Winner Takes All Chapter 1543-1544

Chapter 1543

Chen Daojun …… What kind of reason do I have to give?

Chen Dong’s heart surged and he fell into deep thought.

Around him, blood was flowing, tragic as a Cyrus prison field.

The light of swords and the shadow of swords.

The ninja swarmed in all directions, but they were all blocked by Chen Daogun’s majestic and overbearing Qi.

Each time Chen Daogun’s blade fell with a casual swing, the overwhelming blade qi stretched across the sky, with screams and shattered bodies flying.

The sounds of shouting and screaming were deafening.

This sacred place of the Ninja Saint Sect was cloaked in blood because of Chen Daojun alone.

And as Chen Daogun led Chen Dong forward, wielding his sword and killing.

Gradually, fear spread among the ninja.

The initial boldness and blood courage, even if the ninja vocation was incorporated into their blood again, was enough to shake and break everyone’s heart as Chen Daogun’s slashes fell.

Without knowing the strength of the other side, they could still defend themselves against the enemy together.

But when we really know the strength of the other side, the gap between the two sides is no longer an ant to shake a tree or a mantis, but a wall of human shields built with human lives, merely slowing the other side’s advance.

Is it possible to continue the battle to the death?

This is not a fight to the death!

It is a group seeking death!

In the sky, heavy dark clouds obscured the bright midday sun.

The gloom sank and the layers of dark clouds made the heavens and earth dim and depressing.

Rumble ……

The dull sound of rolling thunder echoed inside the clouds.


A thunderous sound.

A bolt of lightning fell brazenly, snaking and seemingly tearing through the dim vault of heaven.

Immediately after.

A rain shower sprinkled down.

In an instant, the dim heaven and earth became foggy.

The rain washed over the ground, washing away the blood that had stained the ground red, flowing into a deep crater made by a slash of sword qi, forming an even more shocking pool of blood.





Chen Daogun supported Chen Dong, his right hand wielding one blade after another at will.

Each slash exploded out with a majestic and domineering sword energy that no one could stop!

With such a casual and relaxed stance, he gradually pushed through the group of ninjas and stepped into the hinterland of the Iga Ryu clan.

The fierce sword qi kept destroying the cla*sical buildings, which had existed for many years, into ruins.

“Baka! Baka! Holy clan, Iga Holy clan ……”

“What to do? How on earth can we stop this god of killing? Why does such a person exist?”

“By death! I will live and die with Iga!”


Among the shouts of alarm, there were ninja who swore a death oath.

But to Chen Dong’s ears, these vows were merely the last defiance before death.

With the strength Chen Daogun had shown, not to mention the huge Iga Holy Clan, even in the extra-territorial battlefield, one man and one sword would be enough to run through thousands of horses and horses, invincible!

This was a disaster that would destroy the sect without the slightest suspense!

But at the same time, he was shocked.

But at the same time, Chen Dong was also wondering in his heart, Chen Daojun had already reached such a level of strength that he could look down on all beings, so why did …… the strength he had shown was “mediocre”?

He did not deny Chen Daogun’s strength, a man who had been able to overpower the Black Prison and dominate the Hidden God of Death list for more than 20 years, his strength was already recognized as number one!

But this kind of number one was very different from what Chen Dong was seeing now!

In the past, Chen Dong’s perception of Chen Daogun was that he was very strong, but not so strong that he was unattainable, and always gave him a feeling that he could touch him if he could.

Although it was said that “a mortal’s body is comparable to a god’s”, this phrase was more of an adjective before today, but now it was really reflected in reality!

Chen Dong had seen Chen Daogun fight more than once or twice, but even against the three Iga supreme ninjas, Chen Daogun had only narrowly defeated them!

In the past, Chen Daojun had always won narrowly!

Even if he had crushed the situation, he would never have been as impressive as this!

But this time, Chen Dong asked himself, if he were in his demon state, could he force his chances of victory to 10% against the Chen Daogun in front of him?

“Is this the reason you want to give me?”

Chen Dong laughed bitterly, “Yes, you are so strong that you are strong enough to press me to refuse to give up my revenge!”

“You think I am such a strong oppressor?”

Chen Daogun swung his sword out and looked askance towards Chen Dong, his eyes full of disdain.

“Or what?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, feeling his chest cavity stuffed with stones.

With such strength, as long as Chen Daogun did not promise him revenge, it would be absolutely difficult for him to carry on even if he were to become a demon!

Revenge or not, it was only between the flip of Chen Daogun’s hand and his hand, it was simply not up to him to refuse or not!

“Keep watching!”

Chen Daogun smiled oddly.

The majestic qi was like a waterfall rolling backwards, completely isolating him and Chen Dong from the ninjas outside!

Even if Chen Daogun stopped wielding his sword, those ninjas would not be able to break through his qi barrier!

As Chen Dong witnessed this shocking scene, his eyes were deep and glowing with a strange lustre.

Not such a reason.

What kind of reason are you …… going to give me?

The killing went on.

Shattered corpses were all over the place.

Chen Daojun led Chen Dong like no one else, the ninja in front of him, separated by qi energy, all he needed to do was to raise his sword and swing it, more easily and casually than killing chickens and slaughtering dogs.

And as each body fell, a hideous, oozing line of blood was seen.

A groove of hideous, oozing sabre energy spread across the Iga Ryu clan.

The sound of shouting and screaming that had shaken the sky.

But gradually they turned into cries of despair!

“It’s over, it’s completely over, the great Iga, why has it become like this?”

“Amaterasu Omikami is above, save us, save us ……”

“Never before has my Iga Holy Clan been slaughtered to such an extent? What is to be done? Is it really going to be a complete annihilation?”


The miserable cries echoed in this dim and rainy heaven and earth.

Dark clouds covered the sky.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared, and the rain poured down.

It was as if they were all responding to Chen Daojun’s scene, ringing the final death knell for this legendary Iga Holy Clan!

Under the wanton slaughter.

The majestic and stately Iga clan was in ruins, smoke and dust and blood was everywhere.

And the shinobi from all over Iga were rapidly falling under the slaughter.

When Chen Dong and Chen Daojun stopped outside the Iga Patriarch’s compound, there were only a few dozen ninjas around, struggling to hold on!

This number, compared to the number of people in the heyday of Iga, was a mere one in ten!

And they had survived because they were strong!

They were normally the upper echelons of the Iga Ryu who held power!

But at this moment, a dozen ninja were in a terrible state, covered in blood, facing Chen Daojun, surrounded by qi, with the fear in their eyes that comes from the depths of their blood when a lamb faces a fierce beast!

They stood, and that was all they did!

They couldn’t even hold their katanas, not to mention attacking!

Rumble ……

Thunder rolled across the sky and lightning was thick.

The sky had darkened to the point where one could barely reach out.

Chen Daojun slowly raised his right hand, his long samurai sword aimed at the Iga Patriarch’s mansion.

“Dong’er, look carefully, this blade will go down, and your reason, out!”


Chen Dong was horrified.

A strange change had occurred abruptly!

Rumbling ……

The ground, suddenly began to tremble.

On the dark firmament, thunder and lightning, abruptly died and disappeared.

Even the speed of the falling rain seemed to have become slower.

This side of heaven and earth was suddenly enveloped and filled with a great oppression that Chen Dong could hardly describe!

In a trance, Chen Dong’s heart felt like it was about to jump out of his chest, his face swished white, and he was even suffocated for a moment!

And all these strange changes, Chen Dong knew clearly, came from this mansion in front of him!

Chapter 1544

An unspeakably great oppression, like a great invisible mountain, came crashing down on this side of heaven and earth.

It was not just Chen Dong.

Even the remaining dozen or so Iga ninja were now looking at the Iga Patriarch’s mansion in panic and confusion.

Fear, shock, bewilderment ……

A variety of emotions wrapped around each and every Iga ninja.

The majestic qi on Rao Chen’s body also collected a large amount with the appearance of this great oppression.

Clap, Clap ……

The sound of unhurried footsteps suddenly came from within the mansion.

Obviously the mere sound of footsteps should not have been heard at all in this thunderous weather.

But now, it eerily echoed in everyone’s ears.

Creak ……

The door of the mansion courtyard slowly opened.

A figure, stretched out by the light, was the first to appear on the ground at the entrance of the mansion courtyard.

With his left hand supporting Chen Dong and the katana he held in his right hand slowly dropping down, Chen Daojun looked at the Iga clan master who had already walked into the courtyard and smiled teasingly.

“You, Iga Ryu, the hallowed Saint Sect, can’t resist handing over your bottom so soon?”

Handing over the bottom?!

Chen Dong looked askance at Chen Daojun in confusion, what did this mean?

The Iga Patriarch’s eyes were obscure and deep, streaks of blood covering his orbs as he swept sadly over the dozen or so remaining ninja and smiled bitterly.

“You, the Daoist Monarch, are about to exterminate the old Iga Ryu, so if I don’t deliver, I’m afraid that I won’t even be able to keep this Sacred Sect’s mountain gate!”

“Heaven’s sins can be forgiven, but self-made sins cannot be lived!”

Chen Daojun’s eyes narrowed as his biting killing intent seemed to instantly turn into countless sword shadows, devouring the Iga Patriarch in the mansion!

Feeling the biting killing intent like a sword.

A heavy look of fear suddenly appeared on the old face of the Iga Patriarch.

But his footsteps, however, did not stop, but continued to walk towards the door.


The dozen remaining ninjas’ eyes burned with anticipation.

Looking at the Iga Patriarch, it was as if a dying man had grasped the last straw to save his life.

“Thank you all for your hard work!”

An oddly benevolent smile appeared on the old face of the Iga Patriarch.

“Fight for Iga!”

A dozen ninjas said in unison.

This scene, when it fell into Chen Dong’s eyes, could not help but feel a little more sorrowful.

But beside him, Chen Daojun slowly raised his katana in his right hand and smiled disdainfully, “Cats cry and fake mercy!”


Chen Dong froze.

Whether it was Chen Daogun’s conversation with Patriarch Iga just now, or these words now, it was as if they meant something!

The next second.


Chen Daogun slashed at Patriarch Iga with a blatant slash.

The ten-metre-long sword Qi was so vast and destructive that it slashed directly at Patriarch Iga.

The wind was biting.

The ground crumbled.

The overwhelming horizontal thrust caused the dozen or so remaining ninja to change their expressions.

In an instant.

The Iga Patriarch’s robes were blown to the ground, but he did not move a muscle as he stared up at the overwhelming sword energy that was coming down.


In a flash of lightning, a frigid light suddenly stretched across the sky.

The Iga Patriarch drew his sword and took a step forward. As he shouted, he held his sword with both hands and slashed straight upwards, bringing up a wave of sword qi around his sword.


With a loud bang, the two sabre qi collapsed in the air, sending waves of qi sweeping in all directions.

Other than that, there was nothing else!

Chen Dong looked utterly dumbfounded.

Was Patriarch Iga strong to this extent?

Chen Daogun’s ten-metre-long sword qi that had pushed all the way across was easily dissolved by his gentle slash, just the sword qi wrapped around the blade?

In Chen Dong’s eyes, the power of the slash just now was not at all on the same level!

And yet, they were evenly matched!

At the same time as Chen Dong was shocked and confused, a dozen ninjas became excited and ecstatic.

“Sovereign Lord, we’re saved, Iga is saved!”

“Hahahahaha …… The Iga Sacred Clan is immortal, the Sovereign is mighty!”

“Patriarch is strong, there is salvation, we are finally saved!”


To a dozen ninjas, Sovereign Iga’s casual slash easily caught Chen Daojun’s overwhelming slash, as if the two were evenly matched and they could hope to live!

Before, they had been cut to the bone by Chen Daojun’s slash and had lost all confidence!

And now, with this slash against slash, the fire of confidence finally burned again.

At the same time.

Chen Daogun’s deep, gruff voice suddenly rang out in Chen Dong’s ears.

“Dong’er, you sit aside and watch.”

Without waiting for Chen Dong to regain his senses, Chen Daogun helped Chen Dong walk a dozen metres out horizontally, a*sisted him to sit on the ground in a coiled position, and then returned once again to the place where he had just stood.

Chen Dong glanced at Chen Daogun and then dropped his gaze to Patriarch Iga again.

For some reason, he always had an absurd and bizarre feeling!

“Patriarch Iga shouldn’t be so evenly matched with Chen Daogun!”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

It wasn’t like Patriarch Iga hadn’t made a move when he was set to take the position of young family head on his father’s birthday!

If Patriarch Iga’s strength had been 50/50 with Chen Daojun, Chen Dong was certain that the vicious battle would never have ended so quickly!

When things go wrong, there must be a demon!


Just as Chen Daojun returned to the place he had just been.

A buzzing sound of qi energy suddenly resonated.

Chen Dong’s gaze was awe-inspiring as he clearly saw an aura sweeping up underneath Patriarch Iga’s feet.

But bizarrely, Patriarch Iga’s qi was not the transparent qi of common sense, but …… black!

The black aura was like a black curtain that quickly enveloped Patriarch Iga, concealing his form!

The black qi energy stirred the long air, giving people an eerie and seeping feeling!

Even Chen Dong could only catch a faint outline of the Iga Patriarch’s figure through the black air!

And a dozen ninjas, at this moment, cheered in ecstasy and excitement.

“A secret spell? Is it a secret spell?”

“The Patriarch must have used some sort of secret technique of our Iga Ryu!”

“Hahahaha …… Amaterasu is above, bless me Iga, the Sovereign will be able to kill him!”


Chen Daojun suddenly showed sympathy as he listened to the ninja’s cheers, “A bunch of sacrificial fools, do they really think they’ve caught the straw that saves their lives?”

The voice was soft.

However, with Chen Dong’s strength, it was clearly captured.


Doubt had just arisen.

The Iga Patriarch wrapped in black qi suddenly unleashed, as powerful as wild thunder, wrapped in a torrent of black qi, but instead of rushing towards Chen Daojun, he reversed his direction and appeared in front of the nearest ninja like a ghost god.


The black blade qi broke through the blade and instantly cut off the ninja’s head, blood spraying high into the air like a fountain.

A sudden scene.

The ninjas, who were ecstatic and excited, were instantly frozen in their tracks, their eyes wide open.

After finishing off one ninja with a single slash, the Iga Patriarch did not stop for a moment, and like a ghost, he appeared in front of a ninja again with a black aura.

His hand rose and his sword fell.

Blood was like a fountain!


When the second ninja body fell, the remaining ninja finally woke up with deafening screams.

But the Iga Patriarch was like a ghost, as fast as lightning, weaving in and out of the shinobi, slashing and killing them!

The disparity in power was so great that the Iga ninja were dreaming of escaping!

“Has he gone mad?”

Chen Dong stared dumbfounded at this scene of carnage.

The Patriarch of the Iga Ryu, wielding his sword to kill the only remaining dozen ninjas of the Iga Ryu?

This was F**king ……

But when his gaze fell on Chen Daogun, Chen Daogun’s face was stony and dark, but it was instantly like a heavy hammer ruthlessly blasted at his heart.

Immediately following.

An indescribable feeling of palpitating oppression came crashing down from Patriarch Iga.

Vaguely, Chen Dong saw the black qi surrounding the Iga Patriarch’s body, but as the killing proceeded, it took on a strange rising posture, and gradually coalesced into a faint outline above the Iga Patriarch’s head ……