witnessed what was unfolding before him, his entire being was in a state like a computer going down.

Even the initial great fear had now dissipated.

But as Hanzo raged furiously and lightning cracked the air, the vast, terrifying, hell-like oppression fell upon him in a tangible manner.


Blood flowed from the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth.

However, he looked at Chen Daojun with worry as if he was unaware of it.

Chen Daogun was still standing in place, his qi tossing and turning, forming a curtain wall, allowing Hanzo’s black qi to erode and collide, but his qi was indestructible, without a ripple.

Lightning streaked across the sky.

Chen Daojun’s body was covered in white light.

From Chen Dong’s angle, he could see the side of Chen Daogun’s face, indifferent and unperturbed, his eyes still domineering and indifferent!

As if this man, never knew what scruples really were!


Also just as Chen Dong looked towards Chen Daogun, the corners of Chen Daogun’s mouth turned upwards, revealing an oddly cold smile.

With a whirl.

Chen Daogun slowly tilted his head and looked at the thunder and lightning dense black cloud vault as he disdainfully said, “What kind of immortal are you? Immortals are in the sky!”

The next second.

Chen Daogun’s left hand suddenly raised and pointed his sword at the sky: “Ask the immortals in heaven if they dare to come to earth?”

The words were like thunder, overbearing and overwhelming!


Hanzo hissed, his qi surrounding his body, like a waterfall rolling backwards, roaring straight up into the sky.

“One day I, Chen Daojun, will go up to the Nine Heavens and fight them, you mere Hanzo, a ninja who worships you like a god? What the hell are you?”

Chen Daogun’s entire aura changed dramatically, like a rainbow rushing to the sky, and his words showed unparalleled dominance, even without hiding his contempt for Hanzo!

At the same time as Chen Daojun was shouting, his aura was rapidly transforming from transparent to golden, brilliantly golden!

And his hair, at the same time as the golden light appeared, quickly turned into snow-white silver silk!

“I… I saw it wrong?”

Chen Dong stared dumbfounded at Chen Daogun who was draped in silver silk, not daring to believe it.

“Come to your death!”

Hanzo hissed, gripping his katana in both hands and raising it brazenly towards the heavens.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh ……

The five katanas behind him, instantly sheathed, flew up into the sky and encircled the top of his head.

Qi roared.

The sky and earth changed colour.

As if sensed by the six katana, lightning fell in unison with an earth-shattering thunderclap, instantly making heaven and earth white.

Lightning scorches the prison!

Chen Dong’s body trembled as the lightning struck straight down, the terrifying current even pa*sing through a great distance and directly onto his body, the paralysing sensation of pa*sing electricity making his heart jump out of his throat at the moment!

But in his eyes, Chen Daogun was still pointing his finger at the sky with one hand and holding his sword with the other!

It was as if the scorched prison of thunder and lightning crushing down above his head did not exist!

Time became extremely slow at this moment.

Just when the lightning bolt was ten metres above Chen Daogun’s head.

Chen Daogun suddenly laughed, his silver threads dancing as he spoke in a domineering manner, “I will cut down this false god of yours as if I were slaughtering a dog!”